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  1. I'm assuming that was a joke. It's not just your face that suffers when you fall (you above all should know this *collar bone kid* ) and besides who wants to scrape their shiny $50 to $300 helmet across the ground rather than just watch where they are going?
  2. Smoother

    King Song Sticky Handle Repair

    We have two types of beaches here in the south of England; sand, or stones. When walking on the stone beaches one wishes for sand, and vice versa. Yep, there's nothing like a surf/sand wedgie to make the walk back to the car something worthy of a Monty Python sketch. I too once had a camera jammed up with sand. I took it apart, cleaned it out and put it back together AND MIRACULOUSLY, IT STILL WORKED!!!
  3. Smoother

    KS18L Range Test - 200 lbs rider

    I remember a discussion last year that KS app distance is about 25% optomistic although speed is more or less accurate. Does anyone know if 3rd. party apps like Darknessbot, have a handle on this distance issue. It's incomprehensible to me that it still exists on yet another generation of KS wheels. Personally, I'm not impressed with the range of the 18L. If you want KS reliability and Gotway range, the only option is Darth Vader's Helmet... I mean, the 18s.
  4. I recently took my KS16 onto a sandy beach. When we picked a site to camp out for the day, I laid the wheel down in the sand. Later that weekend I noticed that the handle no longer stayed locked down on one of the arms. It also wont lock fully up, also on the same side. I persevered with this condition for a few days knowing that a partial disassembly was in the works. Finally, I got around to it and took both outer shells off, the control board cover, and both legs. It was a PITA as usual, but I needn't have bothered; the problem all along was in the handle it's self. Only four alen screws needed to be removed from where the handle joins the legs, to fix the problem. The problem was that sand had entered the handle and fallen down one side. Once there it got wedged in the mechanism. The mechanism is quite simple; the button (not the problem) on top, is actually a bump on top of a banana shaped lever (not the problem) the same shape as the handle it's self. Directly under the "button" is a spring (not the problem) which returns the button/lever to the "at rest" position. The lever has two small holes in it (one at either end). Into these holes goes two thin (maybe 3mm) rods (not the problem), that extend down into the legs about 25cm. These rods disengage the locking mechanism when depressed, and re-engage it when released. In order to extend into the legs, the rods pass through two small holes(THE PROBLEM) in the exterior shell of the handle. Sand had made its way into one of these holes and locked the rod up solid on that side. It had locked it in the depressed position, so the locking mechanism on that side was permanently unlocked. The pressure of the return spring inside the leg was not sufficient to overcome the friction of the sand between the hole and the rod passing through it. A simple tug on the rod dislodged the sand and the mechanism freed up nicely. So that was it; four external alen screws , dislodge a bit of sand, reassemble. I did do one other thing; when the rods cam out of the legs, one had a little black plastic "boot" on it, and the other did not, it had come off. I tipped it out of the leg, and super-glued both boots to the ends of the rods. One other thing; the boots only fit one way. If one wont go back into the leg, just rotate it 180 deg.. I have photos, but the sentence two paragraphs up, says it all, and I can't be assed to upload them . Hopefully, if your handle sticks, you will remember this post and save yourself a few hours of useless shell disassembly/reassembly.
  5. Smoother

    KS18L Unboxing, Unlock & Impression

    Do they come in blue?
  6. @Shad0z when did you move to Denmark ? "Location Copenhagen, Denmark (from Krasnodar, Russia)"
  7. LOL and.... Welcome to the insanity, forum/sport/hobby/lifestyle/fill in the blank.
  8. Going super slow is a great skill to learn. When the way ahead is blocked by wandering nim nods (pedestrians) it's very handy to be able to roll behind them at their pathetic caveman speed, until an opening presents its self. Don't put it off, start practicing now, and your wheeling opportunities will increase many fold. I wheeled down La Rambla in Barcelona when I was still quite a new wheeler. it's one of the main tourist attractions in the area. I wasn't a skilled rider and it was harrowing to say the least. Now, I wouldn't have a problem, thanks to super slow riding, and rolling start skills.
  9. It's been so long since I changed my tire that I cannot remember how the factory Kenda rode. It would be nice to try one side by side as you did. @IPS Malta sent me a different Chao Yang 2.5 to try but I can't bring myself to rip the wheel apart to swap them out. I'm very comfortable on my current 2.5 (model 5192) although high speed wobbles are still there on uneven surfaces (almost every surface around here). Occasionally, I forget how to ride it, and it feels awkward, but once I retrain my legs, its all (mostly) good. And despite being on the slicker side of the spectrum, it handles all surfaces well. A few weeks ago, I rode from sea level to the top of BeachyHead (large chalk cliff covered with grass). Despite the grass and the steep climb, I managed to ride almost all of it with no wheel slippage. There was only one section I had to walk, and that was too steep for any tire, or wheel for that matter. ps. going down a steep hill on a rough surface, "might" cause you to come off, and "might" cause your wheel to tumble at high speed out of control, bouncing as high as head height, and it "might" almost hit a tourist walking down the same hill in front of you, and it "might" disappear into thick weeds, brambles, and stinging nettles dozens of meters down the hill, and you "might" spend a few minutes looking for it, and there "might" be some slight damage too it. But that's all hypothetical . I think I'm going to dig out my leash.
  10. If you have to make Swiss cheese out of your shell, I wouldn't do it. You were happy with the factory ride; leave well alone. I wasn't happy with my ride (wobble) and I didn't have to calve my shell up six ways to Sunday; so for me it was an easier decision.
  11. It's a relatively static tour right now. It seemed senseless to leave England just as the summer was starting, so I'm camped just off the A27 between Eastbourne and Brighton. In-between continuing the modifications to my RV and usual daily chores I do get to ride Eastbourne and Brighton regularly. And I had a nice ride between Bexhill on Sea and Hastings, the other week. One day last week I did Beachy Head from one end to the other; all grass and mud paths. I do seem to wheel alarming close to the edge sometimes (bad Smoother) but, when you know the next 6 feet is smooth, why wouldn't you? The rescue squad was out, and people in helmets were going over the side. I'm not sure if there had been a jumper, or if they were just practicing. I did look over the side several times to see, but I could not see the bottom. Funny enough, the entire rescue sqad stopped what they were doing and watch me, as I rode past. I guess they've never seen an EUC in the plastic. I did climb some seriously steep grass slopes, which shocked some Japanese tourists I passed. And no, my "Big Foot" pedals did not catch on anything. I stopped for a rest and to take in the sights, very close to the edge. After about 20 minutes I got up and walked away to take a photo of the place. It was then that I noticed that the cliff top I had been sitting on was SERIOUSLY undercut. These are chalk cliffs so not exactly "set in stone" . The bottom is strewn with chalk falls as the cliffs erode and recede over time. Needless to say I collected "Big foot" and wheeled away from there toute de suite. . I've got some photos somewhere. Phone ran out of storage, so not as many as I would like. What's nice about EUC's is you can park the car where the parking is cheaper, or free, then wheel to the high priced destination, very nice! Just remember where the car is parked.
  12. @Shad0z . Now is when you have to dig deep. You need to examine where the interferences are, and figure out what modifications you have to make to make this tire fit. Or you could put the factory tire back on and sell the tire to someone with a Lhotz or someone wishing to 2.5" mod a KS16. On a related note, as @KS Poland has sent me back my upgraded axle for the 14c (very nice too BTW) I now have to put it back together. Problem is, since I took it apart last year (?) I have also put a 2.5" tire on it, so shell modifications are in order here as well. I know from trial fitting the new tire in the shell, some shell has to be cut away, and new holes have to be drilled and tapped in the pedal hangers to move the shell up slightly, to clear the top of the tire. There's always something! Putting the factory tire back on is an option too, but its almost as big a PITA as modifying the wheel, so I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't. Did I mention I'm very lazy?
  13. Smoother

    KS14D performance on hills

    The motor of any modern kingsong or Gotway or IPS or any other major brand ( except that thin commuter wheel from IPS , can't remember the model no. ) will handle that climb, no problem. It's battery size that matters most. Climbing a long hill will draw your voltage down. A bigger battery is essential to prevent a problem. I wouldn't buy anything less than 840Wh to cruise up that hill with speed and confidence. You said 8mph would cause you grief so get a bigger battery.
  14. Hitting your hip is a bit unusual for EUCs but hip protection pants are available. I've actually thought about buying some Wrists, knees and elbows statistically take most impacts so logically these are the most sensible and convenient areas to protect. What caused your foot to slip off the pedal?