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  1. I just want everyone to know that of the 500 emails/calls they get on Mondays, only half of them are from me
  2. I'm probably one of the few here that paid for lessons before ever riding an EUC, I did a 30 minute class and rode a 14" and 16" wheel, I remember wanting to go back to the 14" so I guess it stands to reason that the mten could be a great wheel to learn on. But, having owned an mten for quite some time now, I don't feel like it's any easier to ride than a 16"+ wheel, if anything, it requires a higher level of concentration. I think if one of my friends wanted to learn, I'd let them try my MCM5 first, it reminds me of the mten believe it or not, just a bigger version of it.
  3. Thankfully both my stock rim and my yet to be installed 60mm are fine.
  4. Where are we buying mcm5's for $480??
  5. I wonder if you're at the place where I took lessons, downtown chattanooga? Adventure Sports Innovation?? Sorry for the thread jack Shane, I'm breaking my own rule, again:(
  6. I guess I'm bow legged, I only feel my pads on my M5V2 when I mount and turn by leaning the wheel, it climbs and stops pretty darn well so I rarely ever squeeze them with any force. I think Paradox is right when he says that it might just be a matter of getting used to them, if they continue to bother you, take them off and give it a try.
  7. Since no nibbles on this, I offer you this very attractive trade, I have a chopped and bagged 1988 Chevy S-10 pick up with Iroc-Z wheels, all it needs is a motor and transmission. Let me know and we can meet up:) Oh, you'd have to throw in that bottle of Jack Daniels that you've been saving for our upcoming ride...
  8. I agree with this, it's nice to be able to use both but you'd still end up using one more than the other which gets you right back where you were...
  9. Sounds like fun Shane, I'm hesitant to ride on two lane roads myself but maybe we can find something around either here or there to check out, even if we have to go to multiple locations.
  10. Good work Shane but I'd like to say that's what is more impressive is your ability to fold up like a pretzel for extended periods to work on stuff, had I done that, you'd have to roll me on my side and pull me apart like velcro:)
  11. Great vid, attractive wheel but I glanced over at my Nikola+ after watching and it made me smile. I'm just not sure where this wheel fits in categories, pricing will determine.
  12. Watching someone carve at 40mph on an EUC is just a thing of beauty, pushing top speeds definitely isn't for me but I like watching people do it. I like watching "wrong way", he's a solid rider. I'm proud to be in the 30mph club:)
  13. 18xl, 16x or Gotway Nikola+100v, the Nik is a proven wheel by now so I'd feel good about it, and it's faaaasssttt, only issue with it is if you're a small guy, it might take a few to get used to how wide it is between the calves.
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