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  1. Not sure, but I would reach out to Jason at eWheels, unless someone knows...
  2. @Marty Backe this was not 40 + mile crash. I have taken it to those speeds but when I crashed I came around corner and pushed it a little, warbles, fall, I maybe was going 20-25miles.
  3. Noticed this dent in the motor cover, I dont see any damage in the open R side. I would have open it further. Is there a DIY guide, how to remove all that silicone in order to disconnect. I will have to wait till I get my Mten 3 (so I can have something to ride while this under surgery). I have a feeling that I may need to get New rim, I should be able to move the motor and hope there is no damage. thanks guys for all the help this far.
  4. Thanks, tried that and didn't work, but fund a dent on motor cover, I'll upload later on today. Just wondering what part I might need to redo.
  5. For me it sparks either way, wall first than to the wheel and wheel fist than to the wall. I usually plug wall first than to the wheel.
  6. Soo, few things after about 500km, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT....... This is coming from former msx 84v rider, Torque is better/ stronger and just pulls :) Feels like there is no end (Im almost afraid to lean that far) and so so smooth, reminds me a little of Nikola. Top speed, OMG.... I have hit 69 km/h (43 miles) and still no beep, this machine scares me a little to be honest (In a good way). Im not a range guy so I never test that, I Love speed so for my 25-40 km/h runs I ride 50-55 km/h with no beeps (unless I really lean into it). Im not sure I like the pedals, I like to lean on corners and I have touched few times, wasn't going fast but scared the living lights out of me (to be fair maybe I lean more aggressive when I take it slower but on on my msx I have never touched the pedal). Really like Speakers, when I go faster I can barely hear music, but other hear and notice (move a side). Gotway made again an Exceptional machine and well worth the $$$. BUT........... I can out of corner and accelerated little too fast and warbled, couldn't stop it and fell on my a$$, Need help... The wheel rides but makes noise, clicking sound and R pedal closes very, very tight. Pic and Video, any help would be appreciated, Video... when wheel laying on L side (speakers up) you just hear the clicking sound, when wheel laying on R side (speakers Down) feels like tire rubbing but If I drop pressure to 30psi no tire rub.
  7. They do look really good, but a little pricey to be honest, let us know how they are
  8. Did not receive anything, did you send to yourtoys7@gmail.com ?
  9. My MSP HSpeed on its way, Jason email me how to run it off. Seems like this is new measure, A+
  10. whats the pricing for power pads and pedals? will you ship to canada?
  11. yourtoys7

    MSuper Pro?

    Could you test the lift, free spin test, at what speed does it cuts out?thanks.....
  12. competition is always good, gotway we'll have to step up or potentially drop price,
  13. Thinking of these one for this summer... https://fortnine.ca/en/ls2-mx470-subverter-mips-nimble-helmet
  14. That’s good news, I’m really looking forward to my new wheel :))
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