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  1. DaveThomasPilot

    How long can you physically ride for?

    After two hours, it's not fun anymore. Too many other things to do. While riding, I need to get off for a minute or two after every couple of miles due to foot pain.
  2. DaveThomasPilot

    beach riding

    Yeah, Marty likes to go up steep hills so he can stress test the wheel's electronic components! 🤐 Water probably isn't going to hurt the electronics, as long as everything gets totally dry before you power up. Alcohol is better to use on electronic boards, since it evaporates quickly.
  3. My workshop is 200 or maybe 300 yards from the house down something like it 25 to 30゚ hill. I'm always having to run down and grab a tool or get something from the shop I figured it would be faster and more fun to hop on a wheel rather then pull the golf cart out of the garage for such things. Of course I could walk down and backup the hill, but that really slows a project down.( I hike 30+ miles with the dogs every week for exercise-- Project time is about getting it done, not getting exercise) It is great for that! I make those short hops 5 or 10 times every day That was the rationalization anyway. Really, it just like looked like lots of fun!
  4. DaveThomasPilot

    KS 14s cutout!

    But, that all depends on the control board knowing the battery voltage is low. If it reads high, regardless of actual battery voltage, no tiltback or conservative tiltback will occur. And, it will happen at any speed, if the actual battery voltage is low enough.
  5. DaveThomasPilot

    KS 14s cutout!

    Also, if the battery voltage is too low to provide enough torque/speed you'll faceplant. Is that really distinguishable from a "cutout"
  6. DaveThomasPilot

    KS 14s cutout!

    I realize that... Really? Why do you say that? That's what I'd like to confirm. Marty Bache had to replace his control board on a 14s (or maybe it was a 16s) after being on charger for a long time. It was doing the tilt-back thing. That's what got me worrying the (design?) issue still isn't resolved.
  7. DaveThomasPilot

    KS 14s cutout!

    I wonder if the battery was really 50% full. Several 14C control boards (e.g. mine) have had very inaccurate voltage readings (as reported by an app). When their notion of the battery voltage is too high, the control board will think the battery is overcharged after a full charge. This makes the wheel unrideable until the battery is discharged, due to the tiltback mechansim. So, if the control board thinks the battery voltage is higher than it really is, the throttling mechanisms that would normally occur when the battery voltage gets low won't work. Can you measure the actual battery voltage? I'd really like to get the details on the root cause of the control board voltage measurement inaccuracy. I recall a thread where a KS person said it was "component stress", but some more detail would be helpful. Especially like, what caused the stress, being on the charger too long? Fast charging (maybe balancing circuit can't handle the current)? Are all KS wheels susceptible?
  8. DaveThomasPilot

    62 year old fat guy

    Yes, it fixed the issue. What do you mean it reads 76% on full charge? The app reports 76%? It's best to measure the voltage with a DVM so you can see if it's the charger or the control board that's confused about the voltage. You'll need a DVM and you'll also need to measure the voltage at the battery connector(s) or inside the charger while it's charging, or use a charge cable with place where you can measure the voltage. The voltage you measure at the charger will be maybe a .5V higher than the actual battery voltage. The voltage reported by the replacement board was a little low (not 24% low). But, I figured that was better than having the control board think the battery was overcharged and do the tilt-back thing.
  9. DaveThomasPilot

    Big Foot Pedals by Smoother

    Also, I usually ride after first doing a 5.5 mile hike with the dogs. But, the hikes never bother my feet at all. It's not like they are "going to sleep". I think of that as the tingling sensation you get after being a position that cuts off blood flow. I don't think it's due to lack of blood flow to the feet. It's more of an aching sensation. Very similar to what I would experience using ice skates when I was a kid playing hockey on the local frozen ponds.
  10. DaveThomasPilot

    Big Foot Pedals by Smoother

    Yes, I've been hoping the foot pain goes away with time. It's not as bad, but it's still not fun riding more than three or four miles without getting off for a bit. I have somewhere between 1000 and 2000 km. Not sure what you're asking about the sidedpad. Yes, I can position the wheel between my legs so my calves don't touch the padding. But, I usually don't Yes, I can move my feet and often do. More of sliding motion on the pedal rather than picking up one foot entirely off the pad. That helps, but still they eventually hurt so much I have to get off the wheel. I'm a heavy guy with small feet, so that may be part of the problem. 210 pounds on size 9 feet. (But, the pedals are still smaller than my feet)
  11. DaveThomasPilot

    Big Foot Pedals by Smoother

    The biggest reason I bought a KS16s was hoping the bigger pedals would reduce the foot pain that starts setting in after a few miles. But, it didn't seem to help much versus the KS14C. But, I don't experience wobbles or feel like I don't have full control of the wheel. Just the aching foot pain. Do the larger pedals help with this?
  12. DaveThomasPilot

    Kingsong KS-14C "dead"/freewheeling?

    Now that I bought a 16s, I don't need the 840 Wh 14C. It's a good wheel, nothing wrong with it except a few scuffs. All of which were incurred when I was learning to ride backwards (I'm still learning!). If you're interested, I can post some photos and you can make an offer.
  13. DaveThomasPilot

    KS16S--Front versus back

    ah, that's right. The tire tread. I'll look at that. Thanks!
  14. DaveThomasPilot

    KS16S--Front versus back

    I recall posts that said the front of the 16s is the side with the charging jack and on/off switch (opposite that of 14c). But, I don't recall why that's considered the front? I can tell any difference riding it one way versus the other.
  15. I just use a large, flat bladed screwdriver to push the stem out for filling. Super easy, nothing special needed.