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  1. yourtoys7


    anyone knows what helmet this is?
  2. yourtoys7

    Dualtron II EX

    @Esper have you looked for different tires, maybe off road type, similar to Ultra. if you’re not having technical/ electric issues I would not sell it. It’s an amazing machine (when it works)......
  3. yourtoys7

    Gotway Unreliability is a Myth

    Out of 4 Gotways that I have owned over many years, I fell on mcm3 and msuper v3s (both times I pushed the wheel over)... Where Gotway could improve is improve the app and create something that will vibrate the phone or speak when certain speeds/ power etc. being reached. Z10 is setting a New bar high, but I would buy another gotway and recommend one anytime.
  4. Looks good, would like to know what was your speed and duration of your ride?
  5. yourtoys7

    New toy, MCM5 experience...

    😂 not that type, it was Rib festival 😋..... watched @Marty Backe z10 review and he compares z10 w mten (sorta).... z10 is for 2019 probably, I’m getting MSX next week.
  6. yourtoys7

    New toy, MCM5 experience...

    I would hear the triple beep and slow down, I have ridden in the past constantly 3 beeps and would only slow down when I hear (I believe 5 or not stop continues beeps on mcm3). MCM5 can safely cruse at 35-39 km/h but it does eat up the batter pretty fast.
  7. yourtoys7

    Dualtron II EX

    @Jason McNeil exchanging my for MsuperX, as much I like Dualtron my just st having too many issues for a brand new machine. I’ve had many wheels over the years and not a single one... maybe one day I’ll order another one, but for now it’s gonna be MCM5 and MsuperX
  8. yourtoys7

    Dualtron II EX

    @Esper you seem to be having lots of issues w tires, what terrain you riding on?
  9. yourtoys7

    New toy, MCM5 experience...

    Took this bad boy for a ride during festival, packed with people and this machine is amazing, I could almost stand still when need be, A+
  10. yourtoys7

    Gotway MCM5 84V 420Wh advice

    Congrats... we'll be waiting for your first impression after few rides.
  11. yourtoys7

    Gotway MCM5 84V 420Wh advice

    Just looks, I can only imagine the $ if it would be real carbon fiber.
  12. yourtoys7

    Dualtron II EX

    @Mrd777 I really, really wanna have one that just works, I think the potential is enormous with it, but at this time, Im just exhausted spending funds just to enjoy little fun time, im either gonna upgrade to New one, Ultra or just go back to Msuper (that I never had a problem with)... will see what @Jason McNeil can offer....
  13. yourtoys7

    Dualtron II EX

    That all can be, but to be honest Im ready to trow a towel on it, me coming from Canada and waiting for weeks to enjoy for 1 or 1.5 hrs and to drive back to US just to ship it back again..... Not sure if its worth it. I owned many wheel, for the most no issues. I think I just wanna stick to wheels. You brought a good point lack of knowledge/ understanding may just be the the issue/ cause a headache for some.
  14. yourtoys7

    Dualtron II EX

    It just came back from being fixed, eWheels had it for couple of weeks, Im sure/ would hope they would look over connections when they had it opened.
  15. yourtoys7

    Dualtron II EX

    brakes were warm (weather), I could touch them with no issues, I wasn't braking a lot, I was riding through park paths. Not sure about app.