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Next time try it without a strap. Without a strap you can use both your hands for balance. Maybe try a couple of times with a strap just to warm up and remember what you learned last time and then try without the strap.


When I go rollerblading I use only wrist shields. Haven't hit my head yet, only with biking two times and there should be nothing wrong with me nothing wrong there should be nothing wrong with me.

I went to ride for another half an hour later last night, but still used the strap. Once I get more confident I can stop the wheel without it going anywhere (and hitting other peoples cars and such), I'll try without it. But yeah, it's harder because you can only use your other hand for balancing while holding the strap.


Sorry you fell. But I'm so glad you wore FULL helmet. Good thinking!

I know this one all too well! hahaha Glad you're ok. Safety gear paid off first day. Cheers! :)

Yeah, I didn't have much speed (maybe going a little faster than walking speed at that point), so it wasn't that bad of a fall, but at least I got away from it scratch-free. :)  Don't know what my hands were doing, as I really did bang up the helmet to the pavement face-first, maybe I was still holding the strap with the other one...


I've gotta be honest, I'm not planning on wearing much protection (especially considering it's coming into summer) but I'm considering wrist protectors & may even don a helmet when I'm confident off-road like Vee.

I guess when you get more riding experience that mishaps like this are not that usual. Personally, I'm still going with full gear, just in case. And even when you yourself don't make any mistakes, others might do (when driving in places where there's other traffic, the street I've been riding now is a dead-end, has almost no traffic and even when it does, everyone drives really slow). Back in the day, I got hit by a car that came from behind a yield-sign when I was riding with my motorcycle (a small one, 125cc) and was saved pretty much by thick leather driving gear and helmet, the bike was thrashed beyond repair.


Lol esaj, damn. Now I feel vindicated in my extreme caution. I might consider a full Face one myself now. Which one did you get?

Yeah, I'd suggest using some protection, at least at first while still practicing. Maybe you don't need to go as "overboard" with it as I did, but nevertheless... I got a cheap(ish) full helmet with flip-up chin-part from Biltema, (Unfortunately they have the texts only in finnish and swedish).:  http://www.biltema.fi/fi/Autoilu---MP/Moottoripyorat/Henkilokohtainen-varustus/Kypara-ja-visiiri/Jarjestelmakypara-2000023495/


And knee- and elbow-pads:  http://www.biltema.fi/fi/Autoilu---MP/Moottoripyorat/Henkilokohtainen-varustus/Suoja/Polvi--ja-kyynarsuojukset-2000033978/


Plus I was wearing thick padded gloves, which I forgot to mention in the earlier post. Might be a good idea to get some wrist protectors for myself too.

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Yeah I've chosen my kit now. I'm going with a brand called TSG for most stuff because they're one of the few companies whose extra large size will fit my tree trunk legs. Also I like to try and get things from the same brand so they all match.

So I'll be getting TSG knee and elbow pads, helmet and wrist guards.

But I'm also getting Triple 8 crash shorts (link below) because I'm nervous about falling backwards and bruising my tail bone. That's always really painful.


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I've never fallen off bad.  Unlike a bike, your feet are ONLY inches off the ground, so when it goes wrong, it's really easy to bail off..  The problem is that your EU goes flying, and it gets damaged, more then you!! 

When you are learning you *expect* to fall off, so generally you are prepared. Once you have been riding for a while you go faster and become more confident, paying less attention. That is when you are going to get hurt the second something unusual occurs. Maybe you hit a bump and lose balance, or perhaps your battery is really low and the unicycle throws you off. Whatever the reason it's gonna happen and you won't be prepared to just bail off because you are too relaxed. That kind of thing is less likely with a bicycle.

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About that strap, I found it effective if you hook the strap to your waist belt instead of holding it. That way you have BOTH hands free for balancing. Try it.

Thanks for the tip, but I stopped using the strap altogether yesterday "cold-turkey". Took the wheel out for about 12km total ride today, might write a longer post about my experiences so far...

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On 5/4/2015 at 6:32 AM, Imperator said:

As noted elsewhere I'll be getting my wheel on the 15th. I would like to be able to afford a helmet, crash shorts, knee and elbow pads and wrist guards along with it. I can't. I can only buy a few of those things the week I get it and I won't be able to wait a whole extra week before I take my new toy out.


So I was wondering if you could all tell me which parts of the body you've impacted/hurt on your various falls. This way I can prioritise and buy protection for the most likely parts of me to get hurt.

#1 Head, #2 knee and #3 wrist are not optional.

In winter I substitute 3 pair of cheapy work gloves for wrist.

Full face, chest, elbow.

Never forget how Protection works.

It SLIDES. This is the important factor in not absorbing energy which is what breaks ur bones.

Same with Concussions. It's the Twisting/turning brain inside the scull, not the impact.

A Helmet makes the head glance, deflect or slide off a surface.

Of course, head on, it's certainly better than nothing, spreading the force too.

Protection is about Sliding first, Padding second.


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4 hours ago, Daley1 said:

old thread from 4 years back, I reckon he has sorted his gear by now!

Yes, of course he has. Who cares. Think of all the New Riders tuning in to learn and educate themselves.

Our Forum may have Newer Readers within the last 4 years that could use this life saving valuable information.

I now read our Forum on a daily basis. Thank god they do not delete old posts. They are very valuable and educational and entertaining too.

WEAR A HELMET ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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So then, +15000km in, no gear, no impacts beyond a few bruises. Keeping the knees bent and start avoiding to clip the pedals (or feet) like

that's how it worked out for me. As we all know, mileages vary.

There are two fundamentally different EUCing cultures populating this globe.
One for which 40 km/h is not exactly speeding and the other for which surpassing 25 km/h is simply off limits
. Always good to keep this in mind :rolleyes: 
The speed 42 km/h has 3 times the kinetic energy of 24 km/h.

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