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  1. tenofnine


    It's the same vid just checked, Alien Rides was the 3rd post in that thread on the 16th when he first published it. Same race, I guess that was my point there is some more info in that thread.
  2. tenofnine


    Isn't this the same that was posted as a topic on the 14th? I think there are quite a few links and other videos that show the riders info and wheel info (via youtube and instagram)
  3. tenofnine

    purchase advice (z10 vs GT16 vs Tesla)

    From everything I hear the V10 is one of the smoothest riding EUCs cause it has that fat balloon type tire. But even hearing how smooth it is for a 16 inch, it also seems to not be the most stable EUC since a lot of hardened city riders don't utilize it. The Z10 seems to have proven itself for that job since it's heavier, has a larger tire diameter, and is more "stable" at high speeds. I put stable in quotes because some seem to have issues with them out of the box and even someone like Hsiang has been thrown off it really badly once (seemed like it was the wheel's fault completely), and again when he hit a raised surface diagonally, and he gets some intense wobbles when he hits a pothole or uncertain asphalt. Plus there is the very questionable support and future of Ninebot EUC.... U-Stride has put the Tesla through it's paces (Marty has done extreme incline tests with it) and the current generation of that wheel seems to be very impressive. I've never seen U-Stride take a fall on Boston roads when it wasn't his fault (pushing top speed on lower battery). It seems to do extremely well for a 16 inch, but he might be leaving it's failures on the cutting room floor. It's the wheel I'm getting ASAP, I'll let you know my experience with it if you are still deciding by then. The KS 16X seems like it will be one of the more stable EUCs, but I'd say right now the most trustworthy EUCs for high speeds on uncertain roads are the KS18L/XL, the MSX , and Monster. But that is just from a ton or videos research and talking with people, not actual experience on those wheels.
  4. tenofnine

    So it begins...first foray into EUC oddness

    Oh I still struggle when bending my knees beyond the same amount, but once you are crouched pretty far the wobbles stop and you become as stable as when you are fully standing. I think the key is to put your knees inward a bit to grip the sides of the wheel until you are fully crouched so you get no wobble during any amount of bending. It's weird at first but then you adapt, it's actually kind of important on my daily commute because I have a few low hanging trees I have to ride under almost fully crouched.
  5. tenofnine

    So it begins...first foray into EUC oddness

    I can already tell she's addicted just like me. I find any reason to go on a trip with my EUC, my car is boring and my bike is feels lame now oh no! I even love riding in the rain and windy conditions. One of my favorite things is to pump into deep carves, brake then accelerate into each carve. I finally realize that you can ride these things pretty well fully crouched (it becomes stable when you bend your knees all the way) and that allows you to touch the ground as you carve. Brings me that same feeling I get long-boarding but I can do it on flat or uphill.
  6. tenofnine

    EUC Generations

    Love this, been making my own but this is more comprehensive. It's also clear to see how much improvement to safety and build quality each gen made. Like almost everything from 3rd gen on I would recommend to anyone that wants a safe stable wheel. Even with how small the market is and how little competition there is...people like Kingsong and Inmotion still do exhaustive testing and engineering. Makes me really proud to be a part of this small world.
  7. tenofnine

    The Photo Thread

    Had to do it.
  8. tenofnine

    14.5 miles round trip :)

    Yes be careful riding at low battery, I was testing mine against the V5F and the NB1e+ cut off and dumped me going 7-8 mph at 16-17 percent battery. Then it wouldn't turn on again until I fully charged it. The V5F let's me ride it down to 5% even on an incline but wisely limits my speed to 5 mphs instead of 16 mph. I was of course fully geared like a bomb detonator because I figured there might be cut outs (yes I know riding Li-Ion batteries down so low is bad for them but I was curious.) The NB1e+ I notice also struggles with inclines below 35% battery, and the indicator on the App will dip down from 35% to 15-20% from the stress on the older motor. Riding below 30 % is indeed a shady prospect unless you are on complete flat or downhill.
  9. tenofnine

    purchase advice (z10 vs GT16 vs Tesla)

    So imagine a pothole of infinite depth (really doesn't matter)....let's say it's 6 inches wide at the point you hit it. In an exponential way the bigger the tire the faster you go the less that pothole poses a threat. At a slower speed you may dip into it completely, but at high speeds gravity doesn't make you fall fast enough to out pace your forward momentum, so you can skip right over it or it can feel like a small driveway curb (cars can get damaged by the same pothole because they are so heavy and fall so fast into the hole). Now imagine an 18" wheel instead of a 16" wheel and it can be the difference between barely feeling it and it making you crash or popping you up in the air a foot (and probably causing a pinch flat).
  10. tenofnine

    First wheel

    And another tip for doing the last type of turn (an in-place turn as I call it) you need to do a mini jump or lighten your weight on the EUC (crouch a bit then extend your legs quickly). The allows much less friction and a faster more repeatable turn in-place. It's the same concept as a revert or a power-slide on a skateboard, you need to lighten your weight on what you are riding to nullify the friction on the wheel(s), this also prevents flat spots from forming. Using this technique 90s are super simple, 180s are easy, and you can even do 270s and 360s in place once you get confident enough.
  11. tenofnine

    The Photo Thread

    "Dude showing ass" was definitely hogging your filmstrip. Were his sculpted buns the highlight of the ride?
  12. So because no one else has posted this yet I made a little collage, the white version has been talked about but I haven't seen pics (I think). The V5 and V5F in white, I personally prefer the black but the white is lovely as well. Man I love this design, still my favorite from an aesthetic point of view. And @Rii if you haven't seen the trick videos by Hirsute or NonStopNeal with the V5F they are highly recommended. There's also videos of this guy who does pirouettes on a V5F for like 3-4 minutes, it's crazy.
  13. It's like a carbon fiber egg with those sexy fake vents....o-la-la! Actually I kind of like it too, it was seriously in the running for my next wheel but the Tesla won out. I want a different size wheel to compliment the 14" I will be keeping. Maybe one day an 18"....but that's IT I swear, no one needs more than 3 wheels
  14. That's the weird thing about EUCs, the 14 inch can actually be better for what you are talking about. The smaller the wheel the more torque it has per Watt, so a 14" can accelerate and decelerate much quicker than a 16", they can handle uncertain terrain much easier (as long as it's not a gap that is wider than the wheel), they can sustain and reach higher speed up steeper inclines. It's why the higher end Gotway MCM5 AKA the "Mountain Climber" is only a 14", that size allows it to rip up hills and off-road paths. You can also see in U-Stride's video where he compares the V5F 14" to the Tesla 16" that the smaller wheel has a significant advantage. Despite having a lot less power and costing a fraction of the price the V5F performs better up hills and off-road (also the high clearance rounded pedals help a lot) My opinion is that the larger the wheel the better it is for cruising on roads and doing high speeds on roads, they can handle potholes and bumps better at higher speeds. I think 14 inch is a sweet spot especially for the beginner speed range (12-18 mph) it's nimble, can handle inclines better, and facilitates faster trick learning. Once you outgrow the starting speed and go over 20-25 mph then I suggest getting a 16" or 18" wheel for sure, much safer at those speeds. But that's just my 2 cents. Also I love my V5F, definitely not selling it after I get my Tesla because it's too much fun and still has utility on shorter trips/tricking....however the NB1e+ will be sold for sure. If you lived near me I would for sure sell it to you for $200 and it's still in like new condition with very low mileage. Also a good wheel, can't go wrong with that one either.
  15. tenofnine

    The Photo Thread

    Well the source material is just so inspiring; the possibilities are endless, but that would clog up this thread haha. On a serious note that get up is awesome looking, being safe never looked so cool.