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Nude Beach on yer EUC?

Sidestreet Reny

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  • 3 years later...

Leave it to Shane to revive this old thread:)  My wife almost had me convinced to try it when my neighbors were out of town, it's just us two houses up here so I could get away with it, problem is, I'd have to be drunk as a skunk to do it and that's just not a good idea...

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8 hours ago, Planemo said:

Sounds like a damn good wife you have there! Just say to her 'I am game if you are' and go for it!

I bet its massively liberating :D

Lol, I bet you are right about it being liberating, I'll do it someday, maybe, my fear is the crafty ole' wife will have a cell phone in her hand and it'll be blackmail for years to come.  

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