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  1. Thinking about placing an order. Should I worry about quality of the batteries? Ive been hearing about aliexpress wheels with bad batteries.
  2. Doesnt the new batches of 18xl have the same 2200w motor as 16x? I wonder if theres any cutouts so far?
  3. Just a thought after reading mrelwods comment. What if eucs had a wireless throttle control like the esk8 so riders wouldnt have to rely on leaning or weight distribution for more speed/acceleration maybe lesser cutouts too?
  4. Sorry to hear about hour accident. I couldnt ride my 16x over 25mph when I had it (ended up trading it for another wheel) It was too sketchy riding at higher speed because it was bouncy when I ride over road imperfections and wobbly after the bounce due to higher pedal height. And braking was harder because the side pads were slippery and didnt have much grip. And knowing from all the cutouts I didnt want to push the wheel close to its limits.
  5. Sounds like you might be on learner mode on the app?
  6. You have a number where I can contact you?
  7. Does it come with seat and fast charger? I have 3week old 16x that im thinking of trading if +$ is involved.
  8. nice journal any issues with your wheel?
  9. I have a 16x coming in. Im looking around for a fast charger and found this on aliexpress https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/d9TUKUfO Kingson offered me a 2.5a charger but opted out. Anyone bought or have experience with this charger? Any other 3a-5a chargers you guys can recommend other than ewheels? Thanks.
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