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  1. the 18xl has a skinnier tire. just less surface contact. thats all
  2. Just bought this bad boy, a few weeks ago, and put just over 300 kilometers on it. It is now much too cold where I live, and so I am either putting it away or selling it. I really would like to buy a new wheel in the spring, so if you want a barely used 18xl, hit me up. willing to ship. when i bought the wheel, I also bought a used set of body panels, so i wouldn't have to worry about scraping the new pristine wheel. I will include both sets as I have no use for them. it is the 2000watt version in case that matters. all lights work, everything works perfectly. if you are interested and want to
  3. mine does that too. i think its the pedal inserts rocking back and forth. i took them out for repairs and it stopped doing it. not sure why they creak but i don't think you need to worry about it too much
  4. i am interested in the v5f. what country are you in, and how much do you want?
  5. hey guys! im in Regina Saskatchewan! i ride an inmotion v8.
  6. Hey, just wondering if anybody is or knows anyone who has an EUC in Regina Saskatchewan Canada 🇨🇦 Trying to organize a group ride but their are not many around... Thanks!
  7. I am looking for a v8 motor... would you ship to Canada? also, how much would you want for it? thanks, Noah
  8. would you ship it to saskatchewan Canada? I just need it for spare parts, I already have a v8
  9. Would you ship it to saskatchewan canada? I already own a v8, but the motor broke, and I could always use the extra spare parts... super cheap tho, sure nothing is wrong with it?
  10. I just shattered my v8 rim... Wondering if all eucs, high and low quality, use alloy rims. They break really easily with low tire pressure for winter. Very disappointed. I was going full speed... And the rim shattered... And the tire popped. Working it out with warranty bit I'm just wondering if anyone else has has issues with rims cracking... Inmotion or otherwise? Thanks for reading.
  11. if this is still for sale, just wondering if you would consider $800? also would you ship it to canada?
  12. my apologies. missed that. thank you. would you ship to Canada out of curiosity?
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