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  1. Ha! Mine are mediums! Fit lovely!
  2. WARPed1701D

    The Photo Thread

    Wonderful. This is where the Mrs. and I want to eventually settle. Right now I'd be happy with anywhere in the UK with a job so I could get her a residency visa but the ultimate goal is a cottage in the Lake District well away from as many people as possible.
  3. It's bloody tough and I'll admit I'm struggling this year. I try to avoid riding between 10am and 4pm and I think we are a few degrees cooler over the bay. My gear is very well vented and my ride is almost unbroken and at 16-18mph (depending on the V8 battery) which provides a constant artifical breeze. The second I stop it becomes intollerable though and the sweating starts. I actually plan my commute not with priority to avoid traffic or potholes but to travel the streets with the most overhanging trees and shade. Florida summer is the absolute pits...and it isn't even the hot months yet! I'd rather endure cold and rain than Florida summer heat. At least you can put more clothes on in the cold. There comes a point when removing them due to heat gets you in trouble. Especially if your wheel runs over your....tether!
  4. Hmm. Sailorman Group is a new one. Ignoring the boat company they appear to deal specialize in all kinds of imports and not EUC's specifically. Given that, I'd very much doubt they had access to a the required reflashing tool or probably any knowledge of the problem beyond what you may have volunteered in your initial question to them. I don't think there is any certain way to know if your board was flashed and I'd bet you won't get anywhere with them or Amazon when it comes to refunds or repair but it doesn't hurt to try. Unless you are flush with money for an new EUC then a new control board is your best bet. They are easy to replace and relatively cheap vs. a whole new wheel and it would resolve the problem. Even if you buy a new wheel it might be worth doing a board replacement just so you can sell your current wheel with a clean conscience.
  5. WARPed1701D

    V5F DOA - Possibly Battery?

    @Keith has pretty much followed up with everything I could suggest. Absolutely contact FreeMotion and request a return. The have sold you a bad wheel and need to remedy the situation. If they will refund you then take it and order a Solowheel Glide 2 direct from InMotion USA. It is the same wheel under a different name with guaranteed good follow up support. How did you contact InMotion? What website? There is a global one but also a US specific one which would be more helpful. Several of the employees of the US aligned branch have accounts on here. I will tag them further on in the post but would understand if the support they could provide would be limited if this was indeed a grey import wheel meant for another market. @Bobwheel, @Jeffrey Scott Will are you able to offer assistance or advice?
  6. WARPed1701D

    KS18L Unboxing, Unlock & Impression

    The Matt Black is a nice finish. I'm more impressed by the cut off on the headlamp though. About time EUCs had a shaped beam so as to not annoy oncoming pedestrians and cars.
  7. WARPed1701D

    V5F DOA - Possibly Battery?

    Inmotion are generally very reliable. The V5F is a much nicer wheel than the Ninebot. Who did you buy it from? V5F's have not been available in the US since mid 2017 when they were rebranded as Solowheel Glide 2. It is possible it has been sitting on a shelf for a long time and the battery has dropped too low to be safely recharged.
  8. WARPed1701D


    That is not an indicator of a cutoff. If the motor has reached max speed (zero remaining torque) and it has a human leaning forward on the pedals then it will tilt forward despite still driving forward as hard as it can. It is likely it didn't cut out it just reached max speed and was therefore unable to continue to balance the rider who's CoG is ahead of the wheel as it could no longer accelerate back under him (as it is at max speed). This is suggested by the fact the rider was able to step forward off the wheel. Even though the pedals are tilted they still provided somewhat of a platform from which to jump. In a cutout the pedals become utterly useless as a medium from which to aid your escape and usually results in a true faceplant where you rotate around your ankles and eat it.
  9. WARPed1701D

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Personally, rather than seeing the top speed increased I'd prefer to see refinement of the throttling based on battery level and even then only if InMotion believe they have been too conservative in their assessment of the battery's ability to supply current at lower charge levels. In my EUC wishlist a few months back I wrote that I'd like to see a powerful EUC with a conservative speed limit so that even at max speed the motor has loads of power in reserve to be able to get me out of an unexpected/bad pothole or some other high torque demand situation. This torque should be available to keep me safe and not to allow me to speed. Honestly the V10 looks to be that machine and considering InMotion's history of safety I would be dissapointed of the bowed to pressure and increased the V10 above 40kph. You want to go that fast you need a Kingsong or Gotway. Now if it could do 40kph down to 50% battery and still maintain sufficient current supply from the 4P battery to meet unexpected power demands from the 2000W motor then that is great. I'd still like to see intelligent limiting that looks at more than voltage such as recent historical average power demand (to help determine riding environment) and rider weight (as inputted by the user in the app).
  10. WARPed1701D

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    As already stated on here before (to which you have been directly referred to in the past) Jason states August 4th onwards for the Z10.
  11. WARPed1701D

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    @Bobwheel While you are online can you confirm the engineers are also looking into the problem of unnecessary exteme and permenent tiltback? People are getting this when they experience brief overload conditions. I get these overload alerts on my V8 a lot and all it does it sound an klaxon. People with V10s are finding that in this condition the wheel enters full tiltback causing them to step off and requiring a reset to continue. This does not seem like expected behavior based on how the V8 performs.
  12. WARPed1701D

    KS18L Unboxing, Unlock & Impression

    Doh! Quite right about rotation. It's still an ugly solution though. Nutsack! 😂 You are right. It reminds me of those weighted rubber ball bags you can buy to hang from your trailer hitch.
  13. WARPed1701D

    KS18L Unboxing, Unlock & Impression

    I like it more than I did initially when the first renders came out but the edges just seem too cramped. The black color improves things a lot. I actually think I still prefer the look of the 18S. I hope they don't ditch that for factor.
  14. WARPed1701D

    KS18L Unboxing, Unlock & Impression

    Nice initial review. Is this wheel still meant to be bi-directional like all other KS wheels? I have to say I dislike the elephant ear mud guard. It seems cheap and tacky. Does it not foul the wheel when riding backwards. Despite it's apparent heavy weight I would be a little concerned about it being dragged up into the wheel and causing a fall if ridden backwards. The wheel still looks ascetically unbalanced with the speakers and light crammed out on the edges, tiny pads up top, and nothing in the middle. Black seems to reduce that by blending everything together a bit more.