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  1. FreeRide


    You want a 5kWh battery? You going to carry it in a backpack?
  2. Cool! Thanks for dropping by and giving us the story on the clip.
  3. FreeRide

    Ninebot One E+ shut off in the middle of riding.

    Seems an unlikely place for a failure under the conditions you describe. Only thing is maybe a tire slip. Dry conditions I take it? Without a black-box recording everything, I don't think anyone could say why. It's too bad all wheels don't log everything so that any incident can be analyzed.
  4. FreeRide

    Tethering your wheel to your leg

    I like the idea of a strong magnetic release or something that will hopefully destabilize the wheel, but not be a safety issue for the rider. I would not trust a DIY electronic shut off. I could see the possibility of one designed into the shell being safe, but not with the current engineering and build standards.
  5. FreeRide

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    Clearly if you get a good one, you can put some serious klics on it!
  6. FreeRide

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    I don't think that is quite definitive yet. It may be like the MiniPros, where they didn't solve the parts issue for some time. Or they may not reach an agreement, or Jason may not be able to wait. Still crossing my fingers that it does not come to this.
  7. The adjustment of the quick-release is very sensitive, just a small changed in the screws makes a big difference in the clamping force. I adjust mine right out of the box as an initial prep item.
  8. Good to hear on your success with Stan's. I've had good success with it as well, but my tire was good for 800+km or so before I needed it. I'd have to look back at the messages to see when I had my first flat. Stan's fixed it up good, and it held for more than a couple months, but I recently switched to the larger road tires at 1000+ km so the original tires likely will never see any use again. I also had success using Stan's in my Tube tire on my e-bike. Also the Stan's I used was already a couple years old, so I'm liking it. I have some other sealants as well, but have not had to try then yet on an EV. Next flat I will use something different just to test it.
  9. FreeRide

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    Well they won't be able to sell in the EU until they get their parts and Warranty worked out, because that's the law there. Apparently they are spending the money to get EU certified, unless they have changed their minds.
  10. FreeRide

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    So this charge Issue is a BMS/Pack issue not a control-board issue? That's good to know. There were some Z6 out of China that had the charge issue, and I thought they were able to solve it without replacing BMS or pack. Does anyone have first hand information on how those failures were resolved.
  11. FreeRide

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    Very bad news on the Z10 failure rate, I better find out if I'm in the same boat, it's been too cold here. I hope the Z10 remains available so that parts will be available and easily accessible. Ninebot better not mess this one up or their EUC days could be over; the sad thing is that may not even bother them.
  12. FreeRide

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    It is a nice looking wheel, I'll say that.
  13. FreeRide

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Not entirely accurate at the tail. You'll never go 10km/h with 0% battery. On the Z10 at about 5% battery you are at 0 km/h.
  14. FreeRide

    Best first EUC for a short commute in London

    I'd stay a way from the Luffy, but the Mten3 seems to get good reviews. I think the V5F sounds like it's worth a try for your needs. You can always call SpeedyFeet, I understand they might have a used V5F up for sale. I don't think it is easy to get a V5F+ any more, but a bigger battery is always worth it.
  15. FreeRide

    v10 vs tesla? witch one is better for commuters

    Nice update. See the SpeedyFeet video showing you why that test you did for your tire wobble is misleading; or maybe you are not claiming it's a motor axel issue. As you mention try deflating the tire, and reflating after you check that it is seated well. You may want to over inflated, deflate, then inflate to desired pressure. Hope it works out for you, and good job resetting people's perception.... it truly is heavy... keep it powered when dragging (rolling) it around.