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  1. Smoother

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    So why did I modify the body of my 16s to remove the 2.125" tire and install my own 2.5" tire? Has there been a production change in the last year to 2.5" tires?
  2. Smoother

    How bad were you hurt?

    The UK DOES NOT have free dental care. If you need serious dental work it will cost you serious coin. I believe basic stuff, fillings, extractions,etc are subsidised, but crowns, veneers, implant, etc cost big time.
  3. Smoother


    'Fraid not. Not only did I only buy the one helmet, I have only worn it once. It's in storage now about 50 miles from me. I may have started the thread, but I'm no helmet authority.
  4. Smoother

    meet ups

    Sorry, been off forum for over a month. Yes, I'm 15 miles east of Brighton. I ride there often. I'm happy to meet up for a "group" ride, there, or anywhere close by. Note: by and large I don't do city streets, beach promenades (board walks in yankeese) canal toe paths, country trails, etc i've just returned from 4 days. In Bexhill-on-sea,. Enjoying the promenade there, and Hastings.
  5. Smoother

    Survey: What Size New King Song Pedal Do You Want?

    So, are you loving them Like I love mine?
  6. Smoother

    How bad were you hurt?

    How badly was I hurt? Not at all. Took the 16S out for a spin yesterday evening to prevent cabin fever. Battery hasn't been charged in a while but there were a lot of green LEDs on the side so I figured "good enough".Went for a cruise along the local sea front, then decided to tackle the local Hills/cliffs (Beachy Head to be exact). Aware of the steepness and length of the climb, I checked the % of charge and was alarmed to see 35% (as low as I've ever seen it). Kept Darknessbot open while I started the climb. Power output was fluctuating between 700W and 1300W. Temp was low. All was well for about 300 to 400 feet, then suddenly, without warning I was flung to the ground. When I got up (no injuries, pads, grass, low speed) I noticed that two red LEDs were lit on each strip, the top one and one two lights down (anyone know what this means?). I was wearing headphones at the time, but I think I would have heard something. All I felt through the pedals was two quick vibrations about 1/10th of a second apart, then it fell forward. Recycling the power switch resumed normal service, but I declined climbing any more, for obvious reasons ( I was heading towards the top of cliffs, famous for 100% successful suicide jumpers). I put it down to one voltage sag too far, although I did not notice any irregularity in the riding surface that would have caused it. Sorry, the power output was fluctuating so wildly, that I didn't see what it was at the moment of shutdown.
  7. Smoother

    Survey: What Size New King Song Pedal Do You Want?

    Because, that would be far too obvious. Dooh!! Good observation. I'm so anal about always having it facing the right direction (especially now as it has asymmetric pedals) that, that thought did not cross my mind. I'll make sure and follow your advice in the future, thanks.
  8. Smoother

    Wheel wobbeling side to side

    All these tires are cheaply made, so there is no guarantee of 100% uniformity. I bet if we all have someone pick up our wheel as in the OP video, we will see a wobble of some kind. I have two wheels and they both do this. Of course, observing both rims to make sure the bead is seated evenly is always a good idea.
  9. Smoother

    Survey: What Size New King Song Pedal Do You Want?

    Just for reference, my Bigfoot pedals are 34.7cm long. I love them and have no issues whatsoever. OK, maybe just one, I may, in the future shave about 1cm off the front. When pushing the wheel up very steep hills (pushing not riding) the tips sometimes dig into the ground (usually if the tire is in a rut, thus lower than the surrounding dirt). Other than that tiny niggle, they are fantastic. I can't imaging riding on standard factory pedals again. EDIT: Instead of cutting them, I've notice that I could move them back 1cm instead. 8 small holes to drill and countersink verses the hassle of cutting this thick, strong Ali plate.
  10. Smoother

    Protect your precious wheels !

    What is that, a UniWheel? Now when his wheel takes a dump, at least he will already have remembered to put the lid down. PS. I like it, It shows some creative thinking.
  11. Smoother

    Powerbutton with key

    My knowledge of the electrics is not that great either, but, seeing as the factory button uses a long push(momentary on) to wake up the wheel (it connects two wires together), I see no reason why one of the wires in the wheel couldn't be connected to the pin on the new lock that would go live, momentarily, in the start position, and the other wire to the pin that completes the circuit. In other words, when you turn the key all the way and engage the starter motor on a vehicle, you release it once the engine has started, so the momentary functionality, required by the wheel logic, is preserved. The only weird thing is you would have to "start" it again, to activate the momentary function that kills the wheel. But that would not take long to get used to. We've discussed this before, a few years back. I think it's an excellent idea, And should be standard from the factory, for exactly the reason you stated, and general security. Imagine if they sold a convertible car with a no key, just a push button; no one would buy it, and no one would insure it either. One concern is the amount of space available for the body of the lock. The factory button I have protrudes 14mm below the case (body only) and about 25mm if you include the wires. This lock is 46mm long according to the listing.
  12. Smoother

    Ks18-L magic smoke ;( after falling off

    Sounds like a MosFet burned out. Very unusual for King Song. You were unlucky. I've thrown my KS14c all over the place, and my 16S once hurtled down a hill like a bouncing bomb. Slight shell damage the only results on both wheels. That must have been quite an impact to bust that brass insert out of the shell. I think, once the electrical issue is repaired, that your idea to replace the shell after learning is a good one. It may be upsetting now, but once Ian sorts you out, this will soon become a distant memory.
  13. Smoother

    Kingsong 16S Stolen .. Looking to Buy Again

    At least you haven't been robbed lately. That's good.
  14. Smoother

    Kingsong 16S Stolen .. Looking to Buy Again

    That's the best "alternate use" of an EUC I've ever heard. A measuring wheel! Why not? Also, the best comeback "my escape route" MOVE!
  15. Smoother

    Larger tire on 14s

    wow, 50%! that's good for me. For a WAG that was PFG. Actually, 6mm is an appreciable difference in pedal height (if using my exact 2.5" tire, others unknown at this time). I'd do it, @fourthewin at least on the 14s or d. Those wheels just need cutting up like the 16 s or d. @fourthewin you're too kind. That's normal for this forum. Best group of guys on the internet (myself excluded of course.) ps. @The Fat Unicyclist thanks for doing that calculation. I didn't think of working backwards from the circumference. I'm no Alfred Eyensteen after all, no rocket surgeon either.