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  1. They do look really good, but a little pricey to be honest, let us know how they are
  2. Did not receive anything, did you send to yourtoys7@gmail.com ?
  3. My MSP HSpeed on its way, Jason email me how to run it off. Seems like this is new measure, A+
  4. whats the pricing for power pads and pedals? will you ship to canada?
  5. yourtoys7

    MSuper Pro?

    Could you test the lift, free spin test, at what speed does it cuts out?thanks.....
  6. competition is always good, gotway we'll have to step up or potentially drop price,
  7. Thinking of these one for this summer... https://fortnine.ca/en/ls2-mx470-subverter-mips-nimble-helmet
  8. That’s good news, I’m really looking forward to my new wheel :))
  9. Just checked on eWheels.com, it is 2000w for msx 100v, It may just be old msx in msp body but only time will tell. I'll open my up and compare to pic. of msx 100v.
  10. If this was 100v I would have right away, I’m not sure I wanna go back to 84v
  11. why you cant receive msg.?
  12. Looks like no one has one yet, first batch is coming in next 3-4 weeks according to Joson. I'll be putting down payment this week for it. Wondering if this we be repackaged MSX 100v in new body or will there be other advantages? How will it compare to MSS?
  13. yourtoys7

    MSuper Pro?

    Looking into getting MSP HS model from eWheels, has anyone received any? Reviews?
  14. He should make one for the back as well, this way it can be charged while on back plate
  15. That looks really really cool, but the first thing I thought is for protection, to beef up the front in case of a fall, maybe that was not intent but I would assume it would absorb some sorta impact...
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