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  1. The Mini S Max is now available separately in the US. I guess they are trying to sell it now at 2-3x the price point to make a profit, but they still don't sell parts separately for it, so i can't buy one until i can buy spare batteries.
  2. Hopefully the main articles or threads about the battery reviving techniques properly explain the risks and how one can take precautions. That is where that information belongs.
  3. I'll add my 2 sense, now that I have used Swallowbot for a few hundred km (I don't use it as much as I did before). I've run it on long trips though using 3 batteries and, I can say without a doubt my Swallowbot segway is the safest one I own by far. The Swallowbot in mine is not only faster, less annoying (no beeps), it is much safer and does not panic like the original when encountering obstructions. I totally recommend it. Mine was done by a replacement control board from M4M, I don't think they are available any more. Because I don't use Android nor do I use What's app I've not
  4. There is a thread on here with more details, on how you might be able to revive the battery especially if it has only been 3 months. First easy thing to try is to remove the battery from the segway, 4 screws on the bottom. Then plug it into the charger for 24 hrs while it is removed from the Segway. you may also try unplugging it after 8 hours and replugging it in. and again after 16hrs. especially if the charger light is staying green. If you do get the charger to turn red, leave it plugged in until the light on the bottom of the battery is no longer blinking red, but green. It
  5. I'm going to remain very skeptical on this one. I see some sites say this for the Gotway Monster Pro, but they make other mistakes related to electrical specifications so I'm remaining highly skeptical on this, What I saw was Gotway said something about 20A short-circuit (i.e. fuse) protection. This does not by itself imply that it can support a 20A charge rate. I suspect a language / knowledge issue maybe originating inside of Gotway for one, not sure about this wheel as I''ve seen no other reference to this from Iron.
  6. Sounds like a good reason to call speedyfeet and order a wheel.
  7. Magnetic is good, I just mean something a bit flexible but provides a good connection and is easily removable to access the shock.
  8. Interesting, maybe what they should be looking at is some sort of velcro fastener.
  9. Yes, i have extensive safety gear. I only go hard core on the EUCs, medium on the Segway, and just helmet, lights and gloves, on the bike. Safety vest on the bike if on many road ways or in the dark. I don't want to go down on the ground safety gear or not. Only wear FF helmet on EUC. I like the reduced safety-gear aspect of the e-bikes, and people here give me lots of room on my bikes for some reason. e-bikes are my current favorite EV. Don't like wearing one of my hundred backbacks anymore on long trips, too hot, and restricting. Love having the vehicle carry the load. 100mil
  10. I'm liking my hybrid tires also, but not really seeing too much difference yet between them and the sport tires of the same diameter on my other MiniPro. I'd have to try a lot more terrain and maybe do some side-by-side, but I can say I'm not having any problems with them and I've had them on quite a few surfaces, but only shorter distances not much more than 20km per trip. Have to spend more times with the EUCs and the e-bikes now. I'm loving my 100mile e-bike trips, but maybe now that the fall is here I'll try another super long segway trip just for fun. The segway is still the best for
  11. What makes you think they do this at the end of the line?
  12. on MiniPro All lights flashing should been charged and balanced. I suppose it might be possible that if the cells balance at a low voltage then the charger may continue, but generally the charger turns green, and then sometime later, and it can be a while, all bars flash. This is the original design, I've been charging my mini-pros for a good number of years. However I will add that now I use a 63V charger, and with the stock charger there is more voltage difference possible since 100% is not 100% but the software is programmed to lie as it is 100% as per original NA spec. However in the
  13. No, I would not wait once the Mini Pro is flashing all bars. Sounds like the charger may be out of spec, or the MiniPro is, but most likely the charger had drifted out of spec.
  14. No, we have voiced our concern about the Segway SpyApp, but no you need an internet connection. not sure if anyone has spent time to try and fake it out.
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