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  1. Speedyfeet should have dinged it a point or two for not having upgradeable firmware, but he was too excited about the wheel. I would have liked to hear more about what he liked about the ride feel over the suspension wheels. The range on this one may inspire him and Jon to do another long trip together for charity. Certainly looks like Veteran has hit it out of the park with their first EUC for the experienced hardcore riders.
  2. If you have pre-ordered, how are you spending extra for Air-Shipment?
  3. If you are commuting, you need other options, so look at what you would do if you couldn't use your wheel. If you have options then selling I think is not bad, because in a while you may want to buy a newer wheel anyway and then you can decide again if you want to keep a backup. Things seems to be changing fast right now with real changes, not just baby steps.
  4. Good time to edit the title of this thead to something more appropriate.
  5. Looks like the MiniPro MAX standalone will be limited to 20 km/h, looks like this would be an awesome candidate for a Swallowbot update 😁
  6. So the new Segway has official name "Segway MiniPro MAX"? Will they sell this stand-alone, without the gokart?
  7. hmmm in this section, this could be more of a promotional piece.
  8. At the rate these things change, with-in 2 years I think we will see a good level of advancement in the suspension models. I can understand though not waiting until then.
  9. Trying to use that while riding without some sort of quick-release/breakaway cable i think is a bit crazy.
  10. While I'm not buying this first release of the S18, I still think it is going to be a great wheel. That said no wheel is for everyone (at least not yet).
  11. They are busy making the wheel Shipping starts soon, next week i believe, but maybe the following week. Any day now they should be ready to post at least the promos, I know editing can be a long process, but they have had a week for it now. As long as the raw footage was acceptable. Based on the responses so far to the S18 and V11, it might be better to just ship them and avoid all the speculation.
  12. Brievely shows unlocking the wheel with the new app, update, calibration, and choosing an offset angle if you would like.
  13. OK thanks. I think that is pretty comparable then based on price, but I guess someone knowledgeable in these shocks would need to comment.
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