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  1. I'm actually surprised how little I'm tempted by most of the newer wheels. There hasn't been a lot of meaningful improvement over the couple years I've been riding.
  2. Most people are hard-core conformists. Why are you still surprised? It isn't healthy to get bothered by it.
  3. Slowing down has been a big factor in my enjoyment as an EUCer. I've deliberately tried to make the experience more akin to walking than to riding a bicycle or an e-bike whenever I'm in an environment I find at all stressful. Crappy drivers have been by far the biggest negative in my experience. It's a real bummer if you're unfortunate enough to have to ride in an urban environment. I love the wheel, I love riding, I absolute hate having to deal with the idiots on the road.
  4. I have a cracked V8 shell that I've been meaning to replace. Don't think there's any difference between the durability of the older versus the newer shells.
  5. I'm surprised there aren't more people who quit due to the danger of city traffic. I've dialed my usage back in high traffic environments and will use sidewalks more now. I'm about 190lbs and have experienced the same oscillation I think you're describing. I'm much more conservative about taking bumps at speed on the V8 than my 18S.
  6. I had the odd experience yesterday of having my Hired Hands and a pair of winter gloves stolen. It was a fascinating experience if only because whoever grabbed them was both quick and bold. It was a good reminder for me of how quickly I can have my stuff stolen if I'm not careful. It's frustrating because the hardest challenge I face is trying to find a way to pair winter gloves with wrist protection. I'm back to square one now, which is far more frustrating than just the $ loss.
  7. Completely agree with you about it not being worth it to confront bad drivers. Yesterday's situation really affected me, and I'm used to having close calls on the wheel. When I replay the event, I feel it was entirely appropriate for me to confront the driver, and yet I recognize that it isn't productive. I tolerate a lot of ridiculousness by drivers, but something really egregious like blowing a red light, especially by a "professional" driver like a cabby, and I snapped. I'm now trying to change my mentality while out on the wheel to be even more defensive than I already am. Whenever I see a new poster talk about learning to ride, I'm going to emphasize the importance of learning to manage traffic risk and a lot less focus on leaning basic riding technique. It takes months to learn to how to manage traffic on an EUC if you weren't previously a cyclist.
  8. It's a small world after all. I almost got hit by a cab today in my city under very similar circumstances. Shook me up. I was able to confront the cab driver and he's lucky he didn't get out of his vehicle like he threatened. The narcissism to be able to almost hit someone due to your own fault and then react defensively when confronted...it's enough to cause me to lose any faith I may have had in people. And it's the rule, not the exception. I had no idea how bad it is before I started riding or I wouldn't have started.
  9. We finally have a really deep freeze this winter and I decided to break out the Canada Goose Expedition after only using a couple of lighter jackets thus far. I immediately wondered if my Chilliwack is fake, the difference between two jackets of the same brand and relative price bracket is so great. The Expedition is a serious piece of gear and I wouldn't have been out this afternoon without it. I'm surprised at how much my goggles cut the perception of my face being cold due to cutting the wind and being oversized. Up until the recent storm and now freeze, the weather before it was surprisingly my favourite of the year. It's the time I most feel ahead of the game, in terms of having caught onto a technology that has specific utility in cold weather environments. Wouldn't have predicted that before getting a wheel.
  10. To be fair, it's a problem with the internet, generally. I'm grateful for it because it makes investing very profitable because people badly overestimate their aptitude. It can be frustrating in other domains, though. It only bothers me on an extremely serious discussion topic like helmets because the consequences of bad judgment are severe.
  11. I don't get the impression that many folks have actually read the thread because there are a number of issues that are being re-hashed and the wrong conclusions drawn, despite their being addressed earlier with reasoning and sources provided. To answer your question, if you are looking for a smaller helmet, check out the Leatt GPX series. They are around 20% smaller than the average helmet because of a proprietary interlacing v-foam tech. It's not just aesthetic: the reduced diameter reduces rotational forces. This forum is a nightmare for getting good information because some posters are in love with the sound of their own voice.
  12. Yeah, it was the Sinuse. I agree about not trusting it. I was only considering it because I could get it for really cheap, but even then it wouldn't be worth it. I need to plug up the vents on my full faced helmet instead of being so lazy for winter riding, but even then I can't get my hoods over it because of it's large diameter. Was thinking of the Sinuse because it looks smaller like a conventional bike helmet in size. Right now I'm using a Bern Brentwood because it fits so well under my hoods and I'm prioritizing warmth over my face. I'll be sure to update this when I inevitably hit the road and am reminded of the trade-off I made.
  13. I'm always surprised to see so many people riding with just regular soft-soled sneakers and the like. My feet become fatigued much more quickly without hard soles. My best riding footwear are a pair of Danner Light II boots. They have a hard outsole, spongy EVA midsole, and are made of tough goretex lined leather. The spongy midsole combined with hard outsole provide the best of all possible worlds, with little fatigue while also absorbing some shock.
  14. Yeah, I've been really grateful for the mild weather thus far. I'm sure I've jinxed myself now, and it will start ice storming immediately. It's actually raining right now, which bothers me much more than cold temperatures. I find temperature doesn't affect my enjoyment of riding hardly at all. I have a V8 and an 18S. I typically make short runs less than 5km each direction. Said it before, but I think EUCs are especially useful for those of us in colder climates because the batteries aren't left in the cold.
  15. Been toying with the idea of adding a POC Helmet with an unconvincing-looking chin bar for winter weather, but am back-and-forth on whether it would be worth it. I think the chin bar isn't meant to offer significant protection. Need to look at some reviews.
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