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  1. Pedro

    Mod the baterry pack of ks-14b

    From this site, it says "When connecting the second battery, do not forget to connect both assemblies via a red solid wire to synchronize the BMS operation:" When I open the battery ks-14b I didn't find the extra wire that is used to synchronize both BMS. I don't know if there is anyone here that can give me a help about this.
  2. Pedro

    Mod the baterry pack of ks-14b

    This was almost a year ago, and at this pace I believe it will never be done, not enough time to dedicate to it. There are other people that have added another battery to this euc, and probably the easiest way is just to be the other battery pack from an official source.
  3. Pedro

    UK Group

    @nute Can you send me a link to the whatsapp group?
  4. Pedro

    Mod the baterry pack of ks-14b

    Hi @Snoopy63 I have the battery and all the tool to do it, but I have not done it yet. I am sure will fit, the reasons I have not done yet are lack of time, and that some people on the Russian forum have told me that I need to connect the gates of the mofest (transistor) of both batteries, so that if one battery is in overcharge both can shutdown at the same time.
  5. Pedro

    KS 14 M troubles

    Hi @sailorbg How are you finding the KS-14M?
  6. Pedro

    KS14M (800W / 174WH)

  7. Pedro

    KS14M (800W / 174WH)

    Did you solve the problem?
  8. Pedro

    KS16S Serial Number Issue

    You can find it here: http://t.me/kingsong14m I have not tried, and don't know it works or not. If it is for the ks-14M make sure that you really need to change the serial number first. There is alot of info on the Russian forum. I am not responsible for any demage to your wheel or anything else cause by this change.
  9. Pedro

    KS14M (800W / 174WH)

    I have done already on mine. But I have the first version of Ks-14M. I just did it because I intent to add a second batery. I bought one 1 month ago but still havent had any time to install it. On my, I limit the top speed to 25km/h a é rarely go above 20km/h
  10. Pedro

    Need firmware for KS-14M

    Try to get help here if you speak Russian: https://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=51391.468
  11. Pedro

    Need firmware for KS-14M

    I can not understand what you mean. What wheel do you have, and what happen?
  12. Pedro

    Need firmware for KS-14M

  13. Pedro

    KS14M (800W / 174WH)

    You need to flash the firmware of 14D on ks14m. With just one battery and the 14D firmware I can barely get 25km/h. You need to use 14Dv1.07 or before, on v1.08 and later kingsong start to check for the serial number on the wheel. There is a tool to change the serial number, but if you change the serial number I believe the wheel gets recognise has ks14D by the app, and I am not sure if you need or not to change the firmware manually. Note, that there are 2 version of the KS-14M wheel, and the way to update are different. I was able to get a cheap battery for my KS, just need to solder the right connector to it. I am just giving some information that I found on the internet, I am not the creator neither responsibility for nothing that happens to you. Instructions at: https://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=51391.180#topmsg you can use the translator for that Check first if you have the KS-14M or KS-14SMD. The instruction are for the first one, if you have the second version it will (may) brick the wheel.
  14. Pedro

    Mod the baterry pack of ks-14b

    This is not considered chassis wiring as it is not on free air, but I understand your point. I don't know how much is the power drain from the motor, I am considering that can be 20A for a very few seconds, and 5A for normal load. Maybe I am going overboard with the thicknesses of the cables, but I don't like to mess with li-on batteries. As the battery as been sitting in a shelf for 2years and half, I would like to do a complete charge and discharge to measure the capacity of the battery, but I don't have a load capable of 100W, just 5W ?
  15. Pedro

    Mod the baterry pack of ks-14b

    Today I have open the batery pack and one of my assumptions was right, although never used it is a old pack from December of 2015. I like the fact that there is a fuse on the positive discharge cable but I will probably remove when I transfer the pack to my wheel. The cables used are only 16AWG, I was expecting something more like 12AWG, I don't know if I should change but I would prefer to not remove the heat shrink of the battery pack