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  1. pretty cool, keep us updated. Have any of you been stop by the police while ridding the wheel in Lisbon?
  2. the safest option, is to not be the unlucky guy on top of the EV!
  3. Hi Can you post a photo of the battery connector and all the cables coming out of the battery?
  4. As someone suggested in this thread, the BMS are normally common positive, the same positive cable is use to charge and discharge, but diferente ground cables for the charge and discharge. I have not verified if that is the case with my KS Edit: the BMS connecter on the KS only has 3 cables (+ a very thin one for BMS synchronisation), so it means one the positive or negative is common.
  5. Today I open my KS14b battery pack and to mine disappointment the BMS has a common ground for the charge and discharge port. With the multimeter I did the continuity test, and the GND cables appear to be connected internally with no electronic in the middle. On the other hand the positive cables are isolated. It looks that this mod is not possible, without changing the whole BMS. I will not do that.
  6. From this site, it says "When connecting the second battery, do not forget to connect both assemblies via a red solid wire to synchronize the BMS operation:" When I open the battery ks-14b I didn't find the extra wire that is used to synchronize both BMS. I don't know if there is anyone here that can give me a help about this.
  7. This was almost a year ago, and at this pace I believe it will never be done, not enough time to dedicate to it. There are other people that have added another battery to this euc, and probably the easiest way is just to be the other battery pack from an official source.
  8. Pedro

    UK Group

    @nute Can you send me a link to the whatsapp group?
  9. Hi @Snoopy63 I have the battery and all the tool to do it, but I have not done it yet. I am sure will fit, the reasons I have not done yet are lack of time, and that some people on the Russian forum have told me that I need to connect the gates of the mofest (transistor) of both batteries, so that if one battery is in overcharge both can shutdown at the same time.
  10. Pedro

    KS 14 M troubles

    Hi @sailorbg How are you finding the KS-14M?
  11. Did you solve the problem?
  12. You can find it here: http://t.me/kingsong14m I have not tried, and don't know it works or not. If it is for the ks-14M make sure that you really need to change the serial number first. There is alot of info on the Russian forum. I am not responsible for any demage to your wheel or anything else cause by this change.
  13. I have done already on mine. But I have the first version of Ks-14M. I just did it because I intent to add a second batery. I bought one 1 month ago but still havent had any time to install it. On my, I limit the top speed to 25km/h a é rarely go above 20km/h
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