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*SOLD* MSX 84v 259Wh battery kit to upgrade to 1859Wh (UK) *PRICE DROP*

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I have for sale a very nice (around 400 miles only) Green Fashion 259wh pack that was taken off my MSX as I have now gone 100v.

Totally plug and play, you will need nothing except a screwdriver to remove the left side panel. Disconnect 2 plugs off the original 800wh pack (1x XT30 and 1x XT60) and connect them in line to the plugs already on the 259wh pack. Then connect the other two plugs from the 259wh pack into the original loom and you're done. A glorious 1859wh of fun to play with at your leisure :)

I was quoted £350 for one of these by Green Fashion when I was considering trying to fit another one. Whether they are even still available I have no idea.

A really nice bit of kit, well made with it's own 20 cell BMS, the same cells as Gotway use (Sanyo GA) and fully prepped wiring loom.

I can't really post this so collection from Billericay, Essex, UK or I am prepared to drive a little way to meet or whatever.

£195. **PRICE DROP £165**



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Cheers meep! Yeah it would be a no brainer at this price for me personally, maybe people don't ride as long as I do! That said, it would be handy even if you didn't use the range and instead used it for the headroom. No harm in finishing a ride with a healthy 50% odd battery left for safety/speed!

I'm not aware these packs were even generally available to the public either. I certainly haven't seen them advertised, it was only because I directly asked Green Fashion that they quoted me.

For sure, the cost of the cells, BMS, wiring, plugs and of course time would far outweigh what I am asking for it.

True re not being limited to the MSX - as you say as long as it runs 84v and cells similar spec to those fitted in the pack it's good to go. The only reason I specified MSX is because the pack is built to fit into the space in the MSX shell but I guess it could fit other wheels.

If it doesn't go at this price I will probably keep it, the cells alone are handy to have and they are virtually new :)

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Hi Steve, I think most of the shipping companies will refuse to take a battery this size. I might try looking up UPS but I think it will be expensive even in the uk. I will let you know.

Alternatively, if you wanted to buy/put a deposit down I would hold it for you until you next come down south. Even if I couldnt meet personally due to shifts I could give it to Andy who often rides with the London guys.

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The XT30 is the charge circuit. Off each original 800Wh pack you should have 3 separate leads - 2 black and 2 red wires which terminate in a black plug, 2 wires which terminate in an XT60 and two wires which terminate in an XT30.

You can see an XT30 at the top of this pic:

Edit: Pic removed - having a cull of my uploads to retrieve space.


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