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Gotway Tesla Emblem

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Ever since Tesla (the wheel) came out, I've wondered what would it take to make Tesla (the wheel) part of Tesla (the car).

At first I thought how neat it would be if Tesla (the car) had Tesla (the wheel) as the spare tire inside the car, but then I wondered what it would take to make the car have removable wheels that you could ride around.

For example, I drive my Tesla (the car) near a destination, then I ask the car to allow me to remove a wheel. That's important so the car can deploy some sort of stand so one of its wheels can be safely removed. Then I remove the wheel, and ride it like an EUC. Have passengers? Then you can remove all four wheels!

Probably the width and the power of each wheel would result in some 200 pound super-Monster like wheel. Which might be a good thing.

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I recall that Ford had mentioned that concept a while back likely when an engineer heard about the Ryno Motors wheel.  Here's an article:


BTW if anyone wants one, the Tesla self-sticking emblems are on eBay for under $10 delivered.  They are actually pretty nice in terms of quality.

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