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  1. tessa25

    Solowheel Glide 3 Shells?

    That makes you the third person this month to crack a Glide3 shell. They must have gone to cheaper materials. I bought my replacement shell from ewheels.com. Cost more than $20 for me. The shell said Inmotion so hopefully it won't crack so easily.
  2. tessa25


    Lol. That guy is funny! Great attitude!
  3. tessa25

    Cracked Shell

    Mine cracked on day 5. I had the protective cover and some padding on at the time. I bought a new side panel from ewheels. I padded it more when I put on the new panel. I've done another 5 days since and so far so good.
  4. tessa25

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    It's definitely at the top of my list.
  5. tessa25


    Thanks for the tip! I'm not sure where to look when doing figure 8's. All I know is figure 8's make me nauseous. Have to do S turns instead.
  6. tessa25


    Day 9. Still working on turns.
  7. I put removable protective film directly on the wheel and then I put that foam on top of that so it's really easy to pull off. Removable protective film
  8. tessa25


    Great video! You do a great job of demonstrating the capabilities of the V8 for sightseeing purposes. I am looking forward to the 16X as well. If it doesn't have bugs like my V8 doesn't seem to have bugs that'll probably be my next wheel.
  9. tessa25

    Why are ther so few Female riders?

    Women need to see other women riding an electric wheel to properly assess how difficult it is. Watching the significant other jump on with both feet and go till they fall gives all the info needed to say no. Firmly. We don't like to fall. That's why I spent 5 days riding on one leg before switching to two.
  10. I bought a jacket and noticed the elbow pads not covering the inside. Rollerblade falls for me were a smidge to the inside of the elbow with no rolling on to the back. Falling off a motorcycle is more landing on one side I would imagine.
  11. tessa25

    Newbie help please

    I set my Inmotion V8 to 10kph max and it felt correct for me. I'm going to change it to 12kph next time. I'm not interested in going fast at the moment. I'm working on balance and turning at slow speeds. 6kph is too slow for sure. I think you would be happier at 10kph.