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  1. To all the Sherman offroaders,how do u clean the caked on sticky muddy from inside the tyre well??? I used my wifes spatulas and she threatened to put '"ME" in the ground if she catchs me again!Surely there is a better way??
  2. Daley1

    My Sherman mods

    Love the Chris Chaput spiked pedals! U shouldnt be riding a Sherman without them! They bring a new sense of grip and security to high speed riding. Do urself a favour and GET some!
  3. Daley1

    My Sherman mods

    the LK oem is crap and small,Zoom wheels is priced outa this world and fasteners seem a bit dodgy.Waiting on the gunslinger to get back to me and the fpv 2.5 to see if that gos into production.
  4. Daley1

    My Sherman mods

    Just started modding my Sherman with some XL Sai pads,Chris Chaput spiked pedal and some Jadsinka protectors.Whilst spraying the new parts red i decided to do a little maintenanance. Dremeled out the shell,and tightened everything up again.The pedal grub screws were so loose.The screws under the pedal hangers that hold the frame together are wood selftappers .One "fell out" and was lost to never be seen again.Dodgy Qc.The pedal hangar screws were tight on one side but forgot to do the other after putting the case on.The interior was amazingly clean and free of any dust /dirt/crap!Any way anoth
  5. i,m still waiting for someone to design a reasonably priced seat for the Sherman. Gunslinger are slow off the mark and may not ship os and Fpv are up to the 2.5 iteration and still deciding if they make /sell a commercial quantity.I think there is a solid market for a higher full seat for the Sherman that doesnt cost the world!.The oem Sherman seat is Shite!
  6. the only person ive ever seen fall gracefully and look a million dollars doin it!
  7. alright ,we now have two up for a ride! Lets see who else joins in!
  8. Thats a bastardized Sherman!.But excellent looking cage!. Nice work
  9. Its not if ur going to fall,its when.High speeds will end badly and low speeds can 2.(have a look at the bloke who fell and broke his femur at 5kmh).I dont trust the Qc from our wheel suppliers so i,m atgatt.In the end its ur call,knowing the risks!
  10. Lets not forget this op is a newbie to EUC,s.Its irresponsible to recommend a high powered wheel to someone just starting out.Let him walk before he can run.!By the time he has mastered a smaller slower wheel ,the Sherman, v11 and gotways will be used for boat anchors and the next generation will be upon us !He can then throw extraordinary amounts of cash at dubious Chinese QC like the rest of us!
  11. Skipping first step leads to hospital incarceration! caveat emptor!
  12. Seriously guys??? This is a newbie and u want to hitch him to a 50kmh wheel without any skills??? The 16s is the perfect commuter/starter wheel.Ur not going to be riding 60/70 ks straight up.U dont need to be riding in traffic early on.U will find the 16 inch wheel easier to maneuver, more portable,strong and reliable and a good wheel to develop skills on.Get the Roll.nz cover and a set of XL pedals and ur set to go. Learn slowly and safely and gear up(get Safety gear).
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