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  1. almost 140,000 visits. 1,700 Likes. CFW Ninebot Z10 Test Report VĂ­deo is being a success in less than two months.
  2. this was what happened When I upgraded the first time, I turned on the wheel as usual, pressing the power button just for a second, it turned on as always, connect the bluetooth and update, the update started and the lights went completely white as always when the firmware is updated, then the progress bar progressed up to 100% but the wheel never rebooted, it was stayed on with the white lights, I tryed to go back to the installation with the app but it stayed trying to infinity without ever updating, trying it many times and the wheel was still lit with white lights, try to turn it off with the ignition button but it could not be turned off, I had no choice but to disconnect the batteries, reconnected them but the wheel was not turn on power anymore, from that moment the wheel was left unused, from that moment the only way to connect it by bluetooth is by pressing the power button without releasing it. I have updated this KS16S 5 times at least, from 1.02 to 1.04, 1.05, 1.07 and 1.08 and I never had problems, of course always updating with the old version of Kingsong app, with this new version of app was the first time I updated, trying to update from 1.08 to 1.09 when I tried upgrade first time charger was not connected, but the wheel had full battery charge from now on, even if the charger is connected or not, the behavior is the same, it does not turn on and to connect the bluetooth, you have to the pressed power or auxiliary button without releasing but even if you connect the bluetooth it does not let you install any firmware, neither with the Kingsong App nor with Debug App. Now my wheel is a pretty unseful brick
  3. An epic story about the war between the Drones and the Ninebot Z10. In a distant planet Alpha-YRX2 after the conquest of the empire, the last Jedi resisted until the last breath, the Drones of the rebel alliance will face the dominance of the empire Ninebot Z10 fighters
  4. if this is what happens to you, yes, it is urgent to fix it, follow this thread there is explained
  5. well not exactly riding, also when you're standing talking to friends and the wheel is on
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