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  1. Smoother

    Protect your precious wheels !

    What is that, a UniWheel? Now when his wheel takes a dump, at least he will already have remembered to put the lid down. PS. I like it, It shows some creative thinking.
  2. Smoother

    Powerbutton with key

    My knowledge of the electrics is not that great either, but, seeing as the factory button uses a long push(momentary on) to wake up the wheel (it connects two wires together), I see no reason why one of the wires in the wheel couldn't be connected to the pin on the new lock that would go live, momentarily, in the start position, and the other wire to the pin that completes the circuit. In other words, when you turn the key all the way and engage the starter motor on a vehicle, you release it once the engine has started, so the momentary functionality, required by the wheel logic, is preserved. The only weird thing is you would have to "start" it again, to activate the momentary function that kills the wheel. But that would not take long to get used to. We've discussed this before, a few years back. I think it's an excellent idea, And should be standard from the factory, for exactly the reason you stated, and general security. Imagine if they sold a convertible car with a no key, just a push button; no one would buy it, and no one would insure it either. One concern is the amount of space available for the body of the lock. The factory button I have protrudes 14mm below the case (body only) and about 25mm if you include the wires. This lock is 46mm long according to the listing.
  3. Smoother

    Ks18-L magic smoke ;( after falling off

    Sounds like a MosFet burned out. Very unusual for King Song. You were unlucky. I've thrown my KS14c all over the place, and my 16S once hurtled down a hill like a bouncing bomb. Slight shell damage the only results on both wheels. That must have been quite an impact to bust that brass insert out of the shell. I think, once the electrical issue is repaired, that your idea to replace the shell after learning is a good one. It may be upsetting now, but once Ian sorts you out, this will soon become a distant memory.
  4. Smoother

    Kingsong 16S Stolen .. Looking to Buy Again

    At least you haven't been robbed lately. That's good.
  5. Smoother

    Kingsong 16S Stolen .. Looking to Buy Again

    That's the best "alternate use" of an EUC I've ever heard. A measuring wheel! Why not? Also, the best comeback "my escape route" MOVE!
  6. Smoother

    Larger tire on 14s

    wow, 50%! that's good for me. For a WAG that was PFG. Actually, 6mm is an appreciable difference in pedal height (if using my exact 2.5" tire, others unknown at this time). I'd do it, @fourthewin at least on the 14s or d. Those wheels just need cutting up like the 16 s or d. @fourthewin you're too kind. That's normal for this forum. Best group of guys on the internet (myself excluded of course.) ps. @The Fat Unicyclist thanks for doing that calculation. I didn't think of working backwards from the circumference. I'm no Alfred Eyensteen after all, no rocket surgeon either.
  7. Smoother

    How bad were you hurt?

    Well done for protecting yourself. I believe the next big step forward in EUC design is SUSPENSION. A real honest, no gimmick suspension system that will absorb 90% of typical bumps, and cushion a major part of the bigger ones, so the rider has a fighting start at keeping his feet on the pedals during situations like this. Many of us have been caught out at some time or other by an unseen oops. Suspension would help us cope with these better, and make ride the overall ride much better.
  8. Smoother

    Ks16s: how to get the best out of the 1200W motor?

    Don't be too eager to go up hill quickly. There are two possible negative effects: 1: wobble. I climb a smooth paved steep hill regularly, and because of my Big Foot Pedals I maintain some speed. I have noticed that wobble always sets in (more of a fast weave) until I consciously slow down. I put this down to my center of gravity being quite a bit forward of the contact patch of the tire; creating an unstable castor configuration, like a shopping cart with a bad (bent shaft) wheel. 2. Sudden voltage sag due to pothole, bump, etc. When your wheel is putting out a steady, high current, there is less reserve capacity for sudden power demands. If you did manage to use up more that the 1200W indicated (accurately or otherwise) you would be putting yourself closer to the face plant zone. Surely 10mph is a pretty good pace up a steep hill, whatever "steep" is in your book.
  9. Smoother

    KS-16S (new) Firmware versions

    Difference is battery level reporting between IOS factory app and Darknessbot after upgrading wheel firmware to 1.07 on KS16s 840Wh. While both apps agreed the voltage was 62.9V King Song app reported 80% charged and Darkness reported 74%. To paraphrase Dire Straights "two apps say their percentage, one of them must be wrong" or as someone once said " a man with a watch always knows the time. A man with two watches can never be sure" So, all you electrical types, out there what is the correct percentage at 62.9V on a KS16s 840Wh?
  10. Smoother

    Larger tire on 14s

    I have done the 14c 2.5" upgrade. At least I will have once I sort out a few other problems and put the wheel back together. Spoiler alert.....You're not going to get much more pedal clearance, just the additional radius of the new tire over the old tire. Sorry, I don't know what this is, because in order to measure the inflated diameter of both tires on the rim I would need two rims. I can tell you the diameter (radius) of the 2.5" and you can measure your 2.125" and tell us all the difference. Hold on a sec. I'll go do that right now. . . .👽 .💩 378mm diameter( or 189mm radius) as best as I can figure. This is straight across the tire/wheel with no motor or axle in the way. You wont be able to duplicate this unless you dismantle your motor. here's a measurement you can compare; from the outer edge of the rim to the outer edge of the tire is 54mm to my eye (i can't measure around corners). That's for my tire, a Chao Yang H-972 14x2.5/64-254. Ymmv. (Curious observations relevant to nothing: the 254 is the bead diameter in mm and there are smaller markings indicating "2.5-10" So in motorcycle tire terms our 14" tires are actually 10" tires. And to confirm, I measured my rim diameter at 10"/254mm. And the "64" is the tire width in mm.) Number that may help in searching for a tire. I suspect that the most difference you will gain in height will be around 4mm over the 2.125 tire. That's your added pedal clearance. Just for comparison or confusion, the diameter of my uninflated, unmounted 2.125" is 360mm. How this differs from mounted/inflated, I have no idea. But wait, what about moving the bolts on the pedal arms. Doesn't that give you more clearance? Eh.....no. That just raises the shell up on the pedal hangers, it doesn't change the relationship of the pedal hangers/pedals with the ground. edit. Also, the 14c only has 4 hanger holes. So to mount the shell higher (to make clearance) you have to drill and tap new holes, you can't just move the shell up one set of holes and only use the remaining 4 holes that line up, as you do on the 16" models. If you move it up one set of holes, you only have one set left to mount the shell to. Do-able? Possibly, weaker? definitely. You also have to trim away plastic at the front and back of the shell, just where the four assembly screws hold the two halves of the shell together. Weaker? definitely. A strengthening mod would be needed, like a metal strap bolted across the gap. Could be an opportunity to add a stand of some sort.
  11. No, that's not what he said. This is what he said about the MCM5: I must be the latest (as in very late) person to read this post. I actually thought it was earlier this year, until steve454 reproduced it and Marty commented on the 1 year anniversary. Sometimes I take a long break from the forum (as a lot of you do I'm sure) and it's difficult to catch up on everything that was written while you were gone. So, One year too late; Marty and JK and Ando, glad you all made it out safe. No Monday morning quarterbacking from me, i wasn't there. TremF wrote, a few pages back. "Ando's technique showed that the Monster can really shift so something to add leverage would definitely help. " I was wondering what your finding were @Marty Backe about a softer ride mode and a rearward tilt. Have you also considered my Big Foot pedal mods on these large diameter/reduced leverage wheels? It's less about more leaning, and more about being able to shift your feet more forwards on the pedals without that feeling of being perched on the leading edge of the factory "toy" pedals. Motorcyclists, cyclists and even jet ski riders, shift their weight about to suit the conditions, why should we be locked into a tiny foot placement envelope, when it is mostly our feet that provide input to the wheel? Lastly. I thought, over a year ago, that some form of pad wedge to assist wheel grip on inclines and bumps would be a good idea. As usual, I never got around to it. Did anyone actually try this?
  12. Smoother

    My MCM5 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Yeah, that's how I imagined it too. Didn't think it would bypass the internal batteries.
  13. Smoother

    My MCM5 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Funny you should mention that. I have noticed that if I turn my 16s on when it is charging, it wont balance. But if it's already on and I connect the charger, it continues to balance. That got me thinking that maybe an external battery pack could be connected to the port, after the wheel was switched on, and proceed to charge the batteries even as the wheel was using up the power. It wouldn't give you extra power for voltage sags ( I guess), but it would replace the electricity one used while riding, while riding. So if I took the 340Wh pack from my 14c, connected the right plug, I might have a created an instant 1,180Wh 16s. Something handy for the back pack on a long trip, at least. Food for thought.
  14. Smoother

    Legalising EUCs in the UK, the next steps

    Somebody rents EUC (not Segways) to the general public in Barcelona!!!??? That's got to be the mother of all training sessions.
  15. Smoother

    Kingsong 16S Stolen .. Looking to Buy Again

    +1. Also, everyone walks on those floors/carpets with their shoes don't they? Did you see anyone bring a change of shoes? Lastly, ask them for the $1500 or so for the wheel stolen from their un-monitored bike rack, and you'd be glad to leave the next one outside too.