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  1. yourtoys7

    Ninebot One Z In-Depth Review by houseofjob

    @houseofjob thanks for your work reviewing the Z10, I like what I hear/ see more and more....
  2. yourtoys7

    E-scooters discussions...

    Poll has been created if we want an E-scooter on this forum, please vote......
  3. @Keith I completely understand, makes total sense.
  4. yourtoys7

    Ninebot One Z10 eWheels.com Demo: NYC-Style

    For sure i will disable this feature, imagine going off sidewalk or something and bam....... the wheel is off šŸ™„
  5. yourtoys7

    My MCM5 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    @Marty Backe how would you compare this to you Kingskng 14s ? i know mcm5 faster but what about other characteristics?
  6. yourtoys7

    E-scooters discussions...

    I see, sure, Iā€™m ok with either. I just hope we get something
  7. yourtoys7

    MCM5 Modifications

    @Rehab1 very nice upgrades, clean and I do like the parking stand (clever).
  8. yourtoys7

    E-scooters discussions...

    Ive send an email to John as well as posted request in Forum Rules area, sugested by @Marty Backe. Im hoping moderators would be able to create sub forums of the common brands that ewheels sells. Dualtron, Inmotion, Ninebot and Speedway. Now we wait for their decision.
  9. yourtoys7

    E-scooters discussions...

    Z10 should and looks like will live up to expectations, it was pushed to 45km/h and they say it gives you tilt back similar to E+ but more gentle :)) my last fall was due not being able to hear the 80% beep and tilt back on GotWay is nothing like on Ninebot. we tend to talk and try to be in agreement on bigger purchases.
  10. yourtoys7

    E-scooters discussions...

    Absolutely not, I usually upgrade every summer and I had Msuper for sale. Than came across Monster in pretty much new condition (impulse buy). BUT than, Jason list Dualtron II ex' . I wanted it so bad, my wife said sure only after you sell Monster (lol). I will be getting New wheel, Safety 1st and looks like Ninebot Z10 might just be the top dog now, if not possibly Kingson 14 or 16. Scooter will serve many purposes, wife and one of the kids can ride, my other (older) son rides the wheel as well. I dont think I can ever walk away from the EUCs....
  11. yourtoys7

    E-scooters discussions...

    thanks for sharing, wow, seems pretty fast.
  12. yourtoys7

    Kingsong 14S for sale - Brooklyn

    asking price and pic. would help.