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  1. WARPed1701D

    Insights: InMotion V10

    I'm really liking these insights into the company that you are sharing @Bobwheel. First some clarification regarding Solowheel and now a look into, what has been to this point, the mystery cloaked world of EUC design. Cool! I love the concept for the off road wheel and would love to see InMotion come back to that idea in the (near) future. I think you made the right move to make the V10 what it is though. The V8, while great, was very much a mid level wheel and InMotion was not seen as a player in the performance category. From Marty's videos so far I think it is fair to say the V10 is going to be well respected in the community and maybe will lay the foundation for a confident jump into the Z10 arena down the road. Suspension would be widely welcomed by the whole community anyway....both on and off road.
  2. WARPed1701D


    Nice video. Very smooth. Nice 'hood too. And the 18S looks great. Very stable. I hope Kingsong doesn't drop that form factor if favor of the new L series.
  3. WARPed1701D

    VF5+ Pedal Tilt Changed Abruptly

    That is how you are supposed to do it (as discussed in the link in that thread direct from Inmotion's Blog https://www.inmotionworld.com/blog/what-is-zero-offset-calibration-of-inmotion-unicycle) Did it make a difference?
  4. WARPed1701D

    VF5+ Pedal Tilt Changed Abruptly

    Definitely try to recalibrate. I don't know why it would have changed from doing what you described but it is the first thing I would do.
  5. If they aren't on your side and you are some hapless civilian they are heading towards then yes, the Military in full equipment would be menacing. I know you are military and I mean no disrespect to you. Please don't consider my comment out of the context it was intended. It was in no way an attack on our servicemen/women or those of other nations who conduct themselves with honor.
  6. WARPed1701D

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    That was my thoughts.....but only easy if you have a 3D printer . @Duf! For my kind of riding (commuting) I think the rubber is a better option to take some of the shock out the ride but I can see situations where people will want grip tape instead.
  7. WARPed1701D

    I suddenly find myself wanting Rockwheel GT16

    I was reading this as 63kph/mph max spin speed when lifted (suspended).
  8. WARPed1701D

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    In one of the range test live streams that @Jeffrey Scott Will did I asked about the rubber and slipperiness when wet. He said he hadn't ridden it in the rain but also added that he would look into the option of offering a conversion option for grip tape. Jeffrey? @Bobwheel? Any plans to make this an option for those who dislike the rubber? A swappable insert of some kind?
  9. WARPed1701D

    Ask Me Any Inmotion V10F Questions

    This is what I suspected. It feels in between the two which make sense. From measuring side by side images I determined the diameter of the V10 tire is equivalent to the V8 plus the width of the V8's visible sidewall again (which is just over an inch). I'm also surprised this wasn't sold as a 17" wheel.
  10. WARPed1701D

    Ask Me Any Inmotion V10F Questions

    No not electronic, usually a shaped reflector would be enough but I'm not asking you to disect the wheel. Basically, if it is dark and you point the light towards a wall does it produce an even dispersal pattern in all directions or is there a definite cut off in the beam in the upper area. Much like a car headlamp illuminates only the ground but not the sky so as to not blind oncoming traffic.
  11. WARPed1701D

    Ask Me Any Inmotion V10F Questions

    One more. Ride feel against a regular16" wheel (2.125 tire) and a regular 18" wheel (2.5 tire). Does the V10 feel like an 18" as previously hinted. Do you feel to can absorb potholes and imperfections with the same ability as, say, the mSuper or is more like riding and ACM?
  12. WARPed1701D

    Ask Me Any Inmotion V10F Questions

    One more question. Does the headlight have a beam cutoff to avoid blinding oncoming traffic?
  13. WARPed1701D

    My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Excited to hear your findings! I know you enjoy it but thanks for taking the time to do this! If I recall from other threads about you getting the wheel then you got the one that @Jeffrey Scott Will used on his range test live streams and in those streams he said the wheel he was using was the one that was used to make the promotional video they released on launch which was why it was so beaten up (missing leg pads last time I saw it). In that video the guy does the serious downhill off-roading which had a deep gully and you see the pedal catch the ground as the wheel enters the gully. I'm sure there was more then one take and many falls. That might explain the unusually poor pedal condition. @Jason McNeil had access to the new app. Maybe he can provide it to you but it was a beta app without full functionality which is why you can't see it in the Play Store. He did say that the older Inmotion app you have found can be used to control the lights and set some other settings though and you may need to download an update APK file after the one from the Play Store is opened.
  14. WARPed1701D

    18l presale specs

    It looks like the headlamp reflector might be shaped to provides some kind of beam cutoff. I think I see a pattern on it. That would be good news. I get some angry shouts from others about my 800 lumen bike light on my V8 but I do see every dip and hole for probably 50 yards ahead.