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  1. RetroThruster

    MSuper Pro?

    Understood. My little Mten3 climbs my long steep driveway with less effort than my 16x does, the small wheel diameter is key obviously. All I know is, I'm having fun trying new wheels with different spec. I have the MSP on pre-order, can't have too many wheels, right:) Thanks again!
  2. RetroThruster

    MSuper Pro?

    Got an email from Zen Lee at Ewheels and he said that he's ridden them both (16x and MSP) and claims that the MSP has quite a bit more climbing power than the 16x. My 16x climbs well but I can afford to try multiple wheels, just like you, ultimately, I'll find what best suites MY needs/preferences, thanks for the input.
  3. RetroThruster

    MSuper Pro?

    Sounds like we have somewhat similar concerns, I'm still very limited in experience so I'm still learning what to expect and what not to. I seem to have a case of "the wants" right now but having a hard time narrowing down what I actually need, your comment about getting to your off road destination a little quicker with equal off road capability to the 16x really hits home with me as well. The only way to sift thru all this is to try new things and see where you land, I know multiple wheels will be in my future, it's nice to have a good forum to help with decision making along the way. MSP in the short term and MCM5 a little later since it would just compliment my Mten3:) I really appreciate it!!
  4. RetroThruster

    MSuper Pro?

    Just a quick clarification request here, I have the 16x and am looking at the MSP, the reason being is that I'm looking for more outright hill climbing power with less effort, if I'm reading all the reviews correctly, I'm really not going to see a night and day difference between the two? That rascal MCM5 keeps creeping into my head. Thanks in advance!! Scratch that, I'm thinking about some off road possibilities that have opened up recently for me so I believe the MSP will be better, maybe a MCM later...
  5. I think it's a matter of warm up and waking up the ole' nervous system, I was riding like a little ninny a few days ago til I had a step off at a stand still and almost fell, after that, I sort of "woke up" and rode better. I also freaked out after getting my Mten3, I was scared to ride my 16x but I forced it, I did lose time/skill but have now gained it back and then some, but yeah, I think it's normal.
  6. I changed to that color a long time ago, I don't care for it but I can now see it in sunlight
  7. Shoot, not me, I'm a mail carrier, they handed me a bottle of hand sanitizer and said get back to work:/
  8. It all started recently for me, I first looked at electric stand up scooters, a lot, but then in all the youtube vids I watched, I kept seeing these pesky electric unicycles zipping around everywhere, honestly, I was sort of annoyed by them, but during the time I was searching for the right stand up scooter, a little light went off in my head, and I thought, "what's up with those funky little machines?", then my wheels started turning, long story short, I went with the EUC and have never looked back and am now on my 2nd wheel with another (Gotway MSP) on pre-order. Sorry I cannot give a direct comparison to the electric skateboard you mention but trust me when I say, riding an EUC is nothing like you've done before and to me, is the closest thing to floating around on a magic carpet. If you're fortunate enough to have smooth roads/paths to ride on all the time, maybe the board is better for you but the EUC's can handle rough surfaces much much better and are a joy on smooth surfaces as well, it's a win win.
  9. Gotcha, I appreciate that, this has me re-thinking the MSP a little, I guess I'll get the MCM5 also and re-evaluate, I could always sell one off.
  10. Mine is trying to learn how to ride this pedal unicycle I bought today, much harder than I thought it was going to be:/
  11. Goodness, it's like I wrote your post, same exact question here! That being said, with Marty's great info as well as a handful of others with their insight, I've gone ahead and pre-ordered the MSP, I still love the 16x but man, I struggle to get it to climb steep stuff, rider error possibly but I feel like it takes a lot of effort to get it to climb. I was teetering on snagging the MCM5 but had reservations about the 2.5" tire.
  12. Got it, seems like RockyTop here mentioned that to me about the valve stem, my main concern was that it wasn't anything major, I rarely ride on super smooth asphalt so it's certainly something that I can live with til it's time for a tire change or tube repair. Hope you are able to get our and ride more soon, tough times we're going thru... Thanks for the insight!
  13. Okay, I just checked, there might be a 1mm runout difference but the change is so subtle that I doubt that it would be noticeable, it to me would be more like a bump bump sensation like a tire is out of round, this feels like hitting very small expansion joints on the interstate, it's very minor and only can be felt on very smooth surfaces, I'm sure I'll end up with a flat at some point or do a tire change so maybe I'll dig further at that time. I appreciate it!
  14. I'm getting a slight "thump thump thump" feeling in my pedals at higher speeds (18+ mph) on smooth surfaces, I can't detect it on rough pavement or off road, it speeds up as the wheel speeds up, I'm running 35 psi and weigh 210 lbs, I'm guessing it's coming from the valve stem assembly where maybe the tire doesn't flex as much, the rim is not bent or damaged in any way, any ideas where to start?
  15. Thanks for killing the value of my 84v 325wh, just kidding. So I guess the only difference between the three is outright battery capacity and maybe a few mph on top speed?
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