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  1. Dear MK rider who went right past me this evening who I did a total double-take to, stupidly blurted out your wheel model and then carried on running past... I also ride EUCs! Thanks, just wanted to say that. But also we should meet up some time for a ride.
  2. Apparently it has a new handle design as well.. It'd be nice if existing owners could get the handle and pedals at a discount. And hi all.. Been absent for a while.
  3. Okay I’ll have a tinker. Got no issues with a stealth feature. Although a slightly quieter beep when doing stuff with the app would be nice! People think the fire alarm batteries need changing!
  4. I updated this morning but I now have no battery indicator lights. Can’t see whether there’s an option to turn them on/off in the app.
  5. My battery light indicator has been lost somewhere on the road from 1.09 to 1.11. The familiar green lights aren’t showing when the wheel is at a stand still now. They do otherwise work when choosing to display the light show in the app.
  6. If it’s an issue with the first batch of wheels, shouldn’t Kingsong do the responsible thing and issue a recall for certain serials?
  7. Yeah, how the shit did he do that.. I certainly haven't managed it yet. The wheel just stops.
  8. The bit of weirdness I've noticed: the wheel seems to have a strange power curve at low speeds, where it feels sluggish up to and then gives you more power when riding above 10mph. Maybe it's all in my head, but does anyone else feel the same? Because of it, I've felt a little unsure riding up short, steep off-road hills. Like it's not gonna make it, whereas my V8 does fine. Maybe I do need to calibrate a little forward lean in, like I enjoy with my V8 (+2.2degrees). Would be nice if you could set it as easily, a la the Inmotion app. Other than that, I'm still loving my 18L, eve
  9. Just saw that. Applies to electric unicycles, too. Those kinds of “here’s the law” articles the BBC puts out occasionally are big reminders the Beeb is a government mouth piece. No thought on whether classifying everything as a carriage as per a 180 year old law is a stupid idea or not.
  10. Kael

    18L orders

    Yeah I do. We’re same same, but different. But still same! ? So I cranked out 20 miles like it was nothing this evening. Bit of a break for dinner in between, mind. I set the speed max to 36km/h in darkness bot and topped out at 30ish? The app reported 21mph and that felt crazy fast to me. Im sure I’ll get used to it eventually. From the start of my riding it was at 60% battery and dropped to 25% after 33km, so I imagine most of the range comes from the top 40%. What a wheel. It makes you feel like you’re on something more akin to a motorcycle. Unlimited powaaahh! Up to a
  11. Kael

    18L orders

    Got mine this afternoon! Went for a verrrrry brief 20-30metre ride on my lunch break. First impression on first time on another wheel: it’s quite different. A little boaty, but the smoothness is immediately apparent. It’s also bloody heavy. But I love the design and construction.
  12. Nice video! How far was it? Terrain wise, the V8 would’ve had no issue.
  13. Kael

    18L orders

    Yep it is. Rubber black!
  14. Kael

    18L orders

    Never thought about that, but that's a really good idea. Also I just realised I don't want the one that's been upside down! edit: and I just received my tracking number, yay! Arrival tomorrow!
  15. Kael

    18L orders

    Mine is somewhere on this pallet. So close.
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