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Using the Gotway Monster for commuting every day


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I was worried that I wouldn't bother to use the KS18S as much as the V8 I already owned because of the advantages the smaller wheel has for city driving.  Instead, I find that the confidence and stability of the bigger wheel is worth the annoying downsides to the heavier weight and larger size.  I looked at the Monster more seriously than I had expected to when I set out to get a second EUC. 


Having had time with the 18S now, I have come to appreciate the shell geometry and the way it's height and weight distribution is taller than others.  The KS18S gets compared to the MSuper most often, but for me it was the KS18S or the Monster. 

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1 hour ago, Pingouin said:

I discovered that it is actually usable for commuting !

Nice, join the club!

This is a lesson in not to believe everything you here echoed blindly in majority on this forum. Many of those voices are not ones of a.) actual everyday user experience (with big wheels), and b.) expert skill level (I don't care how long you've ridden, that doesn't make you an expert; a humble swallowing of pride in that you don't know everything, and an un-ending desire to get better does).

I regularly use my Monster to go everywhere, work, shopping, doesn't matter. The only factor is if my destination cannot store the size of my Monster properly.

Also, a minor drawback is because of the perceived size, you are treated with fear by some pedestrians as if you are on a motorcycle, even if on a similar powered, smaller EUC, they react as if you're on a toy *smh.


24 minutes ago, mezzanine said:

The KS18S gets compared to the MSuper most often, but for me it was the KS18S or the Monster. 

No reason to pick, just get both like I did! :lol::ph34r:

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8 hours ago, Pingouin said:

Hi guys,

When I first bought the Gotway Monster, it was because I loved the stability of this EUC, I thought it would be a very comfortable ride for long hot summer rides, and it delivered ! Even though I "only" have the 1.6kWh version, I still managed to get 120km at moderate speeds during this summer. However, since then, the cold & bad weather has come, I lost interest in it for months, because my "14" or "16" seemed more practical to me for an every day use. I commute to work every day between 19 and 36km, sometimes 54km, not including other stuff that I do with my EUCs.

For the last week, I asked myself : can the Monster still have any practical usage ? Can I actually commute with it ? Knowing that I ride exclusively in the city during the week. So I forced myself to ride it every day, with sometimes 4 floors to go carrying the 26kg of the Monster ! I thought it would be very painful, I also tought that the size and manoevrability would be a disadvantage.

I discovered that it is actually usable for commuting ! Yes it's not easy to carry around, but to ride along, it's great ! The stability gives me confidence, it absorbs road imperfections like a champ, not bothered like my "14" that I used to use every day. It's agility needs to be mastered, but I can do the same thing that my "14" can, it's just that it needs more "body" to do it.

My conclusion is that while it was very strange to use suche a big EUC every day, it has a bunch of advantages that makes it very usable on a daily basis, plus I don't need to wonder about my range anymore (it would give me at least 60km at very high speeds even in a cold weather). I am also happy to tell you that it handles very rainy/wet weather with no issues at all ! Oh and for reminder, I weight 60kg, I am quite small, so it's not an "easy" EUC for me.

I think I found a new usage for my Monster, I'll keep you guys updated, but I intend to use it every day until the Summer brake in late June !

Great post. Although I don't commute with any of my wheels, if I did, the Monster might be that wheel. It's so comfortable to ride and easy to control. However, I must say that if I had to carry it up 4 floors I would not take it. My hats off to you and your muscles :D :cheers:

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Do you have to carry the wheel up the steps? Have you looked around to store it somewhere? Charging it might be a problem, though.

I don't think I could continue lifting a Monster up four stories; 2 stories each day with my MSV3 eventually resulted in repetitive injuries.

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