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  1. FreeRide

    Cheap GPS for electric unicycle

    Interesting. I don't quite understand this statement: "just buy some megabytes for the SIM card Tha is inside of your wheel " Are you saying that you don't have a full time contact on that phone, and you plan to only activate or buy some data/airtime for that SIM if you need it? I don't think that would work in NA, after a certain time off contract, it seems they blacklist the SIM and it cannot be activated again, a new SIM is required. some sort of bogus crap they due in the name of security. Same if you buy the sim, but don't use it for a long time, it will have expired and cannot be activated.
  2. FreeRide

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    Duf's test was a joke. He Never even tested it. Range test means ride it until you can't, you can state the speed which equals can't. You don't do some simpke riding and then ask people to extrapolate a possible max. While many are upset with the SF test they don't seem to understand the test he did. He's not saying his test represents the average riders range, and not the maximum range. The SF test may not be what you want, but at least it's a real test.
  3. FreeRide

    New model KS18L2 with more battery?

    This is more likely a larger battery version, than a sticker error.
  4. Looks like they are trying another Indiegogo Campaign. Their offering price is $599, they are listing retail as $799. I seem to remember seeing a retail price before of $599. From: Ninebot-Segway <gokart.crowdfunding@segway.com> Subject: Ninebot Electric Gokart launches in 5 days😛 Date: September 19, 2018 at 12:36:30 PM EDT Dear miniPRO Users: We have something really special coming just for you! Are you ready to transform your miniPRO into a powerful Electric Gokart? Meet our Ninebot Gokart Kit, a secret accessory that converts your miniPRO into a legitimate Gokart. The converted E-Gokart is a drifting vehicle with a 1700W motor that can accelerate from 0 to 15 mph within 2 seconds. The Ninebot Gokart Kit is set to launch on Indiegogo in just 5 short days. We are offering you a 25% discount during the Super Early-Bird Perk. Please set your clock to 10 am EST, September 24, to secure your special offer. We can't wait to share this fun ride with you! See you on Gokart Launch Day! Yours Truly, Team Segway
  5. FreeRide

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    I'm thinking this is not the only, or even major issue.... I'm thinking the mounting of the battery may make some cells, or the cell monitoring PCB, susceptible to physical damage due to shock and/or vibration. I know they are blaming water ingress, but I think there is likely more to this.
  6. FreeRide

    My brand new Ninbebot Z10 is making a funny sound, why???

    eWheels was $1799 +$190 Air freight. Sounds like yours was sent by air, so you actually paid less. If it was not by air, you paid at most $145 premium, but you have it now, so I think you got a fair deal, as far as the current market is concerned. Once you do some riding on it let us know how you like it.
  7. FreeRide

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Wondering if it's better now to wait until next Spring? On this one it seems better to get it while you can and store it. Really sad they missed so many delivery dates on these. Basically they lost an entire year in North America, which seems to like the wheel a lot more than China (but maybe i'm wrong on that).
  8. FreeRide

    Ninebot Z10 maxspeed and alarm sound

    You should be scared at that speed, but hopefully you are well suited up since you have enough mileage to know these things. That's the same top speed of my e-bike. A pretty good speed for staight commuting sections of road. I can't remember anymore since i had to give up hopes for a Z10 for the summer, but the top speed i thought was a bit higher.
  9. FreeRide

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Don't believe it for a second.
  10. FreeRide

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    You need to re-read the thread.
  11. FreeRide

    Ninebot Z10 - front lamp angle correction mod

    The most popular brand right now is the d-c-fix brand by Hornschuch. It should be available from a wide variety of sources, especially in Europe. There is also someone who use to sell small quantities to the flashlight community and might still be doing that. A web search should turn up something. Some people refer to the brand as DC Fix. I'll see if I can locate the style of the last batch I had.
  12. On my Rev-1 I used TB3870 250 which has the modified Acrylic adhesive. No complaints, I did use pressure and 24hrs to let it cure. seems secure on all layers. I'm thinking 1 strip or 4 small strips in each corner would have been good enough. On Rev-2 to save a little money (as it seems TB3870 has gotten more expensive) I used the low-profile SJ4575. In theory if I understand the documentation right, the adhesive on that one might be better for low-tension surfaces like the foam. It seems I misunderstood though the interchangeability, and the low-profile should not be mated with the 250, but it does work and I figured if the configuration was good I could switch to using 250 if needed. I don't see the need for many removals so I think it will hold up.
  13. From an early construction phase, putting fastener strips on the pads. The same strips (or compatable) are used on each layer in the same place to allow the modularity. I felt i needed that to find the best solution for me. This is why your industrial velcro idea was so great. I could have used the velcro, but needed to do some testing with DualLock anyway, so it was perfect to use here. Turned out to be a bit of an over kill, but always good to overbuild first.
  14. The foam alone might be fine, I would need to test it, and I will. When I started the project I thought I needed to start with a firm base because I require firm soles in my shoes and the larger even firmer base on the Elite was more comfortable than the MiniPro, so I thought that was the way to go. The uneven sagging of the foot pads and the fact that they are too small I wanted to counter with the solid platform. Is the foam is right on the pads then there will not be much support under foam beyond the pad so the overall size of the foot support will only increase a small amount. with the firm platform on the bottom the base is a lot bigger. I may modify it so I can even mount it back a little further as I have extra room in the front I don't really need and sometimes I think having a bit more over hang in the back would be good. However support right up at the front seems not so critical, so putting the foam right on the pads might just work fine. I even have a high-density 1.5" foam I could use. One more long trip with rev-2 so I have a good reference point and I will try the next revision.
  15. In rev-2 i’m essentially standing right on the foam with only the flexible grip tape in-between to protect the foam abd provide a secure grip in all weather conditions. There is no wood in my designs i use Poly based platforms. The foam pads can be removed from the platform, and platform removed from the minipro and then the foam pads will attach directly to the foot pads on the segway. I have not tried that yet, but about 5mins to do the swap. I’m going leave it like this for a bit longer before trying other options. Now being modular i have a number of possible tests i could do, but not enough time to trst them all properly.