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  1. Congrats on the big step up.The Sherman is a big beast for sure,.Things u need to address will be a silicone bead around the lcd screen,update ur firmware to stop pedal dip and drop ur tyre pressure down to 25psi or less, get the mudguard.Take the Sherman for a couple of moderate speed runs and make sure there is no wheel vibration at all up to 50kmh.Then ride it to u cant stand up no more!
  2. Tips to prevent an overlean-ride it fully charged, dont accelerate hard ,dont accelerate hard when battery at 50% (my safety margin)or lower.Just cos a wheel can go 50mph doesnt mean u have to ride it at 50 mph.U can ride a wheel down to o% battery but u have to adjust ur riding very carefully and get ready to step off !
  3. Nice work,beer coming for u when i update my subscription
  4. Id like to see an on/off button to close the app as its a bit hit and miss and not intuitive.
  5. 6 2'here.I,m not sure that grabbing ur wheel with your legs helps with the breaking.Try leaning back and sitting /squatting for some hard braking/emergency breaking.Body positioning is the key to breaking hard!.Going from a smaller wheel to a bigger wheel means going faster with more weight so breaking is not going to feel as nimble.Looks like getting out on the basketball court for a few hard braking sessions to improve ur skills.
  6. My thoughts were to highlight Euc inadequacies by model so new buyers can c what there in for and the prevalance of these in one place.I can find and search for stuff but Newbies want all of it together.If forum users updated a tally then the community would have an unbiased report on whats "crapola".
  7. Mine was covered in Black goo so u could squirt some in there! When i updated the firmware i replaced it and didnt seat it properly.Couldnt connect!If its seated and glued id suggest its the app!
  8. Fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Everything works fine .New BT fw update fixes pedal dip and brakes harder i think.Stability good at 60kmh and looking forward to some more high speed runs!
  9. Hi @Fiori,u unlucky bastard!.I feel ur pain after u purchasing a highend wheel. U have tried everything and now its time to send the FXXXin thing back and ask for a new wheel.U dont want a replacement,u dont want it fixed,u want a new wheel. Its not ur job to theorize,stratagize or problem-solve this SXXT!Hopefully u bought it from a E-wheels and is still under warranty.Send it back!!!!
  10. After lurking about this forum i have seen that Eucs have some apparent problems. Usually but not always, the new releases are the main culprits. All the brands have different issues and they take several iterations to overcome these .I,m all for people getting to know their wheel and replacing stuff and updating stuff on their wheels but not when they are BRAND NEW! When you are paying thousands of dollars for something ,you want it to work properly first time. I,m thinking that we need a listing of brands and models and number of units with problems .Inherent problems such as a weak shell,
  11. If u read the forums and watch u tube long enough ,u can c that the Shermans have tyre issues.Not all of them and not all the early ones.Right outta the box mine had excessive speed vibration at between 35kmh and 45kmh.After mucking about trying to manhandle/manipulate bulges i think i have got this issue licked.I,m not convinced yet as i have still have to get over the mental hurdle of pushing this vehicle over 55kmh.Previously it tried to throw me and then jump on me and tried to Fxxk me.I believe mine had a bulge where the tube exits the wheel.The valve stem from the tube was not allowing t
  12. Trusted Inmotion V11????Nope i dont think so.Did ur seller give u a new motor??
  13. De-glued the BT module and reseated it.Now its connecting on Euc world.Time for some serious high speed fun!
  14. Me thinks the tyre seating is the cause of all wobbles !
  15. Deflate the tyre to 5-10 psi, ride it 10 metres and then reinflate it .Should fix it .
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