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  1. I have only 0.32 MB free space and don't let me to upload more pictures
  2. Thank You guys..wonderfull day yesterday,i participate to bike miting with hundreds of people from very young childs to old people who ask for more bicycle lanes in the city. After that we stop in one beutiful place where we see one music show..Nice.. I wanted to start again today but its raining and it seems it will rain all day..so today just relax in one very nice hostel with nice people.
  3. @Seba hi, i stop yesyerday în Timișoara, the last West City in Romania and very beautiful at almost 600 km from Cluj start. Today i just rest and enjoy beautiful day wich is also my birthday and i will see tomorrow where i will go from here.. I wanted to stop here fie a while but i think i will continue this trip.
  4. I'm truck driver and i leave my job în Germany just because of time lost on truck and f*cking rules there, in last year i was stopped 4 times by polizei and sending note to prosecutor for insurance.. Once they retrained my unicycle in Hannover to test if is going up more than 6 km/h like i was tell them :)))) and just before to give it i lock speed to 6 km/h in app. After few months i go there to ask how long they keep it because is my property and they dont proof that i broke any law and they told me that they wait for judge decision.. When i get the letter that i can take it back from prosecutor, polizei td me that they don't get the letter... I was s-o angry and i dont want to loose time and i go to Romania.. Next day what you think, they call me to ask when i can go to take back my EUC.. stupid idiots, now i can after i drive 2500 km? I take plane and i go to take it and i was happy to leave Germany. 530 km from start and i have about 60 until next City.. And i'm thinking if i will take pause because i want to register there to Glovo and make some money.. I make delivery with Glovo in Bucharest, Cluj and i wanted in Timișoara and Iași.. I need to make some money to take another bad EUC,inmotion V10F or ninebot Z10 or maybe ks 18xl wich is very expensive.
  5. @Seba2237 and last 10 km until next City Arad, 110 km from Oradea.
  6. Hello everyone, @Seba many Poland truck i've seen today Good wheater today but i face wind to my face so it affect battery autonomy. Only 0.43 Mb to upload.. What to do?
  7. Minimum night safety VID_20190501_212539_s.mp4
  8. Thanks everyone.. Its late, i swap baterry with full one and it was 44 km untill next City. If îs needed i will walk few km but it wasn't planned to stop there because it was 140 km and i start later at 9.00 om raining day.
  9. Romanian EUC Express Lane 😂😂😂
  10. I made 35 km from last stop and i almost finish about 3 hours break to recharge baterry and i will start again with 2 full battery. Now i'm in Carei, small City but with great history.. Here in 25 October 1944 it was the last Battle to unrelease from Nazy occupation and this day is now National Army celebration.
  11. From last night still raining, not so bad at least but it wont stop soon so i say go further or give up. Its not yet time to give up so i go further.
  12. I take of baterry 2 screw and it take under 2 minutes to swap baterry's. I use to swap every single day from 2 weeks ago.. 100 km for delivery in city, 2000 km in about 3 weeks. And now i start 2000 km trip but honestly my bag is killing me.. Only 2 days and 240 km abut my shoulders and soles foot dont feel very good.
  13. I need to solder the wire and check connecting charger directly to battery.
  14. And the Winner is of course... The Wheelman :)))
  15. O la la, at least i found someone i can Race against 😂😂😂
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