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  1. yourtoys7

    Dualtron 3 III battery quality

    Im considering Dualtron III (newer technology over ultra), I did have Duatron II for a short time, incredible machine while it worked. it is one of the best available for sure. Daultron III or spider...
  2. yourtoys7

    KS18XL or MSX?

    what ever you choose, you gonna want the other one , I purchased msx and want 18XL for few reason and Im sure if I purchased 18XL I would want msx instead. Both wheels are amazing with its own positives and negatives.
  3. yourtoys7

    For Sale: GOTWAY MCM5 650Wh [NYC]

    @Marty Backe you are correct, I dont want to sell my mcm5 :)) it is just that good.
  4. yourtoys7

    For Sale: GOTWAY MCM5 650Wh [NYC]

    very good price and an excellent wheel, I have come to a decision I just dont want to sell my mcm5, to good of a wheel.
  5. yourtoys7

    Does anybody know or try the IconWheel board?

    copy of the onewheel but Im sure not as good as onewheel.
  6. yourtoys7

    Help. Gotway Seized under section 165

    Please keep us updated what happens. About insurance, you actually can get the coverage, I've asked my insurance company.
  7. yourtoys7

    Anyone looking for a brand new ninebot Z10?

    are these from eWheels or somewhere else? wondering about warranty...
  8. If/ when new monster comes out, I might sell MSX, keep mcm5 and get new/ redesigned Monster. For short period I had old model it could just maybe one of the best wheels over all. If you can wait, wait..... if not, either msx or older moster would be just fine.
  9. yourtoys7

    WTB Gotway mcm5

    I have the original 680, yes it is an incredable wheel, but msx is much better
  10. yourtoys7

    WTB Gotway mcm5

    email send
  11. yourtoys7

    New toy, MCM5 experience...

    like I have said in the past, mcm5 is very, very unique wheel, parks/ populated ares and hills are just a joy to ride, excitedly powerful and torque, lol ...... never ending.
  12. yourtoys7

    Edit : MCM5 800Wh (p.2)

    I have reached 38-40 km/h and it felt stable...
  13. yourtoys7

    WTB Gotway mcm5

    950, usd. shipped US/ Cad.
  14. yourtoys7

    WTB Gotway mcm5

    It is an incredible machine, but I did purchased MSX as well, when mcm5 sell, I want to purchase scooter again as second ride.
  15. yourtoys7

    WTB Gotway mcm5

    I do, where you located?