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  1. I agree, it doesn't directly tackle the UK issue. However, it sets a precedent that we can use while establishing the dialogue with the cabinets. This is why we put some effort to shape it as a case study. It reflects that not only is it safe for the general public to use these vehicles, but they are also reliable enough to serve as professional transport. Basically all you have to say about establishing the relationship there. It's simply the same as inviting the police officers to your crossbow range and donating them a few units.
  2. To shed some light, we've been involved in a number of lobbying projects, every one of which was too costly for a small business size to carry forward on a long-term basis. To give you a sense of scale, the quotes provided by the proper lobbyist were varying between £20-50k per month. And even at that stage the companies we spoke with did not guarantee any positive or even neutral outcome as, quoting one of these professionals: "With Brexit on the line, it is extremely hard to engage in a meaningful conversation with much of the key personnel". Simply said, we'd acquire the support of the MPs
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    Yeah, certainly any type of thick battery above 160whs would be a complete taboo. Not agreeing to the hoverboard bit, though. E.g. British Airways were happy to carry Uniwheel on multiple occasions with multiple passengers, although their policy against lithium batteries is otherwise quite strict. It may come down to every individual occasion in some cases, as the cargo security officers don't get the requests too often. In other words, looking at a clean documentation that matches the requirements of IATA the provider can easily bypass the unforgiving blocks of rules just because of a singula
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    Fair enough, did not know about the particular update on Emirates. I will pass the mic to the Uniwheel people to go through this particular chapter.
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    Hey Jbwheel, as far as I remember the list represents how many airlines have previously carried Uniwheel on board in alignment with the policies. The thing is, any battery-powered device above 100wh and below 160wh has to be registered every single time you fly. In this case, you'd have to obtain an approval to carry it per person, per airline and in some cases - per flight. So the logic behind the list is: as long as you follow the guidelines and report the carriage of the wheel accordingly, you'd get the approval without any extra effort.
  6. I'll leave the stage for the members of the team I've had a chance to invite my friend Fred from Belgium to try it out recently, so if any of you guys know French - Told you the exciting news are coming!
  7. We're planning a Black Friday sale for 15% off the V8 price, have a bit over 20 units in stock atm. So keep us in mind as well, don't be a stranger.
  8. Hey guys, Just wanted to post about used / refurbished unit sale from our London office (pick-up preferred but insured EU-wide shipping also available): Ninebot E+ X2 - starting at £280 Kingsong 14S demo unit - 4 times outside, £800 Several V3 units - starting at £150 Solowheel Classic x4 - £50 for parts (dead battery) Inmotion V8 refurbished - visible scratches over the top panel - £650 All alive units are covered with 3 months short warranty. I also have a couple of bikes and used e-scooters available, all way below Aliexpress cost Our office is sti
  9. After the news broke off this morning about Uber's license revocation for London I got a bit pissed off and wrote a small notion of facts. I still remain a massive fan of their services being able to carry me and my euc whenever I feel my riding skills could be compromised Forget the fact that the local TfL and CPS can't get their heads around e-transport for ages. Maybe the locals just like to ban shit?
  10. Exactly @Roberto Allelectric @ PET is based in London with amazing selection of LEVs. We manage stock and warranty cases for inmotion within the UK. The difference in motor supply and battery capacity are quite substantial, yes. Speed wise, it gives you a bit more use-able speed and much higher safety margin. Personally, I switched to KS16S right away. Re: the offer - yeah, decided to keep it while the stock lasts. Since you're also a Forum participant - I'll also throw in a fast charger for free
  11. You sir are a Duke Nukem of EUCs - even the photo looks alike In all seriousness, you've got to have a motorcycling helmet for such errands. I believe most of the gotway users, including @Marty Backe, would gladly agree.
  12. Thing is, even now most of the dispatches between the UK and Norway are still eligible for customs charges (as far as I could recall). So technically, you're almost better off bringing one from Sweden on a car
  13. We've had it on pre-order since the release date, correct. As we're the closest partner to their development center in London, we're keeping it like this for the duration. However, the corrections were not made in a long time. I believe, that, as soon as the new testing specs are in place, the team of Uniwheel will release those themselves. Not vaporwave, just a complex project that hasn't been public about the complications that were appearing on the way. Sad, of course, that a lot of noise was made prematurely, which, for some reason, created a perception of people being tricked and fooled (
  14. Sorry to hear that, guys. Inmotion have a long going story blocking app functions for units sold on Aliexpress outside China. You should definitely try to get back in toiuch with Aliexpress dealers you've bought from. As far as I remember, there is no way to recover once the wheel reads the network provider settings.
  15. Sorry boss, that's already reduced... Just 1 silver piece left, and quite a lot of matte black and white ones still available. I'm planning to do something for 14S in the near future, too. So there may still be an impulse buy after all Re: store, we've been around for a while, but I guess we hardly ever dealt with mass distribution of Kingsong. Full assortment: https://proj42.co.uk/electric-vehicles
  16. Hi guys, To finally celebrate the arrival of the new Kingsong batch to the UK, I am happy to announce a £300 (340€) discount on Kingsong KS16S. "Why the hell does he discount a new model by this much?" - you might ask. This is only because I myself can't wait to start riding one of them, and want few more dedicated riders to join me in enjoying this wheel! The deal will only be available until the end of Sunday, 30th July. With this massive discount you still get the excellent aftersales and servicing done by Project42 UK in London, 24/7 support and return/replacement options. T
  17. Can you please message me at vladislav@project42.com? I'm a part of London based retailer, and I also speak Russian
  18. Sounds quite like there was not enough sustained power to account for both accel and deccel current. Could easily be the inherent issue with BMS. weakened battery cells or the main board. I assume it did not happen at low charge?
  19. Great work Rich, I think that's going to sell well for the beginners. Just need to pump it in the ratings and reviews, which I'm planning to do tomorrow!
  20. Would support Keith on this. Inmotion has the overcharge protection in place, at least by default means. I've had a chance to thoroughly examine their LVD and CE-MD documents related to V8, and the overcharge should not be the issue on the road. I'd also doubt that the amount of energy generated is enough to overcharge, as, to my memory, the amount generated by the most aggressive braking would still be lower than the charging input.
  21. Harsh... I would disagree to some extent, but exclusivity rights are indeed a complex issue on many sides. Good things are the manufacturer gets enough cash straight away to keep working on new developments, whereas a local distributor is driven to the extremes to sell and popularise the product in a particular country. Bad things are obviously price dictation and lack of competition within the B2B sector. Keep in mind, though, that I am talking about the distributor in the chain. Not sure how would a dealer get exclusivity at the amount of units required to get this 'license'. All in all, the
  22. I'm a simple man: I read the title - I click the post
  23. Kingsong have recently issued a resolution that none of the KS marked wheels (so basically none purchased at Ali from Europe) will be serviced and provided spare parts. Please, be careful with that. You have an excellent distributor of Kingsong brand in Germany, please talk to him instead so that you can be certain about the purchase.
  24. Wrote that in the separate topic, but it was declined by Eric @ IMSCV. None projects with this name exist, and I could hardly imagine a company in the middle of transferring their EUC division to Americas to spit out a new model just like that. I am pretty certain Jason is a new up and coming rep (not a fake account), but the 'news' he released were not legit and not connected. I imagine the topic was deleted by himself after I shared the link with Eric Technically true if it was indeed my whistleblowing that caused the distress
  25. My bad phrasing played a joke, apologies. Exactly the case I was referring to. I can hardly remember any examples of when an EUC rider was stopped and fined because of the past things with EUCs. It's only ever the infamous hoverboards or the exact behaviour of the EUC rider on the spot
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