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  1. I was already planning on getting a 16X after the first batch. Between potentially moving to using a switch for lift instead of a sensor (I thought I read somewhere they were going to do this), and now silent operation, every single box is checked for me. Can't wait!
  2. Start doing back exercises. If it's typically difficult or slow to get up off the floor then make a habit of sitting on the floor then getting up several times per day. My back feels great these days after doing those two things.
  3. I got a "respect" once. Everyone I see says positive things so far.
  4. I use a guitar stand.
  5. I read his comment to mean he uses the original charger when he charges it. Not that he was charging it at the time of the fire. Why can't a wheel be upright during charging?
  6. I don't know how old your daughter is, but this purple Bell 3R is pretty. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KXZ1X16/ref=twister_B01KXZ1WXK They also have white with pink.
  7. Took the Glide 3/V8 to a mountain bike practice area. Forgot my Gopro so I used a dashcam. Video is potato like as a result.
  8. What's wrong with using a plain old online credit card account?
  9. I'm surprised Paypal doesn't allow Voids before the transaction settles.
  10. I just bought Corel Video Editor to make the occasional video. It's very easy to use. The free music is horrible. So I googled royalty free youtube music and there is a list of music. I'm not a big music person so picking a tune is annoying. Does anyone have any good EUC music ideas I can steal?
  11. Every town is different. Here they are unofficially (grey area) lumped in with class 1 and 2 ebikes which suits me just fine.
  12. My cover came with the wheel.Perhaps your cover is not in stock.
  13. I just signed up. Is there a way to delete a tour?
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