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  1. Any riders in Little Rock, AR want to meet up for a ride in the next several days? I expect to be in the area Saturday (maybe late) until Friday. Reply here or private message me if interested. I'll be bringing ks16x (and maybe mten3 and/or ks16s)
  2. > how do you start learning to ride backwards? Same as you did forwards, only going backwards (I'm not joking). The learning curve for balance is the same or shorter backwards as it is forwards. What I did (and still do) find more difficult backwards is looking where you are going!
  3. > But does bigger battery capacity always mean longer range. Almost. The efficiency of wheels in distance/Wh does not vary greatly between models. And the Gotway Monster 2400wh has 2400wh vs the next largest models having 1600wh. So this Gotway wins the range contest easily.
  4. One dog trick I learned from @Michael Vu is to come to a stop. To the dog you are an alien deserving of attack until you stop and put a foot down -- then you are recognized as human and the dog has no reason to attack
  5. > I like to know from users if it can sustain 20mph cruising. If you want to cruise at 20mph, you do not want to do it on the mten3. I quite love the mten3, and it _can go fast, but this is a bad wheel for sustaining 20mph - far to twitchy.
  6. Gotway should be ashamed they do not maintain a decent site -- at least having the most recent app version obviously and readily available for downloaded.
  7. If you want safe, get a easy chair. If you want more fun, faster, easier to turn, better on slopes and bumps, easier to port/store, etc, etc - then choose EUC over Onewheel.
  8. I disagree. Going from 2.5" wide to 4" wide is a 60% increase in width and volume -- going from 16" to 22in is only a 37% increase. I think we'll have to wait for ride reviews before judging. The "best" will likely be a function of personal preference, riding style, and terrain.
  9. Looking good. Go a little faster and it will be easier (not joking).
  10. Fun ride yesterday! Thanks.
  11. I'm sorry you got injured. But your conclusion is understated. The moral is: "Ride recklessly and wreck", or even more bluntly "Be stupid, get injured". In aviation there is a saying "The are bold pilots, and there are old pilots. But there are no old bold pilots.". Lucky for you EUCs are more forgiving then aviation.
  12. A basic bike pump (preferably with built-in gauge) works fine. EUC tires have such low volume you can pump most from empty to max by hand in under a minute.
  13. PMed you some more info.
  14. Tucson AZ: Anyone want to ride next Friday or Saturday (16th or 17th)? I'm in Tucson for mother-in-law's 90th birthday, but the party isn't until Sunday, so it'd be fun to do some riding. I should arrive in town mid-day Friday so could probably ride anytime after mid-afternoon and/or on Saturday. I expect I'll have my Tesla and mten3 with me.
  15. You can hardly lose with the KS16s. I you want something better than the S1 and you're ready to buy, then buy it. If you're not ready to buy yet, you can wait. Ofcourse when the Z0 and 18L are available there will probably be "newer yet" wheels announced that you could also wait for. As for the 60V stuff becoming obsolete, don't worry about it, the availability of 84V+ EUCs does not lower the quality or reliability of the 67.2V KS16s. And notice the Z10 has lower voltage than KS16s.
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