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  1. FreeRide

    Gotway ACMv2 will not power on anymore

    I see. Sorry the picture is not too clear on my computer. I can see what you are saying it does look like the wire shielding is hollow inside right now. I would say that there is a possibility that the test point it looks like on the Bluetooth board penetrated the positive wire shielding, which cause a short, but it seems remote as their looks to be no burn marks around the test-point comparable to that which would be required to burn up the wire. I think it is more likely the wire got really hot as it burned itself up, and since the shielding was toughing the BT card it attached it self to that as it melted. It takes a lot of current to burn that wire. Yes it can happen, not that uncommon on something like an EUC which can draw a large current from the batteries for considerable time. If so the question would be what caused it to heat up, regular use or some fault. Most likely it was a circuit fault, or an already damaged wire. Do the standard manual wheel spin test and check the MOSFETs. Others can probably help more with the details on where to look for that wheel.
  2. FreeRide

    Gotway ACMv2 will not power on anymore

    Wire didn't look bad enough in the photo as far as I could tell to have a broken connection. I'm not sure you've found the problem yet. Maybe I just couldn't see the photo well enough. I guess you're saying in your description that the red wire is severed. Sounds like it acted as a fuse and just burned up if that's the case. something else must be shorted. Are you going to try to reconnect the wire and see if it powers up?
  3. FreeRide


    -- never mind -- managed to find it in the more local news.
  4. FreeRide

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    The large branding is not for me, i think it makes the cover look ugly.
  5. Maybe they are trying to attract women riders with no sense of style?
  6. My programmer arrived, but I have visitors until June, so I likely won't be able to get it all connected until then.
  7. FreeRide

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    11:40 now. Covers some of the basic ride feel.
  8. FreeRide

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    I have no idea if this is relevant, but it's closer than most of the recent chatter. Even with the possible language barrier there is that unique wheel protection system.
  9. FreeRide


    https://slate.com/technology/2018/05/apple-store-selling-lumos-bike-helmet-because-of-cool-apple-watch-integration.html Lumos helmet. Apple Watch connected helmet translates hand signals to lights on helmet.
  10. Is it the Elite that is not saving the password, or the Phone/App? I never use the bluetooth passwords as they always seem to lead to issues with connections for some device or app. On the Elite I have yet to use the app at all. I don't really see the need for it since everything can be controlled by the keyfob and it has a speed display on the handle bar. I've had too many issues with the Ninebot App on the MiniPro to use it if I don't have to. I really hate, and consider it illegal, that the MiniPro forces you to register with the app to use the device to begin with, and requires constant internet connection for some function such that you can be locked out of connecting to your device just because you don't have an internet connection. That should be a lawsuit. Maybe they fixed in in the latest app, but I doubt it. Using some other App for tracking could be useful, but I've decided just to use a GPS tracker when I need it. There is a downside of not being able to get a more accurate battery level, but the display on the ninebot has enough segments that I find it accurate enough for the purposes of the machine. On the MiniPro I need the App for battery stats, trip mileage and total mileage.
  11. This is very confusing. That would indicate the fault is in the battery, but somewhere between the battery and the charging connector, if the regenerative charging can push it higher using the internal contacts. Seems like swapping the battery might still fix it since you've tried a different charger already.
  12. It sounds to me like it might actually charging correctly. If the light on the battery turned green generally everything is fine. Have you tried riding it and see if it lasts more like 100% or 40%? I guess the only other way to know is to install a different battery and see what it says. Do you know anyone else with one that you can swap the battery on? One more thing, in the App, does the mac rating still say 5700 mAh and the current capacity says 40% of that on mAh? Just to clarify; the light on the battery turned green, while it was still connected to the charger?
  13. New video from InMotion.
  14. Not seen a problem, like that, you are best calling Segway. If you have equipment you can measure the charger voltage and the battery voltage to see if everything is in order there. I take it the charger light never goes green, or the charger light goes green and the App and/or display still says 40% only. You need to provide more information.
  15. FreeRide

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)