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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, A couple of week ago I was reading a @Marty Backe's post about how amazing was the front light of the Mten3 (and Tesla) compared to that of the ACM or the Msuper. Due to the winter period I had the necessity to use for the first time my ACM 16 1300 during the night and I realized that the led was not really powerful. Instead to add an external light (easy solution!) I decided to complicate my life trying to replace the original ACM led with the Tesla one. The Tesla and Mten3 spare parts are not really yet easy to find, so the only supplier that I found is this Aliexpress vendor: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/GotWay-Electric-unicycle-all-model-Original-accessories-MCM4-ACM16-MSUPER3-Mten3-tesla-monster22-LUFFY-Charger-connector/1908673_32832899025.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.6c8a96deyFLAfJ After some difficulties, I have been able to order the Tesla led. I had asked Marty if he thought the two LEDs were the same and he told me that the Tesla one (the external ring) was smaller. I can confirm that the dimensions are not exactly the same, but the differences are really minimal. The replacement was not difficult, I had to open the wheel, both lateral panels and the two main shells, but without having to unplug any cables. The lamp bodies are an aluminum cylinder and externally they look identical, and for a moment I hoped it would be enough to leave the external cylinder in place and unscrew and replace only the rear part, that one with the cables and the LED… Unfortunately, although very similar, the internal diameters are different, so I had to replace everything. So I removed the silicone that envelope and block the headlight to extract it. The length of the wires is also identical, so no surprises on that side. Remember to have available some silicone before proceeding, you will need it to block/seal again the lamp and the plug. I could not find out if the Tesla LED is really stronger, there are no codes or identification numbers on the two LEDs, so I have to evaluate them only visually. The light produced is certainly more intense, but I think it is also due to the fact that it is much more concentrated than that of the ACM. I any case I am very satisfied with the result, but probably economically speaking there are many other less expensive solutions, both in money and in work. The Led Tesla cost me 15$ and the seller took another 15$ for a DHL shipment (he did not offer other choices ...) It was worth it? to you the hard decision!
  2. Hello, A week ago I installed on my ACM 16 a new 16-mosfet pcb, which was sent by Gotway after one of the eight MOSFETs on the old pcb blew out. After two days of happy riding since yesterday evening I experience a strange problem. The device cannot be switched off in a usual way by holding down the power switch. It can be turned on, the lights work, but when its on it is not possible to turn it off. The only way to turn it off is to lift it from the ground, wait for it to switch off the motor and then during the beeps to hold the switch down. Then it switches off. I re-calibrated the ACM, unplugged the battery from the board, drained the power but nothing changed - it still cannot be turned off the usual way. Very strange and super problematic. Does somebody has and idea how this could be fixed. Maybe I have a bad luck with those pcb, maybe this one is faulty again, or maybe it is a firmware issue? Best, Theo
  3. Hello everybody! I was recently introduced to the forum by @Marty Backe through his you tube channel (thank you!) and I've been reading posts like crazy . A little bit of background about me. I live in Arlington, VA (about 15 min away from Washington DC) and I'm a college student and a business owner of a pet sitting company (https://www.idogdc.com/). I'm interest in finding a more efficient way to move a lot around the city from house to house for work than a car and to combine/substitute it with the metro (subway) as its not very reliable and moving through the city by car and finding parking can be a nightmare. 1. Do you think this is the most efficient way to travel around the city from client to client without having to require a car and the hassles that come with owning one?? (gas, insurance, parking, tickets...) 2. How long did it take you to learn how to ride it? I'm a pretty thin but tall guy at around 6'4" and even though I only weight 180 lbs (approx. 80 kg) I'm looking to bulk up and start eating a bit more healthy after I'm done with school and I'm aiming for the 190 - 200 lbs mark, so the more power the better (I'm looking for something around 50 miles). My shoe size is a 11-12 so again the bigger pedals the better. I narrowed my initial search to the V5F+, V8, ACM and the MSuper V3. First impressions are that the Gotway products look a bit more rigid overall without that flimsy plastic in the body and pedals of the Inmotion that even though I looks nice seems to be a scratch magnet (correct me if I'm wrong). Between the ACM and the MSuper V3 I'm pretty undecided. On one hand the "extra" wheel of the MSuper looks like would be more comfortable and better with pod wholes and in a straight line but its not necessary for moving around the city. The bigger wheel also adds extra weight (don't mind it much) and limits the maneuverability that seen to be better on the ACM, although the built in trolley for the MSuper is a plus! The bigger pedals are a big positive in the MSuper. The ACM body seems to be better against scratches and in my opinion is more visually appealing, that being said how easy is to paint them, specially the horrible red accents on the MSuper? I've seeing videos and the mods and paint jobs of some members but I'm not sure how different it would be for each unicyle. 3. Which one rides better and which one would you recommend me to best fit my needs?@Carlos E Rodriguez and a lot of people recommended the ACM in a previous post (copied here as well) and I know @Marty Backe loves his ACM but he recommended the MSuper for me, thoughs? 4. How would you describe the ride? From the outside it looks like a mix of skiing and biking 5. What seller do you recommend? Thank you in advance guys!!!
  4. I enabled Madden mode and took my ACM 16 around the block. Achieved ~22 mph, but the acceleration in this mode is noticeable - noticeably great :-)
  5. I've been wanting to make this ride for a couple of weeks and finally got out there today around 9am. I continue to be impressed with the ACM (I have the 680 WH version). I rode the 'loop' twice, plus misc riding around the park. About 28 miles total, and get this: ~2700 ft elevation loss and gain. I was riding for 2 hours 45 minutes. And when I packed up to go home I had 30% battery life remaining. I must have gotten some good regenerative charging on this ride to be able to cover that distance and elevation gain. Anybody who lives in the Los Angeles area deserves a trip to Griffith Park. It's a beautiful ride with probably 80% on winding roads that are blocked to traffic. I think this is my new favorite place to ride.
  6. It's been 15 days since I attempted to step on my first EUC - the Gotway ACM 16. I've become decent enough that I decided to film an 18+ mile trip around the Los Angeles San Gabriel river trail and adjacent parks. It's a long video, but you can obviously skip around or not watch it at all. There's some decent trail footage around 50 minutes in, as an example.
  7. @Jane Mo @Linnea Lin Gotway I have had a couple of screw heads snap off while riding. At first I thought it was me having tightened them too much when I opened the side but it appears I am not the only one to have this issue. @Kevin Grandon has also had this issue - http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/4390-just-got-my-pair-of-acm-today/?do=findComment&comment=48480 What's happening is the heads are snapping off leaving the body of the screw inside so another screw cannot be put in it's place. I have only had this happen with 2 screws so far but it does look like they aren't very strong. As Kevin has pointed out, if enough screws break (as has happened with him) it will mean a whole new case is needed. The first time it happened the head was stuck like a magnet to the side of my case but I didn't realise what it was and threw it away then saw the missing head in the center of the right hand side panel. The second time the head was just missing when I went to wipe my ACM down after a ride. I have attached links to photo's of my two snapped screws. One is in the center above the pedal the other to the right of the pedal in the corner. Both to the ride hand side panel. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1mrwOQYqr4gT1RLWEQyWXlrRDg https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1mrwOQYqr4gRm1OWERkX1BYSnM
  8. Hi all, Well I received my ACM 16 today and it looks fantastic! I much prefer the black casing to the white I had for the Ninebot One E+ and the built in lights rather than having to add attachment brackets but..... Please can someone confirm if what I am about to write is how Gotways work/ride and that I am safe to push forward for more acceleration even up hills? I'll start with my Ninebot ride - I get on and set off as slow/fast as I like and the peddles feel sturdy.I hardly notice that they may be leaning forward as I accelerate. The only times I feel movement in the peddles is - sometimes going up hills they dip for a split second then return and once I get to top speed/low power the peddles tilt back. While riding I can feel most bumps and my feet can hurt with a long ride (still). I have the Ninebot set on it's default of 3 (out of 9?) The ACM... I got on and the peddles seem to softly swing forward and backwards. As I accelerate the peddles dip and return very softly and going up a hill to my daughters school I am scared to push the peddles to go faster whereas my Ninebot would speed up the hill no problem. I'm not sure what the default ride setting is but I ended up switching to Sport and the peddles still feel soft and spongy and acceleration seems slow and smooth compared to how quick the Ninebot accelerates. Curbs and bumps feel nicer on the ACM (possibly due to the softer ride) but I think the rest is going to take some getting used to? Watching other videos you can't really see what the peddles are doing and how fast people are accelerating. Is this perfectly normal for a Gotway? Am I safe to keep pushing forward to accelerate until I hear beeps or the tilt back kicks in (I have changed the tilt back to 33kmh I think it is) I didn't know what to expect after coming from the Ninebot but I don't think it was this lol The ACM is a lot faster and more powerful than the Ninebot but at the moment I am weary to push it to even as fast as I went on the Ninebot let alone faster. The ride just seems too soft and it's slower accelerating, unless it's because I am not pushing it hard/fast enough. Cheers
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