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Poll- What is the brand of your favorite wheel?


What is the brand of your favorite wheel?  

35 members have voted

  1. 1. For commuting

  2. 2. Just having Fun

  3. 3. Off Road and trail

  4. 4. What size wheel do you feel most comfortable on in general?

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  • Poll closed on 07/08/2018 at 05:34 AM

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  I am starting to think that the wheel size preference has a lot to do with rider size.  My theory is that if I were 5’10” and 170 pounds the 16” wheel would feel the same as the 18” feels to me at 6’3” and 220.  

  I intentionally left speed and dependability out of this poll as not to fall into the GotWay stereo typing.  IMHO. If I just added speed it would have favored GotWay.  If I just added dependability it would hurt GotWay.   Both are important subjects.  I just wanted to focus on the positives.  

  Commuting is a tricky poll.  Is it more important to be able to travel 20 miles each way or be able to stash the wheel under your seat on the bus?  I should have broken this one up.

  Fun is fun.  Doing tricks at 5 mph,  off roading or chasing bikes at 35 mph.  

  Off road?  I really just added it to round things out and give every wheel a chance.  I think there is room for improvement for an off road wheel.  Maybe the Z10 will show us something in the future.

  I know this poll is a bit vague because it focuses on brand instead of a specific wheel.  A poll like this made a Chevy guy (me) respect the other brands a little more.   

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1 hour ago, DarthPeter said:


Well definitely Rockwheel GT16. I'll vote for my favorite wheel...  oh wait…  great poll ? 


Duly noted.  Rockwheel GT16.... The other wheel.   

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15 minutes ago, ir_fuel said:

Where is the pulse glider?

  It is under other.   I know you are one of the smart ones.  You are messing up my poorly conceved poll.   You have to go back and put your choices in.  LOL

  If nothing else, I learned that the person taking the poll has to answer all of the questions.  I should have added a no opinion option.  

Thanks for your patience.  Now I have to go look up pulse glider.  At least I knew what a GT16 is.

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