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  1. Understood, Ive hit most was 54km/h, but looking for new MSX 100v or Monster 100v new model to up grate and to set New record, lol
  2. Excellent video, do you know what speeds you were reaching? it sure seems Fast :))
  3. Dont think its inevitable but most likely that one will, as we learn how to ride and luck of knowledge understanding limitation of the wheel (mostly Gotway) due that you can turn everything off. Kingsong may be one of the safest, my brother in law hasn't fallen yet, been riding 3-4 months now, his first wheel. My fist fall was on mcm3 not understanding the beeps :((
  4. Ive always rode on hardest, but after these conversations I tried soft , It dips so so much I thought I was gonna fall off and when cornering Im afraid to touch the ground as I generally turn my body into a corner. So far its been very good on hard, I do like how responsive the wheel is, but gonna give it a shot on Med...
  5. Looking forward to few reviews, Im sure well know soon enough what/ if anything has changed...
  6. @houseofjob thank for all the info., very valuable as always and I as well looking forward to you 100v Monster review. I am patiently holding off for New, redesigned Monster w integrated handle (hope) or possibly Updated MSX 100v (if/ when) it comes out, but I did enjoy the 84v Monster when I had it for short time.
  7. by far this is the Best over all wheel available today... (my opinion). Starting from mcm3, than ninebot e+, acm, mSuper v3s, mcm5 and tesla... I came to realization, there is no other wheel available at this time that can truly compete with MSX... well, maybe Gotway Monster 100v to some degree. Lets talks... acm5 is a torque monster, cant compete there, Testla possibly best over all wheel if you cant buy MSX :)) but honestly after trying all these wheel, 15km ride and longer , MSX is the boss. Anything faster faster than 35 km/h MSX just feels so good, stable, secure and safe. Off road it just eats anything you can throw at it. I know some did not like pedals angle, took a little time to get used to, but I absolutely love it, it feels like they force me to hug my wheel. Wider tire... I have a problem now riding other wheels, lol, seriously, Im sure its a combination of 19" as well, but just they way it grabs the road, A+ Tesla smaller, slower and more comfortable to a degree, yes, amazing wheel as well. Shorter distance and under 35 km/h it is a beast, if you wanna go slower and maneuver around people etc., yes, Tesla/ mcm5 possibly your best pick. Again, my opinion only that factors my condition, MSX rules it all, over all wheel is simply unbelievable... Im waiting for NEW Monster or MSX 100v
  8. It sure seem that way, its just the way we fall......
  9. how does Gotway original app work? or you having issues w that as well?
  10. I know, I know, I like to dream a little, lol but, seriously, I would love to upgrade to 100v next Gen. monster or MSX (which I have at the moment 1300 84v), I absolutely love this thing. I can only imagine how the New Gen. 100v would perform. Anyone has any info.
  11. Is this for 84v or 100v or both?
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Bell-Super-MIPS-Bike-Helmet/dp/B07GT7BJ1W?th=1 I have this one and when its 25-35 here in Canada, it stays nice and cool. In colder temp. I have to wear something else, due ventilation its just so so cold.
  13. it all depends how you fall, when I think about falling I wanna brake the fall with fist side/ elbow/ shoulder.... landing just on your wrist your risk braking it. Judging from damage to my bike jacket, It ripped at elbow/ shoulder. I've watched videos how to brake a fall vs just on your hands, but we all fall different, this just worked for me that time at 48km/h.
  14. all I remember is setting up on 'powerful mode' I did not change any other settings.
  15. Andrew provide some more pic. of its condition and miles from app. to be honest it took a beating for 1 days.
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