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  1. Yes I would, provide the address and I’ll give you rough shipping $
  2. Absolutely Love them, specially the partial flex, well done 👌
  3. Where in Canada are you? where did you order from and what tire?
  4. Looked into ordering from your side, calculating shipping, says Free Economy International, do you know what’s the duty/ taxes are to Canada?
  5. I’m considering getting monster v3 from aliexpress, just to confirm they all come with 2500w hollow motor now?
  6. Thanks, this just might be my next wheel, till than I’d be enjoying my msp hs:))
  7. When will EWheels start carrying this wheel and do we know the price yet?
  8. Not sure, but I would reach out to Jason at eWheels, unless someone knows...
  9. @Marty Backe this was not 40 + mile crash. I have taken it to those speeds but when I crashed I came around corner and pushed it a little, warbles, fall, I maybe was going 20-25miles.
  10. Noticed this dent in the motor cover, I dont see any damage in the open R side. I would have open it further. Is there a DIY guide, how to remove all that silicone in order to disconnect. I will have to wait till I get my Mten 3 (so I can have something to ride while this under surgery). I have a feeling that I may need to get New rim, I should be able to move the motor and hope there is no damage. thanks guys for all the help this far.
  11. Thanks, tried that and didn't work, but fund a dent on motor cover, I'll upload later on today. Just wondering what part I might need to redo.
  12. For me it sparks either way, wall first than to the wheel and wheel fist than to the wall. I usually plug wall first than to the wheel.
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