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Severe tilting-even after level calibration

Blake Smith

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12 hours ago, Blake Smith said:

I finally got good at riding this thing, after a few weeks of “training”, but now it starts leaning back as soon as i start forward....to the point of losing comfort and control.  I have level-calibrated it  several times, without resolution.  Any hints?

Did you calibrate it before or after the problem occurred?, what does it say it’s battery level is?

Did anything happen prior to this problem - crash etc?

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20 minutes ago, Blake Smith said:

I calibrated it before without this issue.  When it started happening,I have tried to level calibrate it SEVERAL times, but it keeps doing the same thing.  As far as i know, nothing happened to start this problem.

what are your app settings for speed tiltback?

When i understand you correct, EVERY Time you ride you get a tiltback? Even on very slow speed?

What is the battery level? Did you have "speach" set to on or is the wheel beeping when tiltbacking?

Some more infos please :-)

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Battery is full.  I will double check the speed settings should still be on “learning mode”, and yes it happens at even very slow speeds.  The speech is off, just have it set to beep at speed warnings.  But this happens way before the speed warning limits are approached.

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If you gave it a long charge and the light on the charger went green for a while, I would say it is now overcharged.  Meaning the BMS sees there is no excess capacity in the batteries in case you undertake a manoeuvre that produces a regenerative current.  Basically, there would be no place for that current to go. So it tilts back and forth and beeps to stop you riding it.  Best thing to do is........ride it.  Yeah, sounds crazy right.  Actually there's a reason for it; riding it, the right way, drains the batteries enough to make the BMS happy.

method :

wait until pedals are level before jumping on

start in a place where UP is the direction (uses current, drains the battery), or if no "up" is available, just read on; all will be revealed.

keep using power.

if the pedals start to tilt back, you are regenerating power, or the batteries are still full, or both.

My techniques:

 Thrust the wheel forwards from the knees strongly and repeatedly, to use power.  Do this, until it stops trying to tilt back.  Every thrust will halt the tilt back, as you've switched from producing power to using it.

keep goin up hill, or, if out of hill, or never was a hill,  keep thrusting until tilt back attempts cease.

eventually, there will be enough room in the battery to allow some regeneration, and the BMS will be happy.

if you do a prolonged down hill, soon after this you may end up topping up the battery again, so be prepared to thrust, or turn up hill, or stop and get off.

ive had to do this for over a km, after balancing my batteries,  especially where the only route was down hill.  It's fun after a while, like breaking a wild horse.

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19 hours ago, Blake Smith said:

I reset all the speed alerts to their original settings, including the”Ollie” speed control.  And now it stopped the severe leaning!

not sure which one did it, but what is “Ollie” speed control?

Ollie is the setting for tiltback.  Personal preference: I like to get a tiltback a little before the audible alarm, so I set the "Ollie" 2kph below my 3rd alarm (I disable 1st and 2nd alarms)

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Listen to what Smoother said.  The control board is reading the battery voltage high.  So, it thinks the voltage is too high.

You could also start at the bottom of a hill and ride up it.  The increased load will reduce the voltage at the control board to prevent the tiltback.  You may have to ride up then walk down the hill several times to get the battery voltage low enough to prevent tiltback.

For the future--either get Charge Doctor and limit the charge to a maximum (lower) voltage.  Or, you'll need a new control board.


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8 hours ago, Chriull said:

@Smoother: can this be seen in the app? Does it show a voltage value around 67,2V or above?

Would be easy then for @Blake Smithto verify this!

Well, I haven't done it in a while. But the charger had been green for a while, and obviously the app said 100%, but I'm not sure what the voltage read as I didn't look at it.  It was asking the question on this forum that got me the answer about it being overcharged, just like this OP did.  That's why I answered in depth.  Forum members have helped me with so much that it's only right to give back when i have something helpful to say.

Once you've beaten it once, it's a no brainier the next time.  I was more relieved that my wheel wasn't broken, than worried about riding out the tilt.  Like I said it's actually quite fun, once you realise what's going on. A sort of battle of wits.

to be honest, I think the OP left the room a while ago. Still, never mind. 

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