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  1. Ahh, makes sense, I'm not experienced with them at all, I'd like to try one sometime though, I think it would be a good back up ride for a friend that's not up to the EUC thing yet, makes sense about body positioning relative to the board, I don't mind the idea of the had controller so I'd def be going that direction if I decide to try one. Thanks for the input!
  2. I've been casually studying the all terrain E skateboards for the last couple days, never knew there were so many to choose from btw, but I just saw this on the tube, doesn't look like a total game changer but the manner in which power is applied like an EUC is interesting, performance specs aren't quite where I'd want them but the price isn't terrible, be cool if they step it up performance wise.
  3. The gentleman that I sold my 16x to cracked his rim riding off road and recently replaced it, I'll text him to let him know about this thread.
  4. Ha, I almost thought the same thing when applying them on my MSP, took 5 minutes on each one to get the backing peeled off correctly, I peeled a portion of one off incorrectly and it still worked fine and is on the wheel to this day without issue.
  5. I'm getting anxious for this one, it'll be eWheels for me, I check daily...
  6. Inmotion to me looks pretty jazzy but the ole' 16x is still a looker in my eyes:) I sort of thought the same thing months ago when I started but I can't imagine a different way to design the wheels to look any better, so I'm happy now and appreciate each one for their uniqueness.
  7. You'll learn the advantages/disadvantages of the Z10 on your own, if it's not for you, sell it off and try something else. I'm personally itching to try an MCM5:)
  8. Nice set up, I worked for a BMW/Ducat/Triumph dealer for a few years, most of my time was at Honda though, my dream bike would be to outfit the GS-A but man, that's a big bike and the prices are crazy, even the standard GS isn't cheap. K12's are nice, I rode one for a week or so and really enjoyed it, maybe stiffen the preload on the rear to get the front down but 3 cases on a "sport" bike sort of makes canyon carving difficult with the front high like that. I'm not a huge fan of side cases, I'll drive a car if I need to carry that much stuff but a top case is always nice.
  9. Now that would be awesome!! We freak people out enough with just the wheels, can't imagine a contraption like that:) It's a pretty cool bike, I had a 17 model with the DCT transmission and didn't jive with it, this one is a good ole' manual which I prefer. You're more than welcome to take it for a spin, I still have that little Monkey so we could cruise around, top speed on the Monkey is only around 55 so not a fast bike but good on back roads around here.
  10. Cool! Let me know how that works out please. The Nikola might be a good option, it has a lot of exposed tire to tie down to your rack, I'm slightly hesitatant about the weight of it but don't think that it would be an issue, I know the subframe on our bikes is robust enough, I'm just not sure what the max capacity is for the rack, I think 40-50 lbs would be about as heavy as I'd want to try. I was just looking at the MCM5, I don't own one but from pics it doesn't appear to have a handle that goes all the way through so that may eliminate that one, damn. I just checked out some heavy duty milk crates, there is a rectangular one that looks like the MCM5 will fit down into, I'm thinking with some heavy padding and creative straps, it could be made to work pretty well, cheap too...
  11. I will, I've just ordered the rear rack assembly for the bike to mount a top case on, this Honda stuff is EXPENSIVE, but good quality, I can easily get a Mten3 in the top case but I might have to loose the lid. What I'd really like to do is have something that will carry the MCM5 but this will eliminate a top case due to it's size, I'm not opposed to lying the wheel flat on its' side but would rather not, I know sitting upright would be most challenging so not really an option, I have some ideas on a wheel chock and handle support that will let the wheel sit at a 45 degree'ish angle, I'm going to wait til the mounting plate for the top case gets here to see how much real estate I have to work with. Should be fun:)
  12. RetroThruster

    MSuper Pro?

    I agree, I'm now at 45 on mine and liking it, mid 30's if I'm off road, I'm around 205-210 so maybe I need the extra psi.
  13. Got this a few days ago, going to order the rear top case mounting brackets and hope to be able to make an EUC mount, probably for the Mten3 or MCM5, I think it'd be pretty cool to mount a wheel back there and just park the bike and ride:)
  14. Smooth riding right there!!
  15. I'm 210 and my 84v 325wh pulls me up my 20+ degree driveway (1200ft) well but it zaps the battery pretty quickly, go with the 512wh and you'll be good, just don't try speed up it fast.
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