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London: KS14S barely used at £800, refurb V8 at £650, Ninebot E+ x2 starting at £280 and more


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Hey guys,

Just wanted to post about used / refurbished unit sale from our London office (pick-up preferred but insured EU-wide shipping also available):

Ninebot E+ X2 - starting at £280
Kingsong 14S demo unit - 4 times outside, £800
Several V3 units - starting at £150
Solowheel Classic x4 - £50 for parts (dead battery)

Inmotion V8 refurbished - visible scratches over the top panel - £650

All alive units are covered with 3 months short warranty.

I also have a couple of bikes and used e-scooters available, all way below Aliexpress cost

Our office is still based at 1 Westminster Bridge Rd, happy to arrange a trial for anything 



WhatsApp Image 2017-11-15 at 16.47.19.jpeg

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27 minutes ago, WARPed1701D said:



Yeah it's a good deal but I think Ill wait a few weeks for speedyfeet's stock.....need that time anyway to decide whether I can justify the splurge. My iPhone 5 is too small and sluggish for me now so it's a choice between a new wheel or a new phone ?

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1 hour ago, Bigwheel said:


 Anything you're selling? I can pickup. interested in the Ninebot. I can't pm. Thanks!

We had to stop new members with no reputation P.M’ing as we were getting spammers registering and then bombarding members.

However you do not need to @vladmarks As his logo shows is talking about Project 42 which you will find here: https://proj42.co.uk/electric-vehicles

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