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*NO LONGER FOR SALE* Z10 excellent condition Essex, UK


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Guys, I was going to advertise this at the start of summer as I am in no rush to sell but thought I would put it up now anyway.

This is a very reluctant sale of my Z10 which is in excellent condition. Purchased in August 2019, this is the latest version since Ninebots last update in April 2019. This wheel has never given me a single problem and if I didnt need to fund a wheel for my daughter I would be keeping it as quite honestly its the best city wheel I have ever ridden, particularly at low speeds and its such a blast to ride.

Currently showing around 480 561 miles and this wont change much as its rarely used.

Pampered since day 1, the wheel has always been stored @ 50% battery, and has only seen rain once. It is also my 3rd wheel so no 'learning damage'.

There are some marks on the bottom edges of the wheel casing and scratches to the pedals (which had been freshly sprayed) but this is only from normal riding where both areas occasionally catch things.

Comes with the trolley handle which has only just been fitted (used twice) as my daughter is now using the wheel and lower rubber covers (both still in original packaging).

The mudguard has been cut down and gold anodised bolts fitted for asthetics. Front and rear lights have been covered in Fly-Eye film which is easily removed if required.

Also included in the sale will be a high quality 5A fast charger which gives around 30% charge per hour. Ideal if out and about, and very handy.

It goes without saying that the original 1.5A charger will be supplied, along with the manual. I do have an original box although it is marked as being for a Z6 (my previous wheel) as I threw away the Z10 one on arrival.

Of note is that this was not one of the fabled DOA Z10's (it arrived to me with 56%) so battery voltages have never been dangerously low. I never rode it below 20% either. Cells are well within balance spec when viewed in Ninebatt app.

Any questions or further pics please ask. I have nothing to hide with this wheel.

£995 *£895*, collection from Billericay, Essex or I am prepared to drive/ meet somewhere depending on distance.

Alternatively, if you have a very nice KS16S or Tesla (minimum 800wh) maybe we can work out a deal.

Thanks for looking :)






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To update no longer for sale
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Hi Joe,

I never thought about shipping it anywhere tbh, but I would have no problem packaging it properly if someone wanted to arrange their own collection. If you were asking whether I would personally arrange the shipping, I would have to politely decline as I don't really want to get involved with the hassle of trying to find a company who will ship large batteries.

All the best

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17 hours ago, Texaselectric said:

Would you ship to the US if I worked shipping out? 

Hi, I wouldn't arrange the shipping myself but I may consider allowing it to be collected if it was arranged by the buyer. Currently I have 2 guys in the UK who want to buy but are trying to work around Covid transportation problems. I will update here once I know how this pans out.

I will also now alter the original listing to show the current mileage, the fact that I have now added the trolley (only used twice but my daughter really needs it) and the fact that there are now a few scratches on the pedal undersides as per normal.

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@nute and anyone else...

Things took a rather dramatic change yesterday when I told my daughter that I might have sold the Z (another guy had already planned to buy it) at which point she had a bit of a meltdown which turned to major tears. It appears she has grown to love the Z, which was only meant to be a stop-gap to allow her to keep riding following the sale of her V5F, and I had always intended to buy her a Tesla 2 which I think would be a great wheel for her. By her own admission, she hated the Z at first which is why it went up for sale.

However, in the months since placing this advert, she has learnt to love the Z so much that she doesn't want to see it go. I had no idea she was so set on keeping it until yesterday. It was lucky that the guy pulled out tbh because I would have had to have honoured the sale which would have caused major upset my end!

So, I will edit the first post to mark as no longer for sale. If and when she does decide that she wants to try something else I will put it back up. Thanks to all those who enquired.

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