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  1. I would agree, the mten3 is probably best around that price range
  2. Hilarious how I saw a video of an Mten blowing up under someone’s feet on reddit and now I want one 😳
  3. Jason at ewheels can help with shipping costs I believe
  4. If you’re willing to ship shoot me a message, in the Dallas Tx area
  5. Located in Texas, prefer local sale but shipping may be possible. Let me know what wheels you guys would part with. Thank you! budget close to 1K, maybe a bit more
  6. I’d be happy to have it shipped, live in Texas
  7. Absolutely, glad you’re enjoying it man!
  8. Wanting a new wheel, budget around 1k. Let me know what you guys have. Pickup preferred but can do delivery as well. Let me know what you’ve got, anything really. Gotway, Kingsong, Inmotion, etc. Even open to other electric vehicles.
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