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  1. LOL I love how you imply you would get involved if the seller wasn't open about the battery issue. Explains your concern-trolling when I got scammed for $1100. No one should fool themselves into thinking the mods here will take any responsibility for enabling people to be scammed via this site. Expect this to be deleted immediately. Super ethical folks here.
  2. The mods don't care about people getting scammed; it's not their responsibility. They are very clear that they take no part of the sales forum or in protecting posters. I'm not criticizing them for it, but am pointing it out so that people are clear about the vulnerability to being scammed here.
  3. It's probably okay to buy from established posters here who have a reputation at stake, but yeah, this is not a great item to buy used, generally.
  4. Be really careful buying a used EUC here. You won't be able to know if the wheel is in good condition. Ewheels is a great place to look. You want to save money buying used, but this isn't like buying other used goods.
  5. At this point, my primary goal is to prevent this from happening to anyone else. A big key to understand is that scammers are absolute experts at knowing the system and being able to game it, so if you're completely unfamiliar with paypal, like myself, you're at a serious disadvantage. These wheels are so risky to buy used because of potential battery issues, which is what I got caught on. You can have a catastrophic battery problem and the buyer can still claim in it's "like new." That's how I got caught. Think really carefully before buying a used wheel.
  6. I made a big mistake by not fully understanding the paypal dispute process. Make sure you don't react emotionally (which is difficult when you believe you're being scammed) and fully process and understand the claims process before you file a claim. I suffer from a cognitive disability and didn't realize that I was selecting the option that I'd already received the wheel. Not an excuse, it's my responsibility to recognize when I'm at risk of misunderstanding something. This allowed the seller to cancel the shipment while it was enroute (or he intentionally mislabeled the shipping destinati
  7. This is just a general warning for anyone considering buying a used wheel via the forum. It looks like I'm about to be fully scammed (no money, no wheel) by a user here and I don't want to see this happen to anyone else. The mods can't do anything for users who get scammed. Paypal isn't nearly as helpful in these situations as you might assume. The seller can just cancel the delivery once it's been sent or intentionally use an incorrect address to have the package returned to them. If they know how the paypal system works, they can use that knowledge to game the claims/dispute syste
  8. It's really very simple; there's zero incentive not to sell broken wheels here. Quite the opposite, in fact. I didn't realize it, and I fully admit it. I'm merely trying to alert other members who may read this that may not understand the incentive to sell broken wheels here. I've observed more than one member comment about receiving damaged wheels. One guy commented that he's bought two wheels from the forum and BOTH came to him damaged. I just hope that potential buyers read your response and can observe for themselves your perspective and attitude towards this potential p
  9. If you or any other mod would like a full transcript of our communication, please let me know. It's very frustrating to observe the reaction from those who have no idea what happened, but claim it's an open question where the fault lies with zero effort made to actually investigate the transaction. Mods, why not contact the other posters who inquired about the wheel? I'd bet a lot of money they will tell you they clued into the battery problem. I'd note that I begged Mike not to ship the wheel early this morning BEFORE HE SHIPPED IT ANYWAY. I also volunteered to pay what I thought w
  10. I'd ask the mods and anyone reading to take a sincere and honest look at the evidence in this situation and come to your conclusion about what happened here. What happened isn't ambiguous at all if you simply connect the dots. I've literally been physically ill all day today because of this.
  11. I'm super grateful for your input SP, thank-you. He's definitely a scammer, right down to gaslighting himself as the victim and suggesting HE'S the one being scammed, as you can read for yourself. I don't do a lot of online transactions, needless to say.
  12. Already emailed him early early this morning asking him not to ship. Wanna guess what he did anyway?
  13. Paypal. I offered to eat the shipping and he's washing his hands of the whole thing. "you bought it as is" is his response.
  14. I don't have a Gotway charger. I contacted the seller before he's shipped the wheel asking to cancel, but it looks like he bought postage. He's using the cost of the postage as a reason why I need to accept the wheel. If you've ever dealt with a scammer before, they're quick to paint themselves as the ignorant victim and deny deny deny, despite whatever clear evidence there is of their guilt. It's not productive or pleasant communication. I wanted to believe it could be a less concerning problem, but it's the precise voltage the wheel charges to that causes me to think it's safe
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