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  1. My goodness, what an adventure, so glad you guys are okay!! We're only human and though we feel like we can handle whatever adventures we get ourselves into, there's always a risk, no advice here on what to do in this situation but again, glad you guys are okay. I think double portions of donuts before the trip, where's Dunkin Donuts?:)
  2. I had a touch of that when I first started, maybe look to see that your pedal height is the same on both sides, we're not all built square if you know what I mean, we may have a little gimp or abnormality in our hips/back or even a leg that might be slightly longer than the other, which you will compensate for once you ride more, basically I think it's just a matter of reps (miles) before you get in riding shape. I think I can ride a while before I get tired but watching these guys here riding 50+ miles like it's nothing is pretty impressive so I've a long ways to go myself...
  3. This is good news, I'm glad it's coming down, type 2 is common in my family as well as side effect neuropathy, keep up the good work!
  4. I'm really too new to this sport to speculate but Covid isn't doing anyone any favors right now, I'm personally happy to see the design teams continuing with new projects even if there are manufacturing challenges/delays, backlog looks to be around 4 to 6 weeks for most models, could be worse I guess.
  5. Yeah, they had me too til I read about the tube but damn, it does look good, I'll still probably grab the 512 anyways since I have an Mten3 fetish:)
  6. +1 on eWheels and mine came from Compton as well.
  7. I'm a fan of the Long Way Down/Round series, sort of surprised they went electric on this one but I think it'll be pretty cool, also sort of strange to me that they're riding the Livewire, Zero seems the better fit for such an adventure but I'm sure there are incentives at play, and yeah, 150 miles a day is pretty weak imo.
  8. Diversified group here, I like it! Y'all will learn (if you haven't already) that I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed so I feel like I'm in good hands. Not sure if I saw a mental health expert here, I get "you're crazy as hell riding that thing" a lot, be nice to add one to the list
  9. I don't know if the bus is right or left hand drive , he certainly could have been in his/her blind spot, the bus driver did seem slightly aggressive in overtaking and coming over on the EUC rider, I hope it's investigated. Condolences to family and friends, very sad...
  10. Spent 20+ yrs in sales (mortgages and powersports industry), now I drive around opening and closing mail-box lids, glamorous...
  11. Mine does the same thing, eWheels told me it was normal, it's not terrible but constantly does when turning, I'm used to it now.
  12. Failures on aircraft and EUC's can be bad, if it's man made, it can break, whether or not it's worth the risk is entirely up to the individual. Like others have said, there's lots of cool PEV's out there, maybe try something different, if none of them work for you, grab an MTen3 and play around in your yard, I ride mine a lot in grass and it's fine.
  13. Just picked up one of these, tops out around 50 mph, sort of like a beefed up mtn bike, lot of fun for $3600, gets about 35 miles in the woods so not bad.
  14. Reminds me, I need to sell my MSP-t, working my rear end off right now so I'm gonna take a day off work to dedicate to it, gotta figure out shipping via FedEx, Jason said he'd help me out.
  15. I watch a lot of his vids on youtube and really enjoy them, seems like a neat guy. Honestly, how many people would loan you their expensive wheel, says a lot about someone. Glad it was a nice trip!! For some reason, I'm craving Dunkin Donuts:)
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