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  1. Can someone suspend/bar @who_the for making me watch a Rick Astley clip??
  2. I have the Fox pro frame and its a beautiful helmet with lots of adjustments.Bought a full face MTB helmet because its airy,light and gives excellent protection from blunt force trauma to the face and head which is what most motorbike,bike and euc riders get and not penetrating traumas. 20 years of scraping up all types of riders in my job as an ambulance officer gives me confidence in my choice these are a good safe product for the riding I do on and off road.
  3. Only twice had the wobbles on a Ks16s.First time going down a steep hill slowly and controlled and then under a hard acceleration on the flat @ 22kmh.Back off and then its fixed but scared the crap out me on the hill with gravity fighting me all the way!
  4. If u get hit by a car u want the best Full face motorbike helmet u can get. But most Euc crashs are likely to be falls moving in a forward direction with a chance of a faceplant. Ur choice of helmet should reflect the riding u r doing. Low speed skills practice maybe a bike or mtb helmet.High speed on bike paths a mtb with mips.Road riding with lots of cars may suggest a motorbike helmet and body armour.Dont neglect the rest of ur body as there plenty of examples of good riders going down.Its not a matter of "if", its a matter of when.
  5. Go to Tmart.com and punch in electric unicycle stand!
  6. I learnt on a cheap second hand airwheel x3 for 300$ off ebay .Simple easy and stacked it heaps and it didn't matter. Now got a Ks16s from skater hq in Sydney. If ur gonna spend on a good wheel then u definitely want The Fat,s bodyguard as ur gonna bang it up."Myself" I wouldn't go straight to a reasonable machine because its going to be dropped and don't forget the most important part.Get some good safety gear!!!
  7. I have the same issue.Paid but no product delivered. Paypal didn't want to know about it but I badgered them and "they" have refunded my money. The paypal account is set that the transaction go,s through as a gift and not a purchase of goods. Paypal wont investigate gifts so you have to ask them to look at the account as a fraud.They try and pass u onto ur bank to get the money back but ur bank have no idea where the money go,s after paypal.Just gotta keep at PAYPAL!
  8. Heres a start, buy a piece of crap if ur learning,because its gonna get dropped,scratched and beat up.Learn to mount and ride it and then think of where u want to ride and what u want to do with it. See if u still love it and buy youself a full face helmet,some flexmeter hand guards,knee and elbow protection and then make a decision. Then ur hooked suckerrrr! ps And don't leave the receipt of how much u paid for the new shiny EUC on the kitchen table for the wife to find as all that safety gear wont protect u from your wifes wrath and your own stupidity.
  9. Heres the thing about the KS16, it has a handle so you can push it around easily and don't have to carry it up stairs .Lifting in and out of the car can be an issue .It is portable, maneuverable enough as a daily road commuter and then you can take it off road for a bit of a thrash on the weekend or a long ride.You can walk around the shopping centre with it then ride it home without lugging the bigger wheels around.Tops out at about 35 kmh which is plenty fast whilst learning ,the headlight is a bit crap and u can play tunes and have ur own moving disco with programmable leds..Did a 35k ride the other day and only used 20%battery at 22kmh/speed locked and I, 6,2" 240lbs.Suits me fine
  10. Got one of these for my 16s and bashed it, dragged it scratched and scraped it and the body of the machine is pristine!
  11. Charge Dr may be away but someone is still taking money from orders and not delivering. Paypal wont raise an issue because when u hit the buy button on the site ,it registers as a gift to a friend or family and not a purchase of gifts and services. Pay pal don't investigate these "gifts".Paypal suggest it might be a sneaky way to get around paying fees. If the account was untouched/unmonitored I would be able to relaim the amount but someone has already taken the cash!
  12. I have decided to use the off road capability of my KS 16s and ride over the top of them!
  13. Had the same issue but couldn't wait for the 16 x so got the 16 s.Super capable on and off road with surprisingly good battery life.It is awesome!
  14. Ordered from charge Dr 5 weeks ago and haven't heard anything .Paypal messaged, i have messaged on his website and still nada.Anyone had recent contact?
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