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Found 19 results

  1. Greeting. I'm selling a used King Song 18XL in excellent condition. My riding is very conservative. I never did tricks or slammed the axle or pedal hangers trying to jump curbs. The wheel is in great condition. The bottom of the pedals, though, have lots of scraping (see photos). Power switch works. All lights work, including disco lights. Light sensor works. Bluetooth works. Audio works. Battery is in excellent condition. Battery is 1554Wh. Motor is 2000W. Top speed of 32 MPH 70 mile range The 18XL is an awesome wheel and I highly recommend it for any
  2. I am unable to unlock the motor after unboxing. Very frustrated. I have tried scanning pedal for app unlock, instructions provided by ewheels and the motor will. It not unlock. Anyone know the "trick" to doing it? Thanks in advance for your time
  3. I got my KS-18A yesterday and it was working right out of the box. It seemed like it wasn't 100% Level and it was way too responsive to tilt. So I downloaded the app for my iPhone and connected to it. I believe the firmware is Version 4 maybe but I can't check it now because it no longer works. I set the Cycling Mode Setup to Learning Mode. Next, I tried to the Level Calibration since it felt off. I placed a small level on the top cover and followed the instructions. It beeped and calibrated successfully. The instructions said to restart the Cycle. So i powered it off and once I powered it on
  4. Thanks to @Jason McNeil at Ewheels my KS18S now has a trolley handle.. Woo hoo... The Gotway ACM handle is a good fit. Good suggestion. Hopefully I don't tear it off on my next crash and burn. Just thought I'd share it.
  5. Facebook event page: NYC KS-18XL Demo Sunday 10/28 11AM Chelsea Piers - Fresh & Co special thanks: eWheels.com
  6. Okay... I'm getting so, so, so frustrated with my EUC experience. I really need help. I got my KS18S in late September. I started regularly riding it in late October. In January, it malfunctioned and threw me, sending me to the hospital. The company gave me a new EUC, but since my tire went flat, it's been a shitshow. It took me a while to order the special inner tubes, but I've reassembled the EUC thrice, with it malfunctioning in different ways each time I've tried starting it. I don't think changing a tire should involve directly plugging/unplugging delicate things into the circui
  7. KingSong KS-18L is ready for pre-order. Here's what we know and what we think!
  8. Heyho... Finally some words and Pictures about my new KS18S... Let's start with some Pictures: The wheel: Some ingredients: and: Give this Outcome in the end (Really dont like the KS Advertising :-) ) Open Trolley: Mud Guard: Some words to the wheel: (Some Points i "lend" from another KS18S owner, as i am lazy and can't invent the wheel new) Plus: - Extreme "hard" driving mode, even the softest mode is stronger than my GW V3 67V - Seat is included and can be used on Long rides
  9. Ok Folks, who knows me and my wheels...Its sad, but because of the unbeatable will of Upgrading, one of my white beauties has to go: Concrete: First: KS18A 1200Watt, 1360wh, about 1 year old, build end of April 2016. Upgraded with Trolley, Mudguard, Protection Foam and 2 Fans steered manuell by plugging in the USB port. Fans only needed when temperatures exceed 30degree Celsius outside. Several minor improvements.... Fotos: and and Second: Gotway Msuper V3 67 Volt 1500 Watt, November 2016, original 8
  10. The final design of the KS18S ? https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingsong/permalink/1267281370014567/
  11. Hi, i only want to tell my first impressions of my brand new toy to you. Please excuse my bad english - but my schooltime is long ago. My euc-history is quite simple - i learned to ride on my first secondhand bought Airwheel X3 in the age of 50 With today 51 years i am surely not the youngest one in this forum. My Airwheel brings a lot of fun to me. Main area where i used it was our private court behind the house. Many Garages to hold on, and its great enough to ride great circles and go straight for the speedlimit. Some little tours into the woods... but not far. 10km
  12. Does anyone know whether Inmotion has any intention to produce an 18 inch wheel? If not, could someone tell them to look into it? I would looove to experience their snappy, direct, riding mode in an 18 inch version...Merci!
  13. Hi, I'm new to this forum so forgive me if this topic has already been discussed. I'm thinking of getting a Kingsong KS18 but I guess my question would apply to all EUCs. Since the Kingsong KS18 is one of the larger wheels on the market, I was wondering what people do with their wheel when they reach their destination. For example, I currently ride a Ninebot E+ and take it with me grocery shopping. When I get to the store, I usually just pick it up and throw it in the shopping cart while I shop. Would I be able to comfortably pick up the KS18 and throw it in my shopping cart? What about
  14. Changed to better grip on my KingSong 18 today , used 3 mm plexiglass and grip for stairs , trucks , glued the plexi with bathroom silicone Images link Safety stair grip , link It's for rainy weather and mud or if I get oil on my shoes and rain
  15. bonjour, hello, hy, about a 10 days ago i received my new KS18 1200wh with a phenomenal 1360wh..... As my learning wheel was a KS14....and i have driven a KS16 for 4 weeks....transforming to this "beast" was both: easy and difficult together :-) My main reason for buying the KS18 was, that i wanted a more powerful motor, with more "backup" on my prefered speed of 25-28 kmh! And men, i got this....acceleration with the KS18 is hard to describe: you just can "hear" that there is so much power in this unit, it directly gives you a lot of respect to this wheel. Wh
  16. Sitting down was easy and fun , tried it today first time KingSong 18 sitting down
  17. Yesterday i drove my batteries to depletion. It is considered unwise, so I do not recommend that you repeat it. In the firmware version 1.20, low-battery safety speed limitation was added. A good reason to test how it was implemented. The KS18 responded in three stages to the low battery. I started with full batteries. I drove a lot uphill and downhill (an estimated total of 400 meters up). Around the 60km mark the first stage kicked in. Stage 1: Despite the fact that i did not reach the speed-alarm speed, a double beep informed me that I was going too quick for the battery cha
  18. I'm looking to purchase a KS 18 with 800w power and with either 680wh or 820wh whichever one has a better price. It's been hard to locate sellers to who sells these since they arent as popular as the Ninebot One E+ Model. I need a seller that can ship to North America preferably Canada but if not the US is fine as well. Does anyone have any trusty sellers that they would like to suggest me getting from? Thanks!
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