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  1. Well I’m in the process of moving to the Oldham area (not in time for this ride though) . And on a house hunting trip spotted someone riding from Hollingworth Lake to Littleborough (and going somewhat faster than us on that road!)
  2. Keith

    Advice needed for new unicycle

    Not as dramatically as you might think though as a lot of power is used for balancing - if you think about it if you go at half the top speed you are going to be balancing for twice as long to just cover the same range. You would have to be going at 30km/h or more to really have much impact on range and the KS16S with the 840Wh battery is good for at least 40-60 km I would think. If you are riding with a Hoverboard and Airwheel I don’t think you are going to need to worry about that! As for @stephen weird suggestion you might want to graduate to “something bigger” I would think the vast majority of people on this forum, including me, NEVER graduate to anything bigger than a 16” wheel Unicycle - The KingSong 16 is an excellent all-round wheel. A modern EUC from a reputable manufacturer like KingSong is no more likely to catch fire than your iPhone is!
  3. EWheels fast charger is more than a simple high current charger and seems well worth the money to me. See below: Or as also discussed on the above thread you can use a charge doctor with the dual inputs and both of your chargers ( or buy another standard one) to charge one wheel - that is probably the cheapest option and charger doctor allows you to monitor and set charge levels as well - it is (IMHO) an excellent tool and is the solution I use. Other than that, You can probably get something cheap on Banggood or Aliexpress, but I don’t think one that can be trusted not to damage your batteries will be that cheap?
  4. Something I didn’t realise until quite recently is that even mobility scooters are not legal on the street unless you are actually disabled. I.e. you cannot just go and rent or buy one and use it - like on the TV series Benidorm 😜). https://www.eta.co.uk/mobility-scooters-and-the-law/ There was also a bit of a storm a few years ago when a father was out walking with his 3 year old son riding a tricycle on the pavement when a policeman stopped him and insisted that the tricycle was ridden on the road, not the pavement as it was illegal under the 1835 road traffic act. The tabloids had a field day, but not even that resulted in a change in this archaic law!
  5. Keith

    Inflator for Momo-Md-ow 14 inches

    @steve454 has answered your question, any sort of valve extender for Schrader valves will do the job. I must say it was very brave of you to buy a wheel with such bad reviews on Amazon (an average of 1.5 stars!)? 350W motor and 130Wh battery means you need to be careful (as indeed one of the reviewers remarked) to not push it at all hard, go too fast or lean too far forward (or backwards whilst braking) specially if you weigh more than 60Kg as it has very little excess power to keep you upright. Maximum range will be around 10 Km not the 20 claimed as well. It will serve well as a training wheel or if you are very light, but I suspect you may soon outgrow it?
  6. Keith

    Arduino x Hoverboard

    Welcome to the forum, I’ve moved your post to the Hoverboard section where it belongs. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking to do? What exactly do you want to control - you are, effectively, asking if you can control a controller? It is, at least theoretically possible to replace the motherboard with an Arduino and do whatever you like. At the other end of the scale you could easily use an Arduino to drive 2 standard radio control servos and use those to drive the tilt of the two foot plates thus simulating the rider. You would obviously need other sensors to detect and act upon what is happening or if all your looking for is remote control, forget the Arduino altogether and just use a standard model radio transmitter, receiver and servos. Bottom line is that there are several discussions already about using Arduino to control Electric Unicycles - try searching on “Arduino” in the top right hand corner search window.
  7. Keith

    Gotway Tesla vs Onewheel Plus

    @Mmhmmm - welcome to the forum - but I cannot see what point you are trying to make or are you trying to say OW being Kickstarter makes it better than the Tesla? I.e. what exactly does your above statement have to do with this thread?
  8. Keith

    FPV drone racing

    Are you sure, that seems an awfully small prop for a 4-stroke motor? It would have to have a motor of less than 0.40 cu in to be as small as 10” Even the little foamy biplane I’m flying below has a 12” prop:
  9. Keith

    Glide 3/2 lite Bundle Deal

    Sorry, just to correct: the Glide 3 is the rebranded Inmotion V8 (16” wheel) the Glide 2 is the Inmotion V5 (14” wheel) and the Glide 2 lite (as offered here) is the V5 with only a 160Wh Battery. Since it has only a single set of battery cells it’s max power as well as range is reduced making it more suitable for light riders: https://www.myinmotion.com/products/solowheel-glide-2. Having said that, that is a very good price for the G2 - I wonder if it would be possible to add back the extra cells at some point?
  10. Keith

    NINEBOT ES1 ES2 Motherboard replacement.

    Absolutely nothing stopping you doing whatever you like with what you own - and by the same token absolutely nothing forcing Ninebot to sell you spare parts either.. If you can find another one somewhere it shouldn’t be difficult to replace, but you cannot just go buy a generic board (like you could with your laptop.) as its power circuitry may not be compatible with your motor and the gyro orientation could be completely different. I hope you got it REAL cheap, as it might have been an idea to investigate the spare parts situation first?
  11. Keith

    Speed settings

    Can I refer you to the below thread, where this was discussed. @Unventor is correct in his above post. Maximum Torque drops pretty much linearly with speed. The faster you go, the less reserve torque you have left and, obviously, the heavier you are the more torque you are going to need if you hit something that attempts to destabilise you - like a small pothole. I seriously doubt skill and balance make a really big difference other than the possibility of an unskilled rider getting into oscillation (wobbles) and falling. The skilled rider will lean more gently to prevent exceeding max torque by overleaning. However, if a skilled rider and and unskilled rider of the same weight hit the same pothole at the same speed I expect they would be very likely to both get the same result. The “skill” really comes into play (IMHO) in identifying the conditions and knowing what speed to stay below in those conditions. Talking of skill. A couple of years ago we had a “confident” rider who, in a discussion on risks at speed called us all pathetic wimps. He was a skilled parachutist who knew exactly how to fall, didn’t need safety gear, etc. Etc. Full credit to him that he posted the pictures of his injuries when he lost it at speed on a beach - wearing just shorts - even soft wet sand wasn’t exactly forgiving!
  12. Keith

    Comparison of Known EUCs

    Nearest I am aware of is @Jason McNeil‘s site: https://www.ewheels.com/ where he has a well laid out comparison of many different wheels. Of course it only includes the wheels he sells I.e. good quality ones, not stuff like Airwheel for example. In New Zealand you also have an excellent EUC representative in @The Fat Unicyclist who has recently set up his own website: https://www.roll.nz/ and a local Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/electric.revolution.nz/ . So you should have access to plenty of advice 😜
  13. Keith

    Calf fatigue--recalibrate?

    Do ensure you check your braking as well. The surefire way of knowing that your feet are now too far forward is when you find it much harder to brake than accelerate - you don’t want to discover that when a car pulls out of a drive just in front of you! You may find also that there isn’t one “correct” position. If cruising at speed for a long time on an open road or trail where a need to suddenly brake is unlikely a more forward position may give you less fatigue. In a busy area where you are likely to need to do a lot of braking you might need to have your feet a bit further back.
  14. Whilst 440V peak to peak does indeed work out as 3000W into 8 Ohms, and around 20 Amps, I really cannot imagine very many people here working with voltages at that kind of lethal level on this forum. You are really going to need a dedicated power electronics or public address electronics forum.
  15. Keith

    Rent an EUC in Malta

    You obviously haven’t seen this thread then!