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  1. couple of ?s... Where was it purchased from (Jason at eWheels) ? Asking price ? Pictures of the wheel ?
  2. I like the New tire
  3. Its weird to be honest, I miss smaller/ tilted msx pedals, stability, speed (it feels slower than 2mph, lol). What I like about Nikola, smooooth, response/ acceleration, easier to turn and maneuver in traffic, handle/ troley (works much better than anticipated), I'll be doing review after few hundred km, I'll share much more.
  4. so, which one is for sale?, lol.
  5. any update on this???, did you get your wheel back?
  6. Glad you ok man, Yes, get faster wheel. You will not stop wanting more,
  7. A+ for this, just sold msx, purchased nikola 84v and feels little slow already, LOL... Its gonna be Nikola 100v or MSX 100v
  8. Very, very cool. talking about standing out A+
  9. WOW.... I like what I see, imagine 126v thats in the work, oooooh my.
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