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This is basically an 800W / 520Wh unicycle with a seat and handle.

I've been trying to get my hands on a unicycle with seat to reduce my foot pain problem on a 10 mile ride, and I am looking at a Kingsong KS-18Y/S or a Gotway recently.

This one looks legit for my purpose and I can also see some people being interested in this around here.

Any thought? :D

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For an advanced rider the handle is in my mind just uselessly added weight. Possibly worse than useless, as it will come in the way when one tries to separate from the wheel cleanly. 

Otherwise, it's difficult to trust a newcomer wheel, as it seems to be somewhat challenging and requiring some knowhow to build a reliable EUC.

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1 minute ago, Mono said:

Where did you find the specs for the tire? 

I freeze-framed and enhanced the video, and knowing Ben's exact shoe size I was able to ascertain these stats for the wheel.

Tire Size 2.75-14 Tire width 70mm Tire Diameter 400mm

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This is exactly the same thing I posted below several days ago - only I think the one I posted had more bullsh#$t in its technical specs - including a brake lever which is a very interesting concept on a monowheel.

As I said there, and will repeat here, IMHO if a this thing faceplants at 20MPH, with your hands on that handlebar you will amputate every one of your fingers as the instinct will be to grip harder if the handlebars suddenly pull away from you as they would in a faceplant situation, and you would still be hanging on when they impact the ground and scrap along.

By the way, I liked the review of the Unibike on Amazon.com - doesn't have a quarter of the range it says it's got and I can't do anything with it when I get to my destination, cannot take it with me and cannot leave it outside!

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Notice the pedals are offset forward, not centered.  Rockwheel app works on android at the 5:00 mark, the app looks pretty good.  I wonder if that means that it uses the same board as Rockwheel with different firmware.  I like the wide tire and the foot pedals look longer than usual, but don't like the handlebars.  Someone on Craigslist is selling them here in my area.  For the price, you could get a known brand EUC, but for the sit down ablilty, it is probably the least expensive wheel that you could get.  I think I have seen electric two wheel scooters with a seat for about the same price.  The finger problem is also worrisome, but at :33 is shown a training wheel on a bar that looks like it attaches in the front that would prevent faceplants.  Ben left it off, I wish he had demonstrated it.  If indeed it mounts to the front and catches the wheel on cutoff,  then I would say get one @CMonk  If the training wheel stays a few inches off the ground unless cutoff happens, this might be the safest one wheel self balancing vehicle around.  Oh, and he said it weighs 47 pounds, not that much, but about 16 pounds heavier than a ninebot.

Just noticed that @LanghamP's post shows the training wheel photo.  Just noticed again that it has two small training wheels for the pedals, and one larger rubber wheel on a long square tube, which is the one I was thinking was the anti-faceplant wheel.  No wonder Ben didn't install that, it would call attention to the fact that the wheel could shut off at any time.

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Hi,i buy Star I 2 years ago.. at first i have doubts about 50 km autonomy from my experience with airwheels like when they claim 12-15 km and i go 10 km.. But when i make a test between 2 cities i was really crazy when i ride it 50 km..

I was also on TV :)

Now i just buy next generation improved fatboy ..much better than Star I and can be very easy to ride it from the beginning. 






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