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Replacement of the ACM LED with that of Tesla

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Complicating life is always fun isn't it. I do it all the time. 

Great job. Like you say the beam pattern seems more focused. Actual total light output probably isn't much different. Beam pattern matters though and to me the new setup seems more appropriate and likely more friendly to oncoming traffic (unless they are in the beam). A good upgrade I'd say. 

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6 hours ago, FULspeed said:


A couple of week ago I was reading a @Marty Backe's post about how amazing was the front light of the Mten3 (and Tesla) compared  to that of the ACM or the Msuper.


Due to the winter period I had the necessity to use for the first time my ACM 16 1300 during the night and I realized that the led was not really powerful.

Instead to add an external light (easy solution!) I decided to complicate my life trying to replace the original ACM led with the Tesla one.


The Tesla and Mten3 spare parts are not really yet easy to find, so the only supplier that I found is this Aliexpress vendor:




After some difficulties, I have been able to order the Tesla led.


I had asked Marty if he thought the two LEDs were the same and he told me that the Tesla one (the external ring) was smaller. I can confirm that the dimensions are not exactly the same, but the differences are really minimal.


The replacement was not difficult, I had to open the wheel, both lateral panels and the two main shells, but without having to unplug any cables.


The lamp bodies are an aluminum cylinder and externally they look identical, and for a moment I hoped it would be enough to leave the external cylinder in place and unscrew and replace only the rear part, that one with the cables and the LED…  Unfortunately, although very similar, the internal diameters are different, so I had to replace everything.

So I removed the silicone that envelope and block the headlight to extract it. The length of the wires is also identical, so no surprises on that side.


Remember to have available some silicone before proceeding, you will need it to block/seal again the lamp and the plug.



I could not find out if the Tesla LED is really stronger, there are no codes or identification numbers on the two LEDs, so I have to evaluate them only visually.

The light produced is certainly more intense, but I think it is also due to the fact that it is much more concentrated than that of the ACM.




I any case I am very satisfied with the result, but probably economically speaking there are many other less expensive solutions, both in money and in work.


The Led Tesla cost me 15$ and the seller took another 15$ for a DHL shipment (he did not offer other choices ...)


It was worth it? to you the hard decision! :)




Fantastic post :thumbup:  Thanks for taking the time to document the effort. Trust me, when you are actually outside riding the difference will be like night and day, which you've probably already seen for yourself.


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Nice job @FULspeed.  Do you know what the diameters of the LED disc are?  Are they removable from the metal collar housing?  I was wondering whether a person could swap in a 5050 LED disc if these all run at 12V.  The lens might need to be replaced or modified, but I wonder if something like this might work.   Unsolder the pin and solder the wires to the pads directly.


Or maybe this LED disc might work:


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21 hours ago, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:

Do you know what the diameters of the LED disc are?

Hi @Hunka Hunka Burning Love

Here some dimensions of the ACM led;

The internal diameter of the body (the barrel) is 20,9 mm (the Tesla one should be littler, probably 20,5~). External 24,0mm

The led disk is 20,3 mm and it is easily removable from the alu disk, it's "glued" only with some thermal paste.

The place reserved for the lens is about 12 mm.

My only concern about the above leds is if the motherboard can supply all the requested watt... and where all that heat goes...

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Considering Gotway appears to be using hot glue to secure things in the headlamp area, maaaybe it's not a good idea.  Or if one is really into custom jobbies, one could fashion a nice aluminum mounting block and change out the hot glue to silicone instead.  I'm more a theorist than a customizer so I'll just put some ideas out there, and let the people into modding run with it if they want.  :efef927839:

One other idea is to cut the head end of a flashlight like this one:


Cut a larger hole in the shell and mount it in!  Or just hold the flashlight in hand?  That would be the simplest solution.  :whistling:

They really should design a headlight with an adjustable up and down angle swivel and include a decent diffuser lens like on a moped or motorcycle except a mini-one. That would be cool.


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