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  1. FreeRide

    Ninebot One E+ replacement charger

    You might want to check the more4mini site, I believe there is a EU site as well as US site and he had chargers for the E+ I believe. Isn't the original one in the EU a 63V charger?
  2. KingSong 14B? Lots of e-bikes have external batteries, they crash also.
  3. FreeRide

    Range issue with new V10F:

    Don't forget temperature effects.
  4. FreeRide

    KS16B firmware update not possible

    Might not help, but I'm sure I saw this problem before. Scan the forum with google for the message ""New firmware version: V0.00"" or just the 0.00 part, maybe it will turn up something.
  5. FreeRide

    Gotway Monster Received and Oh My God

    Well at the time i didn't know he liked soft-mode, also quite different and a surprise, but learned that as well. Didn't say i didn't understand it now, just that i was surprised by it.
  6. That's true, there are some situations where a tether of some sort may be advisable. I still vote for a quick release that destabilizes the wheel. you don't want too go off the cliff with your wheel if it comes to that.
  7. FreeRide

    Gotway Monster Received and Oh My God

    Looks like you're giving a lot of love to all the wheels that have seen a lot of downtime in the few months. I was surprised that Tishawn's main wheel was the Monster and not the MSX.
  8. FreeRide

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    There is no doubt EUC buyers are being taken advantage of right now with the current prices. Maybe the market didn't grow as fast as expected and now we are paying the price for the companies that over invested in them. The battery-packs are certainly over priced, one can look at the recent prices for e-bike batteries which can now be got for 960Wh for $460 on Amazon with Amazon fulfillment, these are not using GA cells though most use LG, some use Samsung, Some use Panasonic PF. Last I checked there was a US seller, not know for good prices, selling one 1250Wh pack with GA for $750. GA cells can actually be cheaper than good cells from the other manufactures, but EUC don't tend to use the better cells they still go for the economy versions. The GA cell seems about the best you can get in a stock EUC. IPS was using 20700B in the i5 i believe, not sure what the new S5 uses, but I'm pretty sure it's not the top 40T or 50E from Samsung. Maybe they plan to, as there was a 576Wh version (or was it 579Wh) announced that has not materialized yet. It could just be China thinks we should pay more, it happens with so many electronic devices, where identical devices are sold in China (sometimes with a different model number), at a much lower price. This was a big practice with electronic test equipment a few years back, I'm sure it's still pretty common as we saw with things like the Mini vs. the Mini Pro, or the various version of current scooters. At least in these cases there are some small differences.
  9. FreeRide

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    In that case you are probably right, I thought it looked much wider than MCM5. The silence on the MCM5 handle probably encouraged them.
  10. I celebrated this happy day by installing NineTool and NineBattery on my Android phone. I have never used an Android phone until today. Took the first one out of the box and tried to turn off as much of the google spy software as possible and downloaded the two Ninebot Apps and the ZArchiver tool to get inside the RAR archive for Ninetool. Both apps start. I put the phone on a charger. As I mentioned in the other thread my Z6 and Z10 are smiling and hugging each other. My MiniPros are excited for the first time in a week, I thought the depression might do them in. It's nice to have some good news to celebrate for a change.
  11. FreeRide

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I have a feeling that top grip may change before the production version. Seems totally impractical and poorly suited to its function.
  12. My Z6 and Z10 are smiling and hugging each other.
  13. FreeRide

    Best Long Range Wheel

    As your wheel get older, if it is still working fine, you can possibly just get a new battery-pack for it. At that time, you'll probably have to buy it from a third party, as it maynot be available from Gotway, but you never know. A third-party rebuild would likely be the alternative since the bms would be important. That's the best anyway since then you can choose the best cells and if there is any extra room you might be able to move to 21700 cells and get a good range boost as well.