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  1. I think this is one of the smartest posts I've ever seen on this forum. As with most situations, if we self-regulate, we will ultimately enjoy more freedom, but if we fail to do so, others will impose regulation upon us. It will almost certainly be more restrictive than any of us care for. It comes down to choices we make, every time we go riding. We are ambassadors for our sport, whether we want to be, or not.
  2. All of what I know about the incident comes from my partner's explanation of events, as I have no memory of it until reaching the hospital. I was riding very slowly, preparing to stop, when I apparently misjudged a large bump in the grass. My partner witnessed the fall, and said I made it over the bump, then lost my balance, and fell straight backwards. The wheel stopped right beside me, at my feet. I momentarily lost consciousness, but then started trying to get up. We decided I should rest for a couple minutes, then I said I was ready to go on. I rode another 1/2 mile without incident, but apparently I stopped, and asked where we were, and what had happened. I'm told I was very, very confused, and none of the things people said to me made any sense. I asked about 30 times what had happened, and couldn't seem to make sense of the explanation. That's when the paramedics were called.
  3. I was wearing a helmet, and it appears totally unscathed. Despite that, I got a moderate concussion. You're right - we all have our own risk tolerance. Everything we do has pros and cons. Risks and rewards. My point was to separate the risk to self, vs. risk to others. In my opinion, the videos in the beginning of this thread display WAY too much risk to the safety of others. (I don't care what city it is. People are people, and do unpredictable stuff, all the time.) I've reached my personal risk threshold, rather surprisingly, at 1 mph. The Dr says if I hit my head again, it'll be worse the next time, as brain injuries are cumulative. Just want to offer some perspective and food for thought.
  4. I'm guessing this will be an unpopular opinion, given the audience, but here goes: I have been on the fence about riding my beloved EUC ever since my head injury, a month ago. I'm still shocked at the degree to which I was affected by a bump on the head. I was going about 1 MPH, on grass, when my fall happened. I have no memory of the incident, or the hour that followed. Maybe there's something about my head, or my helmet that made the incident worse, though I don't know what that would be. I've had to make some difficult decisions about my riding. I've decided to sell my KS-16X. My partner doesn't want me to ride anymore, and I'm having a hard time refuting the dangers. If this was the outcome at 1 mph, how much worse might it have been at 25-30 mph? Obviously, the physics of every incident are different. Maybe I'm throwing in the towel too soon. As I have read this ongoing debate, it has pushed my thinking more and more to the negative. I have a newfound respect for the argument that we might be putting others safety at risk. I have also always been nervous about the massive array of batteries in my EUC. I don't dare charge it unattended, and I worry about the potential for starting a fire that destroys property or hurts someone. My boss doesn't like me to bring all those batteries into the building, either. I'm NOT suggesting that this is an inherently irresponsible, reckless sport. What I am suggesting is that people need to take precautions to mitigate the risks that do exist. No one has the right to hurt someone else, for the sake of their recreational activities. We all have an obligation to try to protect those around us. For me, protecting my family means reluctantly giving up my EUC. I truly hate to say it, but I think I'm out. I'm sure this is going to be a controversial post. Bring on the replies! 😉 Just know that I love this community and sport, as a whole. (P.S. If you want info on my 16X, send me a message. I'll probably list it for sale in a couple days.)
  5. I don't know if others are still looking towards the June 20th meet-up, but I will have to back out after a recent fall and concussion. I was wearing a helmet, but the impact was still substantial. (Doc says I need to stay off the wheel for a month, and my partner says I need to stay off it forever.) Best wishes to all, if the meetup proceeds.
  6. Thanks! CT acan showed no brain bleeding. I'm not really sure what happened. I was trying to ride up a very small curb (like a driveway gutter). There was grass beyond the curb, and somehow I went down almost instantly, flat on my back. I'm not sure if I just lost balance, or the wheel malfunctioned. Due to the concussion, my memory of the event is very confusing and missing sections. Bottom line, it knocked me silly. I kept asking what had happened, over and over, about 30 times. I also couldn't recall some recent major events in my life, which prompted others to call an ambulance. Edit: I just talked to a friend who witnessed the fall, and it appeared to them that there was a loss of lateral traction due to having misjudged a bump in the grass beyond the gutter.
  7. I'm in the Emergency Room, right now, after a fall this evening. The doc says I have a mild concussion, but that my helmet probably made all the difference. I hit the back of my head, just like the Buffalo protester, but the helmet saved me. Even still, I need a CT scan to make sure I'm not dealing with hemorrhaging. All I can say is that I'm VERY glad I was wearing that helmet. I will replace it with an even better one.
  8. Dude, this sound pack blows me away. I love it! 👍
  9. I really like the idea. I had actually joined the Indiegogo, but then I backed out, because I wasn't sure if EUC world would ever support it. If there was support in EUC World, it would be a definite yes for me. (I also have concerns about whether my eyes can focus on a tiny screen 1" away. I've never used one.. Does anyone know if there's a lens to compensate for the extreme close vision?)
  10. Awesome! Now, I wanna see if I can make my CAR use that short version, too! 😉
  11. Man, this is really cool. I can't wait to throw this on my wheel, and give it a try. Thanks for sharing!
  12. What about water in the wheel well? I assumed that might actually be the source of highest water penetration. I worried about it just yesterday, actually. Does anyone know how well this aspect is on the KS-16X?
  13. Sweet! I've got some on the way. Great review of what looks to be a great product.
  14. Welcome to the club! You're going to love this new lifestyle. For the 1st week after my new wheel arrived, I was afraid I'd made an expensive mistake. I just had to keep at it, though, and now I'm loving it. It's changed my outlook on everyday life.
  15. I also think that appropriate wheel choice has a lot to do with safety. I chose to start with a higher weight capacity wheel (KS-16X), because I weigh 260 lbs, and want a comfortable margin between my weight and the max rating of the wheel. This is important during acceleration, braking, and navigating road and trail hazards. During events such as these, the motor will have to work hard to maintain speed and balance, and you want to have sufficient "reserves" to draw upon. I also set my warning limits lower than the rated max speed, despite preferring high speed, because I don't want to "outrun" the capacity of the wheel. If that happens, you might get a right-back warning, or the wheel might just cut out. In my mind, buy a little more capacity than you think you need, as a safety margin. I think Marty is exactly right. You have to understand that you WILL fall occasionally while learning, and rarely after that. As long as you do your best to use recommended safety gear, and not push your wheel too hard, you should be fine. Marty's also right that getting an EUC will change your life in a positive way. It has improved the way I look at life. It's become my primary hobby and recreation, now.
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