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  1. Helmet info and opinion is scattered all over the forum, mostly in thread derailments, which I categorically deny having anything to do with, ok, maybe a little,. ALRIGHT! IT'S ALWAYS ME. HAPPY NOW? Please feel free to add your thoughts and recommendations about all things helmet related. So here's what I bought: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01L6SS4FW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and why: 1. its road legal, and therefore safer than a bicycle helmet. 2. it's matt black like my wheel, so it goes with anything. 3. I can wear goggles and keep my eyes from tearing up. 4. I don't care about the extra weight, It's not like I'm peddling for Gauds sake. 5. I can wear it while jet skiing, powered paragliding, and if I ever get on a motorcycle/scooter again. 6. the padding comes out for cleaning, etc 7. there's room for speakers 8. it was cheap 9. it comes well recommended Concerns: 1. I do a lot of sidewalk and boardwalk (promenade) riding, so I'm concerned that my full MC helmet and jacket combo will scream "HEY! he doesn't belong here". Which, of course, I don't. But riding in the road is illegal here too, so I'd rather be hung for a sheep than a lamb (as the old English saying goes) said to mean that because the punishment for a bad action and an even worse one will be the same, you have no reason not to do the worse one 2. How bad is my hair going to look, when I take it off? 3. How much more time is this going to add to my pre/post-ATGATT routine? 4. Just one more bulky thing to find a place for here, and where I'm going. 5. Makes my recent headphone purchase useless, as I use them exclusively when gliding. I tore apart my old headphones (won't charge anymore) with a view to installing them in this helmet. Another project that may never see the light of day. Yeah, I know, somethings wrong with my nose, or the helmet, or the goggles, or my head. Either way, nothing is lining up.
  2. So A few weeks back I asked about this modification to a KS16 (replacing the 2.125" tire with a 2.5" tire). I also started asking about 2.5" tires. The tires I bought are in the first link. Photos of someone else's 2,5" mod in the second link. Obtaining a 2.5" tire in Europe proved difficult, although I'm sure someone has them in stock, somewhere. @IPS Malta came to my rescue by shipping me 2, 2.5" tires from China (he spends time in China). The 2nd. tire is for my KS14. I was trying to buy them via Chinese websites, but wasn't sure what I was doing. @IPS Malta did all the thinking for me and made it a simple error free experience. He sent me the two tires I asked for. He did not imfluence my decision in any way. So A BIG shout out to @IPS Malta, who went out of his way to help me even though he doesn't know me from @Adam Hi @Adam . Fitting the tire was my usual routine, you know, fit it wrong, do it all over again, that old chestnut. Actually, I didn't fit it wrong, but with the 14" tire, I tried to fit it as it was intended, i.e. tubeless, with a stand-alone valve. The first problem was the existing vale hole in the rim was too small to pull the new valve stem through. So I drilled it out a bit. But the hole is so close to the edge of the rim that the rubber base of the valve intrudes into the space where the tire meets the rim. As a tubeless tire, it is critical that this interface is sound. So I cut back some of the valve base, to clear the bead of the tire. Of course, as you can guess, when I put the tire on, this area would not hold air. So off with the tire, and in with the factory innertube. Then I read a thread where someone's innertube had sprung a leak from rubbing against the tire. So off comes the tire... no, not really. I let the air out and sprinkled in a liberal dose of talcum powder, to reduce the friction. Cleaned the talc from the bead to prevent the tire from slipping and ripping the valve out of the tube. For the 16", I went straight to the innertube/talc route. So far this seems to be working fine.
  3. If you have to make Swiss cheese out of your shell, I wouldn't do it. You were happy with the factory ride; leave well alone. I wasn't happy with my ride (wobble) and I didn't have to calve my shell up six ways to Sunday; so for me it was an easier decision.
  4. It's a relatively static tour right now. It seemed senseless to leave England just as the summer was starting, so I'm camped just off the A27 between Eastbourne and Brighton. In-between continuing the modifications to my RV and usual daily chores I do get to ride Eastbourne and Brighton regularly. And I had a nice ride between Bexhill on Sea and Hastings, the other week. One day last week I did Beachy Head from one end to the other; all grass and mud paths. I do seem to wheel alarming close to the edge sometimes (bad Smoother) but, when you know the next 6 feet is smooth, why wouldn't you? The rescue squad was out, and people in helmets were going over the side. I'm not sure if there had been a jumper, or if they were just practicing. I did look over the side several times to see, but I could not see the bottom. Funny enough, the entire rescue sqad stopped what they were doing and watch me, as I rode past. I guess they've never seen an EUC in the plastic. I did climb some seriously steep grass slopes, which shocked some Japanese tourists I passed. And no, my "Big Foot" pedals did not catch on anything. I stopped for a rest and to take in the sights, very close to the edge. After about 20 minutes I got up and walked away to take a photo of the place. It was then that I noticed that the cliff top I had been sitting on was SERIOUSLY undercut. These are chalk cliffs so not exactly "set in stone" . The bottom is strewn with chalk falls as the cliffs erode and recede over time. Needless to say I collected "Big foot" and wheeled away from there toute de suite. . I've got some photos somewhere. Phone ran out of storage, so not as many as I would like. What's nice about EUC's is you can park the car where the parking is cheaper, or free, then wheel to the high priced destination, very nice! Just remember where the car is parked.
  5. @Shad0z . Now is when you have to dig deep. You need to examine where the interferences are, and figure out what modifications you have to make to make this tire fit. Or you could put the factory tire back on and sell the tire to someone with a Lhotz or someone wishing to 2.5" mod a KS16. On a related note, as @KS Poland has sent me back my upgraded axle for the 14c (very nice too BTW) I now have to put it back together. Problem is, since I took it apart last year (?) I have also put a 2.5" tire on it, so shell modifications are in order here as well. I know from trial fitting the new tire in the shell, some shell has to be cut away, and new holes have to be drilled and tapped in the pedal hangers to move the shell up slightly, to clear the top of the tire. There's always something! Putting the factory tire back on is an option too, but its almost as big a PITA as modifying the wheel, so I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't. Did I mention I'm very lazy?
  6. Today I found this message in my email: "I got stopped by a police officer on a bike this morning around the bottom of Hyde Park, near Hyde Park Corner. He told me that they are illegal and he didn't want to see me on one again. Looks like I'll be using my Brompton for commuting now! I believe that they are allowed to confiscate them, but luckily he didn't (guess he didn't want the paperwork)" It's from a member of the Facebook London EUC Riders group, (Name withheld) So in a second, that rider's riding is through or in jeopardy if he ever rides in that area again. And yes, I do believe they can and do confiscate illegal "vehicles". Under English law an EUC is effectively a motorcycle; an unregistered, untaxed, uninspected, and uninsured motorcycle, so illegal everywhere except private land. I'm afraid incidents of this type will only get more frequent. If I got told that where I live, I'm grounded. The police station is 300m away. I'm so glad I'll be off abroad again, soon. On a side note, I walked passed a GotWay rider in Bromley yesterday, in the rain. Tesla I think, or maybe MCM4 (I can't tell them apart at a moving glance). It was a miserable day, and anyone riding in it would not be riding for pleasure, so I didn't think it was fair to flag him down for a chat.
  7. I have a confession to make: I haven't been loving my King Song 16s as much as others seem to love theirs. My problem is occasional wobbles, which scare me enough at speed to keep my speeds unnaturally low. @Marty Backe told me it was just me and I should shut up and go away (my words, not his). A part of my problem, I believed was the general shortness of pedals; fine for size 7 Chinese feet but for western male adult feet, not so good. So I resolved, over a year ago in Spain, that when I got back to the UK I would make some pedal extensions as others have done. Well, over a year later, and one new wheel too, I've FINALLY done it. For years I have been carting around a sheet of 6.5mm aluminum diamond plate, and it was my intention to use it. Here it is, with two shoe shaped bites out of it: This stuff took forever to cut with an electric jig saw. It's aluminum on steroids. Here is one in place. I later decided to go with grip tape as the diamond pattern was actually making it slicker due to reduced contact area:
  8. Smoother

    KS14D performance on hills

    The motor of any modern kingsong or Gotway or IPS or any other major brand ( except that thin commuter wheel from IPS , can't remember the model no. ) will handle that climb, no problem. It's battery size that matters most. Climbing a long hill will draw your voltage down. A bigger battery is essential to prevent a problem. I wouldn't buy anything less than 840Wh to cruise up that hill with speed and confidence. You said 8mph would cause you grief so get a bigger battery.
  9. Hitting your hip is a bit unusual for EUCs but hip protection pants are available. I've actually thought about buying some Wrists, knees and elbows statistically take most impacts so logically these are the most sensible and convenient areas to protect. What caused your foot to slip off the pedal?
  10. Good to get confirmation that IPS uses the 5102 as @IPS Malta stated. Hopefully it was chosen by them for its combination of ride characteristics. I paid over £40 tax, mostly on the airmail for two tires from China. Tax on shipped goods is based on the total cost of the shipment, including shipping. So if you buy a $10 item and pay $40 to ship it fast from China, you pay import tax on $50. Better to use the cheap shipping if you can afford to wait.
  11. @mrelwood interesting you comment about relative tire designs now. Just yesterday @IPS Malta has returned to Europe with a different 16x2.5 tire to try. It's a ChaoYang H-5102. He says he got it directly from IPS and we are assuming it's a replacement for the 5146, because that Is the tire on @The Fat Unicyclist Lhotz. @IPS Malta is going to send it to me and I'm sending him my slightly used semi slic. Since I last reported on this mod. I'm still of the mind that the original Kenda handled better. So, since I've already passed the point of no return (modified shell) I thought I'd give the 5102 a try since it comes from IPS. If I'm not happy with it, I can still put the original Kenda back on. Who know; with my "Big Foot" pedal mod, maybe that's all I actually need.
  12. Does anyone know what this 2.5" mod. is all about? What are the benefits? Which is the preferred tire? Who sells it? are there other steps to perform other than " swap the tires"? I have seen that raising the shell by one pedal arm mounting hole gives clearance for the control-board heat-sink. Is that the only mod.?
  13. Smoother

    ACM2 1300 Wh vs. KS16s for newbie?

    @Shad0z had one that pretty much fits that description to a T (Tee?. Tea? Which one is it?)
  14. Just a heads up in case someone else runs across this problem. My horizontal (?) calibration has drifted over time and I measured it at 1 deg. backwards. It doesn't sound like much but I could feel it in my ankles. So I decided to bring it back to 0. Opened the new (white/orange) app, found calibration tab, started reading. Firstly, although the English is vastly improved over the old app, it is incorrect. It tells you to set the wheel at the angle you desire, press "yes" and the wheel will turn off. There's no way to follow these instructions, because with the wheel on, and at the wrong calibration angle, it won't let you move it to the desired angle, because its ON, and when it's on it wont let you change the angle. Undeterred, I figured I'd set the desired angle once it was switched off, so I hit "yes"....NOTHING! Tried a few more times, and still nothing. So I pulled out a spare phone that still has the old (black/green, read: good) app on it. That app has terrible English but I knew what to do, and it worked. The method: Find an app that measures angles in all directions and place the phone on a perfectly horizontal surface (like under the handle on the ks16). I find it helps to have two phones; one with the King Song App and one with the "bubble level" App. If you only have access to a conventional (one dimension level) then put it on an open pedal and estimate as best you can the left/right vertical-ness(?). EDIT (verticuity? ) Turn on the wheel, and lean it up against a wall so it is perfectly upright left to right (you may have to prevent it from toppling over). Open the old app and connect, find calibration button, push the correct button Yes/calibrate (whatever it says), the wheel will turn off. Take the time to carefully orientate the wheel to your desired angle, but make sure it's completely vertical in the left/right plane or you might experience weird pedal dipping in corners. WITHOUT MOVING THE WHEEL- switch the wheel back on. Hear five beeps. then turn wheel off. There will probably be an annoying continuous beep somewhere in there too; just ignore it. Turn wheel back on and confirm the angle is correct. Ride off into the sunset. KEEP A VERSION OF YOUR OLD APP SOMEWHERE AND DON'T LET IT UPGRADE ITSELF. I hope this helps someone.
  15. Smoother

    The Photo Thread

    Damn @meepmeepmayer there are no people where you ride. It looks like one of those movies where someone wakes up from a coma and everyone is gone. I'm moving there, no people is my kinda place.
  16. Smoother

    Tesla Pedal Modes

    So I can carry on using my 17.125% squish then. That's a relief.
  17. Smoother


    Nice video. I think I'm liking arid environments more and more. At 1:46 is a sign, literally, that might one day include EUCs. Nice trailer at the end, very clever.
  18. Smoother


    I would think that what he meant was, with your track record, if you keep your wheel they will be banned (not because of you but because stuff you like gets banned). But if you sell your wheel, they won't be banned, which will be good for the rest of us but not so good for you. I don't think he was attacking or insulting you.
  19. Smoother

    Tesla Pedal Modes

    Please share with us your method for measuring a 15% compression. I'm curious and really want to know how to do this.
  20. Smoother

    The Photo Thread

    What, To hold down a manky old piece of grip tape But seriously, aren't you concerned about what happened to @Rehab1 when riding with his studs? @nute weren't you just in Finland Skiing? You sure do get about. What's next, SpaceX flight? @WilliG what is that? A photo of the South China sea you found on Tinternet, or do you have a more informative description for us?
  21. Smoother

    Is it possible to upgrade a 1300 battery to a 1600 battery?

    @Clifmeister , What exactly is so terrible about 1300Wh? My biggest wheel has 840Wh. I wouldn't know what to do qith 1300Wh. Are you commuting to another country or something? God knows there are no hills in the Netherlands.
  22. Smoother


    When a Gotway crash video, or a King Song crash video results in a ban somewhere, it won't be just that brand banned, it will be ALL eucs. So while the dangers of riding a Gotway at cut out speed do not directly affect owners of other wheels, owners of all wheels will be effected when the ban comes in. And just for the record, I'm not attacking Gotway in this instance, I'm attacking Mor-Ron's decision to post this video. Anyone can have a crash, posting it on YouTube is another matter.
  23. Smoother

    MSuper vs ACM2 Pedal Size?

    Must be designed by the same company that designed previous King Song axles. I like a crack now and then, but mostly in association with snap, and pop, as in snap crackle and pop. Love a bowel of Kellogs Rice Krispies.
  24. Smoother


    Mr @Hunka Hunka Burning Love ask yourself this one question honestly: Would I be happy to show this video to my city council members?