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Carrying a wheel on another wheel.


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...is surprisingly difficult. I would think I could easily carry my Inmotion V5F in one hand while riding my MSuper for the 4.5 miles to work. Yet my grip strength is weak especially after just a few bumps (like 40 seconds), I can't really hold the wheel anywhere with both hands (the tire rotates, maybe jam it with something), and switching hands which is easy with grocery bags is on an entirely different level with 30 pounds of wheel.

I don't have a backpack of sufficient size, my duffel bag is big enough but the strap is sharp and awkward. I think I can do it with my duffel bag but the whole thing feels sketchy.

Taking my car is not an option, because, damnit, I wanna carry my wheel with my wheel. 1st world problem.

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As I told in my story of hiring an EUC on holiday (link below) I ended up carrying an IPS Lhotz for several miles whilst riding a Segway - so I didn't even have both hands free! Boy were my arm muscles burning at the end of it and I certainly would not want to do that again in a hurry. 

I think if you do have a need to carry one the only real option is going to be to find a backpack that is big enough to put a wheel in. I'm fairly certain I've come across stories of others using a backpack to carry their {single} wheel in whilst commuting with it?

With that much extra weight adding to your momentum if anything goes wrong, safety needs to be foremost in your mind, I'm trying to imagine between 30lb in your hands or strapped to your back which will be worst in a faceplant?


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I had the same problem a few months back. I purchased a V8 and couldn't park anywhere near where i had to go in london to collect it. Ended up parking some way away and then riding my Lhotz to pick it up. Its bloody hard work lugging one by hand even when changing hands every few mins.

As i weigh in at 100kg, probably 105+ with clothes (wallet at that stage empty so didn't add weight)  and 13kg of V8 wheel the Lhotz coped very well with maybe 130kg or so. 

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