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  1. Yes, why people call them pedals is a strange mystery, maybe rather than bike pedals they were viewed more like control pedals where you push them down to control stuff like machinery. However; that is not how they work on an EUC, so it's a bad name that seems to have stuck with the majority of US riders.
  2. Good to know. Be sure it is tested from an iPad, the current site has several glitches when viewed from the iPad. I've not tested it with iOS 13 or new iPadOS, but at least up to that point it was not really usable.
  3. This is great news if more4mini is selling the Swallowbot Firmware boards.
  4. https://electrek.co/2019/11/05/segway-unveils-electric-dirt-bike-sur-ron/
  5. Do you have a PayPal account we could send to?
  6. https://www.ducati.com/ww/en/e-bike/mig-rr The new MIG-RR is using the new 2020 release Shimano battery now appearing in several new e-bikes. The bike uses the Shimano E8000 motor, with 11 speed power train. The battery is a bit underpowered at just over 500Wh, but the bike only uses a 250W motor, with a 70Nm torque rating. The bike seems to target the downhill mountain bike race fans. The e-bike market is exploding, but many are very expensive models, with not much new happening below US $2000 dollars, except proliferation of brands all using the same OEM frames, and common motors and components. The overall expansion of the market is bound to attract more attention from legislators as well as potential customers. Seems pretty significant that Ducati, as well as other big names, are entering the e-bike market.
  7. Not sure how you could be lost if you started the tracking when you left your vehicle, you simply have to open the app, you can see where you started, where you are, and which direction you are currently pointed in. I use the same app on iOS for my trips and it's accurate to within 1-3 meters generally.
  8. Hmmm... this embedded video does not play on Safari Mac or iOS for me. I did manage to get the video URL which also was a not straightforward. I was able to play this video through the direct url, just to confirm I had already seen this one. This might be a forum software issue, Anyone else having issues with the embedding?
  9. http://www.ninebot.cn/product-childrencarBoy Looks like these bikes are coming to the US. I deleted the link that said these were coming to the US, and can't find it again. They don't seem to be on the US website yet. They did have some very funny promotional text of the saddles (seats).
  10. The MiniPro riding season is winding down, and I had not done any really long (3 battery) trips on it this year yet so I decided to do one yesterday. I ended up only doing just over 35km (I was hoping for 45-50km), and decided not to continue because my feet would be too sore afterwards and I need them for other adventures in the coming week. I think I'll limit myself to two batteries from now on, as the weight of two batteries and other gear makes the backpack too heavy so the ride is less enjoyable. We need larger capacity batteries. It was a nice trip though with a good 50/50 road vs non-road, the non road being a mixture of dirt trails and paved bike/walking paths. Currently at 1,537 km now for the MiniPro, but I'm adding mileage more slowly this year trying to spend time riding the different vehicles.
  11. Why did you go back to 1.05, did KingSong ask you to?
  12. Nice! Happy that this type of device is surviving. Pickings are pretty slim here at the moment. Maybe you can list a contact in case other want one. If I didn't have my Elite+ I might consider one of those for offload, but I seem to be gravitating more to the e-bike it's just simple and works well on and off road. Battery swaps in about 30s and standardized batteries means prices are reasonable. This Spring/Summer I didn't do any really long Segway trips yet so this weekend it looks like I'll try a combination or road and trails for 45-55km. My feet won't like it I suspect, but I want to see how the MiniPro does, it's just pretty amazing to go those distances on such a device. I have a nice route planned.
  13. To XXXX with what Gotway thinks, a 100% is 4.2V per cell. Measurements are for people that like to know the truth.
  14. You'll likely have to phone the airlines and find out who is the right person to talk to, and then get something in writing. They have basically been going with the 'No' route, so it will typically be hard to get a 'yes' out of them. If the battery does not have UL certification i don't think it will happen, and if it does it only improves your chances a very small amount. Good luck and keep us posted on that.
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