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  1. It's as if I typed this reply myself, same feelings and experience here:)
  2. That makes me feel better, now I'm not gonna hover over mine while charging:)
  3. I totally agree! Sorry to stray from original topic but I think it would be cool if some EUC's had more off-road capabilities, not entirely sure what that would entail other than more off road type tires but even that would help. I'm thinking RockShox and clipless pedals, lol...
  4. If you are already hitting max speed and wanting more at 36 miles, you may as well get the fastest thing out there, my 16x is more than fast enough for me but I'm not a speed demon, surprisingly, I'm leaning towards more off road riding anyways. I know I'm new (90 miles so far) but please be careful, I see a lot of these guys make it look so easy and think, I can do that, but in reality, if I got in a bad situation at 30 mph, I'd be screwed and on my head before I knew it...
  5. Received my red 16x cover today, very well built but the kevlar pockets aren't going to work, the left side stays put okay (and that's being generous) but the right pocket pops right out with only the velcro to hold it together below the pedal, I've fiddled with it for half hour and can't get it to stay put, I received the email from rollnz concerning this issue and they're working on a solution, my recommendation is to wait til they get it sorted to keep from having to have yours repaired or modified to work
  6. Cool, I'm sure they will, their detailed email makes me feel like they take it seriously, I just don't want to get in a situation where I'm sewing or having to take it to an upholstery shop to get it resolved, I've got some good double sided tape that'll get me by. I appreciate the info!!
  7. Anyone else get the email from Roll.nz about the 16x covers needing some sort of modification at the bottom of the cover where it hooks in (I've not received mine yet so I'm not entirely sure how this works), it appears the kevlar used isn't providing proper flex or "give" to keep it secure and that they are sending replacement pockets and instructions on what needs to be done. If it requires stitching or altering, which I cannot do, I'll just send it back for a replacement.
  8. No, I wish at times I did, I live in urban to rural Tennessee, there are folks all around here that have way longer driveways than mine, it's nice but can get spooky.
  9. Makes sense, I feel kind of dumb but you never know til you ask. I appreciate it! I just rode down my driveway, it's about 1200 feet and super steep towards the bottom, I definitely feel it there, it's actually pretty scary going down it, coming back up is still a challenge, I'm going about a walking pace for the first 300 feet or so, I've got to come up with some pads so I can crank down on it to get it to climb, of course, I'm about 220 with gear so that doesn't help.
  10. All this has me thinking, I've only been riding 4 weeks or so and only about 80 miles but my 16x pedals are always tilting forwards or backwards, I rarely ever ride on flat ground and I've sort of thought it was normal and maybe it is but I still am unsure about it, I'm going to try to find someone with more experience to ride it to see if they think it is normal. I have a loop in my yard and when I go slightly up hill and turn around a tree and start heading back down the pedals dip backwards and then they flatten out shortly thereafter but when I turn and go up another hill they tilt forward, not bad but definitely there. I had to calibrate the wheel after the first charge because it was really bad and have done many more calibrations with no effect although not nearly as bad as it was after that first charge.
  11. I've got the cover ordered, depending on how grippy it is, I might have a big slab of velcro sewn into it and make up some pads that can be attached to it, kind of like knee pucks on motorcycle leathers, might work well.
  12. I learn something new every day here, I really appreciate that and will keep an eye on the voltage as well!
  13. Mine did the same thing, I had it set to stop at 80% but when I checked WheelLog it stated that it was at 92%, at this point, I stopped charging, I'm a little fuzzy on what the charger was reading at at that time but it seems like it was just barely over 80% but had stayed there for quite some time, I wonder if it's a combination of the charger charging at 88v and the BMS not recognizing the issue and stopping it AND the charger not stopping at the selected percentage, if at all.
  14. Hmm, I just checked mine and it's fine, BUT, I've only charged my wheel 3 times (3 or 4 amps only), I"m going to continue using it but will watch it like a hawk AND only charge outdoors. EDIT: My charger is only a few weeks old as is my wheel, it sounds like the charger in question is about the same age as mine, I don't ride a lot of miles so I'll be using the standard charger til I get word about this fast charger.
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