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  1. Short answer, MCM5. I do have a fondness for the 16x, it's a great wheel, had one and miss it, the MCM5 however feels much lighter and more playful imo.
  2. I hope it works out, I'm still new to EUC's but welcome any new brands personally. I'm into dive watches and over the last 15 yrs or so, I've seen an explosion of what we call "micro" brands that have blossomed and ultimately offered very nice/well built products with input from forum members. I'll make my first bid, a seated platform like above but with a big fat offroad (possibly tubeless) tire. Oh, I've spent some seat time on a late model Scout and really love the looks of it, I think you're onto something with the "vintage'ish" look, that will attract a wide variety of folks, neat stuf
  3. Hmm, I'm no help at all but I just turned mine on and it doesn't do that, I'm confident the guys here can steer you in the right direction to get it sorted, I'll be watching too just in case I run into it. Sorry to hear the troubles...
  4. Understood and agree, I'm not looking for so much off road capability but "yard" duty is my thing, I ride more in my yard than anywhere, I think you're right, maybe outfit the MCM5 with a knobby and be done with it, see there, you just saved me $$:) Drinks are on me if you ever head south!
  5. Any updates on the V2? After reading this thread and then watching Marty's video on the knobby tire swap, I've been tossing around the idea of trying the T-V2, I certainly don't need another wheel but it looks like it might fit in the line-up, especially if I go with the knobby tire.
  6. Lol, I bet you are right about it being liberating, I'll do it someday, maybe, my fear is the crafty ole' wife will have a cell phone in her hand and it'll be blackmail for years to come.
  7. Leave it to Shane to revive this old thread:) My wife almost had me convinced to try it when my neighbors were out of town, it's just us two houses up here so I could get away with it, problem is, I'd have to be drunk as a skunk to do it and that's just not a good idea...
  8. Not often, I live on a narrow dangerous road so I mostly ride around my yard which thankfully is decent size, I work nearby so I can't ride to work or around there, I pretty much have to load my wheels up and take them to my Dad's neighborhood about 15 minutes away to ride on tarmac. AND as a mail carrier, I'm working my tail end off so it's hard to find time, I'll get it together someday, til then, I'll chip away at it...
  9. You know, I originally cancelled my Sherman order for concerns with the rim, I eventually proceeded with the order because I was re-assured that there were very few problems with the tire/rim situation, now, I hear that an updated rim will be on the next batches (I have the latest burnt-smell version), had the retailer known at that time and divulged that info to me, I would have waited on the next batch, maybe they didn't know but still makes me grumpy. I might have missed it somewhere but I'd like to know the change in the rim and why. Good news is mine only has minor tire wobbles that I'm
  10. I've thought about reaching out to them about availability of the mten3 512wh that they show in stock, it's now down to $899 shipped, I guess it's the old version that is tubeless. They also have a good price on the MCM5V2.
  11. Use the EUC World app and you'll never exceed it's limits, granted you keep it at 25mph or less, I've indicated 24-25 on mine (210 lbs) several times but it feels more like 20 at best. I have not confirmed via GPS and the error, if any, doesn't bother me in the least, it's just an estimate that I feel safe with using0. Would I gently lean into an indicated 28mph on flat ground with good battery, probably, but I'm old and brittle, I'm sure others do it all the time.
  12. I have the MCM5v2 and really enjoy it, but for me, it feels more like an overgrown Mten3 which isn't a bad thing, it strikes me more as a toy than a commuter type wheel, power wise, it'll pull your weight with no problem. I'm wanting to try the V2 Tesla as well but I really don't need another wheel, I too like the specs of the V2 vs the upcoming V3. It would be nice if Kingsong offered a version of the 16x with an 1100wh battery for $1495 but that won't happen, the 16x is a fantastic wheel.
  13. I think I've had my e-board up to 14mph, I like the slow speed carving but I'll leave that high speed stuff up to the daredevils... Looks fun though!
  14. Got it, thanks for the reply, mine came in November but probably is from the same batch as yours. It appears that to correct it, it would take a full disassembly of the wheel, something that I'm not willing to do unless I have to do a tire change or similar, not the end of the world by any means but I don't keep anything for long and is something that would have to be disclosed if I were to sell the wheel affecting the value of it.
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