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  1. omg, how many pages will this thread go on for? Lol. Just entered cause I still receive emails everyday when there are updates... I when I start to read I can't help myself but to read more and to reply... Just wanted to say that I am with my buddy @Mike Sacristan on this one. Have never experienced any dips and it is so freaking easy to come up to speed on this wheel that I really have to tell myself to just take it easy. Am also running fw 05, will probably never change. Went for a ride yesterday (around 1deg C) with range about 30km and the battery went down around 30 %, (weigh 66-67kg).
  2. Maybe this already has been brought up... but suggest not to upgrade your devices to iOS 13(.1) since the percentage is showing 100% again all the time and I now have only the voltage as a measurement of status. Furthermore, still loving the wheel. Yesterday I rode 70km and had around 70.2V left. Still on fw 1.05. The only downside to the wheel for me is still the trolley handle that doesn’t want to stay in place even after tightening the screws every 3 days.... 2 weeks ago I went to a mechanic and we added something that would hold the screws into place(don’t know the name), it worked perfectly for during 2-3weeks. Now I am back where we started. Got the spare tire yesterday (probably will not use it... ) Also, the “charging outlet in the back” , I managed to loose the rubber lid ... So I have to figure out how to seal it up (or buy a new) if/when it gets wet outside.
  3. I have had the same situation actually, I was unable to push in the tire more close to the rim due to lack of space around the valve .... I emptied the tire, massaged it and pumped it up like 3 times, now it is a bit worse than before, lol I haven't bothered to do more work and now I am used to it. Maybe I will try again when I have more time, Don't know who you asked this, but YES, it affects the vobble a bit... but when having ridden arround 600km one gets the hang of how to avoid the vobble even with an uneven mounted tire . Furthermore... I can not describe how much I love this wheel, despite this tiny issue. Running still on 1.05 fw. It works good. If I'd want to push the wheel above 40kmph when battery is less than 50%, I'll do it intentionally, meaning this would be planned with careful acceleration. Since I only weigh around 65kg, I get a range of arround 11km/10% battery... So, I'll bee too tired after 50km and will almost never reach 50% battery . I am still learning the application to be aware of battery status etc, Right now...When out riding, I have the vibration set in darknesbot at 35kmph and beep set between 40-43(depending on mood and day). I've also set an alarm for 50% battery, I've found this useful.
  4. This was not my quote @Gaz Bon 😉, It’s @chrisjunlee
  5. Ahh, so in my case overlean👍🏻 Makes sense... too heavy on the pedal, my bad😒
  6. Correct, when I did it with a 14S, I did not hear this, but the music was still playing 😂 It was like, “I don’t want to die completely ” :), When l lifted it upright again it started to work at once... I didn’t have to restart it. Does that classify as cutoff? @eddiemoy
  7. Understand what you mean, but why did it continue when it was lying down? Maybe I picked it up too quickly and maybe it was about to stop after the warning.... cause come to think of it I somehow interrupted it and the wheel was still spinning when I grabbed the handle. Makes sense.
  8. @stephen, This is not uncommon ... A week ago, I rode walking speed...(very slow) , as I was approaching a very low and small sidewalk curb. I have ridden over this maybe a thousand times but this time I did not manage to keep my balance so I just jumped off it. Had this been my earlier wheel, the ks14s, it would have just lied down on the side with no drama... Instead, my 16X continued about 1meter and did a 360 almost (over its top handle) before it fell down on its side 🙄. My Beaty is now scratched 😥. When this happened the wheel kept spinning and announced the standard “please decelerate “ as mentioned above before I picked it up. My total range is 500 and am 65kg, travel around 10-15km in trails every day for work. Fw 05 @Gaz Bon, hope you recover fast and get well soon.
  9. @Mike Sacristan and @Unventor omg guys😂 wtf! What am I missing here hahahaha yeah! We are all looking forward to your visit @Unventor. It will also be my first group-ride. Awesome! Close to me, as Mike mentioned we have lots of trails in the woods... where I normally ride everyday for work. We can go there and you can choose paths/trails to ride😎. ”Three amigos “ 😁🤣, I can see the wifey just 👉🏻🙄 👈🏻 Though as as much as Mike has now built up his leg strength with his practicing, I now have to start squatting to be able to keep up😉
  10. So confused:) what is the total cost in usd or euro? So 490NDT + shipping how much is 1NDT? when I google ndt I get twd instead:) .
  11. True but that does not affect the lights. i had the BT off today(other times not when I don’t remember to disable it). Just would be an easy feature to have the option to have everything turned off... lights etc while charging ... for those who want. Maybe I’m old school and think that it is good if the wheel gets its rest once in a while. This is not a problem, it’s only on my wish list.
  12. No problem:) but I would like to have the option so that I don’t awake my entire family as “Megatron rises “ 😆
  13. Interesting feature:) When charging the wheel my beaklights always goes on, either blinking or keeping the red light. Plus, the BT auto connects to my phone and everything sound wise is broadcasted to the wheel(while charging). Today I wanted to shut the lights off so I pushed the on off button once or twice but instead the battery indicator lights turned on. During this process fortunately the gyro was not turned on, so it was in a “half awake status” I hade set my charger to only charge to 90%. I was standing next to it. Just now, as soon as the charger finished showing 0.00 on both Amp and Voltage , chargers fan shut off(as it should) and at the same time the wheels gyro turned on and a very very quiet fan inside the wheel is on at the same time Is there a way to have the wheel completely off while charging?
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