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  1. GotWay Nicola 100v 1845wh Amazing wheel, one of the fastest available and a great all around wheel. So much fun to ride, huge speed, range, agility and practicality Fitted with power pads Charger Approx 160 miles - still using so will increase Few light marks but nothing serious at all, I’ll upload pics ASAP This wheel is still super hard to get hold local pickup only £1350
  2. Hiya, looking for good condition z10 or MSX in uk Thanls
  3. Thanks all for the advice, managed to strip the wheel down today and whilst it didn't seem loose I tightened everything and reassembled and wheel is great now... So it seems to have resolved issue, I have only had a short test as the rain is back but looks good so far 😀😀 Thanks again
  4. Thanks, not great news but will attempt it!
  5. Hi all, have a clunking when I go over bumps I have only just got the wheel. Seems to be play when moving backwards and forwards, is it normal? Not only have I just got wheel but it's my first wheel fullstop so I have no idea! Long time Onewheel rider and loving EUC so far!! It's quieter than it sounds on the video
  6. Hiya, Looking for ks18l in UK.. I'm based on South coast Let me know if you have anything Thanks
  7. Is this still available, if so would you be able to dm me?
  8. Mgb

    V8 issues

    Thanks all, re the tyre, I can see the bead is not even and running the tyre you can see it moving a lot, I'll try to get a video.. have tried re seating it but no joy, assuming tyre may be shot, it's a new wheel so never ridden before, any ideas
  9. Hoping someone can help, I have just got a v8 and have a couple of issues. First one is there is a small twig stuck at the top of the wheel which is not coming out and it clicks as the wheel touches it, how can I remove it? Now the next one which is more of an issue is that I have a wheel wobble that vibrates through the wheel when going over 10mph, if you turn the wheel fast enough you can see the wheel tyre moving from site to side!😪😪
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