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  1. Thanks for all the info. Next time I won't worry when I ride.
  2. My 16X makes my knees feel great! No suspension needed.
  3. I hit 109F and it was only 77F today. I was going 12mph half the time and 15mph the rest. I wonder how high it will get when it's in the 90's out.
  4. What is the max temperature you get when you ride the 16X? It looks like officially it is 140deg F. How close to that temp do you get?
  5. After my acl surgeries (not from ewheel) it was 6 months of physical therapy to be released for skiing).
  6. I don't know the proper inflation numbers for your wheel. I'm just going by the pic.
  7. It looks like you are using your feet to balance. I'd say try using your hips instead. Maybe the tire is underinflated. It could just be the camera angle, but the tire looks flat to me.
  8. Do you know what speed you're going? Maybe you need to go a smidge faster. Like a bicycle. Put the tire pressure back to it's original level if you haven't done that yet. I once lowered pressure and couldn't stay straight. pumped it back up and all was good.
  9. I think you have to get it from your devices app. I bought an XL band so the watch would fit around wrist guards.
  10. If you are using wheellog you connect the watch to your phone then click on the watchface in wheelog on your phone (orange means connected). You can't connect both your watch and the phone to the wheel at the same time. So if you're using wearwheel on your watch you have to make sure your phone isn't connecting to the wheel as well,
  11. tessa25

    InMotion V8f

    I think the V8 is great as a first wheel. It's also great for it's portability. On a vacation I'm going to bring the V8 as it is easy for me to carry. I can barely get my 16X into my car after a ride.
  12. I ended up the only one. So I spent my time practicing in the mountain bike practice area. Went down a short 14deg slope successfully by just skiing down without trying to go slow. Next attempt I tried to control the speed and landed on my butt. Third attempt I tried with one leg on the ground and fell forward. Lol. I will attempt another group ride the next nice Saturday if it's not ski season.
  13. Ok, who's gonna take one for the team and do some downhills on the 16x? This oughta help: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MNGC9CJ/ref=twister_B07MGRGV7J?_encoding=UTF8&th=1
  14. Anyone up for a ride on the mtn bike trails at Lory State Park this Saturday Nov 16? 40°35'15.9"N 105°10'49.3"W 40.587752, -105.180346 Meet at 11am at the mtn bike practice area. Ride the West Valley trail to the East Valley trail loop (beginner singletrack). Those that want to continue can then ride the Kimmons trail (intermediate) and others. If you don't have a state parks pass it's $8 for parking (pay at ranger station). @Graniteone @Singletrack @JZT-Colorado @Luke Herron @Jimmy Chang
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