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The new KS18S ?


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what is that app?

you need an original KS app to make adjustments on your wheel!

thats the prob...with all KS app you can set the 4.alarm maximum to 40kmh....

its not that there are no apps that SHOW higher speed....but for adjustments you need an KS app....

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22 minutes ago, KingSong69 said:

and they will not be produced anymore.....was a one time thing/batch, unfortunately 

aww too bad, maybe a clever merchant can fill this market niche. ;)

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On 19-6-2017 at 2:17 PM, KingSong69 said:

For some interested: @Eman @Vislike @abinder3 or some others?.....

Yes, I have pushed the -Pay- button and ordered a KS18S, this time a black Beauty ....so despite from reading about all the nice technical Upgrades and hearing about them second Hand, hopefully i can give a nice Review, and -most interested- a comparison to the "old" KS18A 1200W and a GW V3s+ from a friend......

Hopfully, hopefully the delivering process is as good as it has always bin and we -Nonsens: I - will not have to wait longer than the usual 15 days.

So...Fingers crossed that it all works out fine..... Feeling like some days before Xmas and birthday together :-) :rolleyes:

Were did you buy it from? Did you buy it from aliexpress (rockwheel store)?

(updated: I see you already answered in the topic I started about my upcoming purchase. Thanks for the info!)

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On 8.7.2017 at 10:47 PM, Spark said:

hey KingSong69,

I found a version that goes to 50kph, don't know if it's compatible with KS-18S though :unsure:

The one thing I do know is that the android app currently available at KingSong 

does not work with a KS16b v1.23 and is therefore crap. :popcorn:

I'll try it when I'm back to mother Russia ? and my wheel. And thanks for the Tipp with the XXL paddles - if available I guess I'll buy! 

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