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So it begins...first foray into EUC oddness

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Yea I get what you are saying, I have a Ninebot One E+ as well and I've gotten a chance to try the Mten3 and the KingSong 18L. The Mten3 gave me the same feeling as the V5F.....I felt a lot of the bumps and irregularities of what I rode on but both felt like an extension of my legs since they were so quick, light, and agile.

The Ninebot and the Kingsong felt much smoother and tank-like. I definitely felt like I was riding something or standing on a secure self-balancing platform instead of it being a part of me and weightless feeling. 

Both of these feelings have their ups and down which is why I don't regret getting the NB1e+ either. One thing I really love about Inmotion/Solowheel's programming is how the pedals flatten or tilt back a bit when it senses you are going for tight turns. That coupled with the high rounded pedals pretty always ensures you never scrape. It's lovely and I hope to find that in other wheels (maybe Gotway or another smaller KingSong).

I'm currently trying to decide b/n a KS16S, MCM5, or Tesla....I'm leaning more toward a 16 inch wheel since I like the smoothness but it's still kind of agile (as the NB1 has shown me.)

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Awesome footage, not poor at all especially considering it's from a mobile on a bike. I'm glad to see people on here getting their children into these things. It's such a worthwhile fun skill to learn and it's bringing up the future generation on these efficient clean transports. Yea it's probably not the safest PEV, but for what it is I'm still impressed how few accidents I see or actual hardware failures I've encountered (none with Inmotion only seen small handful with Gotway and Ninebot).

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Meep, yep her left turns are coming along nicely, her rights not so good. Same as me! We just need to keep riding and practising. The problem with her is that because lefts are comfortable for her, thats the side she always tends to go which isnt helping her rights at all. I feel that we need to keep pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone otherwise I can see problems down the line. Easier said than done though, I find I have to tell myself 'go right!' otherwise I could probably spend 80% going left! That said, she has just started slipping into carving (which she enjoys and doesnt consider as practice so its bonus wheel time!) so thats probably having a side effect of helping her rights. All good!

Tenofnine, thanks for you comments. Yes the actual image quality isnt so bad out of the S9 but the camera angles and production leaves something to be desired! Still, its fun and Ashleigh loves seeing how she is doing from another perspective. As you say, its great fun for kids, I think some might not be so happy given the lack of effort compared to a bicycle, but I have to say that especially when learning, it certainly feels like it gives me a work out! My legs are a bit wobbly and my feet ache after a couple of miles! I need to relax more I think.

As for accidents, I would feel really bad if she came off and scraped herself up. The problem with kids is that they just have a natural tendency to push the envelope. I may slide the limiter to 10mph until she is fully kitted up.

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