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  1. its not the wheel,its the riders skills! Persistant practice and perserverance will show u in a couple of months time that ur wheel choice is acceptable !
  2. Why does sitting decrease energy usage.?Wind resistance? Surely someone has done a test and their is a link on this forum that shows power reserves,post test, on the same route in the standing and sitting positions?
  3. I hear Takata airbags are gonna make these !lol. Also wouldnt be much fun for my grandson who rides on my shoulders if i was to stumble wearing one of these!
  4. My ks 16s successfully updated to 2.01 on the ks app but still shows 1.09. The whine is still there although decreased and the wheel accelerates a bit harder and brakes a bit harder.
  5. Nice vid but u didnt get the Fox riding a bike with the boombox blasting out tunes!LOL Now thats some weird SxxT!
  6. Not really worried about falling off my EUC but get knocked off by a car,bus or truck! I ride on the shoulder of the road with buses/trucks whizzing by at 80kmh so close I can touch them. Everyone will fall and hopefully u wont get knocked, but that's why I armour up because I see the end results of bike/pedestrian vs car and its not pretty! More is better!!!
  7. Daley1

    KS16S Range Issues

    Who did u buy it from??pm me if u don't want to out them here.Just interested as I think I,m up for another wheel later this year!
  8. Daley1

    KS16S Range Issues

    Hey @Scott did u get fixed up?R u riding next week?
  9. Daley1

    Unlock KS16S?

    Did u get ridin?
  10. So the speed is overestimated by 11% by the ks app and the distance is overestimated by 2 %????
  11. The wheel is not the problem here. It is knowing how to ride it safely and what happens if u ride it to the max speed. A suggestion is learn to ride safely by adjusting ur settings, leaving a safety margin, gearing up and mastering basics. The KS 16s is one of the more safe and reliable wheels but with a little more understanding u will know it for the great all-rounder/commuter/trick wheel that it is!
  12. I have updated and to tell u the truth i,m in the minority thats not that impressed.The Ks "whine"' is mostly gone ,the acceleration is quicker but that means i hit the speed alerts quicker and it yelps at me earlier.The lights seem to have a mind of their own now and flash however they want.Changing the wheel" feel", doesnt make it go faster or longer distances and every time u play with the Ks update part of the app,it makes u want to throw ur phone at the wall! I think i,ll download a sound of a motor whine and play it on a loop through the bluetooth speakers and set the riding mode to soft and then ill have my good ol KS back !
  13. i notice i lose about 20psi over a 2 to 3 weeks from the original Ks tube. This changes the whole way the wheel rides and handles.i know to put it on the air compressor to smarten it up. Did my first calibration after a firmware update and havent touched the calibration since ! Tyre pressure is just as important as calibration and probably needs more maintenance!
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