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Found 25 results

  1. Updates As the story is developing, I will update this first post periodically but I recommend checking the recent posts in the thread. I am posting progress updates and everyone else contributes as well sharing their findings. Last update Sep 26. TL;DR At the time of writing, all King Song S22 units in the hands of customers worldwide can be affected by a critical motor issue which is not easy to identify, and can result in a cutout in any riding scenario. King Song hopes to have fixed the issues in motors produced from end of June/July onwards. Dealers are doing their best to repair broken wheels but costs are getting out of hand. There is possibly a test which tell if your unit is affected or not, but. more evaluation is needed to confirm its validity and reliability. Update Sept 9: the test was able to break at least 10 defective motors, it appears effective, but might not be conclusive. The issue can occur without aggressive riding or jumps. A new rider with S22 as first wheel had a cutout 2s after the loud scraping sound started. My opinion King Song completed a motor recall in China - for the same reason (educated guess). I believe it needs to happen worldwide eventually, in case the test is not 100% reliable. King Song must make a public statement on the issue to educate riders on the problem, in order to reduce the risk of serious injury. Description of the problem A manufacturing defect in an unspecified amount of King Song S22 motors leads to its electro magnets slipping over the stator base which supports them instead of remaining in place. This rotation has two effects: The hall sensor and connection between phase wire and windings become misaligned with the motor hub. An audible “clunk” sound when it happens (working theory at the moment: needs confirmation) What it is not This is not the knocking sound. Knocking sound is a period knock caused by poor manufacturing tolerances of the motor side covers. Bearings are not sufficiently held in place by the friction of their press fit with the side covers, so they move and shift as the wheel rotates, creating this sound. It is also an issue requiring attention but it is not as critical. More details in this other post. How to identify your motor production date Described in this separate post: Inside defective motors Motor 1 stator rotated extensively, in the braking direction. The temperature sensor got pulled away from its location (black wire); all the phase wires on the other side got severed. This second photo shows how much rotation occurred, from where it should be on the left to where it landed. Motor 2 (my own S22) The temperature sensor (black wire) also got dislodged as well as some phase got disconnected from the windings. Better view on one of the severed phase wire: The phase wire created a short circuit on the side cover, which burned the mainboard (captured on video). We can see the traces of the short here: King Song’s response so far King Song replaced S22 motors before they exhibited issues in their Chinese domestic market in August. For worldwide customers, the approach has been to handle issues case by case, only for motors which started to exhibit sign of failure when being ridden. The signs identified are: bad sounds (different sounds for 3 different known issues) motor tremors and vibrations at low or no speed (not officially recognized) King Song has not made any public statement regarding the various types of ongoing motor issues. Problems with the current approach Impractical costs for dealers While King Song promises to take care of every S22 motor breaking down and has been, all dealers have a very hard time convincing them to pay for air shipping for the replacement parts. Despite it is a requirement to fix customers’ wheels in a timely fashion. Since most dealers were unable to get shipping costs covered, several already spend thousands of dollars in shipping. All repairs and shipping wheels back and forth are also at the expense of the dealers, with King Song covering none of the costs caused by them shipping defective products. Safety risk to riders Once the motor stator slipped, phase wires can get stripped which will lead to a short. A short results in an instantaneous cutout. It means a crash in most cases. Stress tests to identify a defective motor Spin test Notice how the motor emits loud “clunk” sound on some of the rotation changes. This is suspected to be the result of the stator slippage in question. Regardless if the “clunk” sound is related to slippage, this stress test is likely to introduce slippage on defective motors. When running the same test on motors recently produced (post supplier fix), no clunk sound occurred. Update Sept 9: This test will be even more effective by giving more time for the wheel to spin faster before changing direction. Update Sept 26: This test is now fully deprecated, for two main reasons: It tends to burn the mainboard as collateral damage in case of motor failure. Passing this test does not guarantee that the motor will remain free of defect later on. At least one wheel had a cutout during a customer ride, due to hall sensor error caused by stator slippage, after passing the extended version of this test "with flying colors" by the distributor. More details in this post: The "clunk" sound during this test are not considered relevant anymore. Spin test results Clunk sound might indicate that the motor is affected, but it is too early to tell for sure. The absence of clunk sound are not absolute proof that the motor is not affected. It could mean that: The tester was not able to apply enough force or didn’t get the right timing The motor can survive spin tests but might not handle the real world stress of a jump difficult landing Limitation of this test for later observation: the stator might slip back in position thanks to the back and forth nature, and some of the silicon holding the temperature sensor might prevent slippage, holding the motor just enough. Landing test Without actually taking the risk of jumping with a bad landing, here is another proposed test: Free spinning at high enough RPM by lifting the wheel, then dropping it to the ground so the tire gets grip back, stopping rotation nearly instantly. ⚠️ It might be dangerous to execute: if the wheel jumps backwards or forward before stabilizing. However that might be enough to introduce slippage in only one direction. Reserve this test for outdoor, it'll leave mad skid marks This test is best suited to check later by opening the motor. Update Sept 26: The landing test is now the only known valid test, it is expected that an incoming King Song statement will describe the details on how to run it properly. It is confirmed to be able to force the issue to occur rapidly, with a clean failure which can be observed by the wheel as Error 17 (hall sensor error) Watch out for a public announcement with a video demonstrating the proper form to run that one safely. Opening the motor By opening the motor before and after either of these tests, it is possible to determine if the stator slipped over the motor stator base. Here is how: Open the motor and set a mark on both the stator and its base which is connected to the hub, indicating the reference stator position. Put the motor and wheel back together and complete a few rounds of the tests Open the motor again and see if there was any stator slippage, using the mark as reference. Slippage might initially be of sub-mm distance, so the mark must be accurate enough. Tests are destructive Note that both these tests can be destructive for wheels with defective motors, whereas the issue might take longer to appear with normal riding. These will be harmless for wheels with motors and mainboards free of defect. If one of the tests result in any damage, although it is sad to destroy equipment , it also means it likely saved the rider from a later crash or even an expensive parts replacements after the warranty expired. Recognize bad motor sounds Update Sept 9: confirmation that failure can happen without prior scraping sound Previous reports indicated that the issue occurred in the real world after audible scraping sounds of varying direction which could be noticed. One of eWheels spin test highlighted that stator slippage, resulting in short-circuit of the phase wires can happen so quick that there was is no time for evolution from audible scraping to short. As a result, listening for bad motor sounds is not a valid strategy to avoid sudden cut outs because of this issue. The only solutions are passing without any abnormal sound the stress test demonstrated below (might not be 100% conclusive) or motor replacement to a July+ production unit. More details here: Motor clunks It is suspected, but not fully confirmed yet that motor clunk sounds occur when the stator slips over the stator base. Update February 26: While the clunk sounds are still an area of concern in terms of how the mainboard controls the current sent to the motor, learnings from the ongoing investigation invalidated the link between between this specific sound and the phenomenon of stator slippage. From Adam (Wrong Way) going up stairs: https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkx4ryKlODDx8nZ7P8aQVJ6zfcKVJzHh0o_ https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxlP6V7s7TFEMb7KP_xXSAbcRZDZ7hwI8G From Brian Norris on a heavy landing (clunk suspected): Scraping sounds Light, temporary, more on one side Scraping sounds are likely to start by minor rubbing sounds coming from the motor. They are easy to dismiss as something else. It is likely that this early scraping sound might get stronger and weaker depending on which side the wheel is leaning towards, like in turns or when carving. The scraping sound is also likely to disappear at any point. However if any scraping sound occurred, it is already indicative of serious internal motor damage. The motor status will range from: Temperature sensor detached (severity: low) Zip ties holding phase wires broken (severity: high) Phase wires coating scraping against the motor cover (severity: critical) Riding must stop immediately at that point, and the motor should be either opened to diagnose the issue or replaced. Louder, continuous Later on, after disappearing, the scraping sound might come back for any reason. It happened on my own unit. It became louder than the initial scraping sound, and not knowing what it was I kept riding back home, only 1 km away (at walking speeds) This continuous, louder state indicates that phase wires are scraping against the motor cover, which will certainly lead to a cutout and possibly a short once the coating worn off. Now that we know what’s going on: don’t do like shown here and stop riding immediately. The wheel can cut-out at any point. Cutout demonstration When trying to make a video of the scraping sound for warranty purposes and before the issues was understood, I accidentally captured the motor killing the mainboard in this short video. The result was unexpected. Cutout can occur without scraping sounds Areas of uncertainly This document describes direct observations and conclusions based on them, however there are a few elements which are deductions or educated guesses like: The nature of King Song domestic recall: we can’t tell for sure which problems were addressed. It means we don’t know if the stator slippage problem was indeed at the center of this recall, since there are other known issues like the knocking sound linked to bearing alignment. The reason is secrecy and general lack of transparency regarding the Chinese voluntary recall. Update Sep 26: Although this is still a contentious topic, we now have a good understanding on why motors were replaced in China, as well as the changes to the motors. Details 1, Details 2 Generally, we don't know yet if the stator slipping problem has been identified, understood and fixed by King Song’s motor supplier Update Sep 26: We know it is the case now. There is a possible that the root cause for the NYC fire was stator slippage, pulling on the phase wires and shorting them (like shown on Motor 1 pictures) - instead of a mainboard fault at the time. It is impossible to tell without looking at this motor. Fortunately, the BMS bug which lead to the escalation into a fire has been fixed. Credits Special thanks to Voltride who understood the nature of the issue first and took all the pictures illustrating the motor defects and MyEWheel for testing newly received units. Thanks to King Song customer representative for some very useful information helping to understand the context. I hope for a continued fruitful conversation. Props to everyone in the EUC safety group and telegram group created for the occasion. If you are a distributor, please get in touch to become part of the group of dealers working together on solutions for this.
  2. SOLD! I have a pair of King Song 16S electric unicycles (EUCs) for sale. One charger between the two of them. They come with the stand that is pictured. A new 16S is $1299. I am offering this pair for only $150 more, just $1449 for both, which is practically two for the price of one! The 16S pictured on the stand with the pedal up has about 400 miles on it, in excellent working condition, exterior in very good condition, with a warranty valid until April 9, 2022. It was purchased from eWheels, so there is post-warranty support available, should it be needed--nothing is necessary now. The 16S pictured with the pedal down has about 7850 miles on it, so it has visible signs of use and wear. It too was purchased from eWheels, but is out of warranty, although post-warranty support is available--I can assist with that. When it was last working normally about a week ago, the battery was still holding a charge fine. I made the mistake of plugging in a charger (just for a second!) that was supposed to be compatible (a new one I had recently bought off of eBay), but apparently it was not compatible! The power still goes on and off, but it won't go into the balance mode. I can still connect to it through the King Song app. It's perfect for the do-it-yourself person who wants to figure it out. Seems to be stuck in the charging mode and will not drop out of the charging mode, with all the LEDs lighting up green and the top pair flashing, even when it's not plugged in. The app says it's charging, even though it's not. There are bits of tape stuck on the exterior, which I have not bothered to remove completely. A small ankle pad is missing on either side, which I think happened when the tire was replaced--the tire is newer and slightly less thick than the original tire, but it's inconsequential to its operation, except that it makes it a little more nimble. You can always change the tire, but it's unnecessary. I was previously offering to sell them separately, but it really makes the most sense for them to be sold as a pair, since there is only one charger between them. I also raised my prior offer from $1299 to $1449, because I was hoping for a quick, local sale, but that didn't happen, so now I am opening up the sale to nationwide shipping. Shipping is offered in the U.S. (not Hawaii or Alaska), if you cover any shipping expenses. Since both of these were originally purchased from eWheels, discounted shipping is available. I can assist you with shipping arrangements. If you're in the Los Angeles area, I can give you a free training session to get you started learning. Delivery is also available in the Los Angeles area. Top speed: 21.8 MPH Range: 35 miles Weight: 37.9 pounds Tire size: 16 inch x 2.125 inch (on the better one, slightly smaller on the older one) Battery: 840Wh Volts: 67 Watts: 1200 Capacity: 250 pounds My contact information is in my signature right below. You are welcome to call or text me with any questions.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/132768928784434/ https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/products/kingsong-ks16xl Nearly new Electric Unicycle King Song KS16x bought at the start of April from Speedy Feet (but also ended up with another wheel (long story) so am looking to sell this one as I haven’t been able to persuade the other half to let me keep both! Battery supply issues in China means these aren’t readily available in the UK right now. Has only been used a few times with only 50 miles traveled. Couple of minor scratches on the edge of the foot plates otherwise as new. Have spoken to Ian at SpeedyFeet and the two year warranty, 25% guaranteed buy back and 50% off of parts will transfer to the buyer. Happy to share all of the correspondence and invoice etc. Battery: 1554wh (Top Quality Lithium battery) Motor: 2200w Max power: 4200w Top speed: 50 km/h Travelling range: 140 – 160 km Size: 590mm(H) 495mm(L) 180mm(W) Tire: 16 x 3” Maximum load: 120kg Footrest height: 180mm Colour: Black Sound system: 4 x 5w speakers and 20w bass speaker Trolley: retractable Accessories: 1.5A charger and user manual Brilliant all round wheel - happy to set up a video call / video message to answer any questions. Paid £1800 looking for £1400. Thanks *** NOW SOLD
  4. Good day all, I am selling my 2018 KS-14S 840Wh/800W black wheel. My story follows... In 2018 I moved to Charleston, SC, and as a hair-brained idea to beat traffic here in the city, I purchased a King Song 14S to ride to work from EWheels, along with a fast charger. Good thing too, as the stock chargers for King Song wheels tend to get hotter than you might expect. I have also done some recreational riding in my off time and have enjoyed this wheel as an intriguing, head-turning way to get around. However, recently, I rode to work, and took a low-speed tumble as I caught one of the pedals on a curb while transitioning across a parking garage drive, thus throwing me off the wheel. I had my hands out to catch myself, and wrist pads, elbow pads, knee pads, and helmet, and still managed to break my arm. All of this at less than 5mph. While I realize there are some older riders in the group, I am coming to grips that even though I'm not 40 yet, I am getting fragile as I age, and i need to be making better decisions as to the things I attempt to do and the consequences it may entail. And although I have enjoyed this wheel, and want to continue riding it, the sad truth is that there just isn't good infrastructure anywhere in this area to do so to commute, and it is largely unsafe. This is a town I'm nervous to DRIVE in, much less ride on an EUC. So, I've decided to put my wheel up for sale. Despite it being a learner wheel, it is in good operational condition, but with some cosmetic storytelling to go along with it, primarily the foot pedals, and some minor body scuffs. There is no broken plastic, and the only thing electronic that's questionable is one LED on one side that is missing some green output. I started to learn to ride in the grass where any falls I would suffer would be softened by the dirt underneath, and would save harm to myself and the wheel. I went into this ordeal knowing it was going to get scuffed up because I've never ridden one of these before. This wheel is black, and I have applied some of the piping that comes in the box to its casing to save some scuffs if I can. The foot pegs, as I mentioned, are scarred up a moderate amount from my learning experiences, but are in good repair otherwise. It has 563.5KIm on the clock, so fairly low mileage, and it will charge completely. My research on battery care indicates that it is best to keep the battery between 30-80% most of the time, with the occasional charge to 100% when you know you are going to ride it soon thereafter. The quick charger will be included and has the capacity to select 3, 4, or 5A charging, and to cut it off at 80, 90, or 100% charge It also has a fan in it, and a voltage readout, and is built with heavier gauge wires than the stock charger. I will include both, and the original box, which is a double-box. All safety functions work correctly including tilt-back, speakers, voice warnings and lights, and this wheel is bi-directional. It has a headlight and tail/brake light on both sides. It's on the original tire, which still has a good tread on it, and the wheel has been stored with roughly 45% charge on it. It's never a good idea to store it with a full charge. I have not had to open this wheel for any reason. It has never cut out on me, and despite cutting it close on available range, has never left me stranded. I wish I could advertise a pristine wheel, but that's not the case. Anyone who takes up EUC riding has to learn somewhere, and this one was mine. I've gotten back up and back "in the saddle" more than my fair share of times, but a broken arm is going to have to be a stopping point for me. I can only take so much abuse before I draw the line, and say, "yeah, this was kind of a crazy idea to begin with," but what a ride! I really enjoyed my time. I just wish my local infrastructure was better, and the same for my personal biological infrastructure. Thanks for reading, and I will update and lock appropriately when this wheel moves. Pictures will be provided upon request. Feel free to ask me anything you like about this, and I will do my best to answer your questions. Asking $750 shipped, MSRP on EWheels is $1,175+tax.
  5. Hello @Seba, i have a problem with my Ticwris max and Euc world bell, it's impossible too chosse a file for personalized bluetooth bell ? Can you tell me how i can do and if it don't work it will be for last update ! Regards
  6. Seba, I watched the video about having multiple wheels on EUCWorld which is exactly what I want to do but it is not working for me. Initially I had KS18XL on the app and it worked fine and I like the audio of battery levels, speed, and time. I now also have a V11 and when I go to connect via bluetooth it connects then immediately dis-connects! I can connect fine to the KS18XL. On another android phone with EUCWorld, I am able to connect to the V11 but I an not getting any audio (welcome aboard...) which I like. Hope you can assist. John Middleton
  7. Please read the following information carefully: This thread started in spring 2019 and has almost a hundred pages! This means that much of the information it contains may be out of date. In the meantime, the EUC World application has been greatly expanded, new features have been added and many of the old ones have been changed or improved. For this reason, this thread no longer serves to help EUC World users and you should not ask questions about the EUC World application and service. Please only submit suggestions for changes and improvements in this thread. Here we will continue the general discussion about EUC World. If you need help, have a problem with EUC World or don't know how to do something, ask a question in a separate thread. Remember that the title of the thread should start with "EUC World" and be as concise and unambiguous as possible. Here are examples of how to title a thread: Here are examples of how not to title threads: EUC World has become very popular and I am very happy about it. There is no day or evening for me to spend time developing the application and helping its users. If you help me by formulating clear, precise questions, I will use the time saved in this way for application development. Who knows, maybe this will make the iPhone version of EUC World appear faster? For this reason, I would like to ask you to search the forum first before you ask a question. Many questions are repeated, so the answers are repeated too. You should also visit EUC World official Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/EUCWorld. Also keep in mind that Google search engine indexes our forum. If the search engine on the forum does not find an answer, try to search on Google before you ask on the forum. You can narrow your search by typing site:forum.electricunicycle.org at the beginning of the search query: To sum things up - if you need help, have a problem with EUC World or don't know how to do an action, please make following steps: Search forum using built-in search or Google search Look at EUC World Youtube channel Create a separate thread on the forum Let's make life easier for everyone. Thank you! Dear fellow riders, as some of you may already know, I'm the guy responsible for EUC World application and online service Whole story began at the beginning of 2019 when I forked WheelLog sources and decided to add some features I missed. One of such features was possibility to track my rides in similar way Strava, Endomondo or Wikiloc works, but with complete wheel telemetry. You know, I wanted to cross my country from northern to southern border, allow my friends to watch me live on the map and show the rest of world that EUCs are not toys Of course even vastly improved WheelLog was not enough, as I needed some online service to save and share my tours with others. I created it and named "World of electric unicycles" and in fact it soon became a real world of electric unicycles - just take a look at the main map I have chosen WheelLog sources as a foundation and initially I just wanted to add features that were useful during my riding. In particular voice announcements and alarms. Really, you should try speed alerts with Bluetooth earphones or helmet comm set! Wind noise will no longer be an issue to hear that you exceeded your preset speed, EUC is near to overheating or just overloaded and faceplant may be iminent. If you love long rides, you'll benefit from periodical speech reports about battery state, mainboard temperature, distance already travelled, time of your ride, average speed etc. I also added other languages thanks to @koto, @ArqFG, @andress, @George Iliev, @Lefteris, @fabio70mi, @travsformation, @Hansolo, @Tazarinho, @DjPanJan and other contributors. Now EUC World has been almost completely rewritten, becoming a completely independent application. Currently EUC World supports following languages: English Catalan Czech French Polish Russian Spanish Bulgarian, Brazilian Portugese, Dutch, Greek, Italian are partially supported (would you like to make updates?) Supported wheels: Gotway (all current models) Inmotion (all current models) King Song (all current models) Ninebot One E+, One S2, Z6, Z8 and Z10 Rockwheel GT16 Solowheel Glide 2 and Glide 3 Supported watches: Android Wear 1.4 and later Wear OS Samsung Gear S3, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active 2, Galaxy Watch 3 Pebble SELECTED EUC WORLD APPLICATION FEATURES NEW IN 1.0.9 Full Gotway support, including calibration, side LED control and tiltback setting up to 75 km/h (may be limited by the wheel). Enforce regulatory compliance action, allowing for simple and quick limiting wheel speed to 20 km/h to be compliant with local regulations. This action, as with other custom actions, can be assiged to Flic button, smartwatch button/screen tap or phone screen tap (works with King Song, Gotway and Inmotion wheels). New custom actions, allowing for easy start/stop/pause/resume tour tracking, start/stop CSV logging, lock/unlock wheel, turn off wheel etc. Speed prealarm, allowing to change low priority speed alarm to prealarm. In this mode there is only repeating beep, there is no "Slow down!" voice warning and when listening to the music, volume is not lowered. Persistent headlamp mode, allowing to remember headlamp mode and restore it on subsequent application start (works with King Song and Gotway wheels). Full King Song support, including speed unlocking, calibration and firmware update. Flic 2 button support - Flic app is no longer needed. Flic 2 has better range, battery longevity and is more reliable that older Flic. CSV logs synchronization with euc.world account, allowing you to safely backup your logs on euc.world server. It also allows you to create tours offline and use data analysis tools. Heart rate monitoring, allowing you to display/hear your current heart rate and also include it during tour tracking or CSV logging. Tour tracking with complete telemetry Speech alarms and prompts - now you can pair your built-in BT speakers, earphones or helmet comm set with your phone and get instant voice alerts, prompts and reports. Wind noise will no longer be a problem and you won't any beep when going over predefined speed. Beeps and voice messages will let you know that you're approaching your wheel limits. User friendly interface - completely reworked and much more friendly user interface, giving more valuable invormations and with better contrast to improve visibility and save your phone battery. Flic button to easy activation of custom actions - now you can pair a small, wireless button with your phone and use it to activate horn, toggle lights in your EUC or get voice message with current riding parameters. You can get your Flic button here. Both Flic and Flic 2 are supported. Motherboard/MOSFET/motor load monitoring - load gauge lets you instantly check how much current is drawn from or put into the battery. If you're agressive rider this feature will let you know when you're near or over predefined load limits of your wheel. Improved overcurrent alarms - now you can have two independent alarms. One for peak value that will let you detect short, large current spikes (eg. during rapid acceleration). Another alarm is for "filtered", sustained current value. This way you can avoid situations when elevated current values may cause mainboard or wiring failure. Overvoltage/overcharge alarm - we all know that during braking or riding downhill our wheels enter regeneration mode. In some cases this may lead to battery overcharging resulting in cutout or battery failure if occurs too often and unnoticed. Now you can get alarm when your battery voltage approaches goes beyond safe limit. Extensive statistics - detailed ride statistics will let you know more about how your wheel rides, how your riding style affects energy efficiency, what power is needed etc. Wear OS (Android Wear) watch support - now you can get almost the same information just on your wrist with Wear OS watch companion app. You can also activate custom actions from your watch, just like when tapping your phone main screen or pressing Flic button. You can also start, pause, resume or finish tour tracking. Watch will also vibrate when any of the alarms is active. Custom horn sounds - you can select any sound from your phone to be used as a horn sound. More, you can have different sounds for Wear OS watch, Pebble watch (yes, they can work in paralell!), main screen tap and Flic button. Picture-in-picture and split-screen support - with Android 8 and newer you can benefit from "piecture-in-picture" and "split-screen" mode. Even if EUC World is in background and you have to switch to desktop or another application, small gauge with most important informations will still be displayed in small window. In split-screen you can display two apps simultaneously. WORLD OF ELECTRIC UNICYCLES - TRACK, ANALYZE AND SHARE YOUR RIDES EUC World allows you to record your rides including your wheel telemetry data. By default, saved routes are not visible to others. You can share them with others (friends, family etc.) by sending them a link. You can also make some routes available to everyone, so they will be visible on the main page and from your signature image. You tour can be live during your epic rides! Euc.world is a great and free alternative to Endomondo or Strava, as it allows you to document your rides along with detailed wheel telemetry (wheel speed, battery charge, voltage, current, power etc.). You don't need to be connected with your wheel to record your rides. Even if your wheel is not supported by EUC World yet, app may still act as a normal GPS tracker. In this case wheel data won't be recorded along your track - that's the only limitation. You can also add photos to your ride. Euc.world online service will be significantly extended withing next weeks. Users will be able to store their CSV logs under their account and will be able to download them or view with my http://wheellogviewer.net/ tool that will be improved and integrated with euc.world. Also some extended statistics will be available for users. HOW TO START USING EUC WORLD APPLICATION AND ONLINE SERVICE? Get your application from Google Play or visit https://euc.world/getapplication Sing up with https://euc.world to create free account. Sign up in EUC World app with credentials used to sign up in previous step. Setup your EUC World according to your preferences. Start riding and enjoy you new app! Last, but not least - don't forget to give me some feedback so I can push this project in right direction. I'd kindly ask you for one thing... If you are going on an interesting route, think about making it visible to everyone. The idea that guided me when I created euc.world online service was to show other people interesting places where you can get on an electric unicycle. So if it doesn't affect your privacy, think about recording some routes in public mode. Add interesting photos, let others see the beauty of the places where you ride on one wheel. This is one of ways we can popularize EUCs. We can show that EUC riders are everywhere! And remember - you can also change visibility. Just log to your account, enter the tour you would like to edit and from "Tour" menu select desired visibility. This way you can make the tour hidden or reverse - one of your beatutiful private tours make visible to everyone!
  8. Hi. I'm looking to pick up a used 16X or 18XL. Must be in great shape with original packaging. Local pickup in NYC area. UPDATE: Please disregard this post. I have purchased an 18XL.
  9. Hello everyone!I am developing an animation video (Motion graphics) for King Song S18. So for this i need your help. I am asking you guys as specialized community about your experience and perception of unicycle. I want to understand better what might attract your attention, and generate emotions. Therefore, I have some questions for you. Your answer would help me a lot to understand how target community of this product think. Here we go: 1. Why do you choose King Song over other brands?2. What is your favorite thing about King Song S18?3. How do you feel during riding it? *Think about would you describe your experience of using the product, feeling the speed? *What does the experience associate for with?4. How do you like the appearance of this unicycle model? *what association words does it bring to you?5. What colors and **items**(anything) comes to your mind when you think about S18 and your riding experience? 6. What is main environment in which you usually take a ride? *City, off-road, etc.7. What are 3 WORDS which can describe King Song S18 with?Here you can find the Google Form version of the question if it's easier for you:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2c9eh27TOWfSeX36uM36VTu8pHwB8CO_EW69O4IiF8mz46Q/viewform?usp=sf_linkOr you can answer in the comments.Thanks ahead, and once I will finish the video I will present it to you to see the integration of your answers.
  10. KS 18XL - 18" wheel - 1554Wh Battery - 2200W Motor Bought from eWheels in May 2020. Around 130 miles on it so far. Need to sell in order to upgrade to possibly an MSP. I'm maxing out the speed of this wheel (31mph). The wheel is in great condition aside from pedal scrapes. Comes with original box, charger, & cover by roll.z This is a great wheel for anyone looking to upgrade from a smaller wheel or anyone looking for a cruiser with great range (approx 40-60 miles, based on rider style). Send me a message if you're interested. Looking preferably for a local pick-up, unless you pay for shipping within the US. Thanks for reading my post! Be safe! Pics:
  11. Moderator notice: This topic is only for posting of official information about the King Song S18 by @Jack King Song, other King Song representatives, or sellers like @Jason McNeil who have official info. Any further posting or discussion goes somewhere else please, for example into this separate S18 discussion topic: - Original post about the S18: Introducing the King Song S18, a wheel like never before. Move in ultimate Style and Comfort featuring an on board Adjustable Suspension System. ________________________ Official Accounts: Group: https://tinyurl.com/wurvlc5 Page: https://tinyurl.com/vzqhg7b Instagram: https://tinyurl.com/u26xhx7 Youtube: https://tinyurl.com/uhyod8y ________________________ All S18 official information will be posted here, including any photos, videos etc.
  12. From time to time there are various discussions on our forum, concerning the dependence of the maximum speed of a given unicycle on the battery charge. I have decided to make a few graphs that show this relationship based on the actual data from our EUCs. Unfortunately you won't find any Gotway wheels here. This is due to the fact that these wheels do not send any data to the application allowing for their unambiguous identification. @Chriull and @Aneta, I think this is something for you
  13. 10 days ago I purchased King Song 14C wheel at http://wheelgo.com in London. Here are my first impressions. The most important feature of this wheel, and the main reason of choosing this model is speed. It’s amazing 28km/h! Such speed is not even achievable on Rockwheels with their fancy reduction gears. The only wheel comparable to KS on the market today is Gotway, but they are quite unsafe. If you fall down from IPS at 14km/h you just make couple more steps forward. But if the same happens with Gotway at 28km/h you risk to injure yourself seriously and to damage your wheel. In compare to many other wheels King Songs are extremely reliable even when riding at high speed, riding uphill, riding over road bumps. I was not able to drop the wheel though I rode it at the maximum speed many times. Things I love in KS-14C: Unbeatable speed among 14 inches wheels!Impressive 60km run on one chargeTuning of neutral tilt of pedals using Android appFlashlight that turns on automatically at night. It is way more convenient than using your phone’s torch Automatic switching off when the wheel is dropped. Automatic switching on after recovery. Big comfortable handle. BT music Things that may be useful: USB chargerDifferent riding modes (aggressive mode/normal mode/soft mode) configurable from app.Real-time battery and engine metrics in app. Here are all downsides of my model I found during my first week of use: USB port lid is made of piece of rubber, I lost it during my first ride. At the moment of writing this review I couldn’t find an iOS application for managing the wheel. So I take two phones on my rides: one (iOS) for calls, other (Android) for the wheel.It's not possible to configure volume and speed limits for beeping sound. First I worried about it but now I’ve changed my mind. Beeping sound not only helps your stay alert and ride safer but also warns people who don't expect to see a you in advance. It’s possible to physically unplug speakers from the mainboard for those who prefer silence.I expected that it will be possible to use pedal as a stand, but it isn’t. As a conclusion imho KS-14C wheel is one of the most advanced wheels on the market today and I’m excited to own one of them! Few words about the shop. Jason (http://forum.electricunicycle.org/profile/191-jason-mcneil/) was the single point of contact for me. He was very responsive from the beginning. First we met in the city center for a test drive, he was courageous enough to let me try to ride his own wheel:) I bought a wheel next day after the test drive. After the first charge my power adapter died. When I complained about it to Jason he arranged our meeting the same day. We figured out that the problem was with power adapter and soon he delivered me a new adapter module. So despite of high quality of King Song wheels it still makes sense to have local warranty to be able to resolve such problems quickly. Feel free to ask me any questions! Replacement for broken adapter Wheel switched on Blablabla 60-80km indicates 680Wh battery
  14. These three EUCs have all sold, but there are plenty more available from eWheels! I've got three EUCs for sale. I'm in Los Angeles, California and will give you a free introductory training session, first time riders welcome, or a more advanced training session, if you're experienced. Whatever your skill level, I can help you be a better rider. If you like, I also can help you update the firmware, get the right App, connect to your smartphone, inflate the tire, and do what I can to make sure you're all set-up. No shipping charge, if we meet. Shipping cost will vary, depending on your location in the contiguous U.S. No shipping outside the U.S. 1. Ninebot One Z10 for $1475 with 3.8 miles on it and in perfect condition. Never dropped, has no issues at all. 995Wh battery. 28 MPH top speed, 25-45 mile range. I purchased it through eWheels, so if any repairs should become necessary (none needed now) it can go through eWheels. The warranty recently ran out. This Ninebot One Z10 is no longer available. It's been sold. <Pictures of it deleted> 2. GotWay MSX (Msuper X) 100V version, $1600, with 6.1 miles on it. Includes a 3D printed fender from eWheels. The MSX is in good condition, some low speed drops with minor scuffing under the pedals. Includes a new seat that has never been used. 1230Wh battery. 40+ MPH top speed, 50-60 mile range. (A new GotWay MSX 100V currently sells for $500 more, $2100 on eWheels, with a one year warranty). Warranty on this used MSX for sale is valid for six more months until March 1, 2020 through eWheels. When the warranty expires, should it need any repairs, it can be done through eWheels. I will also be available to help out, should there be any questions or issues, both before and after the warranty expires. You have double support on this wheel, triple, if you include the GotWay warranty. This GotWay MSX is no longer available. It's been sold. <Pictures of it deleted> 3. King Song KS-18XL for $1850 with no miles on it, never been ridden, still sealed in the box. 1554Wh battery. 31 MPH top speed, 60-70 mile range. Has the larger, better 10-inch pedals (factory installed) AND includes a 2nd charger. Factory warranty through King Song valid until January 1, 2020. The 18XL pictured is another one I have just like it, not the one still in the box. This King Song KS-18XL is no longer available. It's been sold. <Picture deleted>
  15. Hi Friends! Which model of Gotway or of King Song comes with tubeless tire? I have an Gotway MCM4 HS 680kwh which has a tubular tire that is the only down side of the model. And I hope to know which model from Gotway or King Song which are my favorites with tubeless system. Thanks in advance.
  16. I'd like to know how many other 16" EUC riders here have experience with the Maxxix Hookworm 16" street tire. https://www.amazon.com/Maxxis-Hookworm-BMX-Tire-16X1-95/dp/B00188A1LG After recently switching over I can safely say that this will be my tire of choice for my KS16S. I thought the wheel was nimble before but this has brought it to a whole new level. It allows me to make sharp turns and carve like I never thought possible. One downside is that it can make the wheel a bit more prone to wobbles but no big deal. Couldn't recommend higher for all experienced riders of 16" wheels
  17. After seeing Ian's (SpeedyFeet.com) range test of the KS18L I was somewhat alarmed. He documented a large disparity between the King Song's app range and Map My Ride. I got a sinking feeling in my stomach that my "App" claimed 30 mile ride with 38% battery left was a total fallacy. My riding weight is 240 lbs at 6' 4+". That type of performance would have been spectacular for one KW battery. I checked my work commute distance by gps, motorcycle trip meter and Goggle Maps. They all had within .1 of mile at ~ 8.2 miles each way for a total of 16.4 miles. The KS app had the distance at 20 miles. Upon getting an accepting a offer for a group ride, I decided I would use that opportunity to discover my true range. The route was 29.2 miles (it was expended by 4.5 miles) per Goggle Maps. Since it was all bicycle trial (famous and measured) I "assumed" the number to be very accurate. I rode 3 miles (actual) to a train. The app said 3.8 miles. I took a 18 minute train ride to the meetup point. The ride from that point was 25 miles per my fellow rider's Darkbot app. I couldn't precisely map a approximately 4.5 portion where we did a big loop around Valley Forge National Park, but 4.5 per Darkbot seemed about right. The KS app had 30+ miles. I had planned on taking the train back to Philly, but decided to ride back to determine what the KS18:'s maximum range was with me on it. I also wanted to see the effect of Speed dropping as the battery emptied. I made it home with 7% battery crawling at 4-5 mph. The total distance was 32.9 miles. The KS app had me at 41 miles+. The good news is I a never notice a speed reduction until after 20%. There were some, I am sure, but I didn't need to go more than 18-22 mph on crowded bile trails. Between 20% and 10% it would do Ninebot E+ speeds 10-13 mph max. Below 10% it got real ugly lol. I would like to do 100 miles in a day, but I need a little more battery even with a fast charger. I heard a KS18XL might be coming out, but I can't justify buying it. A conversion/update kit, however, would be welcomed. The above it is just the experience of a 240 lb rider on a mostly flat route. YMMV. Enjoy your KS18L!
  18. Hello All, I'm looking to purchase my second EUC, preferably from someone local (Los Angeles, CA area). I doubt it, but if anyone has an Inmotion V10, Ninebot Z10, or KS-18L for sale that would be ideal but I am open to others such as the Gotways. Feel free to post what you have for sale.
  19. Hi, Just did update from v1.06 to v1.07 using king song app v1.50 on Android. Worked as a charm ! Low speed motor off detection seems to work better now. Also battery LED indicator seems to showing real status. Moreover in seems that low battery voltage speed was adjusted... Thanks King Song for frequent updates, looks like you really listen to your customers.
  20. We think we know what brands are most popular. Let’s see. Feel free to explain your answer below. Poll ends Sunday.
  21. I see a vendor selling what I "assume" to be old King Song models as "ArtWheels by King Song" on eBay I thought maybe he had branded some wheels by King Song and is now stuck with them hoping to unload them on eBay. His prices, however, are high and don't reflect that. Probably not worth starting a new topic, but I was just curious.
  22. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone with more experience with the KS-16S might have some insight to share. I got a brand new 16S from ewheels.com about a week ago, and after some struggle to unlock the speed I got everything working properly, or so I think. My problem is that the wheel seems to max out at around 18-19 MPH. Once I hit that speed I get significant rock-back. I don't have access to the King Song app (I needed to borrow a friend's Android device to unlock the speed), but I've used both the Darkness Bot app and a GPS speedometer app (Speed Box). The Darkness Bot app reports rock-back at 19.5 MPH, and the GPS reports it at around 18 MPH. I've verified the accuracy of the GPS app against my car's speedometer, and it's pretty spot on, though obviously slightly delayed (which may account for the discrepancy between Darkness Bot and GPS). Is there something else I should try to get the speed to hit its max? Any setting or calibration or anything that could be contributing? Are there any known discrepancies between individual wheel performance? I'll double check the wheel's settings in the KS app when I have access to it again, but I'm pretty sure I followed Jason's instructions properly when I unlocked the speed. When I checked online it seemed like people were definitely able to hit the advertised 22MPH/35KPH speeds, so I'm trying to get my wheel fully functional. BTW, I have no desire to ride at max speed frequently. I'm just trying to unlock the wheel's full potential and/or figure out if it has any issues. I'm happy to provide more info if needed. For this test I was on flat ground, with plenty of road and no headwind. I'm also not a heavy person (in case that factors in). Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  23. We present our new products: SC-280 Smart Charger 240W Inmotion V8 84V SC-360 Smart Charge 300W King Song, Gotway 67.2V SC-380 Smart Charge 300W Gotway 84V Read the article about batteries and charging
  24. The King Song trolley handle is great -- except its beautiful black finish is just skin deep. The slightest nick or scrape reveals white plastic underneath. This afternoon i decided to see what a little black spray on Plasti Dip might look like as a repair. Sorry about the blurry "before" photo, but you get the idea: Before After The process was pretty quick and easy. A preliminary wipe with rubbing alcohol on a microfiber cloth, then three or four light coats of Plasti Dip at a couple minute intervals (over the entire handle). The closeup in the "after" image shows the area of larger damage much more noticeably than just looking at it. I am very pleased with what it looks like. I also like the feel of the Plasti Dip. It's just a little bit "grippier" than the original surface. Now, only time will tell how well it wears. Remind me in three or four months, and I'll post another picture to show wear!
  25. Not many miles on this. Used for a short period of time. Rides perfectly. After 500 GBP in London. If a buyer wants it shipped to them anywhere else they will need to pay and calculate postage costs.
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