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  1. Thanks for the pic, I'm sure any cell that can sustain a 10A discharge would work fine. What cells you need depends on what capacity you want as long as it can support the current requirements. I don't know why the design calls for, but I'm pretty sure it would be 10A or under given typical batteries. One well known ebay seller for this was using the HG2 (a very fine cell for this), but that 25R would be very good also as long as you would be happy with the overall capacity. A 450Wh pack would require roughly 2Ah cells, and and 620Wh pack 2.8Ah cells. The is roughly, and you can't generally use the full capacity, so using 3Ah cells will get you a usable capacity close to the spec'ed capacity. You probably already know this, so I'm not sure if you are looking for the exact cell Ninebot uses (which may have varied), or you just need to know what the minimum max-discharge rate for the cell should be.
  2. DO you have pictures? Why do you say cheap cells? When they make battery packs they buy cells in bulk they may not have branding on them. Sometimes it is hard to find the codes.
  3. In that case you better take it apart again and apply more force. Set up a camera on video low to the ground while you stand on it with the case off.
  4. Not that I disagree, but to be fair these sites are notorious for stealling images from everywhere. If you have good images, hundreds of sellers will steal them and use them. They don't care, or even notice half the time, any branding.
  5. Look in the commercial section for the correct thread, but I believe they are no longer offering this outside of Russia, and maybe not even inside of Russia. Seems all sales have stopped, and he is not accepting PMs any more.
  6. Turn it around and ride it the other way, if it still leans to the right, then that might be a clue.
  7. That makes sense. Either way it seems good, so I won't update to the latest.
  8. In a moment of weakness over the Independence Day weekend here in the US I purchased an "S" Plus ( aka Mini Plus), figuring nothing much new was going to happen with the Mini Pro, and the Mini Plus (now S Plus) may not be around in the US for much longer. All this was just thinking though, and who knows what might happen. I was surprised the box already had the S Plus branding, and a nice warnings on the top about lots of things, the first one being "injury or death". Charged it up, and noticed the lights on the unit turn off after it is charged, where as on the Mini Pro the LED level segments flash after the battery has been balanced. I hope to test my 63V charger on it soon to take advantage of the slight larger battery. I've not tried that yet, will have to make an adapter for the new connector. Of course you have to complete the tutorial again, but the really annoying thing is even after your 1km, you have to complete the part of the tutorial on the use of the supplied remote. I had already thrown that in a box never to be used, but I had to dig it out to complete the full tutorial. After a short ride the speed limit was unlocked (I manually pushed the limit button) and I have 19km/h as my limit. It did ride really nice and the knee controller while not adjustable is an OK height for me, it will likely be a bit short if I add an extra foam platform though to the foot pads like I've done on the mini pro. that could be annoying. I'm not ;likely to use in much right now in the sort term, so that is a problem for the future. The speed was pretty nice, it beeped less than my MiniPro for the same trip, but it squawked as i went over a railway crossing which the Mini Pro happily does quietly. Other than that the speed was decent, being slight faster than my MiniPro (even with the large tires) I believe, I was conditioned to keep it below it's max speed. Only on one straight away did I trigger the warning and the beeping was loud, but the tilt back was pretty minimal. My mini pro tilt though is pretty good now with tilt as well, like it is more lenient given my mileage or something. The S Plus came with v1.1.7 for the master control software, and I'm going to leave it there as long as I can. It's quite strange the firmware is so old, but I'm happy it is. Since my main Mini Pro has the larger tires and the extra foot pads the S Plus seem quite tiny, like switching from an 18" EUC to a 14" one, but not quite that drastic. It still feels like you're going to break the tiny thing. That's all for my initial ride of about 5km. Not sure when I will use it again, but maybe soon, it I can charge it to 63V. I have to check the battery configuration again,
  9. I heard In Motion USA will not be carrying the E2 or E3. Looks like it will have to be sourced abroad if you're in the US.
  10. That's good, hopefully it was just some early videos using prototypes or even the wrong model because it was all they had on hand. The removable and telescopic control bra are useful features. Being able to put something on the platform as shown in the video is a nice enhancement to the design. Even though In Motion might be well known for their large pedals on the EUC, I guess they didn't go so far as to improve the platform; although maybe their new footpads are more comfortable. we'll have to wait and see.
  11. It will balance the cells, but you must leave it on the charger until you get a blinking green light, not the solid green light. Just like when you charge it on the machine, you must wait for all the segments to be flashing before you remove it from charger. Sometimes the balancing part can take a while, as you know if you do it while charging in the device. While tempting some times to remove the charger when it says fully charged, I balance on every charge and my batteries are still working great.
  12. my observations I would say this obviously appears to be a licensed design. They took the time to improve the ergonomics of the power switch, and changed the battery housing for some reason; they seem committed to having such a device in their line up. The foot pads look different, I wonder if they are easier to replace without disassembling the base. The photo implies they are easily removable separate pieces, and no sub-assembly is shown to hold them in place. Another point that makes it look like they have considered the design and assembly of the device and optimized where they could. Unfortunately even the E3 does not have the quick-release for the control bar. This makes quickly putting it in a duffle bag for travel in trains, busses, boats, cars, etc. impossible. The mount however looks the same as the Minipro, so one might be able to use the segway QR & Arm if desired. I don't really understand why they have the E2, it seems to make more sense to just standardize on the E3 to reduce inventory handling costs and simplify logistics. Disappointed they did not appear to improve the speed of the device to at least 20km/h or 25km/h. I'll be interested in seeing a teardown of the battery to see what is really inside. Very interesting that their model is based on the original mini-series and not the Plus series. If they would have addressed the battery and/or speed issues I would have bought it on release day, but I guess since I just got a plus I don't really plan to use much right away, I will wait to see where they go with this one.
  13. It does not work, as the sensitivity is very different on the steering when it is in reverse even if you reverse the input. Not only that but it seems the algorithm that handles angle differences/rotational speed differences between the wheels is also different. Un fortunately to get it to be safe going backwards seems to be a fair bit or work.
  14. The battery has those wings in the corners, it may not mount in a regular Minipro, or you may need to modify it a bit to fit.
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