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Found 29 results

  1. Roo Williams

    Gotway Tesla Issue - Diagnosis Requested

    Hey guys, Noticed some friction vibration on my Tesla when leaning to one side and moving slowly. It’s the side I usually get on to mount. I’m thinking a bit of play in the axle, (699 miles on the ‘clock’) but any takers for a diagnosis before I crack it open this evening?
  2. Hy Folks, As some of you may have recognized....my Tesla has arrived on Monday! As always when i receive a new wheel, i want to nerve you with some of my meanwhile impressions and a kind of diary, to have a review over a longer usetime.... As Things like generell data of the wheels are covered in a lot of other threads, you will not find any technical description of things here, which are pretty clear. Just this: I have the 1020wh Version, the biggest -at the time beginn of November- and received the wheel from one of my favorite aliexpress sellers. Because of that nowadays aliexpress sellers are treated like padophile child abusers, this time the delivery of the wheel took as long as no other wheel i orderd before! Seams because of the intervention of a big European seller, all aliexpress sales gone done down the queue, with even the canceling of orders of one specific state..... I have an opinion of these aspirations to monopolize several markets, but for the forum netiquette i will take these for me this time :-) Lost the thread...aaah, no, because of this @&@€#” my wheel delivery even took 4 weeks before it was sent...plus the 14-18days normal delivery time :-( But now it is here, and what will i say....the first impressions are fantastic- especially for a Gotway ;-) From the outside it really looks like GW this time has put some effort into delivering a quality wheel, shell and overall it occurs just much better than the V3 or ACM.... some more: to be continued..... just in some minutes ;-)
  3. Charles McLean

    Tesla vs. MSuper V3s+ with Tesla Motor

    Having already owned a Tesla 1020 Wh, I recently purchased an MSuper V3s+ 1600 Wh with the Tesla Motor because I wanted the 1600 Wh battery for longer rides and the 18-inch diameter wheel for trail riding. I bought the Tesla from Jason McNeil at EWheels.com (https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-gotway-tesla-16-1020wh-1900w-motor/), who always has AWESOME customer service and support. I bought the MSuper V3S+ with Tesla Engine from Chen at AliExpress.com (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Latest-upgrade-Gotway-Msuper3S-1600WH-84V-Life-150KM-the-maximum-speed-of-55KM-H-the-fastest/32832913078.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.W2jVF1) only because Jason didn’t have that particular model in stock at the time. My experience with Chen was very good and I received my wheel on the East Coast of the US, about 11 days after ordering it online. So, that was also a good buying experience. I bought my wheel from Chen for $1,781 … the price on the website now is $2,380 … so wait for the price to go down, or try to convince Jason to carry it at EWheels. Truth in advertising, I have not cracked open the case of my MSuper V3s+ to see if the motor is the Tesla motor, but with the ride setting set to “sport” mode on the MSuper V3s+ the pedals are incredibly stiff and it feels like the Tesla with a lot of raw power and responsiveness. After putting about 300 miles on my Tesla and about 100 miles on the MSuper V3s+, I figured I’d write a review and let folks know my thoughts. BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT Both wheels are awesome! If I could only have ONE wheel I’d take the 1600 Wh MSuper V3S+ with Tesla Motor, but that’s primarily for the extended range and versatility of being able to take the wheel on street and trails without issue. RIDE CHARACTERISTICS Both wheels ride and handle very differently and the closest analogy I can think of is the difference between my road bike and my mountain bike. The Tesla is definitely a road bike. It handles incredibly well on the streets, with powerful and smooth acceleration and plenty of top end range to power out of situations quickly. The taller case sits higher on my calf, just below my knees and allows me to grip the wheel more securely and feels more stable when accelerating or braking quickly, or when turning at high speeds. The Tesla feels more fluid and silky smooth on the street and is my favorite wheel by far on the road, hands down, no contest. The MSuper V3s+, in my opinion, is like my mountain bike. It handles fine on the street. You can travel at a good speed and it has good acceleration, and like the Tesla has plenty of top end range left to power out of situations. But, I must say that 25 mph on the MSuper V3s+ feels like more work and less stable than 25 mph on the Tesla, where speed is deceptive and you often don’t realize you’re traveling as fast as you actually are. The case on the MSuper V3s+ is not as tall as the Tesla, so I find that I accelerate a little bit slower because of my inability to control the wheel at a higher angle, and I find that turning at high speeds is significantly more difficult. Of note, the pedal dip on the MSuper V3s+ during turns is significantly more pronounced than the Tesla, which is probably a function of the different control boards between the two models. The pedal dip on the MSuper V3s+ is annoying and I much prefer the way the Tesla handles in that regard. Whereas with the Tesla I can grip the wheel just below the knees and lean my whole body into the turn like you see motorcycle riders do on the track, I can’t do that with the MSuper V3s+ (at least not yet) and that’s with over 100 miles on the wheel. I can still turn at a decent speed, but the handling characteristics of the MSuper V3s+ are much different than the Tesla. I’ve also found that I much prefer riding the MSuper V3s+ with the ride setting set to “medium” mode vice “sport” mode, whereas my Tesla stays in “sport” mode. ON THE TRAILS On the East Coast where I live we have a lot of wooded single-track trails. Lots of tree roots and ruts and only small hill climbs with 30 – 45-degree angles for no more than 50 – 150 ft elevations. Rides are through the woods with no real rocks or significant hills of which to speak. In both cases, both the Tesla and MSuper V3S+ can handle the trails, but the design of the MSuper V3s+ is so much better on the trails, that I’m never taking my Tesla through the woods again. The larger diameter wheel of the MSuper V3s+ smooths out bumps and tree roots and the fact that the front and back of the wheel are exposed and not hidden behind a case or plastic mud guard means the wheel can really attack uphill and downhill terrain with ease. Also, the lower case of the MSuper V3s+ makes it significantly nimbler in closed quarters, despite the larger 18-inch wheel diameter. I can turn the MSuper V3s+ on a dime at low speeds, but have more difficulty with the Tesla because of the higher case on the Tesla. As far as performance, with the Tesla engine in the MSuper V3S+, I can fly up hills while accelerating and keep up with mountain bikers on the trails with no issue. I had more fun hitting the trails on the MSuper V3s+ than I do with my mountain bike! FINAL THOUGHTS While both wheels are amazing, the overall versatility of the 1600 Wh MSuper V3s+ with the Telsa motor makes it the clear winner if you’re only going to have one wheel. But, if you’re the type of person who has a mountain bike and a rode bike because you don’t want to compromise on either experience, then I highly recommend getting the Tesla as your “road wheel” and the MSuper V3s+ as your “mountain wheel” and let them excel within their respective terrains. You will not be disappointed!
  4. Coffee guy

    Tesla V2 ?? (rumor alert)

    Last week my wife phoned Tec&Way in Genève, Switzerland to make an appointment for me to bring her wheel to have her tire repaired/replaced. Meanwhile, she asked if they carry the Tesla. This because I'm keen to get one in the coming months. She was told they don't, and won't until a/the Tesla V2 is released. Does anyone here know, or has heard anything about this? As I plan on going there this Wednesday (22nd Nov). I will try my best to confirm/deny this.
  5. Toshio Uemura

    EUCs in Japan

    Hi there, I read various questions on how EUCs are spreading in Japan. So I decided to share some pictures and videos from our group here in the Kansai area. Please 😊 enjoy! https://photos.app.goo.gl/otwk8fFTsSQbnyM43
  6. theNight

    What to buy? Tesla or ACM2

    Hi guys, I’ve joined Electric Unicycle community around a year and a half ago. So basically, the first wheel that I learnt to ride on was INMOTION V5F. Now I got to the point where I feel like I really want some crazy speed, because V5F can only do 23 km/h without reaching to tilt-back. I was looking for a new wheel and decided to buy Gotway. I don’t really like the new INMOTION V10F. So thought that I could ask your advice. So here are some questions: 1) How fast you can safely ride Tesla or ACM2? 2) Is there a significant difference between riding a wheel at 25km/h and for example 40km/h? What I mean is the overall feeling you experience. 3) I weight at around 58 kg, what range could I get from Tesla (1020wh) and ACM2 (1300wh)? 4) What wheel would be more comfortable to ride? I know they both 16inch, but ACM2 looks like a tank compared to Tesla. 5) What’s approximate weight of both wheels? 6) And the last, is Green Fashion shop at Ali a reliable place to buy those wheels? No unexpected customs on Arrival? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  7. RickyBobby

    Battery Specs on Tesla, & Mten3

    Hi guys, Do any of you know the Continuous Current, and the Peak Discharge on the Tesla & Mten 3 batteries? It's my understanding that for each unit there are two batteries and they have a 84.7 Voltage. Thanks everyone!
  8. I'm a greenhorn with EUC as I just started riding a couple of months ago, so I apologize in advance if this is a silly question. I'm seriously confused about the different Gotway models. It might come from my hesitation about looking deeper into it when I started riding as the overall vibe I picked up was "they're dangerous" or have flaky electronics. Now that I understand a bit better where these notions are coming from I am getting more interested in them as I deem these generalizations stemming from pushing the limits on these wheels. Anyway, I don't want to discuss that really but I would really like to understand what it is with the difficult availability of these wheels and the discrepancies that I see between the models listed on the official www.kebye.com website and the models listed on seller sites like Gotway America or eWheels.com. For instance, I am pretty tickled by the Gotway Tesla but you can't seem to buy it at any of the US seller sites, nor is it even listed as a model on kebye.com. Does that mean it's discontinued? It doesn't look like it as eWheels lists it as available for backorder, so I assume they still build it but why isn't it listed then on the manufacturer's website. The same with the Monster. No listing on kebye.com but apparently there is nothing comparable out there, so why would it be discontinued (if that's what it means). The Monster is also not available anywhere in the US. Then there's the mystery of the Tesla vs. ACM. They are both 16" wheels. Is the ACM the successor of the Tesla or why come out with another 16" wheel? Seems silly and redundant. And it looks like the ACMv2 with the smaller battery which is still a lot bigger than the Tesla's is quite a bit cheaper than the Tesla (if you could buy the latter). Why? Is there something else missing in the ACMv2? It looks like the motor is the same as the one in the Tesla. So, yeah, I am confused about their models and all the other stuff. Is there a Gotway aficionado out there who could educate me how this all makes sense?
  9. It looks like my Gotway MSuper V3s+ w/Tesla Motor is officially faster than my Tesla! With my Tesla, I had a motor cutout at 34.3 MPH (see previous thread). Today with my Gotway MSuper V3s+T, I managed to get to 35.9 mph. What shocked me, is that I slowed down as soon as I heard 5 beeps (DDDDD). I have my first and second alarm disabled and tilt back turned off. Maybe I didn’t hear the 5 beep alarm earlier due to wind noise, but as soon as I heard it I let off the throttle and came back down to speed. It wasn’t until I got home and uploaded my ride track from my Garmin Edge 520, that I noticed my top speed. So, way to go Gotway! SO. MUCH. FUN! @Scott Henley ... I hope you enjoy yours when it finally arrives! Here is a pic of my dashboard display from my Garmin Edge 520 upload:
  10. Rode in the snow for a few hours then it started to shut off when I brake. I kept restarting and I noticed the gyro getting weak at about the 3rd time It shutoff It wouldn't restart at all. When I press the power button now, it doesn't start and only the light ring comes on. Stuck.
  11. I’ve been practicing riding my Tesla in the house and the backyard but today something weird happened. I got on my Tesla rode about 10 feet then it shot forward and cut off, now when I turn it on it just blinks red lights. I’ve been letting it sit up the past few days while I wait for my V8 protective cover to prevent scratches on it, but said what the heck I should at least practice some today cause I’m tired of waiting (AliExpress). This is really has me worried, I went 10 feet (furthered than I’ve ever gone so far so kind of excited) and it just shot forward like the gyroscope went out and then shut down. Has this happened to anyone else?
  12. I generally try to avoid dirt tracks but you all know sometimes it’s necessary. Anyone any ideas how to clear the mud from inside that accumulates ( I assume it’s dirt accumulation). As eventually my Tesla starts to sound like a steam train as you pull away with a “choo choo” sound as the dirt rubs on the wheel. Hope this post makes sense. Anyone got any suggestions for getting rid of the problem without taking the casing apart? Out in the wild I have often been able to remove the bits that get stuck (prodding and gouging with a thin stick) where the shell meets the wheel but it never seems to solve it. Help!
  13. Pavel Tsuji

    Gotway Tesla Stabilization Problem?

    Hi everyone! I've reached out to my Tesla seller but I thought I would reach out to this community to see if you guys would have any knowledge into my recent accident. What happened: I was riding my friend's Gotway Tesla (1020WH) on a pretty flat surfaced parking lot area at a fairly fast speed (but manageable and not dangerously fast), when I heard one beep and then the pedals began to tilt forward towards the ground (essentially the opposite direction of the tilt back speed/power saving setting). I lost balance and then my toe dug into the ground and I subsequently twisted my ankle along with acquiring some other scrapes. It was as if the stabilization in my Tesla just shut off when I was riding. I hobbled back to my Tesla to find it still on and then shut it off. Anyone ever have this happen to them or have any knowledge as to what might have been the problem. I'm fairly experienced on Electric Unicycles and have used Gotway products in the past (MSuperV3, Monster, Mten3, personal Tesla) with no major problems. My friend has taken a couple spills with his Tesla (all of which I've been around for) and it's taken 2 or 3 standard spills (due to him messing up) and it's comparable to what I've done as well with my personal Tesla, if not less. My personal Tesla has been through quite a few spills and I've been riding it for about a few months (November 2017) with absolutely no problems. Thanks for your input everyone! -Pavel
  14. The Fat Unicyclist

    Took a Tesla for a spin today...

    Took a Tesla for a spin today... Not the Gotway Tesla though, the Tesla model S! It's a little faster than the Gotway version, and (in "ludicrous mode") a lot quicker!
  15. So if you guys remember I had a few crashes with my V8. One was my fault (if we can say that because it's actually the manufacturer's fault if we think about it) and another one today with the Tesla what was caused by the lack of power(?) just like with the V8. Small(!) Pothole + high speed = the wheel couldn't keep up. I accepted that with the V8 because I'm a heavy guy (95kg) and I pushed the V8 to its limits. But today the same happened with the Tesla. I didn't push the Tesla to its limits. I was at about 30-35km/h speed when I hit a 1cm deep 1m long pothole what caused the pedals to tilt forward by about 40 degrees. Something like this but 1m long: The wheel after that over compensated (tilted backwards) and I fell back. Nothing major just a little pain in my leg and more attention to the road imperfections next time. I start to see a clear picture that we're just bunnies to these manufacturers who will get fucked eventually by these shitty unsafe wheels. (especially if it's a gotway based on their history)
  16. By blackwidows January 24 2017 After 18 months and 5000 km with my faithful Mcm I cracked for a Tesla 1020 and after 250 km here is my opinion.I specify that I ride especially in Paris and Brussels, that I mainly use bike paths and roadway; the sidewalk when I have no choice but at a very moderate pace. I use my wheel daily with train trips. The MCM 4, if I have to compare to a car will be an old mini Cooper S Potato side : Vive at startup but very quickly 2 beeps which calms and forces to listen to his wheel, not to mention that is not discreet. Side comfort: It is not the dream, one is much shaken and the inflation is important in its behavior but with a flexible conduct one supports even the pavements. My wheel never fired me despite quick passages on big holes. Urban side: very convenient with a trolley, it goes everywhere even in the instructions of Brico for example. The position of the trolley to ask his bag or basket when shopping. The wheel is not always stable when it is lit against a wall, it tends to move. Side autonomy with 640 w and HS model can be done 35 km to 20 average after performance deteriorate. After 5000 km I did not notice any noticeable drop in battery life. This wheel is bright and almost fast enough for my use but when you drop the comfort of a tesla return on 14 inch scary. After a test of a Msuper 3 for 24 hours and a tesla I cracked for the tesla 1020 Tesla for the car the Tesla S seems perfect After 250 km and a bowl (it makes me humble), I was able to test the tesla mainly urban use. The weather conditions for 15 days have moderated my desire for great walks and I have not done more than 40 km days. it's the world of silence, no more beeps in comfort. Potato side: With tilback settings to 42 km, that I am not sure of having reached, It seems not to advance but it accelerates more than the Mcm but in a linear way and we always have the impression that there is still power in reserve. Comfort side: This wheel is really stable, holes and other defects of the road go by alone, my average speed has almost doubled on some courses with a max speed barely higher.on the impression of rolling on a rail. Slow speed steering is almost as easy as with a 14 inch. The pads located just below the knees are quite unpleasant at first, especially when stopped, but I got used to it. Urban side : The position of the trolley is quite surprising but allows easy control in crowded station platforms.Putting your bag on the wheel is less easy than on the Mcm and the trolley is a bit short. The wheel is very stable on, it can be easily placed on the trolley. The extra 4 kg did not change anything in my use. I did not drive enough to talk about autonomy because I never made more than 40 km before reloading. Negative points the front lighting is unusable in town especially with my calibration setting a little back when the red there is none, which is a serious handicap in the event of discussion with the police. Trolley too short Gotway application Conclusion I still love my Mcm that I continue to take for my shopping but the Tesla is much more reassuring for me, we can hold a speed of 30/35 in comfort when we are on the road and as in half of Paris and Paris. Brussels are zones 30, one is in the traffic without being doubled by excited ones. The Tesla with legal lighting and legislation Bike seems to me to be the ideal means of transport for the city. Comment thread below the review: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/4473-gotway-mcm-5/&prev=search
  17. houseofjob

    GOWAY Tesla: Teardown Video

  18. Gotway Tesla VS Ninebot One Z 16" VS 18" What do you guys think?
  19. Hi, A couple of week ago I was reading a @Marty Backe's post about how amazing was the front light of the Mten3 (and Tesla) compared to that of the ACM or the Msuper. Due to the winter period I had the necessity to use for the first time my ACM 16 1300 during the night and I realized that the led was not really powerful. Instead to add an external light (easy solution!) I decided to complicate my life trying to replace the original ACM led with the Tesla one. The Tesla and Mten3 spare parts are not really yet easy to find, so the only supplier that I found is this Aliexpress vendor: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/GotWay-Electric-unicycle-all-model-Original-accessories-MCM4-ACM16-MSUPER3-Mten3-tesla-monster22-LUFFY-Charger-connector/1908673_32832899025.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.6c8a96deyFLAfJ After some difficulties, I have been able to order the Tesla led. I had asked Marty if he thought the two LEDs were the same and he told me that the Tesla one (the external ring) was smaller. I can confirm that the dimensions are not exactly the same, but the differences are really minimal. The replacement was not difficult, I had to open the wheel, both lateral panels and the two main shells, but without having to unplug any cables. The lamp bodies are an aluminum cylinder and externally they look identical, and for a moment I hoped it would be enough to leave the external cylinder in place and unscrew and replace only the rear part, that one with the cables and the LED… Unfortunately, although very similar, the internal diameters are different, so I had to replace everything. So I removed the silicone that envelope and block the headlight to extract it. The length of the wires is also identical, so no surprises on that side. Remember to have available some silicone before proceeding, you will need it to block/seal again the lamp and the plug. I could not find out if the Tesla LED is really stronger, there are no codes or identification numbers on the two LEDs, so I have to evaluate them only visually. The light produced is certainly more intense, but I think it is also due to the fact that it is much more concentrated than that of the ACM. I any case I am very satisfied with the result, but probably economically speaking there are many other less expensive solutions, both in money and in work. The Led Tesla cost me 15$ and the seller took another 15$ for a DHL shipment (he did not offer other choices ...) It was worth it? to you the hard decision!
  20. Toshio Uemura

    Tesla vs. my other unicycles

    So today after "may be" having solved my charging problems I spend my first 15 kms on my brand new Tesla. It was a fine but quite windy day, I had pumped up my tires to 43 psi for this first ride and I had recalibrated my Tesla, so the pedals are about 2 or 3 degrees tilted back, which I prefer with all my unicycles, since it gives me a feeling of more security and confidence when speeding up and cruising with higher speeds. It's just a slight adjustment however, nothing dramatic. I own and ride a Ninebot E+ (on which I learned), a KS16, an ACM (820Wh), and the MSuper V3s+ (which I ride most of the time). Now here is my first impression of my new Tesla: First of all: It looks really beautiful and shiny for a Gotway, I love the looks, but there is still room for improvement. The front with all the switches and charging ports looks ugly and they could have made it nicer with a simple bonnet like cover. The rear and side view however is rather beautiful. 2. It's very agile and responsive and it rides much more stable than my ACM. Is it as stable as the MSuper V3s+? So far I think not! And this is because today was a very windy day. I once got blown off my Ninebot E+ on a day like this in the mountains, and it was not pleasant! It seemed as if one of our mountain gods and spirits was making fun of me, blowing me off my path and I though I heard them all laughing when I landed in the ditch next to a rice field. So even now my MSuper keeps impressing me, how stable it behaves even in the strongest winds. If you consider the wind, the Tesla is not as stable as the MSuper I thought after this short 14 km trip in high winds. So the Tesla is very, very stable and solid, but the MSuper is rock solid. 3. The Tesla has lots of power and rides very smooth. 4. The battery was down to 80% (6 of 8 indicator lights) after my first 14 km. That was a bit disappointing, since I am used to riding my MSuper the whole week without charging and I never ever got down to 60% at the end of the week. I once rode the distance from Hikone to Nagahama and back, which is about 62 km and I still had 50% battery left. But for everyday cruising and commuting the Tesla should still have sufficient range. You just have to charge it every day. So no big deal. 5. Now when I got home and wanted to charge it, I had the same problem that I thought I had solved: The Tesla did not charge! I disconnected all cables again, reconnected them - green light! it did not charge. I disconnected all cables a second time, tested the batteries individually - green light! Both batteries did not charge, as they did, when I remedied this problem before. I reconnected everything again, tried to charge again - green light! The Tesla didn't want to charge. I switched the Tesla on to check the battery level (6 indicators). Just out of curiosity, I connected the charger with the Tesla switched on - RED light! It started to charge. I switched it off - Still RED light! It continued to charge and it is charging now. Since I have no idea of electronics, this behavior seems kind of magical to me and I have no idea, why it charges and why it didn't charge before. I will keep an eye on it. May be one of you has a reasonable explanation. Summary: 1. The Tesla is definitely superior to the ACM, that I own. 2. For off-road riding, long distance cruises and stability on windy days, the MSuper V3s+ plus is second to none of the wheels I own and (for now) it is in my opinion superior to the Tesla. 3. However, if I could have only one wheel, I probably whould choose the TESLA. It is stable, powerful, agile, great for performing tricks, looks beautiful and offers sufficient range for commuting. 4. But since I can have both, I will use the MSuper for touring and off-road mountain trips. I have been in the deepest woods with it where I am almost sure the Tesla could not follow ... BUT I will use the Tesla on rainy days and in urban surroundings and especially at night to show off with its beauty. It doesn't challenge my friends with their flashy fascinating V8s, but it's faster, lol! That's it for a first impression of the TESLA after a 14 km ride. (To be continued)
  21. I think eventually I’ll buy a Monster. It may be when a version 2 comes out... not sure. One thing that bothers me about it is how fragile the shell is when taken a minor spill because of its weight. Do you think anything could be sprayed onto the shell to make it more durable. I was thinking about some truck bed liner spray or some kind of rubberized spray that may give it more durability. Just curious if anyone gave a DIY solution some thought. Since Gotway seems to have removed the spin out off destruction when the wheels go on their side. This might help with future Monster shell damage.
  22. Hi Everyone, first time posting, new to EUC's and new to electric rideables in general. I first started off on a huge rabbit hole into electric skateboards. That market is awash and rife with issues, but as I was getting close to selecting one, I saw a FabTrav video with the Gotway Monster in it, and I had to lift my jaw off my desk. That led me to a second rabbit hole into EUC's, which is a much smaller place by the way, and I think I've got my choice nailed. I think I will go with a Tesla. The reason being that it's the newest, and while I am not one to chase specs, the market is so new that every iteration of these vehicles seem to come with refinements to the design and technology. Getting something new really matters when only earlier in the year, you weren't getting nearly as much bang for your dollar. Here's what I need it for: Daily driver, needs to be very dependable for commuting. Rain friendly. I don't plan on riding in crazy downpours but able to handle the mild Pacific Northwest moisture and rainfall. 20-30 mile range minimum. Bonus range is just icing. I don't love that the Tesla is 40+ pounds but I can live with it because the specs are beefy compared to what you get in an electric skateboard for the same money. Here are my questions though: What do I need to know about cut-offs? Is Gotway known as unsafe and Kingsong safer safe-ish in comparison? How does Gotway's customer service fare? Do you get the support you need when things go wrong? In general, how often are you tinkering and finnicking just to get it to work? I'm not talking about making improvements, I'm talking about after-market tinkering just to preserve basic functionality. Is there a seller I should avoid? Is there a seller I should definitely use? ewheels? Thank you, and anything else you might advise for a newbie, I greatly appreciate it.
  23. GotwayCanada

    GotWay Canada

    Hi We're GotWay Canada. We are based in Ontario, Canada. We ship within Canada as well as internationally. We stock exclusively GotWay products, including the new Gotway Tesla and Mten3. Please visit our website at: https://gotwaycanada.com/ **Use promo code BUIP for 10% your purchase.** If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We'll answer via email, phone, and we'll be on the forums as well. We look forward to hearing from you!