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  1. I actually totally forgot that I ran into a OW'er yesterday and he had fractured his wrist from a mid speed cut out. As far as I know he's the only other PEV rider aside from me in Dayton. I think at this point EUCs are leaps and bounds safer than any Onewheel just based on the battery size, warnings, tiltback, motor power, wheel size, not having to rely on a pressure switch, not having a fulcrum that multiplies the strain on the balancing motor, etc. Still anything self balancing that can go above 10 mph is dangerous so in the macro view an EUC is probably only marginally safer than a OW. Scooters and e-bikes I think will always be king since they can be used when the battery runs out and they can't dump the rider. I will say the one thing I really respect about the EUC community is that they don't hide anything. Problems, failures, and falls are all documented or recorded and shared here and everywhere else. I'm sure it happens but I don't see anyone so prideful about these devices that they lie or cover up the negatives about them. The OW community seems to be split down the middle; with one side being an open book while the other side hides a lot or is in denial (in a misguided attempt to not scare people away from buying them)
  2. Aw that is a shame and I'm really sorry to hear that man. SO that just happened? I have to admit it's been a few weeks since I've peeped his channel so I probably missed this news. Hope he has a speedy recovery, I'm going to catch up on some of his newer vids to show some support.
  3. Watching people learn to ride EUCs has weirdly become one of my favorite things. Especially if you are able to catch that moment when it clicks (sometimes multiple), it's like magic going from an awkward duck to a graceful swan in mere moments.
  4. Ah yea understood, I know in those situations if you get off to walk you wouldn't be able to ever get back on. I guess what I mean is anywhere a cyclist would have to get off to walk their bike us PEVs users should as well to not invoke the lawmakers into banning our kind.
  5. I would agree with this as well but I take it a step further, maybe to a point people might not agree with. If you are constrained to walking speed around pedestrians my opinion is that you shouldn't be riding at all, you should be walking as well since they have right of way, it's good practice, and in most places it's the law. What I do is hop off, flip one pedal up, and extend the trolley to roll it as I walk (when you get good and want to be stylish you can flip a pedal up riding one footed while coming to a stop, then pull the trolley out in less than a second). Once you are in the clear it takes only another 1-2 seconds to retract the trolley flip the pedal down and zoom off.
  6. You'd probably be fine then at your size and weight. You could still overpower and demand more than the motor can give but it'd be a lot harder. I don't doubt it's capabilities to make it on a trip like that vid documented. He's also at the south tip of Manhattan to Brooklyn which is only 4-4.5 miles (the EUC you have can go 5x that safely). But I want to know his dimensions (seems skinny and not that tall, the 275lb weight limit is a dangerous overestimation by Onewheel IMO), I want to know if this trip was scouted first since he seems to magically avoid the random potholes/construction/bumps and inconsistencies in NYC roads (he does stick to cycle paths which is smart), and I'd want to know if this was a first try without any bloopers. NYC also is pretty dang flat, a commute like this would probably be impossible in a slightly hilly town let alone a place like San Fran. Also In weather colder than 60 degrees I don't see a pint getting more than 3 miles safely....40-50 degrees maybe 2-2.5 miles miles safely on flat. I have a Tesla that has a 1020 Wh battery and I'm even a bit reluctant to ride it below 30 % because any incline or sudden upward ramp/bump can cause a large spike in watt usage basically going from 25-30% down to 5-8% remaining (in colder temps going to 0% battery in the readout). So I can't imagine how a tiny 148Wh would do in varied temps, demands, and elevation. I also wonder how it limits your speed at lower battery or lets you know, if it crosses a threshold as it suddenly demands extra power it might cutout and nosedive you more often than not (self balancing PEVs need a lot of power to push you back at their limits since they are basically going faster than you are leaning) I don't mean to come off negative or skeptical, but I don't like when companies give out BS specs and info on untested and seemingly "magical" devices. Not really related to the pint...but I also wonder about SlydogStroh whose videos I'm quite a fan of, but I find it hard to believe him when he says he's never really nosedived or had a fall (or not released some footage that made the Onewheel look bad). That doesn't line up with the plethora of accidents and injuries I see from experienced riders in the community. I guess we'll have to wait and see how the pint shakes down once it's finally in the hands of those that ordered it.
  7. I think you dodged a bullet... I don't for the life of me understand how any adult can take the PINT seriously (especially a big guy like Duf). The XR and + models already are easily overpowered because of the amount of leverage you have on the one small balancing motor. It's already under powered and the battery is already small enough to make me queezy just watching people ride them. I like the design but at the specs they use it it very poorly implemented and seriously unsound. Now they are making an even smaller 148 Wh or whatever it is model in the PINT....that sounds extremely dangerous and stupid. Either there is some magic going on to prevent even more nosedives or we are going to see even more cover ups of OW'ers in denial. 148Wh is just laughable for a battery size on a PEV carrying an adult...I think there are delays because this thing is proving unsafe. Not enough power or potential energy spread across an already dangerous PEV design. An average male with some light safety gear can demand more current and power than the 148 Wh battery pack can supply at 60% or lower = faceplants and nosedives galore (forget about going up inclines). I just don't get it. Hope I'm wrong, but I don't see how I could be.
  8. That sesh on an 18 inch wheel is super impressive, I don't think I've seen anyone else try stuff like that so fluidly on such a large wheel. Is a Kingsong wheel just that responsive at that size or do you have to put a lot more pressure on the pedals to make it keep up with you?
  9. If this derpy thing blows his mind....wait til he finds out that there are Electric Unicycles that go 2x as far, over 2x as fast, and have 4x the power, plus they are cheaper....and they been in production for 5+ years.
  10. That's what I really like about 14 inch wheels the torque feels almost instant even on terrain like that. Only problem is that you feel everything and can get caught up on loose thin grooves (really though that's a tire width problem). I was curious are you taller than the footage let's on? I don't think I've ever heard my V5F strain like that, or maybe the engine *WHIRRR* is being exaggerated by the camera mic?
  11. I believe one of the all time great songwriters wrote a song about his very topic, Sir Limp Bizkit - "Alright, partner Keep on rollin', baby You know what time it is Throw your hands up Ladies and gentlemen Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' (what?) Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' (come on) Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' (yeah) Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'" Sage advice really... He later gives step by step instructions of his riding style "Move in, now move out Hands up, now hands down Back up, back up Tell me what you're gonna do now Breath in, now breath out " crucial and poignant.
  12. What's really impressive is how stable it's able to make that footage look when it's wobbling all over the place like it's drunk. Really though that is so annoying and loud to have in a public place flying that low, but cool for solo rides where there aren't places and people.
  13. I just recently figured out how to not wobble while braking (very common and pervasive even amongst experienced riders). It might have just been a muscle memory "time and experience" thing but ever since I started learning back more (trusting the wheel) and keeping my legs straighter I don't have brake wobbles anymore. I think naturally your instinct is to not lean back too far and your body tends to crouch a bit when you brake just out of worry....so you end up doing the 2 things that make you wobble.
  14. Dude weighs 245, he's tall, size 13 shoe. They should have not sold him a V8. That's one thing that is bad about inmotion they exaggerate to a dangerous degree their range and payload limit on their wheels. I wouldn't sell the V8 to anyone over 200 pounds, eWheels is smart to say 220 at least.
  15. An Inmotion dumping you at top speed with plenty of battery? Thought I'd never hear of such a thing. Are you under the 220 recommended weight limit? If you are within the specs of riding that wheel I imagine there must be some very unlucky rare fault with your V8. Like KingSong they limit the speed lower than they are capable of and the wattage of the motor can peak much higher than the rating they give.
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