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V8 in trouble


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After about 5000km without going easy on my V8 this is what I found when I looked inside:

A broken connector for connecting a bunch of low-amperage thin wires from the battery to the main board. This is most likely why I had seen some weird stuff happening with the LEDs lately (on some of them sometimes the lights were not moving or not working at all).


A roasted motor connector on the main board, where the latter is decorated with quite some dust and dirt. One of the four corners of the main board cover with which the cover is screwed to the casing is broken away (we can see the screw with some remainder in the next picture upper right). This may have contributed to dust coming in.


The origin of this isn't quite clear to me, maybe the connector suffered from a lack of contact due to dirt or corrosion?

I got twice the backward-forward shaking which has been observed by others

but haven't found a reason for this yet. I have also observed sometimes increased motor vibrations since a while. Time to write off this wheel after only a year?

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Did you ever prepared your EUC by means of any enhanced dust- and water-resistance measures? Or is that the result of bog-standard out-of-the-box Inmotion's approach to IP55?

just curious, being the fresh V8 owner myself...

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Looks like you need new inner shell halves so you can screw in that control board cover. A new control board cover and motor wire connector. A new battery charge connector?

Just was on a ride where the Gotway Monster 22" motor wires got so hot they melted the soldering holding the yellow wire onto the board and released the wire. Not as easy to remedy as that V8 motor wire connector on a dirt trail 3 miles from the nearest Hardware store.

I say do the rebuild! Put some foam padding around the control board cover and battery like someone else did on their V8 recently in the forum. Its still a great wheel if its running with that much damage. 

I have said it before, the InMotion V8 is the Subaru Impreza of EUCs. 

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@Stan Onymous @Bobwheel

Now I am sad Stan, as I love my Mazda CX-5 ?I don't want a Subaru ?.

Besides Bobwheel did a good job and kind of persvaded me to buy an Inmotion V8 as my first EUC. I just need my doctor to evaluate in my knee needs surgery and spring to hit Sweden.

My research and reading this forum the chose was 50-50 between V8 and Kingsong KS16S. Nice job Bobwheel.?

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