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  1. Headlamps rock, Zebralight rules.
  2. Nice! Seems like it is working perfectly for you. Nice solution to the noise issue. Thanks for the update!
  3. I have a Series 2 42mm SS watch which I will likely keep as I can get a couple days battery life on it. Just ordered the series 5 so I could try the lighter weight Ti model, 44mm size, and the compass capabilities, but it will be nice to have a couple options to wear as I use to have a fair number of mechanical watches to choose from. I'm an iPhone SE fan, and I only use my larger XS Max for photos and video. The flare on the XS Max camera is very annoying so I'm trying the new Pro. The extra-wide lens will come in handy, although I would have much preferred a 100mm equivalent lens since I can use the panorama for extra wide when I need it. Although next year the iPhone is supposed to have more new features, in the large phone I'm mostly concerned with the screen, and cameras. I don't want to wait until next Sept since I think the Pro camera will be a worthwhile improvement for me.
  4. Looks cool, but limited usage it would be best on street for short trips. Needs a 600-800Wh battery, and a top speed of at least 40km/h to really be considered a bike replacement. It could use double the gears also and a price tag about 1/2. It would be fun to try, but too limited for me.
  5. Why would it be the motor? Are you saying that the tolerances for the motor winding vary too much? That is very unlikely based on the way the windings are typically done, not sure about the quality control on the magnets, but since that is relatively easy I don't see why that would be an issue. Or are you just saying that the battery-pack and the motor are not well matched? In other words are you saying that the motor loses power in some cases because the battery/software will not supply the required power? If this was the case I would not say it was a motor issue, but a power/controller issue.
  6. It's possible that their voltage sensor is not accurately calibrated on all their wheels, and since it appears that it is the only measurement they make (which is a poor measurement for Li Technology cells) this is skewing the results. It is also possible that the measurement is subject to errors based on their sampling rate and filtering. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of it and eventually start using cells with a higher discharge rate even if it means slightly reducing the Wh, because it is not likely to reduce overall range based on their usage profile. Of course they could start using good 21700 cells like they should have been doing more than a year and solve many problems, and increase specs at the same time.
  7. See also this related thread. Tire sealant comparison
  8. Can you update this thread with a few more details, photos of battery specs, etc., i cannot read your google content. There is a US offer now for $2500, still a bit steep, but includes shipping from US. How do you find dealing with the large size? What is the maximum speed you have been able to get? Any limits on going reverse? photo of charger specs?
  9. ya, the laws everywhere are so far behind. the pedal assisted rule that exists in most e-bike laws is ridiculous. First I have pedal assisted bike, and frankly accidental activation is a problem with these for many people as they start going, or if the pedals are bumped. What is the point of this rule in the first place, I can barely turn the pedals with no effort and my bike will go full speed, there is no law about how much assist is allowed. Luckily my bike also has a throttle, which in many cases is a must have feature, I would not buy an e-bike without one. It actually makes several scenarios safer, although it does have the one downside that it can be accidentally bumped.
  10. Seems like since the NPS is now opened to e-bikes, maybe just a bit of polite education on EUCs might help them get it on an agenda for a new ruling before next year. Letters might be the way to go.
  11. I received a pair of Medium (my normal glove size) and they fit pretty well. Fingers were correct length and they can be put on very easily. They are easy to put on and off because of the large opening in the side that extends all the way to the knuckles, this seem like a good design feature. Great dexterity in the fingers and hand movements, which can be limited with some product that extent a bit too far into, or on to the back of, the palm. The first strap (critical), and the last strap should have at least another 1/2" of length, not sure why there are as short as they are. I don't find them particularly comfortable on the back on my hands compared to other products. A nice 2-3mm of EVA foam between the glove and the back wrist guard would make them a lot more comfortable. I was hoping they would be as comfortable as my regular riding gloves that I was in for over 7hrs yesterday, they didn't meet that level for me. These are just my initial comments, so I'll have to put them to longer term use to see if they have any break-in period or if I can mod them to my liking. Ps.. shipping, while seemingly a bit costly, really was priority and great! The entire checkout was great despite me not able to read French.
  12. Cool, but it looks like the news coverage did not catch any EUCs.
  13. Sounds like a dangerous spy-app.
  14. Sounds pretty crazy to me; i presume he has his wheel back by now, i hope he is not waiting for a court date. If he gets it back again, next time surely will be a solid case for harassment. Please keep us updated on how this turned/turns out.
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