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  1. I instantly started my collection from the start because there was an issue with my brand new V5F I had ordered. Had to send it back for repairs and without a wheel I got the urge to ride so I bought a Ninebot E+ (the classic) to hold me over. Quickly outgrew the V5F so I bought a GW Tesla not too long after, incredible wheel and upgrade. And then of course I had to get an Mten 3 because Jason started carrying the 420 Wh version. The only one I don't ride/ don't like riding is the Ninebot E+. The V5F and the Mten3 I'm happy to say I still ride at least bi-weekly. Already considering getting a V10 or MSX for my next main wheel.
  2. The only successful falls above 25 mph I've seen are fully geared up slide outs; elbow, wrist, and knee pads with hard body armor (and even then it was expected, some loss of balance/power felt beforehand). Using the first few steps to sort of superman your momentum into straight forward instead of into any type of roll or supposed parkour maneuver. If you try to formulate a roll in a split second you may end up slamming your head into the ground even harder and you will probably break a collar bone or shoulder focusing all that energy into one point of contact. Most cutouts happen near top speed (relative to battery level) when you try and accelerate hard near the top end, when you try and show off, or when your battery is old or not charged. We are lucky now that even companies like Gotway have tried and true models that almost always put these kind of crashes into the "user error" category. But still I urge everyone to not test the limits of your wheel, or at the very least don't try anything stupid or flashy near the top end of it's speed limit. I know that's half the fun of these wheels. but you may lose the ability to ride one altogether (or to walk, or speak, etc)
  3. You've got to remember to think of the US as a continent pretty much and each state as it's own country. And the US is a massive hub for int'l travel and immigration. Those deaths are highly concentrated in a few states, while some have deaths in the single digits still. So in these high concentrate areas they are running out of room to aid people while other places see almost no strain. We unfortunately are still getting people flying from other countries and continents, so really it's all the traffic from foreign areas that are rapidly increasing the numbers. People are taking it serious from where I'm at, but the problem is in high int'l travel states and cities they can't just block people from returning/moving from outside countries (though they should be for now). When the final numbers come out I have no reason to believe that they sill be any higher than other places. Also the US doesn't tend to lie or cover up numbers concerning a pandemic such as this (something we've already seen form many other nations)
  4. They call this a "furlough" here in the US but that is definitely a borrowed term and it usually applies to government/military workforce. Kind of like a suggested temporary leave of absence without pay.
  5. I would agree with you that I have no interest in getting this wheel, but that's probably because I have never really yearned for this type of suspension on any EUC I own. I like the connected feeling that most EUC give and the tactile feedback of riding in a very active way. I don't ever feel any pain or discomfort from turbulance unless I ride for 20+ miles and that is really rare for me. Inmotion just needs to recoup the cost of R&D spent finally applying suspension to an EUC. And I'm sure knowing their track record they went 200% further than a company like Gotway would go on something this novel. Still it's way too expensive and prices (and weight) in this range are starting to intersect with more premium and tested devices like high end e-bike, mopeds, e-motorcycles, etc. Those have more range, better suspension, and so on. Obviously at this price it's still going to be worth it since it's in a unique package that is the EUC, so I hope it finds success and maybe pushes more companies to innovate.
  6. Went through AP Organic Chem 1/2, AP Physics plus advanced science classes in High School (Grade 9-12) then through a full Electrical Engineering BoS degree at UT Austin.....never once did Lux or Lumens come up. In fact I didn't study or know about Lux or Lumens until I started to get into videography and higher end flashlights on my own. So I'm not sure why you think this is common knowledge. In my opinion Lumen or Candelas (total potential light output) are more useful when talking about a light source like we see on EUCs. Lux and Footcandles are pretty much useless without a specified distance given attached to that number. That 7800 Lux figure is most likely them putting a Lux Meter right at the lens of the headlight......which might as well be as useful as a lumens figure. At 50 ft away the headlight on the V11 could be as low as 200 Lux for all we know, they just wanted a large flashy number that really doesn't mean much.
  7. Disappointed in the battery size, the price, and the lack of side lights....but I guess with the inclusion of suspension on an EUC there was going to be concessions. I'm glad that Inmotion has prioritized keeping the EUC as slim as possible, it's one thing that sets them apart from most other companies. Still though it's not the most innovative or inspired looking wheel, feels like 2014 concept art that never got finalized (AKA "Solowheel Xtreme 2"). Still not the ugliest EUC though, the Nikola maintains that title by a huge margin. I'm optimistically awaiting reviews to blow me away and defy my expectations.
  8. Found this mask, do you guys think covid-19 droplets can get through those nose holes? (asking for a friend) Seems like a great option.
  9. I say pull the trigger, but what terrible poetic justice would it be if you caught corona and it was fatal. I'm just kidding I really don't care that much about some harmless words on a hoodie, sticks and stones and all that. But if you caught corona and died from it maybe other Boomers would find it funny; unfortunately you wouldn't be around to enjoy the comedy of the situation.
  10. I'm unsure if this is some heavy embellishing or sensationalizing to get younger people to take this more seriously, but I guess it doesn't really matter in the end. I have been really disappointed with how younger people (high school and college) have been taking this, and even more disappointed in how some 40+ people think this is all a overreaction and that it's a joke. I'm taking it seriously as if I have it and am contagious, because let's face it that may be true and it's just so selfish if I act like nothing is different.
  11. Great videos, been following coverage but haven't kept up with these specific YT vids. I found it weird that the pandemic expert in the TEDx talk sort of jokingly advised not to wear masks if you aren't sick. I would agree that you shouldn't be potentially causing a shortage by buying the appropriate field mask that is rated to block out virus aerosol (high PPM effectiveness and medical field certified).... but even just a construction dust mask or simple face wrap can prevent you from the habit of touching your mouth or nose, which could keep you from contracting the virus and becoming part of the problem. AND besides that how do you know if you have it or have already gotten over it but you are still contagious.....if you show no signs but cough or sneeze then you just spread the virus unknowingly.
  12. So I really like the word "axiom" and it's adjective form "axiomatic", but I have never seen anyone use the adverb form..... Does it make sense here? I'm confused about the way you used it. It's tantamount to saying "obviously" or "automatically" is it not? Isn't axiomatically just a more severe adverb for something that is known to already be true by a large majority (self-evident, unquestionable)? Seems redundant /misplaced or maybe I'm missing something completely. Sorry don't mean to nit-pick, was just curious about it's usage here....maybe it's a chance for me to learn something.
  13. Yep, and it's so smart (I've personally been to Nagoya and Tokyo). By far the most forward thinking thing I like about Japan is the prevalence of the washlet, even beyond the efficient rail transportation and cleanliness of your cities. I still don't understand why bidets or washlets aren't everywhere.
  14. Seems highly unlikely this is man made, but never say never. It actually is kind of scary to think how easily scientist could create an artificial virus or disease though. Do you guys think that Big TP (Toilet Paper) is possibly responsible for COVID-19? Maybe there is something sinister in all the new batches of toilet paper.....we are all distracted worrying about this virus while Big TP is making moves.
  15. Some disturbing opinions for sure... Trump definitely does embody the opinion of a lot of religious people. They speak and act like they know more than they do, they give opinions on things they are clueless about.....and they believe blind faith will lead them down some magical path that others supposedly can't see. Really they have no idea what anything is and they are following the words that men made up centuries ago in a time where slavery, racism, and raping were allowed (and in some scriptures/societies encouraged). Please do ignorantly go to church and other religious functions spread it among your fellow sheep, but stay far away from me. At the hands of something your mind can't comprehend, meet your maker as you believe (though from what I've seen in life it's probably the devil for how most religious hypocrites live and treat others). There are higher chances of winning the lottery than your particular religion being correct (and even less of a chance that Trump is right about anything that comes out of his mouth) I guess for how advanced and civilized we've become as humans I expect more of our kind. Truly disappointing sometimes.
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