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  1. Still 230, and i didn't have my normal pack of crisps with lunch yesterday. Unfortunately i have a pub lunch with friends tomorrow but have resolved to go without breakfast and poss dinner.
  2. OK, no snacking tonight for me ...
  3. ...didnt realise there was a weigh in at the end of the month. Probably can do 3-4 lbs by then. Ill get my hair cut on March 30th, that should help
  4. 230lbs ... like to be 210 if possible.
  5. Just seen this, I have been thinking i should loose a bit lately. Im significantly heavier than you guys tho, although i am 6'4". Ill weigh myself tomorrow and post it. Just off to visit the fridge now tho ...
  6. The new Gopro 7 black is very good. Took mine skiing a few weeks ago and it coped well, the results were impressive. I used to use a gimble but after 30 secs or so it tended to become rather overwhelmed.
  7. nute

    UK Group

    Ive not seen many UK group posts here but I just want to let anyone in the south of the UK know that there are lots of us who do meet up and ride. There is a thriving London based Whats App group - let me know if anyone needs to be signed up. Its not only London riders, I'm not in London but i travel in every so often and tomorrow we are meeting up somewhere north of London ... might be Essex but i don't know that part of the world very well. We have a guest from the Singapore Wheelies here at the moment on a loaner wheel There is also a London based Facebook group who meet up every so often in Hyde park or other places in and around London, again - let me know if anyone needs a link.
  8. nute

    Speedyfeet or Poolmarket?

    Id echo the various posts above but gotta say the V5 may be a false economy. Great wheel but you will grow out of it that much quicker than you would the V8. A 14 or a 16 inch is probably the best starter wheel, both are more nimble than an 18 and you won't get better service than at Speedyfeet. Not sure where in Essex you are but there are a fair number of riders in London now and they have both a Facebook page and a whatsapp with reasonably regular meet ups in and around london ... although fewer at this time of year as its a bit chilly . If you are interested search fb for the Official London Electric Unicycle Club. Likely someone there will let you try a V8, between them they have just about every wheel made. If you are ever in Hampshire you can try mine. Welcome to the world of EUC's
  9. I think if the battery has discharged to below around 3v the cell is knackered no matter what you then do to it. I wouldn't be happy to be charging a battery which has gone below the minimum inside my house. Im only going by the title on the video "over discharged " so don't know the specifics but be careful.
  10. nute

    IPS out of business now?

    Shame if they do disappear, my first wheel was an IPS and i really liked it. I've just moved on to more power and more battery but I really liked the wheel and found the customer service to be pretty good. I sold it quite a while ago now but it was a great first wheel. I keep hoping that they will bring out something which brings them back into the big league ...
  11. Using a leash is the responsible thing to do. Im now approaching 3 years of wheel addiction and still use it every time. Over here in the UK where wheels are technically illegal but the police look the other way, all its going to take is one incidence of a wheel injuring a pedestrian after the rider has bailed and it will be in the scandal rag news papers.
  12. nute

    KS18L headlight issue

    I was out in the dark this evening and a passing car hooted ... i wasn't sure if he was bitching about the light on my 18L shining up into his face or honked for some other reason but the light is bloody useless and does shine high. Im going to have to find a way of directing it downward, or just put something over it. Its just occurred to me that i should have tried flipping it around to see if it was the same both ways. Has anyone found a solution to this. I guess rather than trying to apply something externally to bend the beam down it would be better to open the wheel up and try to alter the position of the led relative to the reflector.
  13. nute

    KS18L headlight issue

    I find the light on my 18L to be somewhat less than perfect. It seems to be aimed to high and rather than illuminating what is in front of me to the point where i am sometimes worried that it shines in the eyes of car drivers. I carry a torch and use that for looking at the pavement in front of me, and don't rely on the headlight at all. As far as i am concerned the lights on the wheel are there for alerting others to my presence rather than showing me what is in front of me. I find the light on my 18S to be better at illuminating where in going but that could be because the light is slightly higher...?
  14. nute

    DC Noir. A True Story About Rats

    Lol, not seen it ... maybe i need to get it on audiobook. It was freaky walking about in the disused farm buildings seeing the damn things at eye level or even over your head on the beams and things. I had to be careful where i shot as the farmer didn't want lots of holes in the walls. I assume the grain went into the human food chain, I'm assuming the buyers had ways of filtering the rat craps out but i don't know. Kind of gross. Although when the fields are being harvested there are an assortment of things which get eaten by the combine and diced up.
  15. nute

    Wheels for heavier riders?

    Im 6'4" and around 230lbs without riding gear. I currently have a V8, KS18S and KS18L and have to report that all handle my weight fine. The V8 handles the hills in my village but has noticeably less torque than the other two (as its a much lower power motor) but is safe and the most agile of the three when negotiating pedestrians and crowded sidewalks. Its also the easiest by a long way to just throw in the back of the car or carry up and down the stairs when on the tube in london. When out with others in rough woodland recently the 18L coped with steep tracks covered with loose gravel and dirt just as well as the other wheels ridden by lighter guys. I keep telling myself that I should sell the 18S as why do i need two 18" wheels but i really like the tall form factor this wheel has ... but its not one to learn on. Good luck with whatever you decide to go for and have fun, this is an addictive hobby.
  16. I would want some decent quality screws not more of the ones which are apparently made of cheese and strip so easily. Im amazed at how many of these incidents are occurring in supermarkets but i guess that is one of the prime places for trolling your wheel. Lewis I'm sure Ian (speedy feet) will be very helpful, everyone i know who has got tier wheel from him speaks very highly of him. Let us know what happens and if the batteries are affected.
  17. I’m still undecided on updating to 1.10. Up to this point I’m not using trolley or the lift sensor but I might just bite the bullet and see what happens
  18. Can anyone explain in words of 1 syllable how to play music over the inbuilt speakers on my KS18s. I am using an android phone (not very familiar with Android as I normally use iOS however the KS app is useless on an apple phone). I have worked out how to turn the internal speakers on... just cant figure out how to play music.... and the KS instruction book is utterly hopeless.
  19. Hope you have a good time, I'm jealous....
  20. Hmmm, it's a £120 round trip for me on the train, plus hotel. Id love to say yes but just to much work on at present ... up for anything a bit closer once work quiets down.
  21. Doesn't seem to be any request for email or other details so looks like anyone can fill it in.... ill get the dog to send one in...
  22. Thanks for this Scully, I have responded and will post links on the Facebook EUC group pages.
  23. nute

    DC Noir. A True Story About Rats

    Ive seen big farm rats square up to cats, neither one backing down. The big wild rats really are rather frightening and certainly would hold their own against most cats. I used to do a lot of pest control for the local farmer who had a grain store in a barn which was next to a disused slurry lagoon and empty farm buildings and offices. If you opened up the doors at night the top of the grain pile was black with rats. I used a n air rifle with a night vision sight on it to pick them off but walking around in the disused farm buildings in pitch black was very unnerving. I would frequently see rats at eye level just a few feet away. My best total was 90+ in one evening. Going back the next day to pick up all the dead ones was unpleasant.
  24. nute

    Poll: can you ride backwards?

    I can go backwards ... for about 1/4 of a second before my butt hits the floor. I have tried learning but never managed to crack it...yet.
  25. Its not just EUC's, its any electric transport so would include electric scooters electric skateboards etc. There are certainly a lot of e skate boards about...