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  1. I completely agree. I'd happily publish almost every ride, if I could automatically erase the start and end points. In the wintertime, I wear snowboarding gloves, with wrist guards. They're a pain to take off, so I don't unless it's absolutely necessary. Starting and stopping my route just isn't worth the difficulty, especially when I just wanna ride. Another possibility is to set up some sort of privacy zone. I'm envisioning a bubble surrounding work and home, inside of which no route is recorded.
  2. Have you ever looked into a Lumos Helmet? I have the Lumos Matrix, and it's pretty cool. I attach the bluetooth turn signals to the back of my wristguards and it works well.
  3. Mark, what is the top speed and range of your new wheel?
  4. I'm in! That sounds great!
  5. I think it only happens this way because I've set it to do so. I'm pretty sure it's just a setting.
  6. I have one in a drawer, unused. I guess I'd better check it out. I didn't love it as a standard smartwatch, 2 years ago, but I wasn't riding an EUC at the time. Maybe I'll give it another try.
  7. As long as I turn up the brightness, I can read it in the sunlight. The EUC world app keeps the display on, while in use, which I like, since it's my main reason for getting the Ticwatch E. I'll report on Ticwatch Pro, after I get to use it.
  8. I'm using a Ticwatch E, and it works very well with EUC World. I like it so much that I have a Ticwatch Pro on it's way to me tomorrow.
  9. My 1st injuries (quite minor) were hands from catching myself while falling at low speeds, and shins from getting in the way of my own pedals.
  10. I completely agree. After hitting a few holes that I never even saw, I realized how perspective diminishes when the light source is only a couple inches from my eyes. A light on the wheel, and one in my hand, seems to be the best combination for night rides, IMO.
  11. Agreed! With a UTA FarePay card, and an EUC, there are miles and miles of riding opportunities. I love taking my wheel on Trax. I've actually never ridden FrontRunner, but I'm sure it's even better.
  12. I'd be so interested in any of these as group rides. I hope we can make it happen.
  13. Is this still necessary, even in v1.07? I was under the impression that the issue was fixed through the firmware update.
  14. I love my KS-16X. I learned to ride on v1.05. I was still pretty fresh when 1.06 came out, and I've ridden the last 50 miles on v1.07. It's probably a lack of experience, but I haven't ever had ANY of the negative issues I've read about, in any of the versions. Heck, even my KingSong app functions well, as long as I don't try to log in. I guess I just wanna spread some love for my wheel. It's the best purchase I made in 2019. I'm sure I'm not riding it as hard as some, but I've got 120 miles on it now, and I think I have a pretty good sense of how it rides. My personal summary: - No random tilting - No cut-outs at any speed - No Bluetooth music issues - No feeling of weak acceleration or braking - Just an increasing sense of love for this wheel. I hope everyone else enjoys theirs as much as I do. I'm lovin' it.
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