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  1. I went to like your post but then thought that i actually don't like it. I despair of this country sometimes. They want to reduce pollution, there are 10's of thousands of privately owned devices who's owners would gladly take to their wheels and stay out of there cars ... yet its still verboten.
  2. There have been quite a few people trying to put as much pressure on the govt as possible to include all types of micro mobility and to govern any speed limits by local enforcement rather than hardware limitations. Any new legislation shouldn't stifle future innovation in transport, and the govt need to realise that e-transport is more than just deckles scooters. I would guess im one of very few people who have taken an EUC into the Palace of Westminster ... but i didnt manage to ride it around the committee rooms ...
  3. We are trying to find out what is actually involved and how this will work for EUC's but fingers crossed, its a very good sign. I cannot understand why the Govt here seemingly cannot see further than dockless hire escooters
  4. I wish id read this topic before cursing and trying to find the app on Google Play earlier today
  5. It is tragic that anyone is injured in an accident but any form of transport carries a risk. The U.K. government is currently reviewing the laws on scooters because there is a lot of enthusiasm for making them legal and the congestion and pollution reducing benefits this may bring. Many many bike users are involved in accidents every day but the benefits thier use brings outweigh the negatives. Sadly someone wellknown being involved will bring negative publicity and no one will mention the deaths or damage to health caused by pollution in London.
  6. Sorry, RSA are Royal Sun Alliance. It was worth a shot, if anything changes I will post it here.
  7. Sad to say its a bust gents, RSA won't allow policies to be sold. If anything changes i will let you know.
  8. Haven’t a clue, sorry. Im not sure how this will pan out but if there is a chance of it working out I’m all for it. If it doesn’t, well at least we tried.... I will let you know if I hear anything further.
  9. If there are enough folks interested the broker/underwriter will write a policy specifically for the devices to be covered. This is why I'm trying to gauge numbers. The ones already sold refer to electric mobility devices but also include the make and model of the EUC insured. Expressing an interest does not commit you to anything.
  10. @Gasmantle, yes some have already bought policies but the broker has now put selling them on hold pending rejigging the wording to suit EUC's or other PEV's specifically if there are the numbers to make it worthwhile.
  11. It seems that the broker started selling policies, knowing they are for EUC's and was rather surprised by the numbers who bit his hand off and bought the policies. Several people called in for clarification because the wording is obviously for mobilitiy scooters even though it states the make and model of the EUC. The broker, as i understand it, decided that the wording needs rewriting and spoke to the underwriter about it and has been asked for more details on the potential market for this. That is what I'm trying to help him with.
  12. Wow, loads of replies, thanks for the interest guys. Ive not had the chance to read back through everything as yet but what you would be getting is public liability insurance and I have it from the insurer that they will honour the policies sold to date and they are well aware of the current status of EUC use. They even sent me a copy of the government publications confirming the legal status of EUC's, just in case i didn't know. At present you risk getting 6 points on your licence if you are unlucky enough to be stopped by a policemen who got out of bed the wrong side that morning. The 6 points is for using a motor vehicle with no insurance. This would give you that insurance. You could still get the EUC seized, get a fine, who knows. I see it as a first step and a way to keep using your wheel whilst minimising the risk of something which could be a disaster if you are a car owner. To have insurance is the responsible thing to do and in places where wheels are legal such as singapore and now France you need it to use your wheel. A week ago someone on an EUC lost control and either he or the wheel hit a 90 year old lady and put her in hospital. This is bad publicity for us and I'm sure it won't be the last time this happens. Changing the law is not as easy as it sounds. A group of us have been trying, we have a non profit and a web site and are trying to reach out to other micromobility device users to build a strong voice across all platforms to lobby with. There are a lot of people trying but also a lot of people, in particular some (not all) of the retailers, who really don't seem to care a great deal.
  13. A group of us in the UK are speaking to an insurance agent who is in turn discussing issuing EUC insurance with an underwriter. They have already issued a few policies but have put things on hold whilst they try to agree on the details. The agent has asked me if i can give him an idea of numbers of potential customers for policies. If a public liability policy was offered for say £70 a year how many UK riders would be interested in this? If you would be could you please let me know below ... I have asked the same question on some facebook groups so if you have already responded elsewhere please don't do so twice. A couple of us have also set up a UK not for profit company and a website to try to promote EUC use so if you want to be kept advised of progress you can register your email address at Rideables.org
  14. After a brief flirtation with 232lbs following a weekend of curry and beer I'm now at 228 and dropping slowly. I can't say I'm really putting my back into it but I'm just trying to avoid all the bad snacks. Ive not had a pack of sports mix for ages and they were my real Achilles heel, i have a bit of an addiction to them esp when the co-op is knocking them out at £1/bag...
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