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Found 7 results

  1. Selling my Kingsong 18L Glossy Black in great condition! It has a little bit of scratch. I will send pictures upon request. Serious buyers only. Very low mileage. Max speed 31mph! Upgraded latest firmware and also upgraded pedals! Total paid price $2050! My lost your gain. Get it cheap here! ($1250 OBO) I WILL NOT SHIP! LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Low baller will be ignored, like I've said before serious buyers only...$1250 OR BEST OFFER...
  2. Greeting. I'm selling a used King Song 18XL in excellent condition. My riding is very conservative. I never did tricks or slammed the axle or pedal hangers trying to jump curbs. The wheel is in great condition. The bottom of the pedals, though, have lots of scraping (see photos). Power switch works. All lights work, including disco lights. Light sensor works. Bluetooth works. Audio works. Battery is in excellent condition. Battery is 1554Wh. Motor is 2000W. Top speed of 32 MPH 70 mile range The 18XL is an awesome wheel and I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to cruise on bike paths are use it as a commuter vehicle within the DMV. Let me know if you have any questions. Local sell is preferred however I would be open to shipping it if needed. ***Email me for questions. scrubbyrocksyt@gmail.com Regards Erik More pics are available upon request. PIC 1 - https://ibb.co/12gHBPd PIC 2 - https://ibb.co/94pzPqB PIC 3 - https://ibb.co/m9Tygpm PIC 4 - https://ibb.co/tBndm3x
  3. I got my KS-18A yesterday and it was working right out of the box. It seemed like it wasn't 100% Level and it was way too responsive to tilt. So I downloaded the app for my iPhone and connected to it. I believe the firmware is Version 4 maybe but I can't check it now because it no longer works. I set the Cycling Mode Setup to Learning Mode. Next, I tried to the Level Calibration since it felt off. I placed a small level on the top cover and followed the instructions. It beeped and calibrated successfully. The instructions said to restart the Cycle. So i powered it off and once I powered it on again it stopped working! I thought maybe it needed to be charged so I charged it. The only thing it does now is if you press the power button it tries to turn on I guess because you can hear the speakers tick as if getting power for a second. If I hold the power button it beeps and fills the battery meter in segments of 2 and then once filled it changes beep tone and un-fills 2 segments at a time. If the button is released before all the segments are gone it just turns off instantly. If I hold the button thru this whole cycle it lets me turn the light and bluetooth on but the app is unresponsive. I can't even see the firmware version. Tho motor doesn't respond to tilt or anything. I checked the fuses today and they are fine. I disconnected the power from the board in hopes to reset it but nothing changed. The unit is 100% charged. I have no idea what to do... It worked for 5 minutes... Please help I am new to this, this is my first eWheel.
  4. Thanks to @Jason McNeil at Ewheels my KS18S now has a trolley handle.. Woo hoo... The Gotway ACM handle is a good fit. Good suggestion. Hopefully I don't tear it off on my next crash and burn. Just thought I'd share it.
  5. Facebook event page: NYC KS-18XL Demo Sunday 10/28 11AM Chelsea Piers - Fresh & Co special thanks: eWheels.com
  6. Okay... I'm getting so, so, so frustrated with my EUC experience. I really need help. I got my KS18S in late September. I started regularly riding it in late October. In January, it malfunctioned and threw me, sending me to the hospital. The company gave me a new EUC, but since my tire went flat, it's been a shitshow. It took me a while to order the special inner tubes, but I've reassembled the EUC thrice, with it malfunctioning in different ways each time I've tried starting it. I don't think changing a tire should involve directly plugging/unplugging delicate things into the circuit board. The last couple times I assembled it, it accelerated uncontrollably when turned on. Now it synchs with Bluetooth and a loud female voice shouts something intelligible at me, and the EUC itself doesn't move. Overall, I've been having a terrible experience with my EUC. I've been sending emails back and forth with the retailer, but these companies should be providing more support. What's your experience with EUC maintenance been like? Does Gotway provide better customer service?
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