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  1. D i c K (ie)

    Kingsong KS-18S tiltback above 40 kph

    I was already beta tester for darknessbot. This morning, after a full battery charge, I have set the speed to 50kph with darknessbot. It was still the same. Tiltback is coming in a little bit above 40kph.
  2. D i c K (ie)

    Kingsong KS-18S tiltback above 40 kph

    My wheel is on firmware 1.04. This behavior is also with full battery. The tiltback is set on 50kph. The third alarm is on 45. It looks like the wheel is unable to set tilt back higher then 40kph but the third alarm is on 45kph. So I never reach the third alarm... I currently have 929km with my wheel. Is it possible this is because I did not reach the 1000km yet?
  3. D i c K (ie)

    Kingsong KS-18S tiltback above 40 kph

    With the iOS kingsong app I am able to set my Ks18s third alarm to 45 kph and fourth alarm to 50 kph. But the tiltback always slowly comes in above 40 kph. When I check the app while riding seated, I was able to keep speeding up with tiltback till 43/44 kph. I never hear the third alarm before tiltback comes up. It is not a big problem, because 42kph is already quite fast, but I am interested to hear if others are experiencing the same.
  4. D i c K (ie)

    The Flying Finn, Dismason

    Looking forward to read the rest of your euc starting adventure!! Have fun!
  5. D i c K (ie)

    Kingsong not on Ali express anymore!

    My kingsong ks-18s was 1000€ cheaper from the rockwheel store then from the official Belgium dealer... It was sent to me and I didn't need to pay additional taxes or transport costs...
  6. D i c K (ie)

    Got my King Song KS-18S today!

    Yes, I tried to set it on 28kph with darknessbot and this worked. But then I could not change it to another value with the darknessbot app. I needed the kingsong app to change it back to tiltback at 40kph...
  7. D i c K (ie)

    Got my King Song KS-18S today!

    I also have the beta version of DarknessBot. Yesterday I tried to set the wheel to 45kph. The wheel beeped when the slider in DarknessBot was changed, and the wheel beeped to inform me the setting was changed. But when I tested, the tiltback still came in at 40kph. The maximum speed DarknessBot registered was 41,8 and the kickback was substantially there (read, impossible to go any faster). Did it just work for you, or did you try different things before the tiltback came in at 45kph? I am on 2.1(95).
  8. D i c K (ie)

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    If you are still looking for testers. I would be happy to test the unlock with my ks-18s with my iPhone 7 plus.
  9. D i c K (ie)

    Something loose in KS-18S (probably charge pin)

    It indeed sounds a bit loud, but the sound is really coming from the chamber at the back of the charger port.
  10. D i c K (ie)

    Got my King Song KS-18S today!

    I have sent a pm to ask to test the beta.
  11. D i c K (ie)

    Got my King Song KS-18S today!

    Is this already in the released version of darkness bot or do you have a test version?
  12. D i c K (ie)

    Kingsong 18s: i have a dream, but i am living a nightmare

    If you want to open the wheel, you can see how in the movies in this YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4HhsgE8fIYS-bSC7MOYDAQ
  13. D i c K (ie)


    Congrats!! I hope you already had some runs with it. I now have mine almost two weeks. In the beginning it felt a bit hard to turn, but this is almost gone now.
  14. Maybe it was about another wheel. I really read half of the forum before deciding to buy a new wheel a month ago... I will indeed test the tiltback tomorrow at lower speeds.
  15. D i c K (ie)

    Best-Looking EUC?

    This guy his 18S is super fancy! He posted his mod on the Kingsong Facebook group page.