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  1. yourtoys7

    MSX 100v VS MSX 84v

    Very nice first observations, I had taken my Msuper v3s to 53km/h (I did the beeps), MSX 84V is much, much better machine. I only pushed it up to 49km/h according to gps, Im 175lbs. I wanted to move speaker out of the unit, mount it pointing up as well. Once it'll get cold here in Canada I'll do that. Blutooth headphones beeps, Ive been dreaming/ talking about this sense my ACM. Maybe Gotway will change that one day
  2. yourtoys7


    WOW........ some random events, A+ for sure next me if you gonna do anything in Toronto, message me, Im 2 hrs. away (london) but I can try to come out.
  3. yourtoys7


    I was not trying to come out at you or I hope you didn't feel that way, I took a fall at about 48km/h and walkway away almost perfect, but my bike jacket took a scraping. Again, you ride very safe and well. Maybe after seeing many falls and taking one myself I look at this little different. Again, not judging you at all, but I have always advocated for more protection.
  4. yourtoys7


    where do you post info., don't remember seeing anything around here... would love to join you guys next time if I can.
  5. @chafouin welcome and it is always good to hear someones start, thats quite a wheel to start. It is cheaper in the long run, I started with mcm3 14", than acm 16" and now 18" My brother in law just got one KingSong 16S from ewheels, cant wait to see him learn.
  6. yourtoys7


    I completly agree with others, your ride style is excellent, but every time I watch your video I get so uncomfortable to watch you ride without helmet/ upper body protection. Is there a reason why you will not put a helmet on? have you fallen at all? but over all A+++
  7. yourtoys7

    How fast is too fast?

    If you look at bikes falls at high speeds, you see Most of them walk away with good gear. I would easily push the wheel to 60/70 km/h assuming safety margins are there.
  8. yourtoys7

    The Photo Thread

    what a beautiful (cold) weather ride...
  9. yourtoys7

    The Photo Thread

    New side pads from @Jason McNeil A+ and new stand
  10. yourtoys7

    Handling the Elements: Wind

    Just the other day I rode in 45-50km/h Wind on my MCM5 from work, I thought I was gonna have a hard time, to my surprise because of an excellent torque machine it the ride was much better from I remember riding my ACM 670Wh., but I do prefer my MSX, much, much more stable...
  11. yourtoys7

    Dualtron penetration in US market

    are you serious , please tell us there is a video of it!!! share some pic. as well, thanks.
  12. yourtoys7

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    Funny thing is when some say there isn't much difference between these machines, but I was like you, Very, Very different machine in a good way
  13. yourtoys7


    Looks awesome, when did this ride happen?
  14. yourtoys7

    Maximum speed List

    Msuper V3S 53km/h, to be honest felt very stable and comfortable.
  15. yourtoys7

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    This looks very interesting and the price is pretty decent, hope they will have some bundle packages for the holidays, Im in