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  1. And they do. And the harder it is for the great unwashed to find out about it the better.
  2. Congratulations. you win the prize for not listening. But there was a lot of competition.
  3. People on the English language thread are trying to put together a list of legal/illegal countries for EUC riding. If they do this it will be easier for people around you (neighbors, local officials, police, enemies, work colleagues with a grievance towards you, etc, etc to discove rthat you are breaking the law. I seem to be the only one fighting them. By the way, its people from legal countries who don't see a problem with this. Please help me fight this stupid idea, or you may start to find people shouting at you "hey! those are illegal" (only in German), or worse. (think fines and confiscations) I cannot be the only person who thinks making this info more easy to find, is a bad idea.
  4. Not illegal there, not an accurate comparison. I'm actually surprised at you. If you can't relate than you can't have empathy either.
  5. Well up to a few minutes ago this forum was littered with where I live and where I ride. But I have gone through and removed as much of that as possible. But my original point was not a witch hunt of me or another member, but just making it easier for people with a grudge to research and discover more easily , the person that rides an EUC regularly near them is actually breaking the law. They may have an EUC grudge (loud bluetooth music, riding fast, riding on biker path, etc) or they may have an unrelated grudge boundary dispute, parking dispute, jealous, etc) and want to get back at that person. Or it may be a cycling Nazi who is determined to keep bike lanes for non power bikes only and is angry at the growing number of EUCs on HIS bike path. What ever the reason, the easier it is for them to find the information the easier it is for them to cause trouble. But by dobbing in their enemy/neighbor, they are also dobbing in everyone else in that area where the authorities may have been unaware of EUCs or unaware that they were illegal. Once they know this info, they will notice them all the time from that point on AND now know they are illegal. I already have to be on the look out for police on the off chance one of them is aware of EUC status, the last thing I need is more authorities knowing this. And others ride past a lot more police than I do (no example given out of respect for his anonymity) All I'm saying is don't make it easier for people to look this stuff up. Some of us will one day pay the consequences for others idle curiosity EDIT I remember over a year ago riding past a random woman in the street who called out "those are illegal" And most of the time I ride with headphones so god knows how many others have made remarks like that. I just don't want any member of the public to do one google search and find this glorious list. The information is already available, I'm just asking not to make it easier to find. After a few fruitless searches most of them will lose interest and give up, if the info is buried.
  6. I don't think people who ride in legal areas have a right to ask for or create this list. You have no skin in the game. If you're legal. Be happy about it. But leave the rest of us alone. What is it to you if someone in a non- legal area buys one without knowing the legality. There are plenty of people riding , knowingly in illegal countries, what is the tragedy if one more buys one? Certainly none to you. Please give it a rest; your casual curiosity bring more danger to those not blessed by living in a legal zone. This is not a subject for your casual curiosity. Your insistence is quite frankly, insulting. Especially now that the issues for those of us WITH skin in the game have been spelled out to you. Your concern to help a hypothetical unsuspecting buyer, puts all the real owners in illegal countries at risk of more people knowing what we do is illegal. And the more that know that the greater the chance that the information will eventually jeopardize a rider. Your point about Seatle cops not knowing their own law is PRECISLY why I don't want this list, because I want my police and the police in all the other illegal countries to remain mostly in the dark for as long as possible. You don't think police officer search the internet for information too? My next act is to remove my country from my profile, So I can't directly be a victim of someones "good idea"
  7. Yeah, because that's always how legislation goes regarding fringe technologies. Everyone is jumping on the band wagon to approve electric rideables...not! This is the second time this troublesome (although well intentioned) list has been proposed, and both times by someone who rides in a legal area. If you look at it from the point of view of a rider outside the legal zones, surely you can see that it is not a clever idea for them. I say to you in legal areas, stop trying to dob the rest of us in. Let sleeping dogs lie. Anyone serious about travelling with their euc can ask a board member in that country/region if there are any problems. Or do their own research. The harder it is for joe public to find the data, the quicker they will give up and move on to spoil someone else's fun
  8. If it is legal where they are, their search will be fruitless and nothing changes for us. But if their search turn up our, oh so convenient, list, and it is illegal, then things change for some of us. A list like this holds no potential harm for those who ride in a legal zone so they have no problem with it, but for those of us who don't ride in legal zones, it's the complete opposite. People who live in legal areas should not be so quick to collate a list including places where people ride illegally , who might pay for their curiosity.
  9. I think its a really good idea to give anyone (or any politician) who is angry towards EUCs in their area, to give them a searchable one stop shop to figure out if EUCs are illegal in their area so they can proceed to make complains to the relevant authorities. Or maybe not.
  10. Well spotted my vote is glue reflecting light as mentioned above by @Chriull But since you forced me to examine the picture more closely, it does look like all of them have some amount of this woven pattern effect; but none as much as on the two blown fets. It might just be possible that the heat caused the transfer of material (more where hottest) rather than the other way round as we are speculating. And the materiel is simply the insulation sheet partly decomposing from being outside its design temperature range.
  11. Where there are people there are thieves. Don't take your eyes off your valuables for 5 seconds when in public. People will steal anything they think they can sell to make some cash or buy some drugs, even if they have no idea what it is. Its the same everywhere, except in an Amish village, but even there you have to watch out for the other tourists. @erk1024 I would bet money that scooter rider was looking to steal your wheel. Who manhandles someone else's stuff in the street with good intentions? He touched your helmet and wrist guard, and that is clearly personal property, even clothing of a sort. No one does that with good intentions. If he thought it was lost property he should have looked around for the owner first, the "clothing is a clue that some human owns this stuff, and is probably in the vicinity.
  12. @Jim Martin So sorry for your loss.......................................of faith in Gotway. Hmm! Now where have I heard that before? Meet "Dirty" Harry Gotway
  13. I can't see the tire/rim relationship changing as you spun the wheel, so it looks like you simply have a wonky tire. Its possible it will smooth out over the miles. New tires are often stiff but loosen up as they get used. Maybe ride it at a lower pressure for a while to "exercise" the rubber. Tires are made quickly and as cheaply as possible, especially these basic bicycle tires (not specialised racing tires). So getting a few bad ones is inevitable.
  14. EU certified!!! Don't make me laugh. Do you know what it takes to be EU certified? A letter from the manufactures to say "yes, our product is EU certified, as per our own in house testing" No one accountable to the EU does any of these tests and no one checks; at least not consistently. Anyone can say anything is EU certified. In Fact, is there even such a thing as "EU certified"? Are we talking about CE certified? Because AFAIK that is done by self certification. And given China's propensity to blatantly fudge the truth by playing fast and loose with legitimate safety markings. read this article: https://www.cemarkingassociation.co.uk/ce-marking-and-the-chinese-export-logo/ or this one https://starfishmedical.com/blog/conformite-europeenne-mark-vs-a-china-export-mark/ or this one https://www.ybw.com/vhf-marine-radio-guide/warning-dont-get-confused-between-the-ce-mark-and-the-china-export-mark-4607 I wouldn't put 2 cents behind any claims by any Chinese company that their products comply with any western safety standard. I bet all those flaming hoverboards had CE marking too.
  15. The real question is: why didn't HE send you and email with your tracking number? He's on the internet spending time to advertising wheels to the public and not a peep in your direction, while you are still waiting for yours from last year? Beggers belief.
  16. 40%, 85kg and already at 95% max speed? Factor in wind resistance, and the fact that you "leaned for a quick acceleration". This has all the hallmarks of a voltage sag beyond what was immediately available. I have a 16S and if my battery ever gets as low as 40% I go into conservative riding mode, to avoid stuff like this and start heading home, if not going that way already. BTW I rarely let my battery get that low, as I've bitten the dust a few times from not having enough Amps in the bank, so I closed that account a long time ago.
  17. I watched with interest for a while until my attention was drawn to the learner over on the right side of the frame. I would love to know what he was thinking, watching Robert waltzing effortlessly with his wheel, while he himself could barely get on his. I think the phrase "hate-like" comes to mind.
  18. Yes; batteryuniversity.com https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_prolong_lithium_based_batteries I also suspect that on a battery that drains in minutes, a reasonable percentage drop would manifest itself in a reduction of usable power of a few seconds. Probably not noticeable unless one times ones flights with a stop watch and has the exact same power demand for each flight.
  19. Anything that can wiggle SECURE IT AND SECURE IT WELL! Wiggling, over time causes metal fatigue (wire fatigue or joint failure) How do I know? Wiggling wires disconnected momentarily my Hall effect wires, long enough to kill the wheel dead, more than once while riding it. Wires had to be re-soldered at the board. Nothing should move when the board is wiggled as experienced when riding over rough ground, for example. Do it now while the wheel is open and have peace of mind going forward.
  20. Do you have a technical source to confirm this statement? I'd love to charge to 100% and leave it there for days if there is proof it doesn't hurt the batteries. Battery university says keeping li ions at high voltage stresses them, but doesn't state how long. So I err on the safer side, in the absence of actual data
  21. Hey! the good news is you found it without busting your face or burning up mosfets. A little heat, a little scraping, good as new....better even, and 99% peace of mind. (you can never be 100%) Or maybe Jason would like it back as a spare.
  22. I don't think so. I was following a thread recently where Eurpoean buyers were tracking their wheels delivery progress. They appeared to be on trains (Europe is connected to China if you cross enough countries) Blame it on Marco Polo. Although train travel Across Euroasia has historically been almost impossible, recent improvements in the routes has resulted in the ability to transport 100% over land. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yiwu–London_railway_line
  23. If you really mean that then you need to stop riding an EUC. I'm serious. A face plant is always possible; and they are never predictable (well, afterwards they are, hind sight and all that). Even the most experienced and skilled riders can have something happen that they didn't expect. It's not just wheel issues, rider skills, and road conditions, there's the actions of other people and animals. On an almost empty bike path I broad sided a dog that came running out of the bushes stopped directly in my path and NEVER once looking in my direction, despite the King Song whine and dogs supposedly good hearing. (Scared the crap out of him, two knees and the front of the wheel into his ribs) @Hunka Hunka Burning Love has stopped riding after a seemingly innocuous curb lip tossed him to the ground and damaged a shoulder ( a shoulder he needed for his job). And after months of no drama riding, I got tossed to the ground recently by a minor wet curb, bruising my hip bone. My point is things happen, suddenly, without explanation and out of the blue. If you really can't afford a face plant you really can't afford to ride an EUC. I'm hoping you were expressing your wishes rather than your needs (I hope I don't face plant vs I can't afford a face plant) But we all hope that. EDIT just read you post about cracked ribs etc. Yes I see that you have no desire to repeat that any time soon. Still as Nils said, there's always that possibility
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