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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYA_14PHLO4&feature=youtu.be
  2. As you know, we are trying to organize the first worldwide euc vote in various nominations. Thank you very much to everyone who responded and sent us their options for nominations. At the moment the reception of nominations is closed. We plan to start voting on July 15 or August 1. And it will last 1 month. Most likely the launch will be on August 1 and September 1, we will summarize the voting. And now I need some more help from you. Planned nomination "The most postapocalyptic (brutal, terrible) euc after tuning or operation" and "The most stylish (beautiful) euc after tuning or ope
  3. Результаты Категория Моноколеса 18" и более Место № Фамилия, имя Модель Общее время 1й круг 2й круг 1 18 Мурашов Вадим Msuper X 1600 шипы в педалях 0:26:26.530 0:13:21.097 0:13:05.433 2 25 Юров Григорий Msuper X 1600 0:27:55.413 0:14:11.487 0:13:43.926 3 17 Шаталов Максим Msuper X 1600 0:28
  4. We are planning to add subtitles to all video on wheels. These are our covers, we will think how to sell it around the world
  5. Hi guys. At the end of May, we launched the action "Sofa expert". The essence of the promotion is that we provide the user with a top euc from Moscow (GotWay MSuperX 1600, 1230, MSuper V3 1300, 1600, ACM 1300, Nikola 1300, 1600, Monster 1600, 1845, 2200; Inmotion V10F; KingSong KS18L, 18S 1360, 1680, 16X. Ninebot Z10.) the opportunity to take our stock of new euc (GotWay MSuperX 1600, Nikola 1600; Inmotion V10F 960; KingSong 18XL 1600; Ninebot Z10; ) for 5-7 days is absolutely free and compare your euc with another wheel. The only thing we ask the user to do at the end of the test is t
  6. https://ecodrift.ru/2019/06/24/kingsong-ks-16x-disassembling/
  7. We decided to hold the popular elections "the best euc of 2019" and elections in any other nominations. But we need your help. Due to the fact that we have a large audience of customers in chat rooms, websites, forums, etc., I hope that our elections will be objective. Plus, we plan to make this voting international and are already attracting a foreign audience to our activity. Help us make a list of nominations, in addition, "the best eucl of 2019". At the moment, I need ideas from you that we could use in nominations, and not just "the best euc of 2019". This activity is directed exc
  8. But without english sub... Will make it later...
  9. https://ecodrift.ru/2018/12/29/gotway-nikola-disassembling-english-version/
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