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  1. That is how they are designed to be positioned though. Maybe I've controlled my acceleration these days, but I just don't get the major tiltbacks I use to get. Still it is a bit of a flaw in the over all design of the knee controller if the device is able to remove them from your knees. It would be good to see a mechanical solution to this problem as well as any software updates needed for different circumstances.
  2. FreeRide

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    I think his reviews are Triumphs, Tribulations, and Touchy-feelies.
  3. Thanks for the update. I started buying some materials to try something similar, I'm excited based on what I know about the large foot base on the Elite and various EUC pedals. I think your idea of a little supportive foam to keep the platform from registering is just what is needed, With the just the right foam it seems like it is close enough to the edge of registering, that this should be enough to offset it.
  4. FreeRide

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    This is true!
  5. Thanks! Sounds very interesting. I'm going to look for the right type of foam, and I'm thinking at hard surface on the top as well might be beneficial. Cleaver way to mount it. does the weight of the platform make the mini-pro think there is someone standing on in still when you step off?
  6. FreeRide

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Given that air shipment is another $190 to get it before summer is over, this is definitely an expensive wheel. No bargain being an early adopter on this one, but you do get to enjoy it this year. I'm happy to see Ninebot seems to have produced a very quality wheel with adequate speed and battery capacity, but It's still a tough decision at the current price.
  7. FreeRide

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I didn't see this little clip posted before.
  8. Very cool, so it should be able to get the higher speed unless they require a firmware update that patches that loophole.
  9. More details please. I'd love a larger platform, it's the one thing i like about the Elite over the mini-pro as much as the small speed boost. I have small feet and still could benefit as i like long trips using multiple batteries. Looks like you used some very dense foam for the top layer of your platform, don't know the name of it. How was it mounted?
  10. FreeRide

    IPS S5

    It seems there is/was a 576Wh battery version of the S5 as well as the two smaller versions (see attached image). I really liked the idea behind the i5, I wonder if @Jason McNeil is going to carry the S5 as well, and in this larger capacity? I don't see any mention on ewheels.com yet. http://www.iamips.com/s5/ https://ipselectricunicycle.com/s5/
  11. FreeRide

    100V MSuper X ... check it out!

    OK you are correct, when I correct the table for rounding which is significant in row 1, and I use the correct resistance in row 4 as you had stated I see calculations working out as per your revised statement that internal power loss of the battery is the same. So if appropriate cabling is used (scaled to adjust for increase current, and practical) then the internal cable losses would not be an issue either. The motor winding though would have to be of suitable gauge also which could create a heavier motor depending on specifications.
  12. FreeRide

    100V MSuper X ... check it out!

    The last column seems all wrong. Power loss is I^2R, and the R for 6S would be 0.1 not 0.18. So i think you will find you need to reverse again, back to your original statement.
  13. Understood. I don't have the severe tiltback issue anymore, I'm moving the pad forward just to compensate for my posture. I'm not sure that control is going to do anything I want, but if I'm messing with the app one day I might give it a try and purposely mis-align the horizontal.
  14. It does sound strange, could be one of the magnets in the steering sensor is loose, but the fact that you say you can step off and back on and have it correct itself is at odds with the steering sensor issue. Are you connected with the app while riding, any message on the app when it occurs? Any beeps from the machine? I don't think it is a foot pad issue since I've never known that to cause a left or right movement. Did you check if either wheel mount rattles? Do you think it is possible one motor stops? That could be a loose connection. strange that it can be left or right. Does not really seam like it could be the steering sensor if it will go one way or the other. if not a loose connection it could be one of the boards is cracked.