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  1. If you can, wait till dust settles, I was really getting excited about either New monster or Nikola but this info. just really makes me enjoy my MSX and wait...
  2. any reviews on this machine yet? whats the top speed?
  3. Huge thanks for all your work @Marty Backe and others for all your work, A+. I got really excited about your video @Marty Backe and started to think I might want one, after the incident I just hope that the Nikola Plus will use MSX setup. Time will tell, till than MSX is one solid machine to enjoy...
  4. Dont be, MCM5 is an excellent wheel if you can get 650/ 800 but nothing bellow, but if Tesla comes up for sale, sure even better, but either wheel will blow you away with its performance....
  5. As soon as I get New one, I'll post this for sale, you're welcome to take it......
  6. strange for sure, after off for couple of min., it would/ should re stabilizing the wheel. I guess next thing would be disconnecting power, but thats pushing....
  7. @Marty Backe could you post some pic. MSX vs Nikola, few different angles, please.... :))
  8. Its not just the battery, but the top speed, for us that want to go faster at times or just to have that extra room in case, 70km/h or 44ml., but Im really looking forward to Monster Plus.
  9. Cool, nice to know, I'm from London, ON. and I ride w. Toronto group every 4-6 weeks or so, we usually take 60-70km ride, yes, it is amazing :))
  10. Looking forward to some reviews, but so far it does look good, 17" and 3" tire, 60km/h top speed and nice battery, hmmm, tempting for sure...
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