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  1. I like the tail, but don't like the whole lobster staring at me on my plate.
  2. There's a big red bug on your corn!!
  3. Got mine as well. Looks great! Can't wait to take my 16x offroad this weekend.
  4. How much of that is necessary to replace a tire?
  5. I have auto update turned off for all my apps. Google Play -> settings -> auto update disable
  6. I bought a 12x14x16 inch plyometric box and cut down the height before assembly.
  7. I think it only works with King Song. I use speedometer app with ticwatch pro for inmotion.
  8. People prefer to be anonymous so they don't get stalked, robbed, beaten, fired from their job because of what they say on the internet.
  9. I think you see it because you are a moderator. We don't see it.
  10. On other forums that I've been on staff would suspend the person that opened multiple accounts for a month. And state that it was done because of the multiple accounts without showing the ip addresses.
  11. I don't think warranties cover putting your wheel in the shower.
  12. I can jump with a 2" "kicker" (speedyfeet term). It's a 2 x 6 board.
  13. You might benefit by using one of those bodyguard neoprene covers on cold days. offtopic: What psi do you ride at these days?
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