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  1. I don't for one second believe ANYONE on this forum got into this hobby for 100% practical reasons. It would've been the cool factor, followed by the novelty, with pragmatic commuting-type reasons pulling up a distant third. If looking (Or feeling) cool on a mountain bike/in a car/euc makes you feel good, then it's not a waste of money. Life is short. I'm much more puzzled by the amount of money people spend on fashion and make-up. At least gadgets do something and perk up this mundane life.
  2. That's definitely a little bit of a turn-off, one of my favourite things about INmotion (and my old Lhotz) was the relative silence compared to the KS/Gotway crowd. Otherwise, it looks pretty sexy.
  3. Lol who mentioned class? It was clearly a comment more about familiarity and the mundane. Don't 'look' for prejudice when there is none. ?
  4. Dude, mocking b&q is not elitism ?
  5. Took my wheel for a spin today. I swear to God, if you're in the UK, B&Q have single handedly cheapened our hobby because of that commercial. Had half a dozen people asking -how much they are in b&q? -do b&q manufacture them? - are they really used to move stock in their warehouses? I feel like the euc has gone from 'mysterious gadget from The Orient' to 'glorified trolley while you'e picking up some new bath tiles' (For those in the USA, B&Q is like a tackier version of Home Depot) ?
  6. If you're too heavy to ride these, and these things are powerful, losing weight should be the priority. Plus you get that cool added bonus of not dying young.
  7. have you used both, though? The V8 handle is great, but the sheer control/manoeuvrability you get from the v5 handle is fantastic. The rubberised end is also excellent for grip when propping up in awkward corners, on walls, etc
  8. I don't wear a helmet myself, I consider by far the most important safety purchase to be a really good pair of combo wrist guards/gloves. Unlike a bike where you're holding onto something, chances are if the worst should happen ground-zero on impact is going to be your hands/wrists. The important thing is they have genuine 'shock' protection, not just wrist supports. I use 'Triple 8 Hired Hands' - you can get them on Amazon. They're gloves too. If you go for those just make sure you get a size smaller than normal as their sizes are weirdly big. K2 are another good brand. But as I said, just
  9. excellent that they went for the v5 handle over an integrated job.
  10. Congrats! Other than whatever safety gear you choose to use, the most important thing for you to get now (if you don't already have one) is a decent track pump with a psi gauge. Can get one for less than £20 on amazon for example. As I'm sure you'll read countless times on here, tire pressure can radically affect your ride, ESP when you're starting out. Make sure it's one with the correct 'schrader' nozzle option. Enjoy! Come down to London sometime.
  11. Wait, what? Gas station?! Doesn't everyone just use a cheap track pump?
  12. Plus: flirting with your mother flouting school rules illegal use of town hall obscene guitar abuse at Prom
  13. I think @Jason McNeilhimself once had a run-in with Boris Johnson on his EUC... ....obviously we have a different mayor now but I think Jason said he was very intrigued.
  14. That' the same year Airwheel releases an euc that breaks 20kph ?
  15. True, that's not coming till 2022:
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