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  1. When I learned I found it easier to just go for it, pad up your EUC and ride straight. I tried watching vids and reading but it actually did more harm than good. I started on dirt/desert and in two hours I was riding great, turns as well. In short, do what works for you while learning and don't feel like you have to do this a certain way. You will be cruising in no time mate.
  2. Hmm phone went crazy and copy paste a ton hah. Anyway I was saying that I get around 50mi on my ACM2 while cruising.
  3. When I installed my trolly handle I did not use a drill bit at all as they are fine point screws going into plastic so it wasn't needed. That said, if using a drill bit always use one size smaller than the screw you are using, for example 1/4" screws you would use a 3/16" bit.
  4. Eh, as an owner of a KS18L, I can easily say that they skipped over a lot of the negatives on the wheel which I won't go in to here, it's a good wheel sure just not a OMG wow wheel. Personally I'm a bit disappointed with mine but others feel differently. Main thing I was going to say is that EcoDrift reviews sounds be taken with a grain of salt, to say they are unbiased is an obvious lie lol but alas it is human nature.
  5. I ride up the Appalachian trail here in PA on my ACM2. It's off-road, steep and rocky, yet my GW zooms right up. So for anything but the most extreme hills the ACM2 should rock. Google pics of the trail, the parts I ride are on Blue Mountain.
  6. Yeah once u trust the wheel more and have more confidence it will be a night and day difference. That's why I'm not judging my ks18l yet, I need to ride it a lot more first. Cheers!
  7. I go off-roading all the time on my ACM2 even moreso than my new ks18l. Trails here in Pennsylvania are pretty rough to say the least but I have no problems on my Gotway other than an occasional tight squeeze between boulders where I might run the side of a pedal. I keep my pedal setting in hard mode and tire at 45psi... keep in mind that I am 6'5" tall 230lbs+-. You should be able to ride off road with no problems on your ACM2 once used to it.
  8. I'd pay an extra $75 for the blue for sure but not $150.
  9. Hah. When I don't feel like jogging I routinely take my husky for a run with my ACM2. I've also pulled my lawnmower a few blocks on my wheel to lend it to my neighbor. Beats walking haha.
  10. I had my borrowed mcm5 at 23mph based on GPS not the app, it wasn't my wheel so I didn't want to continuously drive fast but just to test the speed. I ride my ACM2 at 30mph routinely without any problems so I'd imagine the Tesla could do the same seeing as both have nearly the same internals, I could be wrong on that tho.
  11. Hah no it's the newest version not the older one, hell it's even the pretty light blue color. If u buy one u will love it.
  12. Yeah I do love my ACM2 and no doubt I'd regret it, but I feel the urge hah
  13. Adumb

    Msx durability

    Glad nobody was hurt, it's especially easy to get hurt while learning to ride. I'm that the wheel came out ok, besides the trolly handle it looks in great shape still. This is why when I let my daughters ride my wheels I make sure to pad them up to prevent as much damage as possible. Anyway, glad everything/everyone is ok! I love the MSX, it's on my short list of wheels to get at end of the year. Cheers!
  14. I recently had a chance to try an mcm5 ok a group ride and it only made me want it more. I'm actually considering trading my new ACM2 1600wh for one since my significant other is being a pain about me getting a 3rd wheel. It's kind of nice when things like this are the biggest problems u face haha. #easylife
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