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  1. on MiniPro All lights flashing should been charged and balanced. I suppose it might be possible that if the cells balance at a low voltage then the charger may continue, but generally the charger turns green, and then sometime later, and it can be a while, all bars flash. This is the original design, I've been charging my mini-pros for a good number of years. However I will add that now I use a 63V charger, and with the stock charger there is more voltage difference possible since 100% is not 100% but the software is programmed to lie as it is 100% as per original NA spec. However in the past my stock charger worked the same, green first then all-bars flashing. Most people were pulling the plug before all bars flashing, causing some issues with their battery. The original documentation states it the way I have explained, but ....
  2. No, I would not wait once the Mini Pro is flashing all bars. Sounds like the charger may be out of spec, or the MiniPro is, but most likely the charger had drifted out of spec.
  3. No, we have voiced our concern about the Segway SpyApp, but no you need an internet connection. not sure if anyone has spent time to try and fake it out.
  4. Buying a power brick is one way. The connector is called a Leveno connector. They are available. Google is your friend (well not really, but you can use it anyway).
  5. First step on dead battery is to plug it into the charger outside of the mini pro and leave it for a while, sometimes a long while. If no luck; Second step is to try to wake up the BMS/battery by applying a voltage or charger directly to the large battery connector, not the charge port. There is a thread on here about that, people making little leads to try and wake the battery with the mini's supply. I may be opening a battery soon to swap the cells, or take out the BMS, if I do I'll take pictures. There are some pictures of battery disassembly around on the forum somewhere. Once open you need to measure each cell and try to either revive each one individually or replace them, until you can changer the pack and then test to see if they balance, and discharge the pack and see how far out of balance they are.
  6. It you leave in n-minutes without it moving it will automatically power-off. If you mean power-off while riding... well that would be a problem, it can happen with fall electronics or battery, or if pushed too hard depending on what you mean by 'off' as there are many stores of 'off' for some people, and for practical purposes of a functioning machine.
  7. exit, restart app, connect to device, you should see speed-limit button. press it.
  8. I have removed my steering housing before and taken it apart, but can't remember many details. I remember though it was straight forward, I didn't have to cut anything. The sensor did not need recalibrating at all. It was in and out several time, and taken right apart to mess with the magnets. if you are not using the same magnets then yes it may need recalibrating. I can't remember if I posted pictures before in the hack thread when we were working on riding the Mini-Pro backwards.
  9. Ya, at least one of those is fixed. I thought one was adjustable, but not sure how. They are just pointers though so maybe you can find the right thing to search on and locate the correct part. Those on the V11 look like something that might be part of a larger coil-over shock and they just took the pheumatic portion; however the travel is pretty short so I suspect it's primary application is something different.
  10. I don't know what they are using, but maybe look for something like this: https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/00483941 This one might be interesting: https://www.gasspringsshop.com/product/gas-spring-8-19-stroke-100/
  11. The only think they appear to mean to me at first glance is that they are inaccurate. I don't believe the MaxCurrent or Power, put a meter on the battery lets get this EUC manufactures to start reporting real numbers.
  12. Looks like my estimate of 50mi, was pretty darn close.
  13. Or like the bicycle industry for the people who care, we could just start insisting on the current standards in measurements for rims and tires. It's at least a start. That means: ETRTO for tires, and they should also list TPI. And metric rim sizes such as 25-559 for a 25mm outer-width 559mm diameter. so when putting the tire on the rim you can make some educated calls if you have the two sizes. It does not cover everything about a tire, but it's where sizing should start. We could use the French system with designated widths, but that is too limited I think. Anyway it is up to the manufacturers to just start using these consistently and it will make most sense for the others to follow.
  14. I get worried when I hear a Russian start appreciating the ascetics of a vehicle, but man the EcoDrift team sure has a great sense of humor. That was a great summary of the V11.
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