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  1. ouch,but look on the brightside.Your legs are all right so why dont you ride with your arm in a sling and if the police stop u ,you can tell them its a disability scooter???
  2. What about a loop ride back to our cars???,I,m driving!
  3. Does @The Fat Unicyclist have a fix with the soft tuner app?
  4. Certainly a good idea for a Learners/new members section but i harken back to the original idea of a skills section for all EUC enthusiasts of all levels.
  5. I,m up for a ride but cant put in the speed or distance of the larger or newer wheels.Some of the newbies will need an easy paved surface to ride and reduced distance and probably need a carpark for us drivers to meet.Lets kick it around for ideas! I rode today and was getting 80kmh sideways gust.Terrifying
  6. So 2.0 has been deemed to be rubbish as well??What about the abolition of the whine? What was the reason 2.0 was upgraded to 2.1?Why is 2.1 rubbish and been removed.What is going on with Kingsong ???We know there app is crap but surely the Beta-test before releasing??So many questions.Thank you @Seba for your answers.I,m glad i held off updating my firmware!
  7. Isnt the newest firmware at 2.1 for the ks 16s???
  8. Is this the best bit of tech EVER???I think maybe this or a New Monster V3???
  9. I,m happy with the explanations of our mods and realize this is something a group of experienced people agreed to, as opposed to an individual with an axe to grind making autonomous decisions.I entirely endorse said actions to get the forum back on track as a forum about EUC,s and not people.
  10. i want to know why u would put Gene Simmons face on an EUC. Surely a Rock God deserves better than licking mud and stone of the asphalt????
  11. i.m of the opinion we need a skills section that can be broken down to the three stages.Gear thread is already up and running.People interested do have to search a bit for what they want but it is accessible and already well signed.I tend to use Youtube for my skills knowledge as i can read about stuff but cant see how to do it unless i see the video.I shouldnt have to go out of the forum to learn about stuff this forum is advocating for.
  12. Ks 16s ,1500 ks-never upgraded the firmware-never needed calibration.It only rides funny if I put to much air in the tyre!My bad!
  13. Gumtree and ebay for cheap used ones or ring skater hq in Sydney to see what thet have to offer.Do a bit of research to see if u want a cheap used basic euc or jump in with a brand name that will get u through the learning process and u wont have to upgrade.
  14. Not to open old wounds but was@Aneta ,ChrisJunlees alias and because of his controversial/argumentative postings the reason he/she was banned?Maybe a Mod could post to the forum, reasons for his/her ban and explain the expected behaviours on users of this forum.
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