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Found 17 results

  1. I got my KS-18A yesterday and it was working right out of the box. It seemed like it wasn't 100% Level and it was way too responsive to tilt. So I downloaded the app for my iPhone and connected to it. I believe the firmware is Version 4 maybe but I can't check it now because it no longer works. I set the Cycling Mode Setup to Learning Mode. Next, I tried to the Level Calibration since it felt off. I placed a small level on the top cover and followed the instructions. It beeped and calibrated successfully. The instructions said to restart the Cycle. So i powered it off and once I powered it on again it stopped working! I thought maybe it needed to be charged so I charged it. The only thing it does now is if you press the power button it tries to turn on I guess because you can hear the speakers tick as if getting power for a second. If I hold the power button it beeps and fills the battery meter in segments of 2 and then once filled it changes beep tone and un-fills 2 segments at a time. If the button is released before all the segments are gone it just turns off instantly. If I hold the button thru this whole cycle it lets me turn the light and bluetooth on but the app is unresponsive. I can't even see the firmware version. Tho motor doesn't respond to tilt or anything. I checked the fuses today and they are fine. I disconnected the power from the board in hopes to reset it but nothing changed. The unit is 100% charged. I have no idea what to do... It worked for 5 minutes... Please help I am new to this, this is my first eWheel.
  2. Thanks to @Jason McNeil at Ewheels my KS18S now has a trolley handle.. Woo hoo... The Gotway ACM handle is a good fit. Good suggestion. Hopefully I don't tear it off on my next crash and burn. Just thought I'd share it.
  3. Facebook event page: NYC KS-18XL Demo Sunday 10/28 11AM Chelsea Piers - Fresh & Co special thanks: eWheels.com
  4. Okay... I'm getting so, so, so frustrated with my EUC experience. I really need help. I got my KS18S in late September. I started regularly riding it in late October. In January, it malfunctioned and threw me, sending me to the hospital. The company gave me a new EUC, but since my tire went flat, it's been a shitshow. It took me a while to order the special inner tubes, but I've reassembled the EUC thrice, with it malfunctioning in different ways each time I've tried starting it. I don't think changing a tire should involve directly plugging/unplugging delicate things into the circuit board. The last couple times I assembled it, it accelerated uncontrollably when turned on. Now it synchs with Bluetooth and a loud female voice shouts something intelligible at me, and the EUC itself doesn't move. Overall, I've been having a terrible experience with my EUC. I've been sending emails back and forth with the retailer, but these companies should be providing more support. What's your experience with EUC maintenance been like? Does Gotway provide better customer service?
  5. KingSong KS-18L is ready for pre-order. Here's what we know and what we think!
  6. Heyho... Finally some words and Pictures about my new KS18S... Let's start with some Pictures: The wheel: Some ingredients: and: Give this Outcome in the end (Really dont like the KS Advertising :-) ) Open Trolley: Mud Guard: Some words to the wheel: (Some Points i "lend" from another KS18S owner, as i am lazy and can't invent the wheel new) Plus: - Extreme "hard" driving mode, even the softest mode is stronger than my GW V3 67V - Seat is included and can be used on Long rides - Powerful, visible and reversible front and rear LEDs - This is the most powerful wheel produced by KingSong to date, both in torque and Speed. - fat Tire of 2.5 , extremly Grippy, Kenda Manufactered - Built-in fan to avoid overheating (starts at 54° Celsius and stops when brought down to 40-42, don't nail me on exact numbers) works flawless - Old Shell delivers really great stability while driving as it is leaning to the knees(once u are used to it) - 4 speakers, they seam a bit dump first, but on driving Sound excellent! - Excellent Build Quality with Focus on safety -fat wires, mosfets, axle etc (see later photos) Minus: - No trolley: But i have done somethin against that - No mudguard: But i am experienced in building one :-) - Old shell, its very "high", thats very different driving style from the other wheels of the market thus requiring a time of adaptation ? Can also be seen as positive But at all i am not good in listing, i better find my own words: This wheel is a powerHorse!!! The pedal Feeling is rock hard, on accelerating and braking there are nearly no movements of the pedal. This goes so far that when i step back on my Gotway V3 67V that on this wheel i am afraid of the pedal "sacking" for some moments, as you get used to this rock hard pedal Setting on the 18S so fast. Also The 18S main difference from my old 18A is that it is really, really agile and reactive. Where my 18A was sluggish and hard to idle, because slow in direction changing, the 18S really rocks...This has an disadvantage also: When you Need to carry the wheel a bit longer, over some stages or a barrier, you definitly have to Switch the power Off, because if you lift it up and dont have it perfectly grabed in the middle, the wheel/tyre starts rotating so fast and flippy, that you can not calm it down by moving into the other direction anymore. It reacts that fast...and accelerates like a rocket. As this question will certainly follow: Yes, it eats up my Gotway V3(67 Volt 1160wh) to breakfast....Easy! It is way harder and faster, way more powerfull. So this seams the only left competitor against the GW 84V rockets, but i cant compare it fairly to that...as i only have some minutes on a v3s+ until now. Hope on a Meeting we can do some comparison between the V3s+ and the 18S in drive behaviour. But i have to say that i doubt that the 18S can cope with the 84V, as it's just 25% more Voltage.... Where it stays out is the build Quality...and the attemps of KingSong to make their wheels safer, here some photos of the inside with some Explanation: I have open it up and all the wiring is top notch and on really thick wires. KS brings their Motor wires through one axle and the sensor wires through the other axle. The Motor wires...i found no AWG on the cable, but a print saying 2,5mm .....so each of the Motor cables is 2.5mm and it is only one hard strand (not multiple strand wire)....i guess on this there is no Need to fear heat anymore! Under the green protection are the 3 Motor wires...as you see all wires nicely hold together: Try to shoot the print on the Motor wires(3 black cables)...These wires are each just "one strand": The batteries are paralled and all go into one Connection Board with PCB, where each Batterie pack is secured by a fuse, so if one goes crazy or dead, your other batteries work on! Here you can see the PCB-thingie(it is under black folie)...the PCB inside has 3 x 40Amp Fuse, one for each Batterie: The axle has getting thicker than on older KS: End of Part 1 :-)
  7. Ok Folks, who knows me and my wheels...Its sad, but because of the unbeatable will of Upgrading, one of my white beauties has to go: Concrete: First: KS18A 1200Watt, 1360wh, about 1 year old, build end of April 2016. Upgraded with Trolley, Mudguard, Protection Foam and 2 Fans steered manuell by plugging in the USB port. Fans only needed when temperatures exceed 30degree Celsius outside. Several minor improvements.... Fotos: and and Second: Gotway Msuper V3 67 Volt 1500 Watt, November 2016, original 820wh, upgraded with professional help from 1radwerkstatt to now complete 1160wh!, building a exclusive 820pack plus a 340wh pack, under the use of new wider white sidepads. Also done a rubber mudguard, turned all red parts into white, 3M'd the back part to see trough black! Several velcro fasteners for the use of light, extra rubber parts for learners (which you all get).... also other several minor improvements! Fotos: and and BTW: the "electro-sport.de" tapes are easy to get rid of!!! Now the important part: I let go...negotiable(but just a bit)...without transport: the Ks18 for: 899 Euro The V3 for: 999 Euro I think that are fair prices...none of the wheels had EVER had a cut-out or any other major faults...hard to get the batteries alone for that price Contact me via PM.... As you all now.....Sending overseas is not possible....the best would be a visit for a testdrive! PLEASE: Only real interests...Thanx a lot!!!! KS69 Germany/Ruhrpott
  8. The final design of the KS18S ? https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingsong/permalink/1267281370014567/
  9. Hi, i only want to tell my first impressions of my brand new toy to you. Please excuse my bad english - but my schooltime is long ago. My euc-history is quite simple - i learned to ride on my first secondhand bought Airwheel X3 in the age of 50 With today 51 years i am surely not the youngest one in this forum. My Airwheel brings a lot of fun to me. Main area where i used it was our private court behind the house. Many Garages to hold on, and its great enough to ride great circles and go straight for the speedlimit. Some little tours into the woods... but not far. 10km range only. Only a Toy. For me - its too slow to ride some km's. On a electric-car-meeting in this spring i met a younger guy who rides a fat gotway with over 1500wh battery - and it goes fast like hell Till this moment i havent realized that there are faster and greater eucs as my Airwheel... For me it was just a toy to practice some skills... Than i joined this forum and began to read... Bad for my Wallet Last week i bought a KingSong KS18 with 1200W and a 680Wh Battery. My first impression (always compared with my X3) was : big and heavy. I took my new wheel home, charged and put my first feet on it... Luxurious feeling. Very good Pedals - quite comfortable. High between my legs... Very nice to handle. Dismout and you can easily grab the handelebar - cause its so high you dont have to reach far down. My first start was a little bit hesitantly - in comparison to my Airwheel, on this little X3 - i get on and it speeds up and i can balance perfectly. The KS18 behaves like a big-fat-mama... I leaned forward... it felt like my big-fat-mama first has to take in a deep breath... and than slowly began to roll forward... but than... Big-Fat-Mama shows me her qualities. It speeds up and 3secs later it beeps and beeps... Rookie-Protection. I hate it. Today after several longer rides through woods and along the near River Rhine... i am very glad with my KS18. It felt very comfortably - the Pedals are pretty. The behavior of it is exactly like you would expect it from a big-fat-mama. Always well disposed. Quick, but not hectic. Quick turns and fast forward or backward speed up is not the domain of big-fat-mama. But who will expect this from (my) big-fat-mama ? I dont. Take it as it is. Not for Tricks and not for small courts. Lean forward and ride some kilometers - take a breath with (it) her - when it speeds up... Take care with big-fat-mama If it reaches speed - its like a Lorry... look your way ahead, big-fat-mama takes her time to break... I have fun. The straight running characteristic is great. It climbes stones, roots and curbs without problems. Its fast. Heavy - but a well trained big-fat-mama. In my case with 60km range its breath is deep or long enough for me. Thank you for reading - this are only my first impressions of my Rookie-Mode-100km's... Today i will speed up my big-fat-mama !!!
  10. Does anyone know whether Inmotion has any intention to produce an 18 inch wheel? If not, could someone tell them to look into it? I would looove to experience their snappy, direct, riding mode in an 18 inch version...Merci!
  11. Hi, I'm new to this forum so forgive me if this topic has already been discussed. I'm thinking of getting a Kingsong KS18 but I guess my question would apply to all EUCs. Since the Kingsong KS18 is one of the larger wheels on the market, I was wondering what people do with their wheel when they reach their destination. For example, I currently ride a Ninebot E+ and take it with me grocery shopping. When I get to the store, I usually just pick it up and throw it in the shopping cart while I shop. Would I be able to comfortably pick up the KS18 and throw it in my shopping cart? What about other destinations like the shopping mall, gym, or cinema? It looks like the KS18 may be possible to lock through its spoked wheel, but not really sure if that would be safe. Do you "walk it" with you at your destination? Any feedback would be helpful before I purchase the KS18. Thanks.
  12. Changed to better grip on my KingSong 18 today , used 3 mm plexiglass and grip for stairs , trucks , glued the plexi with bathroom silicone Images link Safety stair grip , link It's for rainy weather and mud or if I get oil on my shoes and rain
  13. bonjour, hello, hy, about a 10 days ago i received my new KS18 1200wh with a phenomenal 1360wh..... As my learning wheel was a KS14....and i have driven a KS16 for 4 weeks....transforming to this "beast" was both: easy and difficult together :-) My main reason for buying the KS18 was, that i wanted a more powerful motor, with more "backup" on my prefered speed of 25-28 kmh! And men, i got this....acceleration with the KS18 is hard to describe: you just can "hear" that there is so much power in this unit, it directly gives you a lot of respect to this wheel. While on my 14 the sound is like an ongoing "weeeee"...on the 18 you here nearly every round of the wheel and the wheel goes " Wooh....wooh...wooh", and that very loud...hard to describe! Because of the reported "high speed cutouts" i needed some time to get trust in the wheel...and i only have driven it up to 35kmh...and believe me: I will never go higher! My current settings for alarm and tilt back are: 29 32 34 34 ...and that is more than enough for me. i am a heavy guy and we also have a lot of hills here and as i love my life and i am not on the suicide road...thats good! the driving aspect: men, this wheel is like a truck...once rolling...it will not stop...you go over bumps like nothing...go over street curbs...and did not even recognize it. 25 kmh on this wheel feel like 15 kmh on my Ks14. Sure: Because of the size of the wheel it is not nearly as "agile" as a 14...or the Ks16...but this wheel wins on offroad and also on long roads because of its stability. everytime i got back to my KS14 680wh, which is not lightweight at all, it makes me feel like the KS14 is just a small fidely toy...which just sit under my feet.... That wheel also allows you to do some things the easiest way: driving one feet, because the wheel leans nearly to your knee, driving straight! i think a newbie would have it much easier to learn the first steps..than on a smaller wheel,, but for driving "on one place" this wheel is definitly wrong! Yes, as experienced driver, you can throw it around on a small place...but curves at all are (normally driven) much much wider! that goes also to the cons: Thsi wheel is no idling wheel! Sure...you can do it! But as the wheel in general is more "sluggish"...you are feeling that this is not the "right" movement for this wheel.... on trying iddling on the 1200Watt i also recognized that the wheel gets hot very fast. so that is the wrong wheel for tricks, curving, dancing on small places! But it is still ok, for slaloming, "wide curving" to some sounds you play! oh, the sounds: from all KS wheels here the Bluetooth Loudspeakers for me seam to be the best and loudest :-) so now at home i have my Ks14 and 18( 16 is not in reach at the moment)...which one do i prefer? defintly the 18: its more stable, has more power, for what i do, it is the ideal wheel->commuting to work, driving with my dog! i only choose the 14 ...when i need more transportability, going with train, bus, etc.... as english is not my first language, i still hope you could get some usefull of this text...i will leave you with a foto of my "panzer": ps: after some trys...i got it :-)
  14. Sitting down was easy and fun , tried it today first time KingSong 18 sitting down
  15. Yesterday i drove my batteries to depletion. It is considered unwise, so I do not recommend that you repeat it. In the firmware version 1.20, low-battery safety speed limitation was added. A good reason to test how it was implemented. The KS18 responded in three stages to the low battery. I started with full batteries. I drove a lot uphill and downhill (an estimated total of 400 meters up). Around the 60km mark the first stage kicked in. Stage 1: Despite the fact that i did not reach the speed-alarm speed, a double beep informed me that I was going too quick for the battery charge left. Slowing down the beeps went away, and I could do 15-20 km/h without problems. On accellerating, the beeps returned immediately. The beeps were not set to a particular speed. I know this, because downhill I could still reach higher speeds. Accelerating slow was no problem, but a quick accellerating resulted in beeps. Gradually the speed I could reach lowered. The battery LED indicator, went between 4 and 2 LEDS. Everything on and below 2 LEDS made it beep. Conclusion: whenever the voltage dropped because of the power asked, the beeps kicked in. Stage 2: I kept the speed mostly so that the beeps would not sound, and slower and slower i went, until all battery LEDS started to flash in unison. This was well over the 65 km mark. Also, continually single beeps (longer than normal beeps) were played in sync with the flashing LEDS. I continued at the terribly low speed of 8-10 km/h feeling completely confident that i would not hurt myself in case I would "fall" off. Stage 3: The 8 km/h speed was no longer possible around the 71 km mark. My kingsong started tilt back to 5 km/h and after another 2 km even below that. Riding had become virtually impossible/useless, and decided to call it a day. I immediately plugged my wheel in to recharge, and assume that I did do no damage to the batteries. I learned the following: 1) The KS has a good protocol for low voltage/low battery 2) After the first stage kicked in, I still could go a reasonable distance: 13 km. If you are not in the middle of nowhere, you can still reach a busstop or a charge-point of some sort. 3) This is the most important lesson: I will never again ride continually above the 2beep speed alarm, because it is the same as the low-voltage alarm. Two beeps means I have to slow down, whatever the reason for the beeps. So, set you speed-alarm accordingly.
  16. I'm looking to purchase a KS 18 with 800w power and with either 680wh or 820wh whichever one has a better price. It's been hard to locate sellers to who sells these since they arent as popular as the Ninebot One E+ Model. I need a seller that can ship to North America preferably Canada but if not the US is fine as well. Does anyone have any trusty sellers that they would like to suggest me getting from? Thanks!
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