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  1. Ask the fat unicyclist,thats what he does for a living!
  2. As a conservative rider ,I have the tilt back set at 30kmh,and the "PLEASE decelerate" at 28kmh.I don't accelerate hard or break hard but got this without the "please decelerate". Battery I think was about 40%.
  3. with the tiltback on my Ks16s V2 ,when I hit the tiltback mark it kicks in straightaway leaving me feeling like I,m floating with little control and having a mini heart arrhythmia. My old airwheel would "slowly " tiltback but leaving me in control but letting me know that I had to slow or the pedals would not level out. Surely there is a better way for the tiltback to come into play than this??? Can it be adjusted in any of the software????
  4. hey IDC, plenty of older guys here and we are all a bit smarter and risk averse. Find yourself a 16 inch wheel Kingsong or Gotway, which we,ll give u a good commute and not so hard to lug around, and before u even get on it, "GEAR-Up". Get a good full face MTB helmet.Body armour,wrist guards,gloves and knee pads. Your going to fall but with this on its no big deal whilst learning .Plenty of people can give u advice to safety gear and save u having to do the research if ur interested.Then u become a stupendous,silver sidewalk surfer!
  5. If it aint broken ,don't fix it according to our KS rep here!
  6. Hey guys ,i want to Slime my KS16s but dont know whether its a tubeless tyre or one with a tube.Need to buy the proper type of Slime. thx in advance
  7. Has anyone got anything positive to say about upgrading to V1.09 on the ks 16s????? How do we find out what the actual upgrade does and whether we want to upgrade?
  8. whens the next instalment of your trip????
  9. Have u tried skater HQ in Sydney? Or Alpha beta wheels Melbourne?There is a new guy selling ks euc wheels in Australia also who has ties with kingsong and recommended by them.Can't remember his name though!
  10. Its the app!A bit slow with updates this side of the world!
  11. Hey, anyone updated to this?Whats it update and any bugs?
  12. If riding down a very steep hill at speed and I hit tiltback and I lean back hard to drop more speed ,can I overpower my wheel ,causing it to fail and dump me on my ass?
  13. I woke up with tinnitus and couldnt hear myself think!
  14. Maybe some of the veterans can push this a bit in there posts as the interests of our community are surely to all our advantage .And yes,i have done the survey and some of the questions are a bit "lost in translation" and a couple are repeated .
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