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  1. yourtoys7

    New toy, MCM5 experience...

    For anyone that cares.... to open mcm5, flat screw driver or simular, top middle to seperate 2 covers and just pull on them gently. You'll see screws exposed to remove either sides, fairly simple. I added silicone on every screw to keep them in place any ?s, just ask.......
  2. yourtoys7

    Minimotors Dualtron X promotion video

    its all good on paper/ advertising, but reality of every day riding is very different. I still wanna aquire one one day and enjoy what is is meat to be. One day.......
  3. sad to see/ hear this, but sometime that is the only way we learn, after my last/ major fall I did acquire full face....... just in case.
  4. How’s the ride comparing to MSX? Larger pedal make a noticeable difference?
  5. yourtoys7

    To buy a EUC or a different type of E-Vehicle

    I'll add my 2c to this, the versatility, fun and storage you can only get from EUC. I have tried the scooter and been thinking about electric bicycle for a over a year now. At my work I can only lock the bike outside (hospital), but EUC I can take to our change room and charge with out taking much space. If you have no storage/ parking issues and willing to spend more get the eBike, but if you want to spend less, have more fund (look different/ cool :)) get euc. eBike will always be safer, pricier $ and not as practical, but EUC is just a different world completely :))
  6. yourtoys7


    Everytime I see these group rides... I so wish I could go for one, tired of riding alone, ha ha.
  7. yourtoys7


    get back up those rocks.... nice.
  8. yourtoys7

    WEPED (serious machine)...

    @dwallersv no worries, all good. I had to return my Dualtron II and exchange for MSX, I had 2 main rides I guess (each little over 1hr.) and machine just shut down on me, overheated or electrical issue, dont no for sure, but one thing I can say, it is/ was an amazing ride when it worked, but I just couldn't trust it to go to work or just fun. Fast, comfortable and TON of fun... I hope to get one at some point again. Weped just look awesome to me (I dont no how it rides) but by looks alone is an 'A' for sure :))
  9. yourtoys7

    Msuper x finally arrived but.. BENT rim?!

    Im seriously trying to find the flaw. My wheel has little/ somewhat of a so called bend as well, not 100 sure if its a tire or rim, but rides just fine. Hope you get yours sorted out.
  10. yourtoys7

    New Gotway Mten3 / Onewheel Hybrid

    Im sure it'll have its uses somewhere but I would have to pass (I almost got little excited about the NEW mten3)....
  11. yourtoys7

    WEPED (serious machine)...

    thanks for the info., I just put it out there as I do think RR looks amazing (very subjective), but I would buy what is being offered. Thunder is one incredible machine...
  12. yourtoys7

    My Gotway Monster shell replacement experience

    @Bob Eisenman very impressive work, I sure dont have the time nor patience to do it, A+
  13. yourtoys7

    Man killed in electric scooter crash in Washington DC

    I have no words, unbelievable on so many levels, but Im sure he had some fun.....
  14. A+ for performing this change, I hope the New, redesigned monster will use slicker tire like this. Ive only had my monster for couple of weeks but had to let it go. Maybe I'll get another one if there is a significant change. Amazing machine never the less.
  15. yourtoys7

    Gotway MSX crushes stairs

    it sure would be, but Im not sure I would perform even this one, lol.