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  1. The only friend that's halfway interested in these wheels has a helicopter and mentioned getting one and taking them to Pigeon Forge, TN to go squirt around on, it'd beat renting a car for sure. Hmm, I just got my 2nd wheel, I'll have to hit him up:)
  2. You're not kidding, received mine (325wh/84v) earlier today and rode for a couple hours, what a fun little wheel!! Never thought I'd be able to do figure 8's in such a small space, I'm also surprised at how zippy it is, even with my 210 lb body weight, I'm still limited on experience but it's a nice addition to my 16x. I gotta figure out the speed warnings, I think I've indicated 24 kph on the Gotway app but was getting beeps, I don't need much more speed but a few more mph would be nice. All in all, very happy with my new Mten3:) Oh yeah, I appreciate your help with set up!!
  3. Okay, I just switched back to km's and it topped out at the same 60.82 but this time in KM's, thanks for your help!
  4. Okay, got it, so when it's saying "mph", it's really ", "kmh", I may as well switch it back to km's my question is then, if it's cutting out at what is roughly 40 mph, does that mean its' cutting out at 40k's?
  5. Okay, what should my max achievable speed be? I just tried it and it showed my max speed of 60.7 mph. Okay, I've tried it again, it's tricky as y'all know, it sounds like I get the "decelerate" alert at around 40 but it's hard to tell, it'll take some practice on my part to get a more accurate reading, I'm afraid I'm gonna tear my house down:/
  6. Fun stuff, I have the 325wh/84v slated for delivery this Thursday, I'm stoked!!
  7. Okay, maybe I can pick it up without the handle and tilt it, it has that cutoff on the handle, it'll be awkward for sure, better find a safe place. Tough to say how fast I'm actually going, at that indicated 40 mph, I was concerned about my life because it was WAY faster than I could run, but I am still pretty new so it might very well be a discrepancy between the two measurements. I might put it back on Kmh to see what happens, I just thought that it would alert me in some form at an indicated 40+ mph speed. I appreciate it!
  8. Yeah, I need to do that with a GPS just for curiosity. Tire pressure is correct (35 lbs), I understand why this matters. My concern like stated above, regardless of how accurate Kingsong is, should I be getting tilt back or beeps at that indicated speed?
  9. Of course it's coming from the Kingsong app but what concerns me is that I'm not getting any beeps or tilt back, ever as a matter of fact for any reason, I'm okay with it not being accurate but I'm slightly concerned that even if it's off 20%, I'd be going over 31 mph with no warnings, I feel like if I had kept leaning into it, it would have gone faster. Maybe it's still under the 31mph threshold so should I keep leaning into it to see how fast it'll go, at the indicated 40.76 mph, I was getting a little nervous? FW 1.07 1st and 2nd level alarm set to 0 3rd at 48 kmh 4th at 50
  10. Whoa, wait a minute, did you buy another wheel and not tell us? That or you've been watching the Hallmark channel all day:) Joking aside, men are the ones that buy the toys, women are much more content imo. "For every great man, there is an even greater woman"...
  11. I'm pretty new too and having just owned the 16x, it's hard for me to compare it to anything else, I did do a short training course on an inmotion but it was on totally flat ground and experienced no tilting, I find that about every 3rd time I ride mine, I do a calibration, half of that time is just for subtle tilting that could almost be passed off as "in my head", bu the last time I rode it, my heels were getting pretty close to ground when turning left going slightly downhill, so I calibrated and all is good now. I remember after I charged mine the first time, I had to calibrate because it was really acting weird and me being so new, I kept stepping off of it thinking wtf is happening here, then Jason and the folks here helped me with my 1st calibration and it solved the issue, long story short, I do it often.
  12. That's fun stuff right there for sure. My first love is motorcycles, I've had waaay too many to count and keep at least 3 at all times, both on road and off, I think all youngsters should get experienced on motorcycles, but that's just me. BTW, if you ever get a chance to ride an electric motorcycle, jump on it, way way fun (and quiet)!!
  13. My 2nd batch 16x did that after my 1st charge, I figured out how to calibrate it and it hasn't done it since, I wonder if it's not a bad idea to calibrate these from new? I was new then, still am I guess, but looking back it was a quite noticeable tilt back at slow tight'ish turns.
  14. Lol, certainly. Tough crowd here. I'll limit my questions here from now on.
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