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  1. I’d be happy to have it shipped, live in Texas
  2. Wanting a new wheel, budget around 1k. Let me know what you guys have. Pickup preferred but can do delivery as well. Let me know what you’ve got, anything really. Gotway, Kingsong, Inmotion, etc. Even open to other electric vehicles.
  3. Looking to add a third EUC to my collection, budget around $1k. Let me know if you guys have anything. Local pickup preferred but can go with shipping as well. I will cover shipping costs.
  4. Hey Erick! No this is not the Tesla that has not been in a lake, however it has been through just about everything else Haha, considering that it still runs and drives perfectly I'm assuming all of the cosmetic damage could he fixed. As for a ballpark price around $500ish? Not too sure how to price these things If it sells I'll most likely use that money to purchase a suspension wheel or an msuper
  5. Thinking of selling my Gotway Tesla, its beat to hell and the lights no longer work, but she runs and drives perfectly. If anyone is interested let me know, thank you. Open to trades and will post pictures as requested.
  6. In the Dallas area, about three hours or so from Austin
  7. Well I live in Texas and I get paid next Friday Haha, if the wheel is still available then I'll message you and see if we can get it added to my collection!
  8. I'd be interested If you were willing to ship, let me know
  9. It was submerged for about 15 seconds at 4 feet before I dove into the lake and retrieved it. I've still been riding it, bought new lights for it and installed them yesterday. I dont think rain would be much of an issue with the Tesla. When I took it apart to clean it I noticed the majority of the electronics are at the top of the wheel, so you would really have to be driving fast through some deep puddles to splash water all the way up in there. If you ride responsibly in the rain, I dont forsee any issue.
  10. At least my truck didn't end up in the lake with he Tesla!! Haha I hope it all worked out man thanks for sharing
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