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  1. Wow! that's frightening. So no bumps, or dips or any other disturbance that could have produced a fatal voltage sag? Because that is what it most sounds like. Here's why. The max speed for your wheel as stated below is 15.5mph You say you were doing 12 or 13 mph so pretty much at the point where the motor torque is falling off fast. Your battery is 320Wh (i.e small) and you were down to 60%, so even less to play with We still don't know your weight. Inmotion V5F Model V5F Max Speed (km/h) 25 Motor 550W Battery 320Wh Weight 11.9kg 6 more rows Inmotion V5F – The Wheelies https://thewheelies.sg/products/inmotion-v5f Pure speculation but I believe you were right on the edge of no available power reserve when a small power demand occurred (bump, dip, twig, rock, slight incline, you name it) the board asked for more amps that the batteries could give, and hey presto you're sliding down the road using your chin as a brake. This "thory" of mine hasn't come out of the dark. I have long and frequently warned riders of small battery wheels to be extremely cautious when down below 60%. Why? because as the current owner of a 340WH wheel I have experienced first hand, or should I say first face, the "joys" of pushing a small battery beyond its limits. So, there is a sort of good news in this, assuming my theory is correct. Your accident is 100% avoidable in the future. All the best in your recuperation. Keep us informed of your progress.
  2. There are too many ROFL moments in you last post so these two will suffice. Wow! I hear you. Your feelings during the incidents mentioned are perfectly understandable. But I'm afraid you're on a hiding to nothing. You cannot, single handedly, re-educate the SHPOS's in your town, to become model citizens and exemplary drivers, not gonna happen. Your most productive approach is going to be about preserving your life, and preserving your right/ability to wheel in your town. Neither of these two goals are met by going all Bruce Lee on every asphole who crosses your path (literally). As satisfying as Instant carma feels, and contrary to my own advice earlier about windshields and tyres, one day it is going to be you who meets someone with more aspkicking skills, or worse a weapon. Btw, they all have at least one weapon, the car they are driving. I'm not suggesting that you go all Christian and bless them after they have run you over. I'm suggesting that you take a good look at the areas where you have issues with cars, and modify the way you ride, in these areas. Example. Drivers keep wanting to run you over on pedestrian crossings because you are not as pedestrian? Get off and walk. I see cyclists do this all the time. Maybe some drivers have tried to run them down too for non pedestrian compliance infractions. Actually I think it's the law here in the UK. Cars try to knock you off while crossing you're bike path? Pay extra attention where the bike path can be crossed by vehicles, especially those approaching from behind you. I'm not sure if you are one, but in our videos a see quite a few riders who are hell bent on maintaining a consistent high speed. If this is ones mindset, then anything that slows one down is seen as an obstacle, an annoyance. A mindset more conducive to ones own sanity is to go fast where its possible and slow down or get off where it isn't. Besides if someone bumps you off, we will miss our "Holy wall of text" (Batman)
  3. Smoother

    Cut Motor Button on Tesla - Possible ?

    Where does it plug in on the control board?
  4. Smoother

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Damn! that looks like a chicken drum stick after I've Gnawed on the bone a bit. Ouch! Where did the missing piece go?
  5. Smoother

    Ninebot One S2 uncontrollable

    Welcome @MaxLans. That is very weird behavior...jumping into a bush!? No seriously, that sounds like the good old reverse tilt back it's a very rare occurrence, so rare yours is the first document case actually. I don't own any Ninebot products, but the programming for all brands shares over 90% of the functionality. I would not ride the wheel until the cause has been identified. You have probably come to the same conclusion. What we need to know is: size of battery percentage of charge left at the time speed 15kmh ok you answered that one Were you accelerating, braking, etc slope, flat, up, down Sudden change in terrain; flat to up, up to down, sudden bumps, etc your weight any other details that might have made those 3 seconds different.
  6. @Chad Slavin that's one hell of a way to introduce yourself to the forum. That sounds nasty and painful, and expensive. I feel for you. When you get some time could you fill us in on the details, as you remember them? Crash analysis is a big thing here, which hopefully helps others not repeat the process. I cut my chin, once and only once in a face plant, but it was barely a graze, nothing like that grand canyon you are sporting. Ouch!
  7. Smoother

    KS-16 Broken Handle

    There's nothing inside the handle to tighten. But if you really must get inside there to satisfy your curiosity there are two distinct phases to the dismantle procedure. Phase one: extend the handle and locate 4 alan screws (2 each side) that attach the handle to the legs. Remove these and the handle comes away from the legs. Two white plastic rods will be exposed. Try to leave them in the legs. If you raise them up they might come out of the little "feet" they sit in. Getting them back in the feet the right way might be a pain, involving turning the wheel upside down and shaking them out.. So best avoided if possible. I glued mine on. Phase 2: flip the handle over and observe two philips screw heads. remove these and the handle will reveal its inner workings (a spring to be exact). Undo the screws evenly as the spring tension will push the looser end higher than the tighter end, creating an unwanted bend in the screw post on the tight side. reverse to reassemble.
  8. @travsformation What's with the knee? did it fight that nasty chain for you? How did the chain manage to remove all the hair from your knee? Do you think it could do the same for my back? WOW! a car vs EUC road rage chase. I bet you weren't joking about it at the time You need to watch out for that guy. Hundreds of thousands of cars in your city but only a few EUCs and probably only you in your neighborhood. He can spot you in an instant if your paths cross again.
  9. Smoother

    Z10 strange behaviour after firmware update

    I don't have a Z10 but I've heard of the brake assist function. Is it possible this got turned on during the upgrade?
  10. Smoother

    So my Glide 3 cracked today

    Yeah, that's a bit too fragile. I've tossed both my King Songs around more that I carer to admit, but nothing that serious has happened. A 2mph fall like that is nothing.
  11. Smoother

    Screws set for Inmotion v10

    The screws don't have to match exactly if they are screwing into plastic, as close as possible should do. Try and find a specialty shop for fasteners (nuts bolts screws,etc), and see what they have. They should have a much greater selection.
  12. Smoother

    Help. Gotway Seized under section 165

    Kidney, definitely, kidney. I can go as high as £11.99
  13. Right, thanks. I'm not in France and I'm not in the market for a 18L so I didn't read to the bottom. My bad.
  14. Smoother

    Blown mosfet?

    I'm old, my memory's not what it used to be. Been reading too many Z10 threads. Also, I'm old and my memory's not what it used to be.