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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone. Im currently working on a mini RGB controller for the GW MSX wheels. i want to add the different versions to it, but i need someone to help clarify a few things for me. Latest msx wheels: How many leds are placed on the tail-panel ? In what direction does the animation move when the wheel rolls forward ? Is it still a single cable for all the leds, as before? Total number of leds? I know about the 1st gen, its what i have myself. Thank you
  2. One of my strip is pretty much dead, my soldering won't hold the shaky rides. I want to replace them but was wondering if I could use any type of strip, like ones with way more LED so it's more of a line then distant spotting. Anyone know how the light program will react to more led on the strip?
  3. Hi, I have a Ninebot ES2 with around 300km done. Since day one there was a annoying noise produced by a metalic vibration when the speed is between 20 and 25 km/h. I took a look and I saw that leds under the scooter, in one side, are not aligned with the holes. Since the noise appears to come from the part of the scooter where I put my feet, I suspect something there is not well adjusted. So, is there a way to disassembly that part of the scooter? I didn't find anything in youtube... Thank you!
  4. Hello, I just bought a V8 and installed the Android app (v 7.3.3). I cannot figure out how to change the LED lighting effects. There is an "Apply" button in the upper right corner when I choose the active effect (which does nothing). When I choose a different effect there is a "Trans" button which does not do anything at all. Can somebody help me with this issue? Thanks a lot!
  5. A few weeks ago my LEDs all stopped working on my Inmotion V8. I get an error in the app when I try to turn them on or off, and handle+button doesn't work either. I know the LED strips are still good, occasionally when powering on or off I will get a flash of LED lights. Reseller extraordinaire @Jason McNeil suggested I try re-uploading the default lighting scheme to the wheel, which threw an error in the app. I've read about the memory shortage issue but would be surprised if it applies here since I only had a handful of custom schemes, including two that were just simple, steady blocks of white/red in the front/back. Has anyone experienced a similar issue and, if so, have you been able to resolve it? The LED lights are fun but I also value them for visibility during night riding. Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, I am totally new to electric unicycles. I have recently (last Thursday) received my inmotion V10F. I am trying to learn now slowly how to balance on it. I have a couple of issue with the wheel that I thought some more experienced users may have already encountered: LED lights keep flashing red. I cannot apply any of the light effect. I get an error like "Light effect failed"; What worries me the most is the fact that if I push the button on the handle bar, the wheel starts spinning like crazy until the wheel shuts down, instead of disconnecting from motor (which is what I guess it should be doing). This behavior scares me a lot because first I cannot trust the wheel 100%. What if it goes in that mode while I am trying to ride it? Any idea on what I can do to test and troubleshoot the two points above? Thanks a lot for your help
  7. Hi Folks, I just discovered a strange behavior of the LED ring of my KS-16S after my last ride: The battery was down to 38% and just before the recharge I recognized that the LED ring (on one Side only) lit a little strange: Instead of showing 4 LED solid green, there were 2 green and another white at top of the ring. (on wheel's opposite side the LEDs lit correct). After shutdown the wheel for about 1 hour, the LED rings came up correct again. Have you ever experienced such behavior? Any ideas about the cause of this?
  8. Hello. As I received my wheel, I turned LED side panels to be off during riding, because I do not like flickering colorfull patterns which are available - a bit infantile. But riding in evening is a bit dangerous, because I am not visible, mainly from sides. Luckily about a month ago, I accidentally turned "white" light on. I mean all three colors of all LEDs are switched on during ride, and when stop, battery level showes up. Firstly I thought it was some error, but few days ago it happened again. I tried to find out how to switch this mode on, unfortunatelly only way I came up with is by spam clicking on/off button while moving wheel back and forth. There are some bad quality photos (sorry) and a video. I cannot read chinese, so maybe there is something about it in manual, sorry if spamming. uni_G.bmp uni_W.bmp
  9. Hi, A couple of week ago I was reading a @Marty Backe's post about how amazing was the front light of the Mten3 (and Tesla) compared to that of the ACM or the Msuper. Due to the winter period I had the necessity to use for the first time my ACM 16 1300 during the night and I realized that the led was not really powerful. Instead to add an external light (easy solution!) I decided to complicate my life trying to replace the original ACM led with the Tesla one. The Tesla and Mten3 spare parts are not really yet easy to find, so the only supplier that I found is this Aliexpress vendor: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/GotWay-Electric-unicycle-all-model-Original-accessories-MCM4-ACM16-MSUPER3-Mten3-tesla-monster22-LUFFY-Charger-connector/1908673_32832899025.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.6c8a96deyFLAfJ After some difficulties, I have been able to order the Tesla led. I had asked Marty if he thought the two LEDs were the same and he told me that the Tesla one (the external ring) was smaller. I can confirm that the dimensions are not exactly the same, but the differences are really minimal. The replacement was not difficult, I had to open the wheel, both lateral panels and the two main shells, but without having to unplug any cables. The lamp bodies are an aluminum cylinder and externally they look identical, and for a moment I hoped it would be enough to leave the external cylinder in place and unscrew and replace only the rear part, that one with the cables and the LED… Unfortunately, although very similar, the internal diameters are different, so I had to replace everything. So I removed the silicone that envelope and block the headlight to extract it. The length of the wires is also identical, so no surprises on that side. Remember to have available some silicone before proceeding, you will need it to block/seal again the lamp and the plug. I could not find out if the Tesla LED is really stronger, there are no codes or identification numbers on the two LEDs, so I have to evaluate them only visually. The light produced is certainly more intense, but I think it is also due to the fact that it is much more concentrated than that of the ACM. I any case I am very satisfied with the result, but probably economically speaking there are many other less expensive solutions, both in money and in work. The Led Tesla cost me 15$ and the seller took another 15$ for a DHL shipment (he did not offer other choices ...) It was worth it? to you the hard decision!
  10. Hi folks, I was annoyed by running into over-voltage trouble everytime I start with a fully charged battery and have to run downhill. For some time now I used a modified charger with reduced end-voltage, but I wanted to solve the problem by its root. Together with electronics developer friends we created a circuitry that activites a load resistor, whenever a certain voltage level (67.3V) is exceeded. Such a circuitry is called break chopper. It helps breaking any kind of motor/generator drive. I installed high power LEDs (2*100W) into my KS16 as the load resistor and I am fairly satisfied with the function. I also made experiments with halogen lamps as the load resistor, what I show in the video too. Such lamps radiate away the largest part of the braking energy so it has not be spread by heat sinks. Besides the LEDs, in the second part of the first video I use 3*150W /24V halogen lamps as the load, but these seem a little oversized. In the second video I do the same track (140m descent) with 3*75W /24V lamps, what works as well as the 200W LED-load. I hope you enjoy the nerdy experiments and light show!
  11. Just wondering if you can make it a "rolling billboard". Businesses can take advantage of rolling messages or brand names ( not that you can read them) but would be a great hyper local publicity.Imagine a guy riding a rolling Starbucks light display just outside of Starbucks location. At the height of Segway, there were innovative ideas around Segway marketing. See below.
  12. Connections that can easily be snapped apart in case of a crash. At least that is the idea behind it. The mount is 3d modeled in Fusion 360 and printed on my FDM printer. Wanhao i3 plus. The case is mounted in place with screws from the back and silicone to prevent water from getting inside.
  13. Hello Wheelies My KS16 Shows after switching on 4 LEDs crosses and beeps continuously, and Serial number is no longer displayed in the app . Can anyone tell me what error message that is?
  14. Back in my day, guys added neon lights underneath their cars to make them look they are floating on lights. So today I am waiting for the sun to go down so I can try out my new mod. First test was using those glow-shoelaces you get at dollar or party stores. They are cheap and batteries included. I simply scotch-taped them to the bottom, and I got some dimly-lit effect under my feet. Laces started dimming after an hour, and they are not going to last for 3,tops. So I scrapped those, and recently I ordered these LED Halo lights off eBay in deep blue. My only regret was getting them in the smallest 40mm. They are meant for cars, so that means they are set for 12v. So this is how one looks like when you get it. It wasn't very bright when I connected it to my intended 9v battery idea. I prayed that the LED halo could operate at a lower voltage, and that black thing was just a resistor.
  15. Hi Guys, Both sides (left and right) each have a dark LED strip on one side. Removing the light rings and holding them with the outer shiny display surface upwards, it's the left strip in both modules. (When installed, the left back and the front right are dark.) I've plugged each LED strip into both possible connectors, and the connection coming from the motherboard seems good, as both #1 and #2 plugs will illuminate the working LED in each module. I think that safely rules out the circuit board as a possible problem. The dark LED flickers for a milisecond when plugged in, but then goes dark. Both strips failed at the same point in time. Does anybody have a suggestion of what would've caused this? Is it the led strip itself or something else I'm not thinking of? Thanks!
  16. For the impatient: headlight effectiveness is visible from about 5:00 As days become shorter, I needed a brighter replacement for my just-enough-to-be-seen flimsy headlight to continue commuting with my Msuper. I'll probably bore you to death with my lengthy daylight introduction to my favorite stretch on the commute, which leads through a forestry park (recognise anything, @ScooterB ? ). It's perfectly smooth, interrupted by 20m of the nastiest cobblestone ever and there's always a chance of that tree branch lying where you don't want it. And after sunset, most of it is pitch black. After some searching, I found this 3 LED light http://www.ebay.de/itm/391104476033 for some 15 Euro. I'm sure, you can find similar on ebay.com or ali. While most LED headlights are made for bicycles and only mount to a handlebar, this one comes with a strap to tie it to your forehead. After removing the straps, the base plate can be easily attached to the Msuper with a couple of cable ties. The light itself is held to the base by a rubber string - firm enough to stay in place at bumpy rides, but I sure hope it comes off in case of a fall and does not act as a lever to break the wheel's shell. On illuminated streets I use the lowest setting to avoid blinding. On the dark stretch, I pushed it to max. power (it offers 3 levels, plus a sickening strobe). Batteries are in a separate pack with 4 x 18650's which I attach to my belt for the time being. Have mercy with my choice of music - I picked more or less the first soundtrack Youtube offered . I also used Youtube's anti-shake stabilizer. The effect on the victory column is quite spectacular .
  17. I like to be safe at night hence I did the following upgrade modification to my AirWheel
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