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  1. i think thats going to be my next wheel.Thx for the input.
  2. Sucks that ur new machine broke down and dumped u on ur ass.Good that u have now pulled apart a machine and got it ride-able .Theres some knowledge to be able to do that.Now get back to riding.Good luck.
  3. On the Warning page of the manual 1-The euc IS designed for outdoor sports and short -distance transportation. 2-Please ride under local lawS and rEstrictions. 3-Safety always COMES first! 4-Please ride safely,you are at your own risk of any danger or injury which may occur during ridding or practice with this device. Could read better by"Use this device at your own risk as danger or injury may occur during riding or practice. 5-riding not ridding 6-Thanks for purchasing A King Song smart Unicycle. 7-The user manual is a quick and convenient guide of safety & item functions/features to end user. Could read better by"The user manual is a quick and convenient safety guide and identifies functionality and features for the end user. 8-We could not ensure all types of situation and emergency are covered.Therefore, we strongly remind you to read this guide very carefully.and ride with attention to safety. Could read better by "We cannot anticipate all situations or emergencies ,therefore we strongly recommend you read this guide carefully .Riding carefully ,within your ability will ensure your safety." These are just some suggestions . This whole booklet could do with this attention. I only edited the warning page but the booklet has numerous mistakes in spelling and grammar.
  4. Hi Micheal,i,ll have a look through the Ks 16s manual quickly and count the mistakes.
  5. King Song are doing a huge disservice to themselves by producing a barely legible English instruction booklet that is full of spelling errors,bad grammar and unintelligible instructions.They need a native English speaker who can write correctly and decipher what they are trying to communicate.This go,s for their app as well.I wonder how well the other languages are translated.
  6. The big question for those that have ridden both wheels,if you could only have one .Which would you chose.?
  7. or buy a bodyguard from the @fatunicyclist.Switches are covered and you drop ur wheel as much as u like and it wont look like a smashed crab! @fatunicylist can tell us more about the waterprotective benefits of his neoprene covers
  8. Methinks a "stubby"would fit better!
  9. just seen this thread.Whats the update?
  10. Did anyone ever figure what happened to the Charge Dr?Has anyone bought one lately from the website?Does he work for @Jason McNeil?
  11. i,m down to just using my mind to turn.I ride in the Usain Bolt "Lightning Pose""
  12. Seems the answer is in @Blueblade,s video.I,m buying one and going to ride down the main street.
  13. I wear my flexmeters " over" full finger thin leather gloves.Saves fingers being shredded and gives plenty of protection.Now if only they can incorporate a glove in them flexmeters and some fingertip gelpads so i can use my phone !
  14. carry a bottle of slime and a small bike pump on those long rides!
  15. Daley1

    KS16S Range Issues

    As you are not a technician,it needs to go back to whoever you bought it off.Playing around with the internals will surely void the warranty,As it is only been opened to change a tyre its should not be a problem.If you bought it locally you should only have to pay return shipping.
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