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  1. It s a new wheel,its a new learning experience and it rides differently.I put 3 k on the 16s ,it was an extension of my body and still, I haven't mastered it.i could ride it well within 200ks but then u play with riding modes,ride on and off road, do tricks .Riding at speed and knowing limits is all part of the process. Get urself a roll.nz cover then u can really thrash it/dropit and u wont damage the wheel in the learning process. Just bought a Sherman and I,m back to being a newbie and starting all over again. Just gotta keep practicing and not just riding!
  2. But how is it done? Do I have to send the wheel back to Queensland to update the firmware ?
  3. So how do we update our firmware?????Ask the seller or Sherman?
  4. Coming from a Ks 16s,this is a real issue. Noticed it from the first 5 mins on the wheel.Maybe some later Shermans dont have it, but mines got Fxxkload of it! Pedal dip is really noticeable when u turn slowly and the pedal tilts forward.U rock back on ur opposite heel to try and lift the front it but that makes the turn slower and more pronounced.Its shit house when ur doing multiple opposite turns, but i,m still learning to ride this beast!
  5. try gyroriderz gloves.Specially made for EUC!
  6. My bad! Yep totally agree, if one battery stuffed I wouldn't have touched the wheel with a 10 foot pole. Mine still going strong after 3k
  7. Nice work ,ive ordered the seat and mudguard as well.
  8. Love my ks 16 s and never had a cutout.I always rode it under the suggested 35kmh .Really solid,stable machine that just keeps going.Only bought a Sherman because of the range anxiety.Looked at add on batteries but not really feasible.Thats all gone now.Still use the 16 s as a skills, practice tricks machine.
  9. Straight and to the point .I love it!
  10. Maybe an upslope to roll in and a downslope to resting-place.To get it out u power on and wheel upslope then downslope and out!.If anyone makes one this is my intellectual property!lol
  11. We need a better "roll-on design for the super heavy wheels "so we dont have to lift them on and off stands. Any ideas??
  12. Is there a new firmware download that fixes the pedal dip on the early Shermans?
  13. Finding it difficult to really get moving .I,m no lightweight but struggling to bring it up to a reasonable speed quickly.Maybe going to set the pedal angle backwards a couple of degrees to make it easier to torque.Havent even fitted the side pads yet but the fun is experimenting!
  14. Likes Dislikes -No range anxiety -Cant see LCD screen when riding with bent knee -No speed overlean anxiety -Heavy -High speed stable _LCD settings are FxxKD-wheres the Chinglish instruction booklet? -Better looking in real life - Flashing blue lights -Trolley handle is robust -No mudguard (yet!) -Headlight -LCD needs waterproof/rain sealing -Pedal dip in tight turns
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