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  1. Smoother

    GT16 Top Speed Test - Fall at 51km/h without protection

    One should be careful not to assume the gyro is at fault just because the wheel stops balancing. EVERYTHING on that wheel (except bluetooth) is there to enable continued balance. Just one problem and balance fails. As you have not yet answered all the questions put to you about the 2 or 3 seconds before each cut out, we cannot help you further, other than to guess. But to assume the gyro failed is problematic. I have never heard of a gyro failing, everything else, yes, but a gyro, no.
  2. Smoother

    GT16 Top Speed Test - Fall at 51km/h without protection

    Well, everything you @Fernando Llambias said (57%, 320Wh battery) confirms what I said previously. A small battery with less than 60% charge is dangerous. Charge that thing up to 100% before each ride (do not store it at 100% to avoid battery damage) and be very conservative in your movements below 60%. This is what I learned the hard way on my 340Wh KS14c. Have over 1000 miles on it to date, Less than 10 face plants
  3. Smoother

    GT16 Top Speed Test - Fall at 51km/h without protection

    Well, seeing as he said he hit his head on the wooden boards, and also posted a picture of what looks like a very level and smooth board walk, I would assume he was riding along more or less level. I do agree that the E+ is not a particularly strong wheel; definitely last generation stuff. A lot of it comes down to battery size, and percentage of charge. I learned the hard way that a small battery and reduced state of charge is a one way ticket to face plantville. (I had a 340Wh battery) Fernando tell us your battery size, and if its less than 640Wh, ride cautiously below 60% battery as voltage sag can bite you in the ass if a sudden demand for power is more than it can give at that moment..
  4. Smoother

    How do you survive the winter?

    Your Location "French Canuckistan" really cracks me up
  5. Smoother

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Good wheel. Marty has one and loves it.
  6. Smoother

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Welcome. What wheel did you get?
  7. I have touched upon this briefly in another thread, but thought it deserved it's own thread on the off chance it saves someone from a nasty fall. This report is not specifically King Song related as it could happen to any wire on any brand, any model. So read between the lines. THE PROBLEM: Recently, and also a few months back, I have noticed that after a jolt to the wheel, like when riding over a bump or jumping down a curb, the motor stutters. By that I mean there is an obvious jolt after the obstacle has passed, it's quite disconcerting, but then it's over and riding continues as normal. The other day, after this happened, I continued riding (at a much slower rate) and a few meters later it simply died, falling forward. Because I was riding slowly, jogging off was a non event. the outage is accompanied by a regular beep and four red lights on either side of the wheel. I reset the wheel (off and on again) and rode on cautiously. Approaching my car I rode up a 1 or 2 cm driveway bump, and it stuttered again, like I had run over a pebble, but there was no pebble because I scan my chosen route. At this time I decided to get off and trolley it to the car. I did actually ride it around a bit once at the car, but, being as there were no bumps, there were no further issues. THE DIAGNOSIS: The next day I tore my wheel down looking for a smoking gun. I found none, initially. So I put it ALL back together again, and turned it on. BEEP BEEP BEEP. It was in constant fail mode and no amount of resetting via the on/off switch would fix it. At this point the air was blue. But I tore into it again but only deep enough to expose the control board as I had a good suspicion it was here. Because balancing was the issue and I had already checked the mosFETs for burn out (none found), I found the five hall effect wires where they enter the control board. Moving them back and forth, I was able to make and un-make the problem. I had found it. There is a small break in the hall effect wiring as it enters the control board. Unfortunately these connections are hard wired, so, difficult for a non electronics person to deal with. The board is currently winging its way across Europe to EUC Poland's Richard to have a look at. So for every EUC rider, regardless of brand, model, age: if your wheel starts doing something unusual, especially if its undesirable, GET OFF IT. or Ride it slowly, fully expecting a cut off at any moment. At this point I might mention, don't keep riding it if a cut off would cause imminent danger to you, bystanders, or the wheel (e.g. riding beside a river, etc) I have a video of the problem. I'll see if I can upload it. Actually I shudder to think of the places I have ridden since the first stutter (which I initially attributed to a lower than normal battery - 36percent). i'm talking about cliff tops with sheer drops of hundreds of meters. In fact I was heading up there on that exact ride where the first stutter happened. And the second one happened the next day in the same area..
  8. Smoother

    Urban riding - First accidents

    Yes. That's very good. Why let them get away scott free from the accident they caused. Grab away. It's also perfectly defensible, in the heat of the moment, who doesn't grab for safety?
  9. Smoother

    Urban riding - First accidents

    I was there for about a month 2 winters ago. Actually that is where I learned to ride an EUC. I must have gone up and down that promenade a thousand times. I was renting an apartment right across from the beach; so all I had to do to get on the promenade was cross the road. Barcelona it's self was a bit hairy because of all the tourists. La Rambla had me tearing my hair out but, I was still quite new then. Down by the harbour and up by the castle/fort was much easier.
  10. Smoother

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Don't start the medical cost discussion again. The yanks are fiercely proud of their system. FYI. I find YOUR costs shockingly high. The most that accident would cost here in the UK is £8.40 per month per prescription medication. ZERO for everything else.
  11. Smoother

    *UK EUC'ers: Share your police run-ins here*

    In November, I decided to go to the Guy Fawkes event in Lewes East Sussex. Lewes is famous for having seven Guy Fawkes societies, some going back over 150 years. Anyway, it's such a big event that they literally close down the town and all surrounding roads for miles. Even the trains stop stopping there. Since I was living only about 6 miles away at the time I thought "what the hell" lets drive close, then fire up the EUC for the last mile. All went well until I got near Lewes. There was a massive police road block with several officers on duty. One of them said "You do know those are illegal" I answered in the affirmative. He then said " You do realise that the town is crawling with police officers". I said, as it was my first time, I didn't know that. We agreed that he would let me pass as long as I promised not to ride it in town (there were tens of thousands of people down there, but also long clear stretches of road where I could have ridden safely, but there were police "camps" everywhere and I couldn't be sure he hadn't radioed ahead about me and my EUC). I did as instructed, trollying the wheel everywhere. Overall, he was a good guy, as he could have fined me, confiscated the wheel, point on my driving licence, etc. When I left, I trollied the wheel past the final police check point, and around the corner into the darkness of the country night before getting back on. There's nothing to be gained from being cocky or stupid.
  12. Smoother

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Is there a bruise on your shoulder? What ripped the puck off your right wrist guard? FYI I don't see any reason not to get all protected up, no argument there.
  13. Smoother

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Help me understand this. @Rehab1 damaged his shoulder from shock transfer up his arm. You think you did something similar, and yet there is this constant thread of shoulder padding. I've face planted more times than I care to remember, but I've never hit my shoulder directly on anything. So between the three of us that's about 20 face plants and no shoulder contact. What am I missing?