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  1. I use my V8 every two weeks and have to inflate it each time I ride. I keep it at 39psi at the moment. I once tried 35psi and couldn't go straight at all. Luckily I have a great Dewalt inflator along with a quick release so it's easy and quick.
  2. I fully agree that the app should work without all those permissions. I've uninstalled many an app that was too nosy. KS doesn't need to know my location to unlock features of the property that I own.
  3. Does it hold you up at all? I have a stroller I've used to transfer groceries to the kitchen after surgery, but I didn't think it would help a never ever rider.
  4. . Nevermind about the 4 wheels that turn. Our carts only have two turning wheels. I guess two beefy guys on either side of a new rider is the best way after all.
  5. I will stop making that suggestion then. Sounded like such a great idea. Perhaps all four wheels need to turn for it to work.
  6. Take her to an empty grocery store parking lot and she can ride behind a grocery cart.
  7. I use my V8 on beginner singletrack. It's great, but I haven't done any big hills yet. I will be getting a 16x when they come out.
  8. V8 gives you 28km/h and 40km I believe. I still like it.
  9. Actually, it does fold in half. I have one that I use to move heavy things around the yard. You could probably use an euc with it.
  10. I would recommend a folding game cart. game cart
  11. I bought an extra long wristband for my Ticwatch pro and use the speedometer app.
  12. Best wishes @fryman for a quick recovery.
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