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  1. MSuper Pro 2020 Just linking the new thread, now this could be locked.
  2. FreeRide

    MSuper Pro?

    It may ship in March as they say, or in April, it may ship in May, or may even ship in February, it may it may, but June is not out of the question.
  3. FreeRide

    InMotion V8f

    Sounds like a good solid update, but it does not seem to warrant the price increase, seems like the updates should have been able to be included at the existing price point which is already near the top end for the battery capacity and features. It would have been great if the battery capacity could have been increased more. Still it's good that this wheel still exists since it seems the best in its class for a short commuter.
  4. Segway's new S-Pod personal transportation device is expected to be shown at CES 2020. Everyone else likes to call it the 'Hover-Chair'. Wired: https://www.wired.com/story/segway-bringing-hoverchairs-wall-e-life/ Electrek: https://electrek.co/2020/01/03/segway-unveils-24-mph-s-pod-hoverchair/
  5. To make it sound better; in the retail business a doubling of the price from say $50 cost to $100 retail price is called a 50% markup, it's a bit of funny math and perspective, but I think it's mainly done to make to sound better.
  6. Watch the long term reviews of the V8 by Speedyfeet.
  7. Sounds like an unbalanced battery pack, and/or bad cell. Do as mrelwood suggested and plug it in, but leave it on the charger for a a long while after it says fully charged. Not sure if that one does passive balancing at that point, but hopefully it does. I would then run it to about 50% and repeat. If the problem still occurs I think your battery pack has a problem.
  8. Yes the battery situation in general is very bad, cannot even buy the best batteries new anymore. I'm hoping the speed/control enhanced firmware that M4M is now selling will also work with generic batteries, but I have not been able to install my board yet for a test. I know it is possible with modified firmware, but I'm not sure if this mod was included in the released Swallowbot firmware.
  9. Sad story, but I expect more DOA units because they are not really selling very fast anymore and sitting around for a long time. When you had the battery out, did you not see any light on the battery at all? I've found reviving the batteries is more often than not successful , but in really dead cases can take a while, unless you resort to the tricks you may have seen published here. It's possible using a 63V charger is more successful than the 58.8 they ship with, but have no concrete evidence of this. Very good you got your money back.
  10. Should be fine, 4A for such a large battery is quite small, the issues is around wiring and electronics in the E6, but i don't think there is much to worry about at 4A. See if you can find the cutoff current for the CV stage, just to make sure it will cut off correctly. You could ask your vendor the max charge current, or check the manual carefully, sometimes it's listed even when the supplied charger is much less. I think it is worth a try.
  11. You can probably open up the charger and adjust it back to 63V.
  12. Sounds like with the V1 buyer's discount code, I will be happy to try V2 and see if I can get on with them a little better. Sounds like some of my issues have been addressed in V2. I was going to try another company, but I think I'll just wait for V2 since it's getting cold here and the roads are not in a condition for me to ride on at this time so I can wait.
  13. I ordered one a while back, but I have not installed it as the weather is not very cooperative and I've been outfitting a new e-bike as well. Since they had 15% off again for CyberMonday I ordered a couple more boards since i have other MiniPros and based on reports I'll want to upgrade everyone I'm riding and good to have a spare as well. I'll probably even order a couple more at some point. I won't switch my main MiniPro right away, but I had put the Chinese so called 'swallowbot' board in a MiniPro and it didn't give me any speed increase that I needed, although it was not too bad to ride. I'll pull that board out and stick in a true Swallowbot board in the next little while and hopefully get some weather to test it in. If it works as expected, then i will update it with the hybrid tires, and probably the Scout rollbar I've had hanging around for ages. If that all goes well I will update my main one one even though it means losing my mileage; on that one I already run the larger Sport tires. I'm very excited to renew my MiniPros. I'll get to try the new board and the Hybrid tires if it all goes smooth. I'll be reporting back later with my experience with the board.
  14. The reason probably has much more nefarious roots. The truth is out there, and the forgotten child may hold the key.
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