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  1. I was referring to their prices for their existing models not the v11, i thought that was clear. I have no comment on the cost of the v11 until we get some real feedback on how well it works. However; the company's pricing typically does not align with Wh compared to the rest of the industry.
  2. Probably not a big seller; I agree, but is it an important evolution? V11F might be the ticket, maybe they are waiting on that one to see just how well this one does do and to get the fine tuning right, of course the price of that would be even higher.
  3. This makes sense given IM's market focus in the past. They did say in that recent interview though that they were going to cater to the enthusiast's market more, but maybe the V11 is not the wheel for that. Still as it is it should be better able to handle more terrain than the V10, so maybe this is their first step in that direction. Especially if the top speed hols for 70% of the battery capacity,
  4. While I don't care to correlate price with top speed, I do expect it to correlate with range/battery capacity. However; I'm willing to wait until we see how the wheel rides in the real world, on the streets and off road before I form an opinion on this one as no other one has suspension and that is the key here. How well does it work. Someone was asking for tighter suspension lalready when no one outside of IM even knows what the suspension is like. People are going a bit crazy here. Historically though I've been disappointed in the pricing of IM wheels, but never owned one, and since they are the best selling wheel, it hardly makes sense for them to lower their prices. I'd love to try an IM one day since speed above 50km/h is not important to me, but how the top speed is limited as the battery is drained is important. I'm still very excited to see how this new wheel performs.
  5. Another reason why these electronic power switches are a safety hazard. Your mother board is probably burned as well, it is most likely what caused the excessive current which then burned the wires.
  6. The headlight was 7800 Lux, not Lumens.
  7. Hmmm. Interesting. Need to wait for the actual reviews to see how it works in real life. That was a very lame product introduction, but at least it is now official and we just have to wait for the influencers to get a test unit so we can see real world application. In general I like it, and if they make a V11F it would be more exciting. Waiting for the real reviews!
  8. FreeRide

    MSuper Pro?

    Just want to mention that for those that might not be aware of Chooch Tech's videos on the prototype MSuper Pro to check out his videos and comments on youtube. I don't remember seeing them posted here (but I may have missed them). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFeDZyrD6D5AjG1KSO9NLVQ/videos
  9. I do like the versatility if this adapted seat.
  10. I think it is likely that with the distance traveled you heated up the tire and the air inside which caused the pressure increase.
  11. Nice for European customers. Direct from the factory though means that you will not be able to do a QC check on the wheels, guarantee shipping time, or get experience with issue that are across multiple wheels, there will be a delay and it will be more difficult to isolators;ate problems common to particular batches and get them fix in a timely manner.
  12. Don't get your hopes up, that could mean diversifying into scooters. Their innovation has been largely limited to speed and battery capacity in the past. They have let other blaze the new trails, but sometimes successfully borrowed the ideas after the others took the first hit.
  13. Doubtful really, it's just a crap shoot still. Many of their quality issues have nothing to do with the responsibilities of a quality engineer, and will they be allowed to even do their job. We'll have to wait and see. They could start with updatable firmware, and they could have done that years ago.
  14. Growing scooter and e-bike markets is hurting EUCs I would guess.
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