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  1. The deal is live now, the first 300 are $599, which seems OK if they deliver on time. Looks good for a basic scooter. the 40miles though is backed up though by only a 550Wh battery, max speed 30km/h. I think it is OK for a basic last mile commuter, and some extra fun. I'm going to pass as my current scooter sits around with no use as I find the miniPro more interesting, and the bike more practical. The crazy thing is, when you go there, the best deal is only $200 off, not $250, not $230, just $200. I don't know what the shipping charge is because you have to go further in the checkout process for that. Anyway; very mixed up company, but I hope it works out.
  2. Segway/Ninebot seems like a bunch a real amateurs running the place now. So initially the email said $250 early-bird price, then they later corrected that to be $250 off, now the site says $230 dollars off but no email explaining the change or it earlier signups got the $250, and later $230 discount. Then on the day of the unveiling they send an email saying that they have to delay the event for one week due to some BS about preparing a special color for the early adopters. Like that that is some reason not to tell us what this is all about, and they only realized this on the day they were supposed to announce it. I can't imagine they have any dealers or customers that like to deal with them. They clearly cannot run the business, they can't even pretend to run it. I can't believe a company with once such promise so quickly now seems to have a hard time just standing upright. clearly the talented people and those with any business experience have left the company. I don't think you can trust the quality of these products, and their service record shows that they do not have the infrastructure to support their products or their claimed warranties. Not sure what they are doing, I'm pretty sure they don't even know what they are doing.
  3. Ninebot/Segway calling it a game changer. Their marketing never was very good. This is the consumer version of the previous MAX series for commercial ride-share operations. They are claiming 40 miles of range, and they say it can do that 40miles in 96 minutes. They have a promotion coming out $250 off, but they don't say what the base price is. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ninebot-e-scooter-max-max-on-everything-but-price/coming_soon/
  4. I had not heard the news about Anki, not really my thing, but I would have enjoyed testing Vector. Seems there is still time for a white night, but it looks pretty grim right now.
  5. It would seem, based on the information you provided, we should not have bought it. Based on how Ninebot has pretty much abandoned the Mini Pro, and it seems now even the Plus, they must be happier making scooters because they have more buyers for those. No more innovation, just stating out boring stuff. They didn't even upgrade the Plus with a decent battery that it should have shipped with in the first place, and have not done anything to get these machines to be legal in more places at 25km/h or allowed users to make it so in their jurisdiction if legal or at their own risk. The go-cart was not well marketed, and they seem more interested in selling them with new segways than taping into their existing communities with it. That said few would have the space to operate it so its market may have been limited from the start. Still waiting for a real upgrade to the Mini Pro. I'm looking for a transportation device, not a robot with serious limited capabilities, and certainly not a robot pal. Hope is fading, but happy the MiniPro was released.
  6. Oh sorry to hear that, I hope you'll be OK. Nice that you can still ride the Elite. My body definitely seems to need to enter a different mode on the different devices, I've adapted to the mini quite well, but now I am worse on EUC as I don't spend time on them. One wheel on my Elite still needs a little better balancing to run true. Take care!
  7. Some one reported on the forum, previously that only the Plus could be set to 22 km/h I believe. So it seems some how it was tied to the battery, of that was correct. I can set my Plus to 22 km/h. On the Mini Pro or the PTR Elite I would not want to go more than 25km/h. I just took the Elite for a ride today, I'm liking it more, mainly because it can maintain a good speed compared to the Mini Pro, so for straight commutes it's working nice, The MiniPro though is still my favorite.
  8. Thanks! I figured the "S" was something like that given the physical design and specs. I changed tires last fall, i think at around 800km; documented in another thread went with the larger "Speed" tires from More4Mini. The small speed increase really helped drop the beeping, i find it easier now to stay undef the limit. Wow!! 5000 km, that's serious mileage.
  9. Hi, looks like not much new here. I didn't ride my MiniPros, Elite, or ebike much at all this winter, the weather just didn't seem to align. About 3 weeks a go i went for my first Segway ride, a short 6km, a couple short trips, and 18km last weekend. It was very easy getting back on the miniPro, the first few trips the tires were low after loosing air over the winter, but that was suitable for a start. Put them back to 35psi for the 18km ride. Using the extra foot rest padding still seems natural enough to me now, and it does help a lot on some terrain. Just over 1100km now on the miniPro and 1000km on the ebike. Sad, i didn't get to trying to install the swallowbot cpu on a board over the winter, but maybe i will get to that this year. I don't see much talk about that here, except the thread mentioning the Chinese motherboards that are on ebay now. Might be worth a try. The 2019 MiniPro S on Amazon is a bad joke. I guess there is little hope now we'll see a real MiniPro update with a decent battery upgrade. Hopefully this year i'll get more comfortable on my EUCs, but the miniPro serves a different role for me since i'm often using camera gear or my binoculars. Some soft ground here still, really does a number on the battery.
  10. You might want to check the more4mini site, I believe there is a EU site as well as US site and he had chargers for the E+ I believe. Isn't the original one in the EU a 63V charger?
  11. Don't forget temperature effects.
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