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  1. i have the Fox proframe and hate goggles too.So i use clear plastic wrap around Bolle,s on overcast days and then tinted ones on the sunny days.Only prob with the Pro frame is that it lets bugs in when riding and once u get a bug inside ur helmet u have to stop and take ur helmet off or have it try to nest in your ear !I,ve ridden it in the rain and it lets surprisingly little water in,but ur glasses get soaked and u end up taking them off.Poc might be the helmet for practicing in the parking lot but road riding,i dont think so!
  2. My Ks 16s has always dropped psi.Every couple of weeks it go,s from 40 psi to about 30 psi.Its not a hole or leak.It doesnt seem to drop more than this.Dont stuff around trying to fix it ,just buy a small compressor for the garage and top it up every couple weeks.You can play with the pressures and change the experience to see what suits best!Try pumping it up to 50 psi for some extra fun,its like dancing with a 3 legged spider trying to bite u!
  3. Daley1


    If u find the s18 a piece of dog excrement,then good on u for calling it out.People are excited about suspension but if u can't ride the wheel to get ur heart pumping,u should a taken it to the highest bridge and filmed it flying into the great blue yonder!Suspension will be great but only as a compliment to an EUC that has sufficient ,range,power and speed!
  4. Sorry to see u banged-up.Thx for the info and i hope ur surgery and recovery go,s well.
  5. Good points and i dont think a full body armour vest is overkill. The speed wobbles can affect even the best riders /experienced riders,thats why everyone should gear up!Martys wobbles are one to have a look at as well!
  6. LOL, i left the receipt on the table($2200)of my KS16s , after telling the wife it was only $300.It was colder than a witchs tit for a couple of days here.Have to be more covert when the Sherman arrives!
  7. Ive ordered a Sherman and waiting to clear customs . Are there different batchs with different internals? Marty cooked his one and wondering if they are evolving it, to stop it from dying in extreme conditions?
  8. I used the EUCW app with the Harley-Davidson AVAS.That is sure a pisser when u pull up or turn it on before taking off!
  9. Daley1


    Loved the guy with a gun shooting .Now he needs to speed down the highway at 75kmh after having a half dozen "Jack Daniels. I dont think i can make this hobby more dangerous. lol
  10. Why isnt this guy Named and Shamed????Sounds like a dick!
  11. Yeah its not so much the aim, its the diffuse side spread.Mine is directed down and towards the shoulder of the road but still gets some people.But its fantastic for off-roading because it lights up overhanging branchs and surrounding vegetation which would normally wack u in the head at night because ur looking at the trail/ road.U could turn the power down but that kinda defeats the purpose and u would be constantly doing squats turning it down then up.There is no easy answer,half blind oncoming cars or risk riding with poor visibility??
  12. i have the same light on my mountain bike and it turns night riding into daylight,the only problem is that it will blind car drivers.It has a very wide spread even when mounted on the handlebars and pointed down. Cars will highbeam you to get u to dip the light thinking ur a motorbike.But for riding at night,it kills my euc light and Led Lenser handheld torch by miles.
  13. Whats with the "breakway system " written on the side of the chin bar on the POC?What breaks ,your chin or the bar and then u eat gravel??
  14. looks like somethings bent, from the way the wheel spins standing up. Try deflating the wheel and making sure its reseated properly and then re-inflate it.
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